1935 Deatonville. With the funeral services conducted here
Sunday for Anne Young, colored who died Saturday morning at
the ripe old age of 110 years, the last rites were paid to
the oldest know resident of Amelia county.

"Aunt Anne" as she was familiarly known among a wide circle
of both whites and colored friends who loved and respected
her was born and reared in Amelia county, and her life was
projected over four generations. She was born in 1825, a
slave, and remained one until 35 years old, belonging to the
William Chapman estate of this county.

Her early habits and training apparently stayed with her
until the end. Never in her life did she use a stove, but
always relied upon the open fireplace; the skillet for
cooking and log fires for warmth. She chose to live alone
and resided in a cottage not far from her son's home, Robert
Young who at seventy-odd years of age is an active farmer
and merchant.

Aunt Anne was the mother of nine children and outlived all
except three of them. Until a very short time before her
fatal illness she was "up and about."

This article, printed in the Farmville Herald, was found in
the Longwood Library on microfilm by a descendant of Anne

Contributed by: P MUR (Phyllis)