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AfriGeneas is a site devoted to African American genealogy, to researching African Ancestry in the Americas in particular and to genealogical research and resources in general. It is also an African Ancestry research community featuring the AfriGeneas mail list, the AfriGeneas message boards and daily and weekly genealogy chats.

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    1  Re: FPOC's Longtown, OH Settlement - James Price
    My father played ( James Price ) on the Longtown Tigers. I was 10 yrs. old at the time the picture w..

    2  Re: finding info on my family - Selinva
    It would be helpful if you gave us some approximate dates when these events took place. If you don't..

    3  Re: [HAITI] Haiti Sun Newspaper - Vicky Daviss Mitchell
    Thanks much Write Away!!..

    4  [HAITI] Haiti Sun Newspaper  - Write Away
    Salut La Famille AfriGeneas et Mes Amis: I found an important archive of the Haiti Sun Newspaper off..

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