Thursday, September 29, 1791

Dumfries, September 29.
The accounts from St. Domingo, via New London, are very
alarming.  In addition to those we can mention from good
authority, that Mr. BLANCHELANDE, the commander of the
forces in that island, having secured the fortifications in
Cape Francois by strong guards, with a considerable corps
went out of the city to endeavor to disperse the negro
slaves assembled in a prodigious body, upwards of 200,000
within a small distance of the Cape.  His troops fired three
times, but without the least effect.  Each negro had
provided a kind of light matrass stuffed with cotton,
through which the balls could not penetrate, and thus stood
the fire, without shewing any signs of fear.  They had no
fire arms, but had procured daggers, knives, swords and
other weapons.--

Contributed by: "Carolyn"