NC-Robeson County-1783-1811

Robeson County, NC,  LDS Film No.  0019688
Found between Deeds and Grants, 1792-1802
Negro Births, 1783-1811

While researching in Salt Lake City last weekend, I came
upon a list of slave births which was microfilmed out of
order and in a different type of record.  It seemed to me
that this was probably a "loose document" which had been
tucked in the book, and that the person filming captured it
anyway so that the information would not be lost. 
Unfortunately, there is no way to know the owner of these
slaves; but the list could still be valuable for researchers
of the county in this time frame.  The list is found
immediately after the first set of Land Grants, just before
the index to the next set of Land Grants.

Negroes -- Birth dates

Louicia was born August 1783
Limbrick was born September 1783
Peter, Peggs Son was born 13th March 1785
Tom, Betts Son was born 22nd April 1785
Sall, Janes daughter was born 1785
Patience was born in the year 1790
Dinah was born in the year 1790
Jude was born in the year 1790
George was born in the year 1791
Patt was born in the year 1792
Bellow was born in the year 1793
Lucy was born in the year 1794
Isaac was born the 31st August 1795
Bill was born the 10th July 1797
Anthony was born in the year 1797
Joseph was born in the year 1798 
(date written above line 31st July)
Jim, Son of Louicia was born 27th Feby 1799
Jacoby, Janes Son was born 31st July 1799
Isam was born 23rd Decr 1801
Pennelope was born 1st August 1801
Ferrilia was born 25th March 1802
Tony, Cloes Son was born 30th July 1802
Patience, Janes Daughter was born 2nd Octr 1802
Davie, Sally's Son Was Born 4th Decr 1803
Ned, Cloe's Son was Born 30th August 1804
Rachel, Jane's Daughter was born 15th Septr 1804
Moses, Sally's Son Was Born the 30th January 1805
Nelly, Louicia's Daughter was born the 18th March 1805
Bob Jane son was born 16th March 1807
Betty Daughter of Bill (Bett?) was Born in April 1807
Ellick, Cloe son was born September 1806
Willis Pats Son was Born July 1808
Simon Livecys (?) son was Born August 2nd 1809
Owen Lucys son was Born November 21st 1809
Luke Pats son was Born December 16th 1809
Beck Pegs daughter was Born January 21st 1810
Mike Pats son was Born February ___ 1811
Bill Bellows Son was Born October ___ 1811
Frederick Lucys Son was Born Novr ___ 1811

Contributed by: GFS