Will of Samuel Farris-York District


	In the name of God amen, I Samuel Farris of South Carolina
York District being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and calling 
to mind the uncertainty of life, and being desirous to dispose of all 
such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with, do make 
and ordain this my last will in manner fallowing, that is to say:

I desire that my daughter Margaret M. Watson have and hold all and every of
the articles I gave her on her marriage and leaving me 

I desire daughter Editha Gardner have and hold every of the articles that 
I gave her on her marriage.

I will that Adeline Hays have and hold all this I gave her on her marriage.

I will and direct that my son R.B.W.Farris have one bed and furniture, one
Cow, and the fourth of the nett proceeds arising from last years cotton
(The bed and furniture to be common or such as I gave to my above named

I allow Edward T. Farris all that I gave to him since he left me; I allow
to my son Ausker H(?)arris the mare he now claims, also the stock of 
Cattle that he claims also one common Bed & furniture I desire that 
Eliza C. Farris get on Cow & calf, one Bed & furniture. 

I direct Elvy C.D. Farris get and be made equal with my above named 
daughters. I direct that my son Alex W. Farris get one yound hourse or 
mare, one Cow & calf and one bed & furniture also my shotgun I will that
my still & vessles be sold to meet the demands against me; should they fail

I direct my Extrs. to sell whatever can be the best spared of my personal 
estate I direct that all my personal property, not already willed, be and
remain on the premises for use and support of my dear beloved wife during
her widowhood or life, then an equal division to be made of all & every 
thing including the plantation I now reside one; between and among all my
children, should the NEGRO WOMAN prove dissatisfactory I allow my Extrs. 
to sell her or trade her for another girl etc. And lastly I do constitute
and appoint my said Wife Extrs. and my son R.B.W. Farris Extrs. of this my
last will and testament, by me heretofore made. in testimony whereof I have
hereto set my hand & affixed my seal this 20th day of January 1844.

Signed, sealed, published, and declared as and for the last will and 
testament of the above named Samuel Farris in the presence of us. 

Myles Smith Samuel Faris
Francis Henry
H.H. Smith
Probated May 6, 1844
Will BooK "3" P-86
Case No. 78
File No. 1165

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