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Granville County, NC 1809 WB-7/460
Will proved Feb 1810: son Joseph Pomfrett Davis, three negroes named Vasti,
James, and David son Absalem Davis two negroes named J(torn) and A(torn) daughter Meseniah Mitchell to have a negro named Adam daughter Mary Ann Hunt, eighteen negroes named Judah, Ben,
Young America, Minor, Sucy, Wiltha, Anne, Milley, Amey, Sara,
Major, Harriot, Richmond, Tom, Old America, Isbel, Nancy and
Keziah grandson William Hunt, one negro named Deamon granddaughter Maryann Glover, six negroes named Anne,
Rachel, James child of Rachel's, Harrod child of Anne's, Wiley
child of Anne's, Keziah child of Anne's grandson Solomon Hunt when of age, three negroes named
Frank, Leathy, and (torn) grandson Absalom Hunt when of age, four negroes named Roda,
John, Mary, and Granville my cousin Elizabeth Davis, wife of Augustin Davis, one
negro man named Long James

... to have Old America given my daughter Mary Ann doctor all my
children and their families

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