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Montgomery  & Bath County, KY slaves

1801 will of Thomas Davis

... left slave GEORGE, aged 5, to his daughter Eleanor. George to
be free at age 40.
Eleanor married John Calbraith ca 1808. John died ca 1815 and his
estate records mention slave George.  The George Kilbraith, black
wagonmaker, in the 1850 Montgomery County, KY is probably this

Other slaves to be free at age 40 from Thomas Davis' will with
ages given in will:
... ISAAC Sr. 40 , CLEAR 38, BECK 14, MARYAM 18, AARON 8, CASS 3,
ISAAC Jr. 8 and JUDE 1.

1835 Bath County will of Lamach Davis, son of Thomas of
Montgomery Co.

Slaves and their increase to be free at age 40. Gives name and
date of freedom.
... PHEBE free at Lamach's death
children of PHEBE:
... JACOB 25 Dec 1858,
... ROSTLY (dau)  1 Apr 1864,
... JACK 1 Jun 1866,
... JOSEPH 1 Mar 1869,
... SHARLOTTE 1 Apr 1871,
... SUSAN 13 Feb 1872,
... LAUCINDA 22 Nov 1874.
Slaves not to be sold out of family, if attempt is made to sell
they are instantly freed instead.

Slave MINERVA mentioned in will of Estridge Daniel, 1852,
Montgomery County, Ky.
     Family tradition says that MINERVA moved to Audrain County,
Mo with the family of James Quincy Daniel, son of Estridge, in
1857 and later married a negro preacher named NED and had sons
MILT and ZACK and lived in Macomb, IL.

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