AUSTIN, GA, Wills and Deeds, 1796-1833

In cleaning out some files I came across the wills and some deeds pertaining to some people who may or may not be related to one of my lines. The documents may be of interest to Af-Am researchers, though, because they give the names of a number of slaves. They are all from Liberty Co., GA:

AUSTIN, GA, Deeds, 1796-1833
Liberty County Deed Book D, pps. 68-70:

10/14/1796 Sarah Ann HINSON to Joseph AUSTIN (they later married) - 23 slaves, that is to say, Chloe, Lucy, Titus, Venus, Billy, March, Leah, Phillis, Sally, Rosella, Pompey, Simon, Lanchester, Jim, Jemimah, Ned, Andrew, Jenny, Silvia, Jacob, Amia, Tom, Clor.

The LWT of Sarah Ann AUSTIN dated 12/17/1806 names: Jensy, Dessey, Titus, by Lanchester, Jim and Wiley who are to go to her son John Claborn Lewis AUSTIN, to be under the control of his father. Should her son die before the age of 21 the slaves are to go to the heirs of her deceased father, James PRITCHARD.

The LWT of Joseph AUSTIN (probably about the same date) names: Henry and Phillis who were purchased from Peter Farley WINN to go to Abiel WINN, his son. Charlotte, Harriet, Abby, Lewis, Fench, Peggy, Elizabeth, Frank, Bristol, Bob, Toney and George to go to Abiel WINN. Sally, Arrington, Amey, Nancy and Pompey, the last three being the issue of Sylvie, to daughter Abigail KING, wife of Reuben KING.

LWT of Mary AUSTIN (2nd wife of Joseph Austin) 7/11/1833 names: Big Cuffy, Alyra, Anthony, Sam, Little Cuffy, Titus, Jacob, Pais, Peggy, Sylvia, Hannah, Chloe, Ann, Pompey, Sally, Hetty, Bella, Ely, Nancy and Prince are willed to Ann Virginia DOTTERY, daughter of William DOTTERY, to be kept under the care and protection of her nephew B. A. BUSBY until Ann reaches age 21. If she dies, they are to be divided between Matilda HARDEN of Bryan Co. and Ann MAXWELL, wife of John Maxwell.

To Elizabeth KING, daughter of Reuben KING - Venna.

To Matilda HARDEN - Chloe, Joe,Rachel, Betty, Doll, Mary and infant.

To B.A. BUSBY - Judy, Portens?,Toby, March, Andrew, Lucille, Jane, Philip, Dick, John, Leaty, William, Jackson and Charlotte.

The estate of Henry AUSTIN, died 3/3/1822, names: Phebe, Sarah, Nancy, Beck, Nelly, Venus, Flora, Tirsh, Rosella, Isaac, Joshua, Rose, Lily, Sally, Diana, Mary, Fannie, Emily, March and Dembo.

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