Tuskegee Institute

Contributed by Camille A. Killens

ALCOVA, MR. EMILIO, Los Angeles, California; Certificate (Plumbing); Graduate Study in Plumbing at Tuskegee Institute; Courses at Frank Wiggins Junior College, Los Angeles; Student Activities: Captain of Company E; Served in State Guard during war. Self-employed.

AMAKER, MR. OBIE M., Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Diploma.

BOWEN, MR. CHESSON, Atlanta, Georgia; Diploma.

BRAY, MR. JAMES L., Normal, Alabama; Certificate (Shoe Repairing); Graduate Study, Ohio State University in Guidance; M.A. Degree, 1950, Ohio State University. Counselor to Men for 32 years at Alabama A. and M. College. Previously Instructor at Manassas Industrial School, Manassas, Virginia.

BUTLER, MRS. MAUDE K., Kansas City, Kansas; Diploma.

CAMACHO, MR. RAFAEL M., San Juan, Puerto Rico; Diploma.

CHASTANG, MRS. ELEANOR C., Mobile, Alabama; Diploma.

COBB, MISS ELIZABETH M., Tuskegee, Alabama; Diploma; Graduate Study, Cleveland School of Education; Student Activities: Basketball, YWCA. Was teacher in Birmingham, Alabama, public schools; Presently employed as Occupational Therapist at Veterans Administration Hospital, Tuskegee, Alabama.

COLE, MR. WILLIAM J.. Chicago, Illinois; Certificate (Harnessmaking and Carriage Trimming); Graduate Study, Pearson Real Estate School---Law and General Real Estate courses. Sergeant in Army with foreign service in France, England and Scotland. Student Activities: Second Lieutenant of Cadets. Formerly employed as Assistant Librarian Corporation Counsel's Office, City of Chicago; Clerk, Board of Review, Cook County, Illinois; Was In business for self; Now retired.

COTTON, MRS. CHARLOTTE B., Troy, Alabama; Certificate; Graduate Study In Elementary Education; Student Activities: Basketball. Presently employed as Principal, Pike County Education; has taught for 40 Years.

COULTER, MRS. NAOMI G., Little Rock, Arkansas; Diploma.

DANCER, MR. WILLIAM, Jacksonville, Florida; Diploma.

DAVIS, MISS LOUISE, Waugh, Alabama; Diploma.

DONALDSON, MR. WASSELL A., Chicago, Illinois; Diploma.

DRIVER, MR. L. W., Tuskegee Institute, Alabama; Diploma; Certificate (Cabinet Making); Advanced courses in Architecture International Correspondence Schools. Student Activities: YMCA, Cadet Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant, Infantry. Chief Manual Arts Therapy Secretary, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service, Veterans Administration Hospital, Tuskegee, Alabama. Previously Occupational Therapist, Veterans Administration Hospital, Tuskegee, Alabama, Taught Manual Arts at Palmer Institute, Downtown Industrial Schools, Pennsylvania, Grambling College Snow Hill Institute. Registered Architect.

ELLIS, MR. ERNEST, Salt Lake City, Utah; Diploma.

FRAZIER, MRS. CARRIE C., Kansas City, Missouri ; Certificate (Domestic Science); Student Activities: Member of the choir.

GUICE, MRS. MINNIE W., Birmingham, Alabama; Certificate (Sewing); Graduate Study, B.S. Degree, 1949, Alabama State Teachers College, Student Activities: Member of the Choir Teacher Jefferson County Board of Education, for 80 years.

HOLLIS, MRS. LEONA H, Houston, Texas; Diploma.

HUGGINS, MR. KINUEL, Atlanta, Georgia; Diploma.

HUNTER, SAMUEL G., New York City; Diploma.

JOHNSON, MRS. ELLEN Y., Columbus, Texas; Certificate (Home Economics); Graduate Study with special course at Fisk University and Pine Bluff State College, Special training in Home Demonstration work, Previously employed as Home Demonstration Agent in Arkansas; Principal of school in Tennessee; Teacher in High School; Presently employed for self on cattle and turkey ranch.

JONES, MRS. ADDIE S., Jacksonville, Florida; Diploma, Student Activities: Assistant Secretary of Class; Was Price Clerk during World War II, and teacher; Cashier, Atlanta Life Insurance Company.

KING, MR. FRANK, Denver, Colorado; Diploma.

LEAVELL, MRS. ANNIE H., Hopkinsville, Kentucky; Diploma.

LEAVELL, MR. ROZELLE H., Hopkinsville, Kentucky; Diploma.

LOPEZ, MR. RUDOLPH U., El Paso, Texas; Diploma. Student Activities: Member of Choir.

LUCAS. MR. JAMES W., Chicago, Illinois; Certificate (Academic and Applied Electricity); Graduate Study: Lewis Institute and University of Chicago in Physics, Education, Engineering. B. S., Mechanical Engineering, 1924, Lewis Institute. Student Activities: Choir, Winner of Trinity Oratorical Contest, 1914; Sergeant Major in Cadet Corps. Saw military service as Corporal in France. Previously employed as electrician in Bogalusa, Louisiana; Now employed as teacher with the Chicago Board of Education.

McFARLIN, MRS. CLEOMINE C.1 Dayton, Ohio; Diploma.

McNEIL, MRS. ORA H., Bastrop, Louisiana; Diploma.

MASSEY, MISS MAMlE V., Palestine, Texas; Diploma.

MAY, MR. ROLLO, San Antonio, Texas; Diploma.

MERCER, MRS. INEZ E., Wilberforce, Ohio; Diploma; Graduate Study, B.S. Degree in Secretarial Science, Wilberforce University; Student Activities: Basketball Team. Presently employed as Director, Student Employment for past 35 years, Central State College.

MITCHELL, MR. ROBERT S., Columbia, Mississippi; Diploma.

PEEK, MR. WILLIS L, Anderson, South Carolina; Certificate (Bookkeeping); Graduate Study, Worsham College of Embalming (Embalming, sanitary science and funeral directing), 1916; Student Activities: Baseball, football and basketball. Military Service, Second Lieutenant. Presently Manager and Owner undertaking establishment; Formerly employed in Mercantile Department of Tuskegee Institute.

PHILLIPS, MISS NONA C., Chattanooga, Tennessee; Diploma.

SPENCER, MR. ADDISON D., Cleveland, Ohio; Diploma.

STATESMAN, MISS MARY S., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Diploma.

STEPHENS, MR. MILAS S., SR, Chicago, Illinois; Certificate (Tailoring); Student Activities: First student Manager of Athletics, Debating Team, YMCA, Lieutenant of Cadets, President of Texas State Club. Saw Military Service as Sergeant in U.S. Army in France; Presently self-employed.

SWANSON, MR. CLYDE, Cincinnati, Ohio; Diploma.

WADDELL, MRS. ELECTA H., Chesnee, South Carolina; Diploma.

WEST, MRS. HATTIE S., Tuskegee Institute, Alabama; Certificate (Teacher-Training); Graduate Study: B.S., M.A. Degees, 1934-45 Tuskegee Institute and New York University; Student Activities: Choir, YWCA, Basketball, Vice President of Class, President of YWCA. Previously employed as Principal, Chambliss Children's House, Tuskegee Institute; Now Dean of Women, Tuskegee Institute.

WOLTERDING, MR. VOLMEY G., St. Thomas, Virgin Island; Diploma.

WOODS, MRS. LILLIE B., San Antonio, Texas; Diploma.

WRIGHT, MRS. PARTHENIA H., Cincinnati, Ohio; Diploma

YATES, MRS. ELLA B., Wyoming, Ohio: Diploma.


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