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[TN] Washington Cnty Pleas 1778-1799

Washington County Tennessee Court of Pleas 1778-1799

* From: Doris Christian

* Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 15:51:03 -0500



SECTIONS # 1 & 2 1778-1785 1787-1798 1798-1799


Court of Pleas contains court proceedings, jury lists, land sales, slave sales, appointment of estate executors, dowery settlements, assignment of guardianships, orders to inventory estates, etc. and a few marriages.
This book contains 502 pages plus a 37 page index.

DMK Heritage Project converted this historic book into a digital
format for in-depth research for genealogist and historians with
limited time and resources. The book was converted into an Adobe PDF
format and is searchable with Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free program
from Adobe). A new complete index was created of last names for
quick identification To maintain the integrity of this historic
book, images of each page of the book are provided on a separate PDF
file to resolve any questions concerning the conversion to an
electronic format. Both PDF files are placed on one CD for your

Abbott, Abel, Abell, Able, Action, Acton, Adair, Adams, Addington, Adkins, Adull, Aeton, Agan, AIKEN, Akins, Aldhoon, Alesean, Alexander, ALEXANDER, Alexr, Alhom, Alison, Allen, Allexander, Allicot, Allifor, Alliot, Allison, Allisons, Allott, Alphe, Alsop, Ambrose, Andeburk, Anderson, Andil, Andis, Andiz, Anthoney, Anthony, Antony, Arbuckell, Archer, Ardin, Armer, Armstrong, Arnold, Artacallaullah, Arundel, Arundell, Ash, Ashe, Asher, Ashier, Ashmore, Askiners, Assimors, Assimus, Aston, Attacallaculla, Austin, Auston, Authur, Averat, Avery, Baber, Bacon, Bader, Baeksvill, Bailerson, Bailes, Bailey, Bails, Baily, Baison, Baits, Bakee, Baker, BALDAN, Baldwin, Bale, Baley, Ball, Ballard, Balliger, Ballinger, Ban, Barclay, Barday, Bardy, Barkdill, Barker, Barkeville, Barkley, Barksdale, Barksdill, Barkson, Barksville, Barley, Barlick, Barlleson, Barlow, Barner, Barnes, Barns, Baron, Barr, Barren, Barres, Barrker, Barrn, Barron, Baskins, Baslis, Bass, Bassendine, Basvill, Batey, Baxter, Baylees, Bayles, Baylese, Bayless, Bayley, Bayleys, Baylis, Baylor, Bayly, Bayro, Beal, Bean, Beane, Beann, Beans, Bear, Beard, Bearden, Beardon, Beards, Bearing, Bears, Beaty, Beavley, Bebur, Beckman, Been, Beene, Beens, Beers, Begart, Belfom, Belfour, Bell, Belling, Below, Bemer, Benedict, Benett, Bennet, Bennett, Berd, Berksdill, Berley, Berlington, Berry, Betner, Beverley, Beverly, Bevyhouse, Bewley, Bewly, Bibby, Biddle, Biddlesom, Bidicum, Bigart, Billinger, Billings, Billingsly, Billington, Binghouse, Birch, Bird, Biren, Birksdell, Birmingham, Bishops, Bitner, Black, Blackburn, Blackham, Blackley, Blackwell, Blair, Blaire, Blakely, Blakly, Blanton, Bleekly, Blevins, Blevons, Blyth, Blythe, Bogard, Bogars, Bogart, Boggart, Bohannar, Bolick, Bollan, Bolow, Bolows, Bond, Bonds, Books, Booth, Boothe, Booths, Boren, Borens, Boring, Bormds, Boulding, Bouldwin, Boulstone, Boulten, Bounds, Bouring, Bowen, Bower, Bowers, Bowery, Bowlings, Bowman, Bowring, Bowyer, Bowyers, Box, Boyd, Boyer, Brachus, Bradcutt, Bradley, Bradly, Brady, Braison, Bramer, Brandon, Branet, Brasil, Bratton, Breaden, Breeden, Breedon, Brees, Brewley, Breye, Brian, Briant, Briceden, Brigham, Brigman, Brignam, Brigs, Briles, Brinner, Brison, Brittain, Brittan, Britten, Brittian, Britton, Brocedon, Brochen, Brochus, Brock, Broiles, Brook, Brooks, Brounel, Brown, Browning, Browns, Broyles, Bruer, Brufield, Bruley, Brumet, Brumett, Brumit, Brumitt, Brummit, Brung, Brunk, Brurnit, Bryan, Bryant, Bryany, Buccannon, Buchanan, Buchannon, Buck, Bugham, Bughart, Bull, Bullar, Bullard, Buller, Bullinger, Bullington, Bullor, Bulls, Bunday, Bundy, Bunton, Burby, Burden, Burdly, Burdy, Burgat, Burk, Burke, Burlason, Burleson, Burlington, Burlison, Burrow, Burrows, Burson, Burton, Bushress, Butler, Buxton, Bybee, Bylor, Byree, Cable, CACHE, Cair, Calaham, Calahan, Calberts, Calbet, Caldwell, Calhon, Callahan, Calleham, Callihan, Callwell, Calmont, Calvert, Calwell, Cameron, Campbell, Campbells, Campbles, Cannon, Canty, Capps, Carden, Carder, Carey, Caring, Carland, Carlin, Carly, Carmack, Carmeck, Carmell, Carmicall, Carmichael, Carmichaels, Carmichal, Carmichale, Carmicheal, Carmichle, Carmicle, Carmieekal, Carmile, Carney, Carny, Carogur, Carothers, Carr, Carreathers, Carriger, Carriger, Carry, Carson, Carter, Carters, Carver, Casaday, Case, Casedy, Cash, Cashedy, Cashes, Casner, Cason, Cassady, Cassmer, Caswell, Cathart, Catlering, Causon, Cave, Cavert, Cavial, Cerven, Cervis, Chadle, Chamberlain, Chamberlin, Chambers, Chamble, Chancey, Chancy, Chanevy, Chapman, Chapps, Charag, Charke, Charlton, Charltons, Charter, Charters, Chaster,, Chatawood, Chenasty, Chester, Chew, Chilsom, Chinasttah, Chinatah, Chisem, Chislm, Chislom, Chism, Chisolem, Chisolm, Chisolmy, Chisom, Chissom, Chitwood, Choate, Chon, Choor, Chote, Christian, Christy, Christys, Citson, Clar, Clark, Clarke, Clarkedy, Clarks, Clarkwell, Clay, Clayton, Clerk, Clingen, Cloleson, Clover, Cloyd, Cloyde, Coal, Coalman, Coalter, Cobb, Cochran, Cock, Cocke, Cockwell, Coffee, Coffman, Cohar, Cohnon, Cohom, Colberson, Coleson, Collect, Coller, Collet, Collett, Collier, Colliham, Collin, Collings, Collins,

This book (CD) contains 368 pages including a 8 page index.

DMK Heritage
12303 Indian Mound
Austin, TX 78758

18 Dec 2002 :: 14 Nov 2008
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