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Re: Update to my Ancestral discoveries

Thanks to all of you who have shared your insight in response to my email. I have looked over what you've sent me and I believe I have some more wonderful news. I think, I may have discovered Madelon's mother, father and five brother's however no names are listed just their ages for the boys. Their is also a female no name listed also, age 12 , whom I believe to be Madelon. This is where I'll need your insight and assistance again.

But before I continue on please allow me to recap the following: When I first sort assistance from many of my fellow researchers a copy weeks ago via AfriGeneas@Lists.MsState.Edu several came back to me with lots of great suggestions of where I might look to uncover additional information about my ancestors who at that time were three generations of former slaves who lived in New Orleans, St Charles and St John the Baptist Parishes of Louisiana.

The one slave and later free people of color that linked me into their lives was named AGNES , My forth generation Great Grandmother. Curious to know more about her life and the lives of her ancestors set me off on a quest to find out about her mother who was name Elizabeth Luis Harang (a Mulatto slave who was later freed sometime after 1776 and 1783. Agnes father is still yet to be determined however it is believed that He could possibly have been Elizabeth former slave own's son named: George Mayaux. Elizabeth had two other children beside Agnes who was born abt: 1759, two son named George, the other Pierre. I first discovered Elizabeth and her three children being sold off after the death of the Widow Mayaux in St Charles Parish of Louisiana to a Louis Harang in Nov. 1771. Louis Harang is believed to be the father of Elizabeth. Interesting enough Louis Harang owned Elizabeth's mother Madelon. My theory right now is that when Madelon gave birth to Elizabeth sometime around 1740, she Elizabeth might have stay with her on the Harang farm until the age of 10-13 before being sold or sent away to live on the Mayeaux farm. I have not found anything to confirm this fact yet. Also Elizabeth would have been about 31 years old when Louis Harang purchased her and her three children in 1771 from Mayeux. There was also another kin of Elizabeth, a sister named Reguine and two children. One girl named Catherine and a boy named Andre. Reguine and her children were sold to an Andre Himel (Imel, Hymel) the husband of one of the Mayeux heir. Here again, the children were listed as Mulatto and I believe their father could have been Andre Himel, the purchaser..

In my previous email, I stated that Elizabeth was documented as being able to purchase her mother Madelon from a Louis Alexandre Harang, the son of Louis Harang (alias Luis Harang) and Barbara Herterline in 1783. And that Alexander Harang stated in the sale of his slave Madelon, that he received her from his deceased father estate several years ago. Louis Alexander Harang was born also 1740, the same year Elizabeth Luis Harang was born. So here we find 43 years later the son and possible half brother of Elizabeth Luis Harang is being allowed to purchase her mother Madelon from him the son. Madelon is listed as 56 years old in the 1783 sale of slave document. Also three days later in her manumission document when Elizabeth grant her her freedom also. A quick calculation place Madelon year of birth approx.1727-1728. This time period would be of great important later.

I needed to find out when Elizabeth's mother Madelon came into Louis Harang's possession and whether she was An Africa brought to the Louisiana colony. For the last few days I've been looking for clues that would help me uncover these deep mysteries. You suggested I look over several area online, one being The Mido-Hall Afro-Louisiana database: I have tried this before and got out much of my original clues from the information stored there however, I decide to venture back there again and see what I could find this time. I found out about Louis Harang's wife Barbara Herterline in that she was married three time before marrying Louis. Her history is pretty amazing too. Barbara's third Husband was a fellow by the name of Michel Zeringue ( Seringue). I check Hall's data base to see if he own any slaves and could it be that Madelon came into Louis Harang's possession after marrying Barbara Herterline Zeringue. Nothing could be found under the master's Name Zeringue or Seringue. So I tried Madelon, under the slave name. about 17 hits with the name Madelon came up however none were my Madelon. Now remember back in 1783 when Elizabeth purchased and granted Madelon her freedom, I said she was listed as 56 years old . I needed to located someone born about 1727-1728. I next looked to see If I could find any slaves purchased by Louis Harang and wouldn't you know 140 hit appeared. I looked through everyone. Seeing the 1771 purchased of Agnes, Elizabeth, George and Pierre. Then I came to one slave named Chary. In 1740 listed as seller: Harang and Buyer: Herterin, Dame Barbe. Curious to see If, Herterin, Dame Barbe would show up in any other queries, I place the name in the Master box and BINGO! 16 did. Oh My God!!!! my heart started to beat so hard, I could hardly contain myself.

I looked over everyone of the named listed but did not see what I had hope to see. And that being Madelon's name. I even matched the Males who were listed with their female mates. An interested thing happen as I looked over the names again, I saw where there were two females listed as having children. FANCHON, 1 Female Age 12. and 5 boys ages ranging from 11- 4 and MARIANNE. 1 Boy age 10. At this time I wasn't sure what I had discovered however, I noted that FANCHON mate LEVEILLE had listed on under his comment: Although this is a marriage contract, It appears to be a complete contigent of slaves. Giving estate No. GMH 1/26/96. Further down in the data, I saw the date 1740-05-11. To my surprise It was the date I have listed where by Louis Harang and Barbara Herterline was married May 11. 1740. I'm confused now, because I look back and see in this data base where it is Louis Harang listed as the Seller and Herterin, Dame Barbe as the Buyer. I needed to find out more information so I looked up the Estate Number: 03-F-081-016-1740 to see if I could find anything else that would help with my discovery. I needed to down load Hall entire data base of slaves so as to find all the records with that Estate number. Once I did that I plugged in the Number and there were all the Names listed as were on the summaries. If you ever try working this list, I tell you it's no fun. Over 100000 or so slaves however I grateful to Mrs Hall for all her work.

Now that I had the data base loaded on my computer I wanted to see if I could find if Leveille and Fanchon names are listed anywhere in this file again and what luck there they were under Estate Number: 03-F-070-016-1739. The time listed under master surname as unknown but first name Jacque Michel I found the same group of slaves as in Estate Number: 03-F-081-016-1740. Fanchon was listed with Mate Leveille and their six children. Also noted is where the young Female is listed as being 12 here too.

Ok so this is what I've concluded so far. the 1739 Estate document even though don't list the surname, It is believe that this is ZERINGUE (SERINGUE) Jacque Michel. He is listed as Johann Michel Zeringue in other document I've have found. The 1740 document between Louis Harang and Barbara Herterline is believe to have been drawn up before the two of them were married and That Barbara Herterline own those 16 slaves left in the estate of her former/late husband Michel ZERINGUE.

Now for my most interesting conclusion of them all. Back to Leveille and Fanchon. Remember I mention that there was listed a female about the Age of 12 listed in both the 1740 and 1739 estate documents. Well After I calculated 1740- 12years =1728 and 1739 -12 years old =1727. I share earlier with you that back in 1783 Elizabeth purchased and free her mother Madelon, the age recorded was 56. quick calculation 1783-56= 1727.

What's is troubling is the fact that if this 12 year old female listed as one of the children of Leveille and Fanchon is Madelon, Elizabeth's mother, then she gave birth to her at the very young age of 12. Elizabeth was born in 1740. Now I'm wondering could she ( Madelon) have been raped by Louis Harang, the new Husband of Barbara Herterline. I still searching to see if I can find out when did Michel Zeringue purchase these 16 Slaves. I have him arriving in Biloxi. On board the ship La Dromadaire on Dec 14, 1720. However he first time he shows up in New Orleans as a master Carpenter May 19,1722. Michel Zeringue, however did not marry Barbara Herterline until 1726. Michel Zeringue died in New Orleans on Sept 4, 1738, he was 54.

Some addition sides notes; According to Hall's Data;

LEVEILLE and FANCHON are both African names and birth place in Imputed African based on age. I feel so certain that their 12 year old daughter name not listed in Hall's data base is My 6th generation Great grandmother- Madelon. There by making her parents LEVEILE AND FANCHON, my 7th generation Great Grandparents. Can you believe this................

And so my Research continues.

Any thoughts and are recommendations for furthering my analysis is greatly appreciated.

Oh one other thing, I found online where The New Orleans Notarial Archives have a guide to The French Colonial Records (1733 -1767).

Click here:

On Page 35- 36 of that document, I found two entries that reference Zeringue (Seringue), Michel The Date is Sept 4, 1738. I called the Archives in New Orleans and had them send me copies of those documents. Both are in French however, I was able to make out the names of all the slaves listed also saw where they were the same as those listed in HALLS's Data base. I'll have to get the document translated into English in order to get the full story of what took place during the succession of Michel Zeringue.

Sorry, For being long winded. I'm sure you can understand what a tremendous journey this have been. Look forward to hearing from you again. until next time.


18 Dec 2002 :: 14 Nov 2008
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