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Re: Race/color in 1930 census Puerto Rico

my grandmother died 124 years old. Her decendents had over seven hundred years of history in Spain under christian and islamic rule. She spoke castellano(castillion), french and arabic and english she learned when she immigrated to america. She lived to tell the story. Now i tell you the story. She also lived in san juan puerto rico. puerto rico had a lot of african slaves, because most of the tainos were exterminated by the tribe of Guth, this is who you call the spaniards. The Guth originated near the baltic sea near russia. They fought with rome. Spain was colonised by Rome. Rome took Spain from the vikings and the viking took spain from the ethiopians who took Spain from the original inhabitants who were africans who in earliar times were conqured by another african tribe called Misr who was from the land of Khem which is present day egypt. The Taino and the Mexicans and Americas(amuruco) traded with the west coast tribes of Africa. The trade winds would bring the boats from Africa to Puerto Rico and the west coast africans would carry on their trade and set up post in Puerto Rico and exchange goods with the tainos. The Taino and the west coast africans mated together thousands of years before the tribe of Guth ever left their homeland in the baltics. by the time the guth tribe(also called spaniard)came into puerto rico, thousands of years later the taino already had the blood of west africa, because in the ancient of days dealing in trade it was good business to mix the blood, so that the tribes of africa who were mighty would not make war with the taino. Thus, the africans and taino were blood brothers in the ancient of days. And so were the mexicans also mixed with ancient africa blood and blood from china because there was an ancient trade btween the countries. Now we will move up in the story. Guth ransacked rome and then conquered spain the the muslims from arabia and north africa conqured spain and called it Al andulusia. They ruled Spain for over 700 years. The black north africans and the arabs used to go to venice and other european countries and take white women as slaves and some as concubines. they mated with them and had babies. They even took guth women and mated with them and had babiesin al andulucia And there was a whole lot of white slaves during the Islamic Period in Al andulusia. yes, the whites were slaves. The Black north Africans and the muslims took them as slaves even egypt became a slave state. After hundreds of year in trafficcing white slaves egypt became a mulaato state and so did al andulucia. After over 700 years later the table began to turn. Guth with the help of the church in spain so an opportunity to regain their conquered land back because the muslims in (al andulusia)spain were fighting among themselves. Eventually The tribe of guth regained the land and started kicking the arabs, the africans, the hebrews(baital isreal, this means the house of isreal which came from habashet which is ethiopia and the jews which were the converts for they converted to the hebrew religion and they were decendents of guth tribe which is called ashkenazi decendents of yafith(japhith) out of the country and torturing them. The guth tribe didnt know how to get across the atlantic ocean, only the viking tribe and the africans did who were navigators. so they took with them africans who were navigators and some descendents of viking navigators to show them how to get across the atlantic and thats how the got into puerto rico. after they killed off the tainos from slave labour and sickness, the remaining tainos intermixed for the second time with the africans and some of the guth took taino women. these mixed babies some were dark like their african ancestors and some were very light. in one family a brother could be very black skin and the sister or brother very light. however all were oppress in puerto rico. Eventually to escape poverty the lights ones began to seperate from their families, some would migrate and send money home to their dark relatives, this happened all over the spanish speaking countries. It was not so much that being white skin or light skin was so much better, but racism abound and you had to hide that african blood even if you were mulatto and looked african which most Puerto ricans are. now puerto ricao was the gateway to america and the irish and the italians, syrians and other black carribeans migrated to puerto rico and the puerto rican got mixed up again, because a lot of these people assimilated. today we have dna test to locate your ancestors in europe or africa or taino blood. you are indeed a blend of blood whether you are dark and a lot of mixed children are dark its just that society focuses on the light ones. the dark ones are the chocalate. linda negrita. then you have the different rainbow of chocalates. dark chocalate, chocalate, light chocalate, black, tan chocalte, vanilla chocalate, when god made the puerto rican He was showing off, flavored with an african, taino culture, sprinkled with a little bit of vanilla. celebrate your blend, your culture. aint nothing more beutiful then a puerto rican.

18 Dec 2002 :: 14 Nov 2008
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