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2013-03-29 • Finds 10th Slaveholding family


Start: 12:07:16
End: 13:08:41
Chatters: alt, Khathu, Selma, Seventies

Khathu: hello alt

alt: hello Khathu, how ya doing today?

Khathu: at the office until 1pm

alt: short day, huh?

Khathu: yep well it is a religious observance with the organization

alt: ah so, Happy Good Friday to you.

Khathu: Same to you

alt: ty Khathu

Khathu: I think I have finally broke through one of my brickwalls on my Harriss line

alt: wonderful, lay it on me :)

Khathu: I was unable to lock the family in before 1875 in any type of documents So I just stopped looking for them. However, a friend suggested that I should look for the slave holding family assuming that the family remained in Halifax County, NC after slavery and that they kept the slave holding family's last name I located a Thomas Whitmell Harriss who owned over 100 enslaved individual.

Seventies: Hello alt and Khathu!

Khathu: Hello Seventies

alt: hello Seventies

Seventies: Congratulations alt on your match..

Khathu: And lo and behold - my ancestor has a son named Thomas W. Harris

alt: thank you Seventies, Khathu is explaining a 'breakthrough' of his.

Khathu: In addition he has a daughter (my gg grandmother) named Winnie which is the name of the slave owner's (Thomas W. Harris) mother So it looks very promising that Thoas W. Harriss owned my family So that is my break through

Seventies: Awesome Khathu!! That's wonderful!!

alt: that's great Khathu, good use of your "skill set" !!!!!

Seventies: When are you writing the book? :}

Khathu: Thanks, I still need to look for some probate records

Seventies: So I have some news...

Khathu: I have the wills of his father and grandfather

alt: Did you find these records and the connection on FamilySearch? they have great Probate Court records for NC.

Khathu: I will be driving down to Halifax County, NC next month Hello Selma

Seventies: Hi Selma

alt: wonderful Khathu ... Halifax Co., is near my family roots in NC ... Edgecombe Co. Hello Selma

Selma: Afternoon alt, khathu and seventies

Khathu: Halifax was created from Edgecombe

alt: right Khathu I've found some great Probate Court records on FamilySearch for Edgecombe Co., NC Khathu dating from the mid 1800's all the way up to the 1920's. you had some news Seventies?

Seventies: Yes I do alt. You know the book that was featured on Bernice's show about Peter Hunt?

Selma: Khathu is it a possibily that any of these people appear in Barnetta White's books on the Cohabitation registers

Seventies: Well I got an e-mail from the author on 23 and me turns out my grandad and her parents are 4th cousins.

Selma: wow sevenites

Khathu: Unfortunately, since Thomas did not die until 1890, I will be looking at his parents and grandparents estates

Seventies: I looked at it after you posted on FB a little while ago.

Khathu: since it appears that he inherited his enslaved property

alt: Wow Seventies .... there is that 6 degrees of separation thing LOL

Seventies: Denise Griggs is her name...

alt: that name is familiar Seventies

Seventies: Considering my grandfather's age, 93, I'm going to presume that the connection was in slavery... She contacted me 3 days ago.

alt: okay Seventies

Khathu: Selma -my direct Harris ancestors are not listed in White's book but some of the other Harris might be

Selma: OK

Seventies: Here's what I was referring to alt.

alt: Okay, I remember her from Bernice's show, right?

Selma: I missed that interview on Bernice's show

Seventies: Yes. Liberty, MS is just on the other side of Wilkinson Co. in Amite Co.

Khathu: If I am able to confirm this slave holding family this will be my 10th slave holding families I have been able to locate and confirm

Seventies: My grandfather's family came from Wilkinson Co. up to Adams Co.

Selma: Wow Khathu..that is impressive

Seventies: Khathu is on point...

Khathu: It will also expand my slave era research to six states - FL, LA, NC, SC, TX and VA I am also working on some leads in GA on my Brewster line

alt: that is very impressive Khathu !!!!!! most folks know only 1, perhaps 2-3 at the most.

Khathu: @Seventies the goal is to seriously start working on the book this year @alt I did not realize that was the average

alt: that's just from my experience Khathu

Khathu: you may be right

Selma: That sounds about right to me alt Khathu were any of these slave owning families themselves related to each other

alt: Khathu, my great grandfather was born in Palymra Twp., Halifax Co., NC in 1852.

Khathu: My ancestors are from Palmyra

alt: oh, oh LOL

Selma: Oh jeez bet you and alt are related.. lOL

Khathu: @Selma a few were related through marriage The Boozer and Leavells as well as the Duvals and Moodys

alt: ancestral names from NC are Thomas & Lawrence

Khathu: Harris and Hannon Also Williams but from Warren Co.

alt: okay Khathu, I will be on the lookout for any possible connection.

Selma: Ok..just wondering

Seventies: Ok wait a moment. The Duvals are they the ancestors of actor Robert Duval?

Khathu: I have no clue

alt: And I haven't even begun to scratch the surface on the slave owning families.

Khathu: That is developing into my speciality

Seventies: yep...

alt: for the Thomas family, I have done a little work on the Lawrence family.

Seventies: Turnabout is fair play... :}

Khathu: @Seventies huh?

Seventies: How many books have we read or stories have we heard about slaveholding families writing about the descendants of their former slaves?

alt: for me, not many Seventies

Khathu: About 3 - The Hairstons, Slaves In the Family and The Sweet H@#$ Within

Seventies: Yep those are the ones I've read long before I got into family research.

Khathu: brb

Seventies: What else is on the genealogical table today. All of this news is very exciting...

Selma: Yes it is...

alt: I'm browsing FamilySearch filling in the blanks on my new 23andme RF match.

Seventies: that's what inspired me to check my 23andme matches. Still waiting for the two that I sent out...

Khathu: Enjoy the remainder of the day. I am off to run errands.

Seventies: have a good day Khathu

Selma: Bye

alt: this latest one presents a new scenario for me Seventies .. her connection to me is thru a relatively recent marriage 1965, even tho' these families were contemporaries from the 1840's.

Seventies: okay with the same surnames from the 1840's right?

alt: right, I had them in my database. and in the same neighborhood as my FPOC from the early to mid 1800's.

Seventies: That is fascinating... And you all are 4th cousins, right?

Selma: Had this person done any research alt

alt: all the way down to her mom & dad getting maried in 1967 and her birth in 1969. she had researched her mother's family lines Selma, those are the ones she kept mentioning in her correspondence with me. Adn I know her maternal lines very well,

Seventies: You had mentioned that she was also related to you through her paternal family as well. Were you able to give her any details on this?

alt: she is related thru her paternal line to me, not her maternal line Seventies

Seventies: oh okay.

alt: her father and I have a common great-great grandmother. and I remember her father when he was born LOL

Selma: Wow..

alt: and her mother too LOL and her LOL

Seventies: wow lol Sheesh!

alt: but I NEVER figured then that DNA would connect me to her

Seventies: That is interesting.

alt: not her maternal lines, but just her.

Selma: When was the last time you saw her parents..or should I ask

alt: I saw her father about 2-3 years ago Selma. this girl (woman) is now married and living in the Atlanta area.

Seventies: Ok I'm curious are they a collateral family of yours?? I'm just trying to understand the connection...

alt: well, her lines are now considered collateral, since her mother married a direct cousin, right? I'm related to her, but not her mother

Seventies: ok Alright I need to get going. Have a good day.

alt: She and her children, but not her mother and those ancestors, right .... this is some confusing stuff!!!! LOL

Selma: Yes it is..I think I need a nap to sort it out Folks..have a great day and a wonderful Easter

alt: me too Selma, take care and see ya Sunday

Selma: Bye alt..

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