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2013-03-08 • DNA is a mystery


Start: 12:02:24
End: 13:04:02
Chatters: 'Daviss, alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, jhonora, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Good Friday Seventies

Seventies: hello vkn...its more like snow storm Friday! lol


Seventies: Hello Selma

Selma: Good afternoon seventies and vkn You have snow seventies?

vkn: Howdy Selma and Daviss

Selma: Afternoon Daviss

Seventies: Hi 'Daviss Great news....

'Daviss: hmmmm hello there Selma, Seventies and vkn

vkn: Did y'all see the dna news

Seventies: now, who are the Mbo?


'Daviss: what dna news

Selma: Don't have a clue seventies


'Daviss: oh no, I had not seen that vkn

vkn: 338 thou Black dna living in SC

'Daviss: hello alt

alt: wow, y'all gotta seat for me? LOL

Selma: Afternoon alt

vkn: Good morning alt what does it all mean

alt: Hello 'Daviss, Selma, Seventies & vkn

Seventies: That means this man's DNA came from a man who lived in Cameroon 338,000 years ago.. lol Nothing to do with nationality...

alt: that's too deep for me vkn

vkn: Okies alt and seventies

alt: question I have .... was there a "Cameroon" 338.000 years ago?

Seventies: There was a Mbo long before there was an African-American... that's for sure. Context is everything.

alt: another question.. was there at tribe/clan called Mbo 338,000 years ago?

Seventies: Yep.

vkn: announcing a major acquistion to include small town papers to its historical news database

alt: really????

Seventies: Yep

Selma: Great news vkn

alt: gonna soon rival 'chronicling america' with the volume of online newspapers????

vkn: How did the BTR with AYW go last night? I slept through it all

Selma: very well vkn..except I kept losing my sound..I don't know why

'Daviss: hopefully the papers will go beyond the 1920's

alt: I listened this morning... nice conversation, wide ranging, heard Selma's name being dropped LOL

Selma: Thats the info I sent AY..anytime I see Arkansas I send to her. I think I sent you all too...

vkn: What means "A mitochondrial DNA hypervariable region 1 (HVR1) match has been found between kit 213543, and another person(s) in the Family Tree DNA database.

Selma: Lots of folks landed up in other states immediatley after the war on Labor Contracts

alt: yes, I remember Selma... good example of labor contracts and the wide reach of the Freedman's Bureau.

Selma: So when you find them in 1870..don't mean that were there before the War

vkn: Help me anybody

Selma: Help you how vkn?

vkn: A mitochondrial DNA hypervariable region 1 (HVR1) match has been found between kit 213543, and another person(s) in the Family Tree DNA database.

alt: or the slave owner took them from an eastern State.. good examples Selma

Selma: That is alt's area of expertise vkn

alt: oh, oh... y'all want me to show my ignorance LOL LOL

vkn: I need to get the DNA Dummy series

'Daviss: It just means that someone matches him vkn..You will probably get a msg on that same person on the HVR2

vkn: Duh

Selma: LOL

'Daviss: its regional

vkn: Why is your name changed 'Daviss

'Daviss: His haplogroup and hers just match in that region vkn

vkn: ahhhhhh okies effen you say so

'Daviss: mistake vkn but don't want to take chance on logging out and not being able to come back in

alt: HVR1= hyper variable region 1... really only means same haplogroup, but it could be significant vkn.... you won't know until you follow up.

'Daviss: I was down all day yesterday

Selma: When you say region..exactly what do you mean a geographic in USA or in the mother land

vkn: Followup with the matching person

'Daviss: depends, it could be several

alt: in this case Selma, I think "region' refers to an area of DNA materials tested. not necessarily a geographical region

vkn: aaahhh "sound and fury" Selma lol

Selma: What do you mean by "ahhh" you understand what alt is talking about.. LOL

alt: and this can be confusing because haplogroups are "geographical' in their populations.

'Daviss: I have many matches in both HVR's .....all mine are geographical alt that I have seen so far. example 1 or 2 in cuba, mabe 10 out 0f 120 in Gr Britian etc

vkn: Not at all Selma. I said 'sound and fury' = nothing lol

Selma: Keep explaining alt..we will get it at some point.. lOL

alt: that's where the matches are currently "living" 'Daviss, may not be where the haplogroup originated.

vkn: There you go alt and Daviss showing off yo smarts lol

Selma: Smarty pants ... both of them

'Daviss: friend of mine Celcelia we match on both HVR 1 and 2 but no match in dna

vkn: indeed

'Daviss: not even on the x

vkn: Y'all talking in expletives lol

alt: no match on "autosomal DNA" 'Daviss .. you & Cecelia

'Daviss: nope we were hoping {sigh}

vkn: (sigh) is on target

'Daviss: both of us texas, and really not that far in the areas but no match no match with her with siblings or my 1st cousins

alt: vkn, FTDNA has a "problem" in that their African ancestored databse is relativlely small, but that can be a good problem if your haplofroups are of African origin.

vkn: i see

alt: and most AA FTDNA customers have only done Y & mtDNA testing... it is the autosomal, or admixture test such as Family Finder where one really needs to follow up on those matches.

vkn: Alt there are still no Y findings

alt: not to be alarmed with that vkn, again it may be due to the small number of AA men who have tested with FTDNA.

vkn: okies gotcha

'Daviss: I uploaded my brothers and x hubbys over on y-search all 33 y33 not sure I need to go any higher

alt: 'Daviss, those are the allele values for the 33-37 markers tested?

'Daviss: yes

vkn: Not as far as I am concerned lol

'Daviss: hmmmm it may be 37 instead of 33

alt: going further is a "mixed bag" to me ex. I have like 1,200 matches at 12 Markers, 500+ at 25 markers, 70+ at 37 markers & 4 at 67 markers on the FTNA Y-DNA testing.... so I would really only want to follow up on the 67 amrker matches.... they would have a 90% chance of a common ancestor within 4 generations.

jhonora: Hello Daviss, alt, Selma, vkn!!

vkn: Howdy Jhonora wassup

alt: hello jhonora, good to see ya, why ain't you in school? LOL LOL

'Daviss: lots of names came up for my cousin on the 37.. so how close would they be alt

Selma: Afternoon jhonora

'Daviss: cousin who is R1b has the most matches

jhonora: I don't generally have classes during this time, but have been busy alt lol

'Daviss: hello Jhonora

alt: I think the 'grid' say something like 50% chance of a match within maybe 6-7 generations back 'Daviss

'Daviss: ok

alt: not match, bad term.... but rather a "common ancestor" cause you already "match" on a goodly number of markers at the 37 marker level.

jhonora: I have a question - the DNA infor goes right over my head - can DNA testing confirm kinship for descendants of a brother and those of his sister?

vkn: My head and shoulders aussi jhonora

alt: autosomal DNA is the way to go for those types of relationships jhonora .... Y & mtDNA are for sure matches when siblings have the same parents.

Selma: So nice you came in twice aviss

jhonora: Thanks alt, that helps a great deal.

Selma: Afternoon History buff

HistoryBuff: Hey all

vkn: Howdy History. Glad 2 see ya

daviss: dang whats with me

alt: a very good overview for beginning DNA is found at Hi HistoryBuff, how are ya?

Selma: Good grief might have to change your name completely

vkn: Good Grief Daviss

daviss: skerd!! lol I dont remember signing out

alt: I was surfing Find A Grave this morning.... scary stuff put out there 10 years ago.

vkn: How scary alt

alt: by people on some of my ancestors & I don't even know of these people

Selma: Folks..have to run.. have a great day

alt: one cemetery has placed all of their index cards for internment on Find A Grave... something like 15,000 internments.

vkn: hmmm alt you will need to check with PF lol

jhonora: That ts very helpful, because Find a Grave shows up through a google search

alt: you bet jhonora, I found birth, death & burail dates for relatives I have been looking for over a period of years and had no previous luck on them

jhonora: It has been very helpful for relatives who moved up North, I don't find that they have many Southern graveyards

alt: is that right jhonora

jhonora: I know that in Houston they have captured just about every graveyard possible, which is incredible. But in places like La. and Ms., the surface hasn't been scratched

vkn: jhonora I understad that an old book of 20 somr previously narratives have been found

jhonora: Really, from what state?

vkn: jhonora I understand that an old book of 20 some previously unknown narratives have been found unknown LA

jhonora: Thats's interesting, I didn't see that in the news

vkn: and they are to be published by Genealogical Publishing Not External news as yet Will send you an email

jhonora: Thanks

vkn: laters

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