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2013-03-05 • Record Group 105


Start: 12:07:48
End: 13:13:35
Chatters: alt, Daviss, karoshi8, Selma, Seventies

Seventies: Okay its after 12.. I'm grabbing a lunch. brb

alt: Hey young lady, what's up? hello Seventies HI Daviss, how are ya doing?

Daviss: hello alt and seventies doing fine alt

alt: Seventies is signed in, but she ain't here.

Daviss: whats going on with you?

alt: doing some updating from familysearch records.... and you?

Daviss: not doing really anything

alt: hwo are ya feeling?

Daviss: well, just really trying to be strong regarding brother heyyy karoshi8

karoshi8: Hello everyone!

alt: Hello karoshi8, good to see ya.

Daviss: How have you been karoshi8?

karoshi8: Mr. alt! I had an Adams question for you!

Seventies: Hi alt, Daviss and Karoshi8

alt: okay Ms karoshi8 LOL

karoshi8: Hello Seventies and Daviss!

Daviss: Hi back Seventies

alt: hello ..... again Seventies

karoshi8: I have a Julia Ann Adams who married a Carter. I can't find her parents. Have you heard of her.

Seventies: Hey alt. I see y'all didn't get my 'going to lunch' message.

alt: don't think so karoshi8 .. when and where did JUlia & Mr. Carter live? nope, sure didin't Seventies

Seventies: oops.. lol

alt: Daviss said .. you were out to lunch Seventies

Daviss: lol lol

Seventies: Sheesh, what is this a jab at me?? lol Daviss... lol

alt: naw, wouldn't do that to ya Seventies

Daviss: :o

karoshi8: Never mind it is a Hackley she married. They were in Chillicothe. She was born in Ohio.

Seventies: I am again re evaluating my research and research goals.

alt: hmmmn, I have a lot of Chillicothe people, but not these two.

karoshi8: Who are your Chillicothe people?

Daviss: so are your goals expanded Seventies?

Seventies: Well just thinking about where I should be and where I am in my research of my family and the community. Its been like 6 years I've been doing this actively.

alt: Chillicothe ..Allen, Walden, Pritchet, Davis, Carter, Bradley ... most are from the mid 1800's. just to name a few karoshi8

Daviss: I feel ya Seventies.. You are well ahead of many of us

karoshi8: I have some Pritchets from Chillicothe too. Carter's I think in Gallia.

alt: good idea Seventies... to refresh & review where you are and where you want to go.

Seventies: Distance is somewhat of a hinderance that I've been trying to overcome.

karoshi8: I feel ya on that Seventies!

Seventies: Okay, alt so when you published your first book, about how long did it take for you to get all of your information together?

karoshi8: I'm at the point where I don't think I can get any further without going to the courthouse.

alt: Seventies, publish ???? I've done the genealogy (books) and my first one was probably 15-20 years ago

Seventies: I feel like 6 years is quite some time. Also, I know a person who has been doing research for 3 yrs and is teaching about how to research your AA ancestors. Honestly, I feel as if I'm behind on this.

alt: and it was with the information I had at that point..... you can always add, update these types of (books) with today's genealogy packages.

Seventies: And I pride myself on being up to date on everything.

alt: karoshi8, I'v found there is so much 'stuff' now online and you can do much of your courthouse research from the home... I recently was doing some work on Edgecombe Co., NC from probate court records that are online.

Seventies: Any suggestions?

alt: use the publish feature in your Roots Magic Program Seventies, play around with it and see what you come up with.

karoshi8: I've tried that route and I've come up with very little. The courthouse in Stanford, KY they say has never burned down. So I think my best bet is to go and look.

Seventies: thanks alt.

karoshi8: I'm trying to connect 3 branches of Stewart's all are free before civil war, reported to have native american ancestry, and live in or around Lincoln County, KY

Seventies: Daviss are you going to have problems staying on board today?

alt: well karoshi8, first hand & in-house is best, but be sure to continually check for online resources, they don't have to actually be 'housed' in the courthouse of the county you are researching, but may be in a State repository.

karoshi8: Thanks alt!

alt: you have looked at pre-civil war census records for Lincoln Co., KY????

karoshi8: Yes, I've been able to trace the Penman's, but not the Stewart's. They just kind of appear. Mine in 1850, another branch in 1860 and another in 1870-80 All say they were born in Kentucky.

alt: the KY State Archives have some great records... hopefully there is something there for you karoshi8

karoshi8: Are they online?

alt: yes, of their records are online and they also refer one to county resources that are online

karoshi8: Awesome! I'll do that today.

alt: Seventies, your book(s) will never be "finished" so just start with where you are and expand on that as your research progresses. wb Daviss

Daviss: thanks

alt: Seventies, are you still with us?

Daviss: keep getting bumped

alt: hang on Daviss, hang on LOL

Daviss: lol

alt: guess Seventies is busy LOL

Daviss: ok sorry I also was on phone

alt: folks done got busy on us, huh?

Daviss: lol you know how it is with those who do the dredded "work" thingy lol

alt: I reckon, trying 'hard' to remember LOL LOL

Daviss: how did you fare yesterday alt, you and anita

alt: I won bout 50.00 Anita lost bout the same. nothing to write home about LOL

Daviss: lol just the relaxing part I see that 23&Me is trying to update their pages

alt: yep, that's it, Anita relaxes, but I'm busy working hard.... I want to WIN!!!!! LOL

Daviss: I dont really care for it right now..Mabe have to get used to it

alt: Oh really, gotta check them out their/our home page is different/changed ????

Daviss: you know how it is when you get used to knowing exactly where everything is

alt: yep, sure do DNA .. nice chart developed by Terrence on AfriGeneas, huh?

Daviss: They have moved things up to the top of page. RF is up at the top under a different heading yes it was..He is a very talented young man

alt: I thinks so too... his talent

Daviss: I may get bumped again. I can always tell when words don't show up or the keys by my name does not show It started yesterday

alt: Oops, at least you're being warned.

Daviss: Hi Selma

alt: Hi Selma, good to see ya, how are ya?

Selma: Afternoon alt, daviss, seventies and karohi8

Daviss: How's it going Selma?

Selma: Its going.. LOL

alt: oh, oh

Daviss: hahaha alt do you and karoshi8 share the same ancestors

alt: I'm not sure Daviss, we have folks who were in the same areas of Ohio in the mid 1800's, but we haven't made a connection as yet. I've been working with a cousin who just joined the columbus, oh AA gen group... hre Blackenberry & Gatewood families married into my Adams famly. we're doing some latye 1800 & early 1900 research.

Selma: talkingon the phone

Seventies: Hi Selma!

alt: wb Seventies

Seventies: Lunch hours just don't seem as long as they used to.. lol

Selma: Hi seventies

Seventies: How is all going dowin in your neck of the woods? Any new released records that I should be looking at? From RG105

Selma: Not sure about new..but think I need to write a post on how to use these documents..

Seventies: that would be awesome!

Selma: Folks just clump FB..and don't explain and nobody wants to read the descriptive pamphlet

Seventies: I didn't mention this before, I don't think I did, but anyway on my transcription of the Beverly Plantation, I think I found my great-great grandfather Canada and his brother William... I was so surprised!

Selma: How wonderful

Seventies: Reading that descriptive pamphlet is a MUST Or else you will be hopelessly lost...

Selma: Seventies..folks want the Leaf.. LOL

Seventies: lol yep! From what I understand researchers don't really care for the set because of just that reason, they really have to look. I don't mind. Even if you don't find your direct ancestors, you get a feel for the community they lived in. I like that.

Selma: Yes it puts your folks in the context of where they are and what is going on in their community..during an especially critacal time Well getting off my are one of my star pupils.. Bernice loves it too

Seventies: lol I try...

Selma: I gotta run...go to work sevenites..gonna try to stay awake tonight

Seventies: lol I'm going to the gym... have a good time in chat.

Selma: Good for you.. Enjoy

Seventies: bye

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