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2013-02-27 • FPOC Newburgh NY


Start: 12:04:53
End: 13:03:38
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Daviss: hello ther Seventies!

Seventies: Hi Daviss!

Daviss: anyone watching you? lol

Seventies: lol liked my comment?!

Daviss: eh have I ever told you that I like your Repository

Seventies: brb on the phone with cong office.

Daviss: I know its weird but I love the idea of all those headstones ok

vkn: Howdy good peeps Hope all is going reasonably well

Daviss: hello vkn! hello vkn and alt

alt: what's going on Ladies? ss, Seventies & vkn Daviss

vkn: Gonna make a hot dog brb alt daviss seventies

Daviss: nada but the news alt.. The unveiling of Rosa Parks Statue today

vkn: Great connection Melvin/David

Seventies: hi y'all I'm back. Hi alt and vkn

alt: yes, that was great vkn re: David & Mel

Seventies: That was good.

alt: has anyone seen a preliminary photo of the Statue?

vkn: Whatever happened to Frances Stephens

Daviss: no idea vkn

Seventies: no, but it was streaming live on cspan

Daviss: I saw it on MSNBC its very nice

Seventies: 1130 to 12

alt: I hope it doesn't depict her in her later years, but rather when she was active in the movement.... She was 'only' 42 when the boycott was going on and had been very active long before that.

Daviss: Its a wonderful statue alt

alt: great Daviss

Seventies: Daviss, thank you for the compliment on the 2nd blog

vkn: brb

Seventies: I had kept it hidden for a minute... but Melvin convinced me to share.

Daviss: Seventies you are so welcome and I really do commend you for what you have taken on.

Seventies: There are many more unscanned docs and images that I have. Some on my facebook fanpage too. Hello Khathu

Khathu: Hello everyone

Daviss: Hello khathu

alt: hello Khathu

Daviss: so you will be busy in the wee hours of the night Seventies

Seventies: Sometimes when I can't sleep like last night! lol

Daviss: we had something in common then lol I did not get to sleep until 7 am this morn SMH

Seventies: I was able to get about an hour extra rest because I had an appointment this morning. so it all worked out.

Daviss: The Voting Rights act Sec 5 is going on today also alt

Seventies: Okay I am working on revamping my website and moving those documents and others there.

Daviss: sounds like a winner Seventies

Seventies: :)

alt: that can be a chore Seventies .. revamping

Seventies: Yes I want a centralized database etc. etc. Hopefully all of this work and then my future work will pay off.

alt: good luck Seventies

Seventies: Thanks alt. I truly appreciate it.

alt: it will pay off Seventies and you never know when or how... ex. is the Mel & David story... I know David is pleased about his work and Mel is for finding it & sharing with his friend.

Seventies: You know, I was doing some digging last night on the National Registry of Historic places and found a local project for FPOCs cemetery in Newburgh, NY. I was kind of excited.

alt: is newburgh near you?

Daviss: How far is that from you Seventies

Seventies: about 20 minutes

alt: okay Seventies, wonderful!!

Seventies: So now I can be nosy.. project has been going on since 2010

alt: so, there was an FPOC 'settlement' in Newburgh, or nearby?

Seventies: Yes there have always been FPOCs in this area. Middletown, NY was also a place where FPOCs went to live. Both Newburgh and Middletown are in Orange County, NY

Daviss: what was the industry Seventies

Seventies: farming. And servants

Daviss: ok

Seventies: In my area of Orange county, many were maids and butlers to officers. military officers When I was trying to glean some info about the black prescence in the county, I found many who had been born in NY/NJ in the later 1800's Mid 1800's

alt: NY State officially abolished slavery ca 1785, right?

Seventies: Hi Selma

Selma: Good afternoon alt, daviss, khathu, seventies and vkn

alt: Hello Selma

Seventies: I think it may be been a little later alt.. some couldn't get free until they turned 21..

Daviss: Hi Selma!

Seventies: It was the gradual emancipation.

alt: right, they had one of those 'gradual emancipation acts'. at age so and so, or born after a certain date.

Seventies: I think that's what it was called. I think it started in the early 1800's like about 1820 or so. don't quote me on that.

Daviss: is that a oops How's it going Selma?

Seventies: Info from wikipedia: Pics of the cemetery:

alt: thanks for the links Seventies

Seventies: You're welcome OK anyone have anything else going on?

alt: I'll be MIA tomorrow....

Daviss: I am still in the same old storm shelter Seventies. I am even having trouble finding something to blog about re Ariz

Selma: Daviss will hold down the fort

Seventies: You'll come up with something good Daviss

alt: what about you Selma LOL

Daviss: If I keep staying up all night Selma it will be a chore

Seventies: RG105!! lol

Daviss: Arizona Seventies Arizona

Selma: Why are you staying up all night Daviss?

Seventies: that was for Selma! lol

Daviss: crowded thoughts I think Selma

Selma: Oh I understand that Daviss...

Seventies: be easy Daviss.

Selma: I need to start posting this stuff I have transcribed..been sending a friend reports on a county he now lives in

Daviss: In case you all have not been on Fam Search, they have downloaded tons yesterday...Nothing new for Texas though

alt: yeah, lets us know all of the good stuff you've been doing Selma

Selma: Oh..what did they upload

Seventies: okay what do the have?

Selma: or download?

alt: download, upload ... I'm in 'overload' with all that is coming online LOL LOL

Selma: thats why Daviss can't sleep..

Daviss: they have at least 50 or so I think

Seventies: Oh I see. There is some new stuff on Alabama.. goodie! Let me get going....Have a wonderful day all!

Selma: Nice blog post by Melvin on the info he got from David Paterson on Upson GA

Daviss: yep Selma

alt: yes it was Selma, very nice!!!! his friend Anthony struck a gold mine on his Kendall ancestry.

Selma: Yes he did...

Daviss: I think I asked Tues night but did not see an answer. Doesn't Mel work at the Ga Archives?

Selma: David has done an incredible job amassing a wealth of info..a boon for Upson County researchers

alt: I think so Daviss .. he changed careers about 2-3-4 years ago. sure has Selma

Daviss: oh ok, thats what I was thinking but wasn't sure Anyone else you know work at an Archive Does STG?

alt: I think so Daviss

Daviss: thx alt

alt: we have several 'friends' at local repositories, as I'm sure y'all do also

Selma: Afternoon vkn

alt: wb vkn

vkn: back lol stg in library

alt: vkn, thanks for touching base with me yesterday... I really appreciate it.

vkn: me too though phone prob alt could not reach you back how is the evidence discussion going

Daviss: later peeps

alt: okay, let me go see what familysearch has put up that I can use, laters y'all

vkn: oops i be lte lol bye

Selma: Ok..guess I better go too

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