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2013-01-08 • Fathers of Conscience


Start: 12:08:22
End: 12:58:36
Chatters: Daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies

Seventies: Good afternoon Daviss

Daviss: hello there! Are you feeling better/ ? Is that a yes or no missy?

Seventies: Yes I'm better. Just went to grab my salad lunch. :)

Daviss: ok sounds good.... Are you at home or work?

Seventies: At work.

Daviss: k

Seventies: Where are you at in your search for Mariah??

Daviss: You are so funny at the start of this year aren't you?

Seventies: Um...okay.... 2013 is the year to find your folks.. so get on top of it Daviss! lol

Daviss: Do you have any suggestions as to where I should be

Khathu: Hello Daviss and Seventies

Seventies: Hello Khathu!

Khathu: Are you solely focused on finding Mariah?

Daviss: I can only do so much a day....In fact I probably can count on one hand the days since 1990 that I have not looked for her Hello khathu!

Seventies: oh that's unfortunate. I think you should of course keep trying.

Khathu: I would suggest writing up what you have done so far in search of her

Seventies: I tell you, I have lots of people I should be looking up...

Daviss: no khathu, the rest of the time I look for my other family in Grimes and Fayette County, plus I help others look for theirs

Khathu: I need to take an advance slave reseaerch clas or course

Seventies: Like Wellington Scott. No relation to me direct, but seems like he was a very influencial man in the black community.

Daviss: Of course seventies thats why I dedicate a time within the day searching for her

Seventies: The community of southern Adams Co., MS. There are just so many stories in the records... especially those just after the Civil War. Khathu is Samford going to be offering any? Or any of the AAGHS chapters?

Khathu: I don't know

Daviss: why don't you take one of those classes at MAAGI this year..They have several tracks

Seventies: where could you take a course like that?

Khathu: Most of the AAHGS chapters only offers basic classes


Khathu: I will look at their offering

Daviss: This would be better I think Khathu

Seventies: Good afternoon, Selma

Daviss: Hello Selma

Selma: Good Tuesday afternoon..good folks

Daviss: How's it going Selma?

Selma: Going OK..where is alt..

Seventies: No idea

Khathu: Hello Selma Thanks Daviss

Daviss: no idea Selma, mabe he had an appt welcome Khathu.. We have been asking for something designed for us, so there it is and by us

Khathu: My brickwal with slave era search is identifying consecutive slave holding family after locating the last slave holding family

Daviss: I have dedicated that 3rd week for our family reunion in Atlanta so i don't think I can do both unless of course my lucky number comes in lol

Khathu: or how to determine the slave holding family iour ancestors was owned/enslaved by the same family for several generations.

Daviss: Good luck with that Khathu

Khathu: lol

Daviss: no seriously It has been done

Khathu: That is what I need help with The strategies may be the same for identifying the last slave holding

Daviss: What about you Selma have you gone back that far?

Khathu: I just don't know mainly because I haven't been successful in that area yet.

Selma: That is not necessarily a "slave research" problem, but advanced research in family research..learning what tools other researchers use to determine if these folks are their family members.

Seventies: That would be useful for me as well... even if I can only use it on one line.

Selma: If your question is my earliest documentation...1780 something tax list..this family was free.

Daviss: yes Selma that actually was what I was asking re your family

Selma: For the enslaved line...then documentation identifying slave owner from cohabitation register 1866..

Daviss: ahhhh thats nice Sel

Selma: Like Arlene..while cleaning up some papers found copy of will where the last slave owners "father" willed 2 slaves to him in early 1800...

Khathu: For my enslaved line the earliest documentation I have is the Probate records of Jameson Moody which listed my gggg grandparents and two of their children dated 1839

Selma: Like Khathu..there is a court case which I need to look at...

Khathu: On the white line I recently found a marraige record for 1785.

Selma: Nothing like families fighting over land and property

Daviss: tell me about it Selma

Selma: I say that understanding that it was not always a good thing for the folks we research

Khathu: Not at all

Selma: But it does generate records

Daviss: and you gotta be prepared with what you find lol

Selma: Interesting posting on Everett/Gratham from NC Daviss, but wish folks would tell us more about what they know..and what they are looking for

Khathu: what fourm is the post posted on

Seventies: I need a full copy of all M1914 reels...

Daviss: thats for sure Selma instead of you busting your butt looking and they tell you they already have that lol

Selma: Surnames Khathu You could pay for it seventies.. They will make you a copy No comment?

Daviss: Its about 65 dollars isn't it Selma

Selma: I don't know Daviss...

Daviss: then you need a reader Seventies

Seventies: I'm thinking I can get a flash drive to copy the docs. I have one on order right now. I see that they are now doing this at the Nat'l archives. I hope they don't charge for the copies that way.. lol

Daviss: oh Seventies I meant to tell you that the lady that was in chat the other day that was also searching Ms stated her ancestor was the 2nd AA grand from WP

Selma: Did you order from FHC..if so yes you can put on a flash drive

Seventies: Who?

Daviss: grad

Selma: What was her name daviss? It wasn't kim

Daviss: You left early that day

Selma: dcooke?

Daviss: yes it was Kim I think it was Kim Selma

Seventies: I would love to know who her ancestor was.

Daviss: well lol it was one of the two

Selma: Whoever was the 2nd grad at West Point.. LOL

Daviss: African American

Selma: Sorry I am delerious here.. LOL

Seventies: lol

Daviss: easy to find out isn't it Seventies or is it? Was flipper the first?

Seventies: The reason I ask is because, some of these people were graduated AFTER being kicked out of West Point. So there's #2 who completed all 4 yrs and then there's #2 who was graduated after a number of years, get my drift?


Selma: John Hanks Alexander..thats what Google says.. LOL

Seventies: oh

Khathu: This is about an AA community in the Appalachian foothill in Ohio

Daviss: oh ok she was researching Alexanders

Khathu: it is about a AA community in which most of the residents look white but claim to be AA

Daviss: so that must have been him

Seventies: Just clicked on the link. Will listen in a few.

Selma: Umm interesting he was from Arkansas..Phillips County

Daviss: Her research area was Va Ark and Ms Very interesting stories.....

Selma: Good grief...there was a military installation here in Newport News, VA named after him Camp Alexander 1918, I swear you learn something everyday

Daviss: good looking guy Selma.. He kind of look like Flipper

Selma: I will have to find out where Camp Alexander was

Seventies: yes, they probably had white daddies..

Selma: Or grandparents..says his parents were slaves

Seventies: uh huh... lol Ok I gotta run... Have a good day all!

Khathu: have a good day everyone

Selma: Time for me to run too folks..have a great day

Daviss: bye

Selma: Bye daviss

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