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2013-01-03 • Black Research Skills needed


Start: 12:16:17
End: 13:37:45
Chatters: alt, Daviss, deannie, Khathu, Selma, Seventies , vkn

alt: hey Daviss, want some company?

Daviss: heyyy alt! yeppers, I sure do

alt: what's going on in AZ?

Daviss: Not really that much going on here besides the nut wagon that rolls on and on with the repubs at the reins Research wise nada

alt: same here with the politics..... GOPers gong beserk LOL

Daviss: I have been doing a tad bit of reading articles online

alt: finding some good stuff?

Daviss: I know alt and they are getting wackier everyday well somewhat alt. i first look for texas articles but it seems like Ga and SC have more info

Khathu: Hello alt and Daviss

Daviss: hello Khathu!

Khathu: Hello Selma

Daviss: I was catching up on some Ga ministers from back in the day lol

alt: all of these local GOPers voted against the fiscal cliff bill to appease the nutty followers knowing full well that the bill in whatever shape was gonna pass.

Daviss: Hello Selma

alt: Hello Selma & Khathu.

Selma: Good Thursday afternoon good folks

Daviss: Hello selma!

alt: I see AAHGS is going to be in Nashville this Oct

Selma: yep...have to put on my calendar I lived in Tennessee when my husband was stationed at Fort Campbell

Daviss: I saw that also.. Is that close to ya'll

alt: they sure gave a 'short' window with their 'call for papers' ..... jan & feb.... bout a 4-5 hour drive for me Daviss.

Daviss: Thats not bad alt

Selma: Think it is 7-8 hour drive for me..been awhile If I go I will fly

Daviss: How manu days is their conference? many

Selma: 4

alt: I doubt if I will go tho'.....

Daviss: I see..

alt: so far I'm down for OGS in Cincy & FGS in Ft. Wayne... 2 is all I can afford.

Selma: starts thursday evening with reception, then Friday and Saturday, breakfast on Sunday AM

Daviss: What about you Khathu are you making this one?

alt: those 2 ans some local stuff that will come up during the year.

Selma: NC did have trips (to NC Archives) and other things on Mon, Tues and Wednesday MAGGI is in St. Louis in July

Daviss: what about the Maggi

Selma: AA Institute..Angela is speaking, Dru and other folks

Khathu: i don't know Daviss

Daviss: lol Selma I was just going to ask if you were going

Selma: I haven't planned anything so far for this year Daviss... I told you I would like to take a REAL vacation this year..lay out on the beach and vegetate

Daviss: I would not mind attending but our Family Reunion is that 3rd weekend and my funds will be short

alt: not me for MAAGI ...... not sure I could handle 3-4 days of classes on any of the tracks they are presenting.

Daviss: will that vacation include Victoria Angela lol

alt: altho I'm sure any of them would be very informative and worthwhile.

Selma: We will see Daviss.

Daviss: Have you ever attended Samford alt?

Khathu: I have come to the conclusion that AA researcher are much more skilled than our white counterparts

alt: no I haven't Daviss oh, is that right Khathu????

Khathu: at least that is my observation

Daviss: you mean as far as 'our" research khathu or in general?

Khathu: research in general

Selma: "Our" research demands that we know everything to do about "their" research and then some

Khathu: exactly Selma that is why I think are are better researchers

Daviss: I have not been to many but the two i have it was AA many meaning two lol

Khathu: For example, very few of them have to reconstruct families using slave schedules, probate, court, tax and others records

Daviss: oops three

Khathu: and the slave schedules and tax records only provide descriptions

Daviss: The two IBGS and the FT Wayne one

alt: I agree on that point Selma, but I find many of the AA researchers I have known over the years are more narrowly focused on only their direct family lines and don't do much research outside of what they might run into within that arena

Selma: Afternoon seventies..

Khathu: Hello Seventies

Daviss: Hello Seventies

Selma: Cause they don't understand alt...

Seventies : good afternoon. Good afternoon all.

alt: Hello Seventies

Seventies : Can you all see me?

Khathu: alt - i am referring to genealogists and family histories who actually go to various repositories to do research

Selma: Once most of us hit 1870...the folks we seek are not generating records.

Daviss: Seventies I sent you email this morn and would like a response before the years end lol

Selma: Yes can see you all your glory

Khathu: not those who research primarily online

Seventies : lol this thing hiccuped. Khathu I agree re: AA genealogist being more skilled. Daviss ok I will check the e-mail

Daviss: Curt Witcher was good

alt: Khathu, a lot of what we see depends on our locations and the concentration of AA's doing research... If you are in an area like I am where there aren't that many AA researchers you don't notice that as far as the skill level of AA's vs whites

Daviss: or my area alt

Khathu: alt I am speaking in general

Daviss: and not only the concentration of AA's but the avenues that you can research

alt: we don't see that many AA researchers as you might in the major cities and metro areas

Khathu: based on my interactions with people online, at conferences, libraries, etc.

alt: me too Khathu and from my 25+ years of experience out here in the boon docks

Khathu: also the skilled required to be successful during AA research is much more detailed than doing European/white skills = skilled

alt: well, I'll say the skill sets are different

Khathu: the skills are going to be the same whether one is in a big cities or small rural town now whether or not you have repositories in your area is a different story

Seventies : :}

Daviss: Hmmmm thanks for putting that in because I sure was going to

alt: other than perhaps slave schedules & freedman's records what are the sources for AA research that aren't the same for the white researcher.... we're all looking at basically the same types of records and most of them are 'white folk' generated

Selma: For many folks both black and is not understanding the larger context of what is going on at the time the records are being generated..and not looking at their folks in the communities in which they lived

Khathu: I am referring to the analysis, we AA researchers have to do when looking at those same documents

Selma: Looking for grandma and only grandma

Seventies : Hi vkn

vkn: Howdy Dear Fokes

Seventies : hi deannie

alt: exactly Selma and most of the records we are looking at are at the 'local' level for our areas of research

Daviss: howdy vkn and deannie

deannie: I am always late when I work.....Happy New Year to you all

Daviss: same here deannie

Selma: Afternoon deannie

alt: hello & the same to you deannie

vkn: Happy to you too deannie

Selma: and Happy New Year's

Seventies : Thanks deannie! You too.

alt: Hi vkn

Khathu: Not only are we looking at some of the same documents we have to analyze them much deeper and broader than them whether the records are at the local, state or federal levels

vkn: Seventies I have a new name for you in Autauga TYRUS

alt: now that I don't understand....we may be looking at differnt aspects of the same records .. I can agree with that.

Seventies : How about Tyus? That is a collateral family of mine.

deannie: I am going to set my phone to reminder me

vkn: Woman called this morning to say she has not found anyone with her surname anywhere She lives in Geneva AL

Khathu: I have to obtain two sets of info when I am examining slave era records. First I am looking to understand the history, genealogy, migration, and activity of the slaveholding family and then I am examining the records to reconstruct the slave holding families

deannie: I am planning a trip DC this year any suggest and the time and where to stay

Khathu: So I am going a step further than my white counterparts.

vkn: Really Seventies? Her father and grandfather is John born GA maybe Macon

Khathu: You definitely want to stay somewhere close to the Metro

Seventies : ok the Tyus surname may have been changed st some point. But from what I have gathered Lewis Tyus was a slaveholder in Autauga county. He executed Baxter Smith's. Will freeing some of my ancestors.

Khathu: if you don't actually stay in DC Silver Springs is right outside DC deannie when are you planning on coming

vkn: This lady may be your kin Seventies

Seventies : Khathu several steps IMO

deannie: I do not know I am working on my 2013 trip I can put in my vacation days

Khathu: late spring and early summer are really busy Fall is a good time to come Seventies huh?

Seventies : vkn I don't know. Willie Tyus married my aunt Julia Evans.

vkn: ahhhhhhhh so

Seventies : Responding to the extra steps comment Khathu.

Khathu: okay...i would agree

Selma: Are you driving deannie?

deannie: No train or plane

alt: okay, I say 'different' and you say 'deeper' I'll have to let that one percolate LOL LOL

Khathu: Is everyone planning on watching The Abolitionist on PBS premiering January 8, 15, and 22

deannie: I was not but now I am

Selma: Now that you have reminded me Khathu

Seventies : vkn however in those rural counties people intermarry all the time. Some how my Laniers are related to the Peoples/Peeples. I have yet to figure out how and when these families may have come together.

Daviss: For how long alt lol

vkn: Selma tell us about this big meeting being planned for Nashville via AHHGS

deannie: what time

alt: percolate???? dunno Daviss


Selma: All I can tell you is what you read vkn... LOL

vkn: oh ok

deannie: ok

Seventies : lol I read the announcement on facebook.

alt: I'll probably watch the Abolitionist, only to see how they're gonna 'short' the AA participation in the movement.

vkn: When is that alt

deannie: I have to run I'm at work

Selma: Have a great day deannie

alt: the dates given by Khathu vkn w/ the link

Seventies : Last night I had a long conversation with my maternal grandmother's first cousin Welcome Bowman. The man who lives in Ohio.

Khathu: well i am looking at the website at related books and website and do not see Black Abolitionists by Benjamin Quarles

vkn: Actually there were two abs movements oh ok thanx alt khathu

Seventies : He's a talker. Llol

Khathu: And they were ?

Daviss: be right back

alt: wonderful Seventies !!!!!

Khathu: talkers are good Seventies

Selma: I love that name Welcome...Jane Arrington has a relative named Welcome alt

Seventies : Indeed. I got some good information about his family.

alt: is that right Selma???? I haven't heard fro Jane in a month or so, maybe longer

Seventies : His father's family is multigenerational ohioans like you alt.

alt: okay Seventies

Khathu: were you all aware of the conflict between megan smolenyak and rachel swarns

Selma: I haven't heard from her in awhile either alt..her Welcome was a Doc here in NNews in the early 1900's Yes khathu

alt: oh yes Khathu, that was HOT several months ago

Daviss: ok back

Seventies : Yes that's an old beef.

vkn: Oh boy were we ever Khathu

Khathu: I just heard about it as a result of the CMD AAHG chapter brought Rachel for in a book signing last month

Selma: Did Rachel say anything about it Khathu..or was she asked a quesiton?

Khathu: megan is from prince george's county, md it never came up.

alt: is that right Selma... Jane sent me a photo of a Dr. who birthed her... he was an Honesty and is realted to Anita's Honesty folks in PA.

vkn: I saw Rachel in an interview on BookTV

Selma: never came up in NC either where she spolke

Khathu: someone who heard about the event sent an email to the president

Seventies : So who was trying to discredit who?? wow. . .

Daviss: lol seventies

alt: president of ??????

Selma: More like Megan didn't feel she got the enough credit for the genealogical work she had done

vkn: there is only one alt

Seventies : Isn't that how it always goes down? Daviss Um

vkn: well in my book anyway lol

alt: someone sent an email to the POTUS about the tiff between Swarms & Smolenyak ????

Daviss: It was all over the net

deannie: Back

Daviss: with the first comment coming from Megan

Selma: I thought you were working deannie.. LOL

vkn: comment or attack Daviss

deannie: I was.....I have to give them a little of my time lol

Daviss: I would say attack IMHO

vkn: lol @ deannie

Selma: It wasn't pretty thats for sure

alt: this is recent Daviss? re: Swarms & Smolenyak

Selma: Oh are so behind.. LOL

Daviss: no this is old news alt

vkn: lol @ deannie sounds like the Chicago Hawk and that's cold lol

Selma: You know in the internet world...yesterday's news is "OLD"

Khathu: alt i am behind as well

alt: I must be if it is a recent squabble .. I knew about what was happening this past summer

Seventies : Wasn't this discussed here?

Daviss: yes seventies

Seventies : Ok

deannie:'s a little cold today

Seventies : That is an understatement lol

vkn: Its the wind coming off the lakes deannie

alt: Well, IMHO Swarms did treat Smolenyak like Gates treat his AA researchers.... a short mention with no attribution to the significance of their work. course that's my opinion LOL LOL

deannie: Yes, it about cold that's what my co worker said...and the building we work in is old.....some of our office and residents room do not have heat because of a broken heater....they are working on the program now program-problem

alt: wb Seventies

Daviss: lol alt I hated the fact that all the comments came about not buying her book before they eb=ven read it

vkn: and that's what counts alt. We all have counting ops up in here

Daviss: even

alt: comments from the 'people' or Smolenyak Daviss?

Daviss: followers alt her book is on my list to buy

Seventies : Ok so how much credit was Smolenyak supposed to get? She didn't write the book.and who's to say that Swarms didn't do her own research?

alt: okay, caus ein her 'commetary' Smolenayk had so many 'stickees' atttached to her copy that the book looked like I don't know what.

vkn: followers is a tricky word to me daviss. It gets me confused in the twitter context

alt: come on Seventies , isn't Swarms a journalist and not a genealogist? I think I know who did the research.

Khathu: From my reading of the the comments, Smolenyak did of the the research

Daviss: I was not on twitter lol

Selma: Megan had done the work that appeared in the article that was in the Post..

Seventies : All of the research alt. She had to do some of it.

vkn: lol

Selma: After that article appeared...Swarms was encouraged to do the book..the book is not a genealogical study

Khathu: Swarms just took the research Smolenyak did and provided her assessment and analysis

alt: okay Seventies . I'm not gonna do a "this" for "that" with ya on this one

Selma: Folks..I have to run.. Have a great day

Seventies : Bye Selma

alt: me too ... have a good one y'all .. congrats on your contact with your Ohio relative Seventies

Daviss: bye all

Seventies : Thanks

Khathu: Okay, question for the group

Seventies : Daviss and alt Go ahead.

Khathu: how would you include the enslaved Africans listed in the probate records of the Benjamin Darsey in database?

Daviss: you mean here on AfriGeneas khathu

Khathu: I am not sure how or if they are related by blood but i think it is important to include them since I am able to identify them after slavery I mean in roots magic

Daviss: or in your database

Khathu: as well as in the write up of the famiy history for the Dorsey Reunion (the AA side)

Daviss: what are the naming options in rootsweb roots magic I mean

Seventies : Can you list them in notes?

Daviss: Can you add your own and then when they are identied as kin rename them as such

Seventies : you want them to appear on the tree right??

Daviss: How many are there?

Khathu: There are at least 3 families who may be related to Ann

vkn: Consider using dropbox and or evernote Khathu and make the link available

deannie: I really have to go with you tomorrow....I have to keep my job for about 5 years lol

Khathu: @Seventies I want to document them they don't necessarily have to be on the tree

Daviss: bye deannie

Seventies : Add those as relations to Ann then add the rest up the tree if that's possible.

Khathu: okay

Daviss: hmmmm

Seventies : Lol bye deannie

vkn: yall be good as ya look

Daviss: so you have the same names to make that assumption in later documents

Seventies : I think notes attached to Benjamin would be okay.

Khathu: yes

Daviss: ok then I agree with Seventies

Seventies : I gotta go. See you all later.

Daviss: bye seventies

Khathu: The bulk of the enslaved individuals I was able to locate took the Griffin surname I have to go as well

Daviss: ok take care I guess I will leave since everyone else left me here all alone and lonely bye to myself and have a good day Daviss

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