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Start: 20:58:28
End: 22:28:04
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, deannie, Khathu, rcs, Selma, Spivey

Spivey: Hi 3rdthawkins.

3rdthawkins: hello Spivey beat you by a few secs. ;) :}

Spivey: LOL. I don't like CP time. I think it's disrespectful. As if people don't have anything better to do than wait for me to show up.

3rdthawkins: CP?

Spivey: Colored People. You've never heard the term used before, 'operating on colored people's time', meaning always late?

3rdthawkins: lol yeah, I know, we usually say Black People Time

Spivey: Oh. lol

3rdthawkins: but I know what you mean, black people have their own time

Spivey: That wouldn't be so bad if they lived in their own universe. ROTFL.

3rdthawkins: I know my brother and his wife REALLY Live On Black People Time

Spivey: 'Betcha they don't play that game with working hours. Would be fired in a heartbeat!

3rdthawkins: They give you a time, but yet THEY don't follow through on their OWN time my younger brother is pretty much the same, He Ain't EVER on Time lol

Spivey: Oh, I always have a solution for people like that. Don't be there when they show up. If it's a party or get together where other people are coming, it makes me no difference. But if it's a one-on-one thing, I'm outta there after giving people a little time to show.

3rdthawkins: He Has His Own Clock

Spivey: It's funny, but I feel strongly about timeliness. So, I don't let anyone do that to me.

3rdthawkins: Funny Thing is, I'm ALWAYS Early I don't know why I'm like that, but I always do things way before the time

Spivey: May I ask you a question? Why have you started capitaliziing each word in your sentences?

3rdthawkins: kind of like using all caps (which means hollering/yelling), so Capitalizing the first letter of EVERY Word is to make sure people catch what I am saying when I'm trying to Make a Point there's a difference between writing sam jones and Sam Jones

Spivey: Well, son, sorry to say, but it ain't working! ROTFL. Well, Sam Jones is a noun, someone's name. Proper nouns are supposed to begin with a capital letter.

3rdthawkins: I'll be right back, think my router is causing the screen to freeze ok, back

Spivey: WB.

3rdthawkins: ty

Spivey: You know, I often think my family must have been very common folk compared to the ancestors of some here at AfriGeneas. My family did not keep records of when they took a child of the family in who had been orphaned, or when they decided to cohabitate with someone, etc. On my maternal side, my Grandmother simply recorded everything in the family bible. On my paternal side, I don't know if even that was done.

3rdthawkins: I know what you mean, no one in the family ever passed down any information to their kids, at least not in my direct line, starting with my great grandmother.......... No Family Bible I know of on mother's side, there may be a Family Bible on my father's side (Hawkins) don't know if it still exist........

Spivey: The one kept by my Grandmother disappeared [according to my aunt who took over her house]. That's what you get for fooling around with all that capitalization 3rdthawkins! lol

3rdthawkins: Spivey, did I tell you that my grandfather had passed for white? either that, or typing too fast :()

Spivey: No 3rdthawkins. But many blacks did 3rdthawkins. I have no idea of how because the family members I have met have not had the characteristics to pass. I'm not sure how much white blood runs through my maternal and paternal side. I would guess not much.

3rdthawkins: My grandparents were 1st generation cousins, my grandmother was light-skinned, my grandfather was dark, they disconnected from their family, a lot of tension because of that from one of my gf's sisters I met a niece of my grandmother who told me a lot about my grandmother's side of the family

Spivey: How then did you grandfather pass for white if he was dark complected?

3rdthawkins: that beats me Spivey, I wonder that too I guess he used his mother's indian heritage to cover up the Blackness

Spivey: Well, my father and his brothers were listed as mulatto, not white. Their mother was a full-blooded Indian. I didn't know that the children of an Indian were listed as white. Good evening, rcs!

3rdthawkins: Yeah, they can't get away from how people view father was telling my mother how when my grandfather had moved to Maryland and he was trying to tell the people there he was white, they kept calling him N**** he was upset about it

Selma: Evening rcs

3rdthawkins: hello rcs

rcs: Good evening all

3rdthawkins: That was at Work Spivey, that happened

AYWalton: Good evening all.

3rdthawkins: hello AYWalton

AYWalton: howdy 3rd, rec, Ms. Selma, spivey hope everyone is well.

3rdthawkins: doing good AY :)

Spivey: That he was called a N at work? What about their friends and neighbors? How did they view him 3rdthawkins?

Selma: Good evening AY

Spivey: Good evening AYWalton. How are you this evening?

AYWalton: doing fine, thanks.

Spivey: Good.

3rdthawkins: not sure Spivey, but my grandfather's cousin mentioned to my mother that when She went to visit my grandfather, she noticed my grandparents had the light=skinned kids enter through the front door while the dark=skinned kids had to pass through the back door

Selma: So on the documents you find for him he is identifed racially as White?

Spivey: Sounds like they had what are called today 'issues' 3rdthawkins. I suppose the main one was a clearly black man walking around pretending to be white 3rdthawkins.

Selma: Not much..just trying to finish up some stuff

AYWalton: does your group meet in the summer months Selma?

3rdthawkins: Spivey, my father did not want to be white, he wanted to be black, my mother is black so are my two step aunt married someone from the middle east another married someone from India, not sure about the others. I do have at least one uncle (who was close to my dad) he dated black also

Selma: Did you get to your pension record this week AY

Spivey: 3rdthawkins ya gotta stop it! I am laughing so hard my water went down the wrong way!!

AYWalton: no I didn't make it. Will get there this week for sure.

Selma: No we don't AY...thank goodness..LOL

AYWalton: Need a spare tire and don't want to drive too far from home without a space. The one I need has to be ordered from Sam's Club. (where the best price is for that tire.) so next week will be my goal.

Selma: Understand that AY..I have purchased from Sam's Club and Costco

AYWalton: Buck Bushyhead here I come. well don't all of you talk at the same time, now!

Spivey: My sister's ex has mixed blood 3rdthawkins. Genetics is funny because all his female siblings came out light skinned and all the males were dark skinned. My niece looked like a white baby when she was born. She had blond hair and blue eyes. My mother's friends thought her father was a white man.

deannie: Good evening everyone

Selma: Evening deannie

AYWalton: greetings, deannie! how's life in Chi-town?

3rdthawkins: that is interesting Spivey

Spivey: Good evening deannie!

Selma: Great postings on the newspaper advertisements AY

3rdthawkins: hello deannie

AYWalton: oh thanks, Selma! Glad you enjoyed it.

deannie: Hot, but it's not as bad as it was when I was in Kuwait in 2004 so I wll not complain

Spivey: Yeah. Her brother [my sister's son] was born brown skinned. Took after the males I guess.

AYWalton: Thought is was a good idea to share some ads from the 1830s.

deannie: How is everyone

3rdthawkins: hmmm, Genetics sure is Something

Selma: There is a VA newspaper (whose name escapes me), think it was printed in Williamsburg...from 1700's I thnk, that has the same kind of advertisements

AYWalton: old publications are always fascinating to read. lots of rich information.

Spivey: It is, 3rdthawkins. Now there was a case where one of my niece's aunts could pass as white but she never did. Perhaps because her male siblings were so dark skinned.

Selma: Give you the real flavor of the time

3rdthawkins: my grandfather's maternal cousin was told by a doctor that should could pass (she's light-skinned) but she told him she wasn't going to be "white people are treacherous"

Selma: Anything new deannie and rcs

Khathu: hello everyone

3rdthawkins: I have a lot of Light Skin on my dad's side, my grandfather's Paternal AND Maternal Side

alt: Hello 3rd, AY, deannie, Khathu, rcs, Selma & spivey

Selma: Evening alt and Khathu

Spivey: Good evening alt and Khathu!

3rdthawkins: hello Alt and Khathu

AYWalton: ok and moving on to's it going khathu? have your submitted a proposal for the October AAHGS conference as yet, khathu?

rcs: NOTHING NEW --I have been working on New Hampshire ENglish and French Canadian for a friend

AYWalton: rcs I see that there is a big Emancipation celebration in Canada at the end of the month. I believe that Lisa Lee will be speaking there.

3rdthawkins: I wonder if the Unemployment Schedule for 1930 still exisit?

deannie: Not really....but a couple of the member in out genealogy group went to the library so we can use WIFI, we are unable to get on at our regular meeting and we enjoyed the small we will try it again next month

Khathu: no i haven't...still debating whether or not i will submit something

AYWalton: where do you meet, deannie?

3rdthawkins: I was reading statistic data for Unemployment

AYWalton: oh go ahead khathu, this is your time.

deannie: at the public library that was easy for us to get to

AYWalton: if nothing else it will be good practice for bigger and better opportunities. Is the Chicago society Heritage Book out yet?

Selma: WE will all come your session and be Kind...Khathu

AYWalton: we sure will, and bring a friend to boot. lol

Selma: LOL

Khathu: lol

AYWalton: no need to suddenly get shy. we need more folks stepping up and presenting. not enough folks are out there speaking.

deannie: No, it went to the publisher about a month ago....I will keep inforn when it out....I have seen so of the will be great

Khathu: not shy at all

AYWalton: sometimes it is the same folks speaking and the same folks taking notes.

alt: Khathu, don't you make PP presentations as part of your job in Education

AYWalton: about how many submissions did you guys get?

deannie: over a 100

Khathu: all the time alt

AYWalton: wow that is fantastic!

alt: I thought so,

AYWalton: I mentioned that it was about to come out, in this week's podcast!

deannie: Thanks

AYWalton: I had intended to submit one myself, but never got around to it. but this might become a model for other organizations to do.

deannie: We are planning our yearly tour to Ft Wayne in Sept this year we will be going an extra day....leaving Friday Sept 10 returning Sun

AYWalton: it would be a great fund raiser, as well.

deannie: I hope so

AYWalton: you guys don't play out there! and I saw a good number of folks from Chicago at Samford back in June, as well.

alt: How many in your group ususally make the Ft. Wayne trip deannie?

deannie: a bus load...about 40

AYWalton: that is amazing!

alt: okay, that's great!!!!

AYWalton: what is the date of the Ft. Wayne Trip, this year?

deannie: How many can get on a buts....we only have able 3 or 4 seats empty

AYWalton: a serious and focused group, for sure.

Spivey: Speaking of genealogy, 3rdthawkins, I got a hint from Ancestry about one of my Father's uncles. It looked close, but when I examined the census records I found that it was probably not him. The trees I looked at had the father and the son [who was a junior] married to the same woman with the same kids. It was an unholy mess so I just left it alone because I don't think either person was the person I am looking for.

deannie: Sept 10- 12.....we will leave here Fri morning about 6:00am arrive about 10:00am....

alt: will your group be at the Indiana Genealogy State conference this year deannie? I remember meeting some folks from chicago there last year.

deannie: When is the conference

AYWalton: that is a good ride. And I am sure that some head over to the library right away!

Selma: So its only a 4 hour tirp..that's not bad

alt: I'm not sure deannie... seems like Sept-Oct timeframe

deannie: We go straight to the library....we check in the hotel after 3:00pm and return to the library until closing

AYWalton: I know how you guys are. I bet Nettie is in charge!

3rdthawkins: hmmm, could be the same person Spivey, there's someone on Ancestry that's helping a Sanders family member out, she put a lot of stuff on the tree, it looks all messed up, she has people as the father of my grgrgr gf and know proof that the person in census is the same as my ancestor.....Then she takes the DOB and DOB of someone else and use it for my other grgrgr grandfather

deannie: Our conference is in Oct 8 and 9 and out regular meeting is the Sunday Oct 10, 2010...we have a busy weekend Yes she is and now that her sister is retire they are doing more traveling....

AYWalton: and the lesson is--------do your own research, cite your sources, and leave those personally planted trees alone.

3rdthawkins: you cant' trust what you see on ancestry, it's All Garbage that People Put Up There

alt: I think I was with your group about 10 years ago at Ft. Wayne deannie... A fellow named Coy Robbins from Indiana Univ. was with y'all then.

AYWalton: The same thing used to be in the old genealogy magazines---they used to have family group sheets that you could order. They were also a mess. Now the mess has been digitized.

Selma: I remember that name alt..didn't he write a book on black folk in Indiana

AYWalton: oh yes, Coy Robbins. He is now deceased.

deannie: I do not know him......I have only been a member for about 4 years

AYWalton: Black Hoosiers I think was the title.

alt: yep Selma, he sure did... another one of my 'mentors'.

3rdthawkins: There's People Putting Trees on people not even their family, Some White Person In Canada Doing a Tree of Some black family in Texas, and their little bio or profile says "I Love Doing Genealogy" or something

AYWalton: I might have a copy of it.

3rdthawkins: In other words, they just take information from records and put them together in a tree

AYWalton: he was a nice fellow. I met him at an AAGHS conference in the 1990s.

alt: he was a very nice person AYWalton

AYWalton: he struck me as a professional in the way he carried himself, as well. Nice man.

Spivey: The dates are what tipped me off, 3rdthawkins. The name was Hardy SPIVEY and he was born in August 1882. His father after whom he was names was born sometime in 1842. There is another Hardy that was born in the 1850's and one tree has him as married to my ancestor, and another tree has his married to his own mother. Like I said, it was a royal mess.

3rdthawkins: it's frustrating because when you think you made a connection, it's somebody who has nothing to do with the family you're looking at, and you're really looking for more info and you get all excited thinking you made a connection

Spivey: Tell me about it, 3rdthawkins. I decided not to contact these other researchers because I am not ready to deal with sorting the whole mess out. Besides which, I don't think either Hardy SPIVEY is the one I am looking for.

deannie: At my new little genealogy group...we located one of the ladies ggrandparents....she was unable to locate then in 1920....when we find them her ggrandmother had remarried....

rcs: You can get medium excited when you see the trees on ancestry -- but only "very" excited when you can confirm sources

AYWalton: that was a wise decision spivey

Spivey: True that rcs! lol

3rdthawkins: I tried to calm down this woman who'se doing research on my Sanders family for her friend (A Cousin in my Dad's Generation), but no response.......she has my grgrgr gf James Payson born 1873 and died in 1924, but the Date of Birth and death of death and the parents' name belong to an Ed Payson, a black guy.........Little Does She know, James Payson was White.......This is A White Woman doing the research/helping very true rcs

Spivey: Thanks AYWalton. I did have some doubt in the back of my mind about deciding to do that, so thank you for supporting my decision.

alt: My take on Ancestry.... I use their databses and leave their 'trees' alone.

3rdthawkins: death of death=Date of Death

AYWalton: same here, alt.

deannie: ditto

AYWalton: oh----btw, I did stumble upon some good maps on Ancestry. every state, every county.

Khathu: have a good evening everyone

AYWalton: so if you are making a presentation, you can use their maps. they are great!

alt: I just stay away from their 'trees' and other advertising gimmicks...

AYWalton: use their data---the documents!

deannie: Is anyone going on a gen trip soon

alt: just got a message the other day.. they have a 'hit' or a match for me to research... Walter Thomas, born 1894 in Greencastle, IN ..... I know that's my father LOL.

Spivey: I will look at the trees alt, but as rcs said the joy comes in verifying what you see there.

3rdthawkins: yeah, I keep running into dead ends thinking someone is doing research on MY family, to find out they are an "In-Law" to the person I am descended from or related to

AYWalton: ever go to a genealogy meeting and some people bring their documents in a binder and they are all a mess and confusing and it is hard to see what they are dying to show you?

alt: I guess vicky is 'knee-deep' into her reunion by now LOL

AYWalton: well that is kind of what you get relying on the work of complete strangers especially those who have not cited their sources.

Selma: I hope she is having a wonderful time

AYWalton: yes I bet she is having a throw down good time. I hope she is, anyway! Oh Selma---did you see the photo she sent me?

rcs: I'm sorting out binders to share with a TX cousin coming to town week after next

deannie: The one of the ladies in my new group....Help it what I told her

Selma: Oh was wonderful...I am glad she went and got it before she left

AYWalton: so am I. she is going back for more when she returns from the reunion.

alt: a reunion rcs, or just a visit?

3rdthawkins: Funny thing is, I seem to have more info on the family than anyone else, just from Online Research, and I'm talking people who lived longer than I did and they don't have as much info I have. Some of my research does give more to the story than what they already have

AYWalton: a reunion.

Selma: That friend of vkn who posted "unidentified" photos...had a a great collecion

rcs: a visit == we have never met --- get togethere of various interested researchers

3rdthawkins: "Interviewing" is also the key

AYWalton: that is the way it always is, 3rd. After all you are researching and they are only sharing what they know (that is, if they are the kind that share.) But lots of times---they just don't know anything.

alt: yes he has Selma.. I'm wondering ..does he want input as to what those photos MIGHT tell im about his family?

AYWalton: and folks want the elders to "give" them info.

rcs: Dinner and drive through of my home county -- her ancestor went to TX - his sister (my ancestor) stayed in Illinois

Selma: Yes, I think so...or ways that he can maybe identify who these folks are..

AYWalton: they won't know when their grandparents got married. I don't know when mine got married, unless I pull out the marriage record and look again.

3rdthawkins: right, but no one passed down info, I know for certain in my direct line, starting with my great grandmother (maternal), information and stories weren't passed down.......My grandmother met her maternal grandmother for the first time when she was 95......she has never met her mother's father

AYWalton: alt, our friend is offering a "business" to get civil war pension files for $50. If he finds nothing then the charge is only$6 for his time.

3rdthawkins: Aftter My great grandmother left Texas, she just didn't keep close with her parents and siblings close contact

AYWalton: well how old was the grandmother 3rd?

rcs: maybe they should offer their servuces on the "Frugal Map" website

alt: AYWalton, looking at that 1900 census record for the community of Wilberforce is giving me great insight as to AME history and my family's connections to Wilberforce.. I post on AfriGeneas some of my findings/conclusions

AYWalton: that is a great tip alt!

deannie: Wilberforce University

alt: yes deanni

3rdthawkins: My Grandmother was possible in her 40s or 50s, but her grandmother was 95

AYWalton: I am still fascinated at how many people were there in 1900 from South Africa. oh---3rd---I misunderstood. I thought the one who met the grandmother was 95 so I wondered how old grandma might be---thinking 115! lol

alt: a BTW on the enumerator for those pages... he was a 27 y/o student at Wilberforce UNiv. in 1900.

3rdthawkins: yeah, I was hoping I didn't confuse anyone with that lol sorry bout that

deannie: My sister is an alumni

AYWalton: now that is a good observation---and a reminder for someting for us to do---pay attention to the enumerator!

alt: is that right deannie.. what year did she graduate?

AYWalton: there used to be a wonderful feature on the NARA website for the 1930 census to find "institutions" Ir provided a link to every place where INSTITUTIONS were. I found the student body at Philander Smith and other places that way.

deannie: about 1980

alt: okay. she's a baby LOL

Selma: LOL

deannie: No, she went late...she was a 20 year old freshman

AYWalton: you sister went where, deannie? Wilberforce or Philander Smith?

deannie: Wilberforce

AYWalton: is Wilberforce still AME affiliated?

alt: she was a student at the 'new' Wilberforce.. The tornado of 1974 virtually destroyed the old campus as well as much of Central State. very much so AYWalton

AYWalton: is that right, alt? I was not aware of the destruction of the campus. wow.

Selma: Me either

AYWalton: I just saw something that made me laugh out loud. You know we had an earthquake here yesterday.

alt: oh yeah the '74 tornado tore up Xenia & Wilberforce.

AYWalton: Here are some photos of the earthquake damage.

deannie: I remember that when we took her to school...

3rdthawkins: Hahahaaaa lol

deannie: Xenia is a city from the past

3rdthawkins: that's hilarious lol

alt: google Xenia tornado of '74 to see how devastating it was

Selma: That is funny ay

AYWalton: I slept through it all. I might have thought it was the postman dropping mail in the box if I heard anything at all.

3rdthawkins: my friend living in DC also said he slept through it, most people say they didn';t hear anything

Selma: Time for me to go folks...have a nice rest of the evening

rcs: good night all

deannie: lol lol

AYWalton: well I guess I should wind down myself.

deannie: My sister loved it....she meet friends from all over and she traveled with them doing school

alt: me too, who's gonna turn out the lights LOL

AYWalton: I hope to see you all tomorrow. last one out the door. Night all.

3rdthawkins: I ain't Teddy Pendegrass

alt: laters y'all

deannie: will I guess I will call it daughter just returned from a graduation party...and she'a given me the 411...i will have this meeting for about a month because she will going to I have to enjoy them as much as I can....nite in the morning

3rdthawkins: nite you two :)

Spivey: Goodnight.

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