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2012-12-19 • 23 & Me is having a sale


Start: 11:59:38
End: 13:10:07
Chatters: alt, Daviss, deannie, HistoryBuff, Khathu, Seventies

Daviss: Hello Missy! cat got your tongue?

Khathu: hello

Daviss: Hi Khathu! hello partner!!

alt: hello folks .... Daviss, Khahtu & Seventies

Daviss: Congrats on your find alt

Seventies: Good afternoon all. Was waiting for y'all

Daviss: I've been here Seventies

alt: thank you Daviss .. feeling good about the "find"

Daviss: I can imagine alt.. Wonderful news

Seventies: well I was on facebook.. lol

Daviss: I can believe that Seventies lol

Seventies: Yes well, you know how i do. alt, yes, that was great about the will.

Daviss: have you rec'd the copy yet alt or is it still a couple days away?

Seventies: HEY HistoryBuff! Where you been??

HistoryBuff: Hey Alt, Daviss, Khathu and Seventies.

Daviss: Well, hello there HistoryBuff!! Good to see you

Khathu: Hello HistoryBuff

alt: FB, man.. I had to leave it today, got a right-wing cousin whose postings really throw my blood pressure 'out of whack'.

HistoryBuff: It's been hard for me to keep up these past few months.

Seventies: LOL

HistoryBuff: I have a couple of those also, Alt.

Daviss: lol alt, you gotta not let that happen

alt: bout 1-2 weeks away Daviss, I just talked with the archivist yesterday and she gave me instructions on how to obtain a copy (50 pages) .. so check is in the mail, now I'm just waiting.

Seventies: Well you know what they say about right wing black folks... lol

HistoryBuff: Thanks Daviss. Glad I could join you all this time.

Daviss: 50 pages wow alt!!

Seventies: That's a goldmine. Please share on the boards.

alt: lots of other 'estate' papers, not just a Will.

HistoryBuff: Sounds very interesting, Alt.

Daviss: Hopefully HistoryBuff things will even out and you can breathe easier

alt: I shared the process of getting the Will Seventies and that long distance research is possible via telephone, letters, etc.

HistoryBuff: Yes, hopefully indeed.

Seventies: Yes, you taught me that alt.

alt: yes HistoryBuff .. good to see ya here.

HistoryBuff: Thanks Alt. Nice to be missed.

alt: hello deannie

Daviss: Hi there deannie!!

HistoryBuff: Hey Deannie.

Seventies: Hi deannie!

Khathu: hello deannie

deannie: Afternoon everyone,,,,I have lost my glass,,,I am on vacation this week and i do not know where there r...I'm enlarge my screen now

Daviss: So I take it HistoryBuff that research has been on the back burner for you Oh wow deannie..I hope you find them soon

deannie: I think I have it big now Me too lol

HistoryBuff: Somewhat, Daviss. I did find a few newspaper articles for my Scott family Clan.

deannie: How has everyone,,,

Daviss: good HistoryBuff.... deannie I am well..

HistoryBuff: My duties at work are changing. A lot of double duty-academic technology and audio visual technology support.

alt: Daviss, I ran into a problem you've been having ... Seventies gave us the link to some Indiana records, wouldn't you know they have every county but the ONE I'm interested in LOL LOL

Daviss: don't that just frost ya alt..

deannie: Is it that way all the time with genealogy

alt: yep, hopefully my folks may have taken care of some of their business in the surrounding counties.

HistoryBuff: Seems that way, Deannie.

Daviss: deannie did you ever get to record your aunt

deannie: No..I know if I do not get it done....I miss out

Daviss: How old is she now deannie?

HistoryBuff: I found a copy of an article citing my mother as one the Kroger's Scholarship recipients being honored at a banquet in Arkansas during her freshman college year.

deannie: She's 98

Daviss: Thats a great find Historybuff!!!

HistoryBuff: Yes, I have been researching articles about her father and that was one of the hits.

Daviss: Whoa Deannie, what a blessing!!

alt: Wonderful HistoryBuff ... I know you were proud of Mom and she was pleased that you found a copy of the article.

deannie: Yes it is....she on my next trip in the new year,,,be I will record all of my calls to her,,,,,

HistoryBuff: She was and I sent her copies of all of the articles I found pertaining to the Jonah and Pauline Scott family. That's what I need to do Deannie, record/transcribe the telephone interviews with my Mom.

alt: deannie, what type (brand name) of of voice recorder do you use?

Daviss: another toy to have lol

alt: or does anyone have a recommendation for a reasonably priced recorder?

deannie: I have two but i know the brand becasue they are you have one I can try

Daviss: not I alt, I still cant figure out my hand held scanner

deannie: I have one with the little tapes but they do not sell them anymore.,,,but I have a few blanks

Seventies: deannie, go grab a digital. they start at about $30 They may have a good deal now that its the holidays.

alt: okay, in lieu of blogging and/or writing essays/articles I want to record myself and the process I've gone thru in collecting what genealogy I have to date as a record and then maybe transfer those recordings to the written word.

HistoryBuff: Great idea. Alt.

deannie: I have one but I have not used was one that was give to me my a friend,,,,,

alt: that's what I have deannie, but I want somethiing a little better

Daviss: I wish I had a clue alt? hmm why don't you put a query on the Tech Board?

alt: good idea Daviss re: tech forum

deannie: One of out oldest member passed away about a month ago,,,,,he was a Tuskegee Airmen,,,,I heard him speak at out meeting,,,,we guest what,,,he;s family thrown out all of his paper,,,and he just wrote a book about his life

alt: speaking of interviews.. how many of us have interviewed ourselves?

HistoryBuff: I concur with Daviss on that.

deannie: Me to Alt,,,I will be going to Best buy to see what have

HistoryBuff: Well I'm guilty of not having interviewed myself.

alt: oh wow deannie .. that's a tragedy!!!!!

Daviss: Wow deannie, why did they do that!!

Seventies: How do you interview yourself??? Personally speaking that would be a bit awkward for me.

deannie: Yes it was I will also remember him standing a the member say,,,"When I was an Airman

alt: have a set of questions and then 'speak' to those questions Seventies, that's one method recommended by Hasker Nelson, Jr.

deannie: I do nto know,, and I know they knew how important it was to him

Seventies: alt, I've always been the type of person to keep journals, etc.

HistoryBuff: Sure it's awkward but you could write up the questions and then record your answers in writing. There's your written self interview.

Seventies: I should be a better writer than what I am now... but its been about 3 years since I've personally journaled.

HistoryBuff: You could extract the answers from your journals Seventies. It's good you maintain journals.

Seventies: I have always loved to write even as a child.

alt: for example 'ex-slave interviews" they are wonderful to read, but you get a greater impact when you hear their voices in those taped interviews.

deannie: An anyone purchase a Dragon this year

Seventies: indeed alt\ No

HistoryBuff: Nope.

Khathu: Just connected with a new cousin off on the Dorsey line

alt: not me deannie

Seventies: hey that's great Khathu.

alt: thru the message boards or DNA Khathu?

HistoryBuff: Very nice, Khathu.

alt: or both LOL

Daviss: good for you khathu!

Khathu: No I saw that she was researching Texas Dorsey but did not have any info on his siblings or parents so I sent her a message and she just called me

Seventies: So she is descended from which Dorsey brother?

Khathu: Texas Dorsey

alt: okay Khathu .. the 'collaboration' feature on Ancestry mentioned by Cynthiia on the Forums is a great tool for connecting with folks who have a common interest/ancestry.

Seventies: okay

Khathu: and I am descended from the older brother Henry Dorsey i use that feature a lot alt

Seventies: That's good. I'm sure she was able to fill in some of the blanks you had

Khathu: I reached out to a descended of my great grandfather's sister last night

alt: wonderful Khathu, now you both can add to your 'paper trail' on Dorsey family history.

HistoryBuff: Very good indeed. You folks are on top of things. I endeavor to catch up.

Khathu: Hopefully alt.... She is in Texas, I will definitely have to guide her on what to look when she goes to the courthouse

alt: is she in the county of record for your ancestors Khathu?

Khathu: She is in Dallas but Tyler is about a 90 min to 2 hour drive

Seventies: Khathu is on fire with his research. Perhaps he can help me with mine... lol

HistoryBuff: :)

alt: wonderful to have 'boots on the ground' so to speak Khathu

Khathu: @Seventies I am going to ride this wave for a minute

Seventies: I know you are! lol So I have two record sets I'll be looking at while I"m off on my working vacay. Very excited.

HistoryBuff: Hear hear, Khathu.

Khathu: The archives stays open late on Fridays seventies

Seventies: Okay.

Khathu: FYI

Seventies: Thank you.

Khathu: I may go Friday night and then hit the D.A.R. Saturday morning

Seventies: Oh let me know, so I can ride shotgun

deannie: I have to run and to do a little Christmas shopping;;;;have a great day

Daviss: Are you still volunteering HistoryBuff at the Archives

Khathu: My newly found cousin mentioned that we could contact Henry Louis Gates to help us locate the mother of Henry, Richard and Texas Dorsey. I almost fell out my seat

HistoryBuff: Haven't lately, Daviss.

Daviss: Does your cousin have an "in" khathu?

HistoryBuff: Just paid my dues for the year.

Khathu: nope

Daviss: oh, just a mention huh lol

Khathu: I guess she assumed that he helps anyone who is doing AA research

Daviss: yes, I can see how that happens Khathu

Khathu: Me too

Daviss: Even with the Ancestry ads and the leaves make it seem easy

HistoryBuff: Of course they do. That's the objective to make is seem so easy.

Seventies: lol sorry you need to school her on that...

Khathu: I already did

alt: Gates uses 'volunteer' genealogists like us from across the country to do 'his' research.

HistoryBuff: I'm still analyzing my Ancestry DNA matches.

Seventies: good Khathu.

alt: what is your ancestydna profile if I may ask HistoryBuff?

HistoryBuff: It's Ingrid Armstrong-Doweary, Alt.

Seventies: I would volunteer if I was getting paid... LOL

alt: I ask because I'm also in the AncestryDNA database as ..... allthomas9

HistoryBuff: okay.

alt: okay HistoryBuff, thanks

HistoryBuff: Thank you, Alt.

Daviss: HistoryBuff, 23&me has a $99.00 sale that will be on for awhile

alt: I'm a match with Lisa L (bearnut2), Bev Gray and a couple of other AfriGeneas 'regulars.

Khathu: have a good one

Seventies: Look I need to run. I have work to do and my co-worker is not here today because she's having a procedure. Y'all pray for that girl because she needs it ... badly. Have a good one all!

HistoryBuff: Oh really Davis. I would love to take advantage of that deal. Thanks, Daviss.

Daviss: I like it HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: That's one of the services I wanted to use. Thank you!

Daviss: I am in hopes that some of my cousins will take advantage

alt: well, my turn to skedaddle outa here .. y'all take care

Daviss: bye alt

HistoryBuff: Bye Alt. Wow, Daviss. I had plan to use 2 different testing services.

Daviss: and the good thing is that I can get one next month and one the month after for family members

HistoryBuff: Nice. I'll see if I can get one or both my parents to test their DNA.

Daviss: Right!!! I would work on both and also your hubby

HistoryBuff: See this genealogy research involves enormous amounts of work . I'm good with that. I'll see if my hubby will agree to take another test.

Daviss: he will I am sure

HistoryBuff: Well it's been great chatting with you again, Daviss. I'm off to explore my new Ancestry DNA matches. Take care.

Daviss: u2 take care

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