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2012-11-30 • Free or Fugitive AL OH


Start: 12:10:16
End: 13:33:12
Chatters: alt, Daviss, karoshi8, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Daviss: Good Morning/Afternoon hi there partner!

alt: hello Daviss, how be's ya?

Daviss: I be fine lol What about you?

alt: just finished listening to Bernice's show from last night..... great show, the guest was very easy to listen to.

Daviss: I will have to listen.. When I thought about it last night it was durn near over

alt: please do listen.. you will enjoy it.

Daviss: I imagine it was geared for the ones who go to the archives

alt: it was, but it covered a lot of other 'stuff'... the guest was just a very pleasant and informed person.

Daviss: thats great alt by stuff, do you mean what you can gleam from a internet search?

alt: well, got any plans since you didn't win powerball? LOL she mentioned some of her organizing techinques and also differences in researching from 10-15-20 years ago...

Daviss: ok I will check it out well alt, I think I found my grandmother BUT still no sign of my mother I am so puzzled by this

alt: really, now this is 1940, right?

Daviss: yes it is alt

vkn: Good howdy y'all

alt: hello vkn... how be's ya?

vkn: ees good

Daviss: hello vkn how are ya

vkn: bees good

alt: so your mother wasn't enumerated with her mother in 1940?

Daviss: nope nor was she with any of her grandparents nor aunts or uncles

alt: wow, was gonna ask if she was with any relatives.

Daviss: I am at another loss now

alt: could she have been away .. like at a boarding school?

vkn: How old was she in 1940 daviss and where do you find her in 1930

Daviss: no idea about boarding school but rather doubt that since all the other cousins of hers all went to the same school I have her in 1930 vkn .. she should be 15 in 40

alt: were her parents together in 1940? mine were not.. and I was listed living with my father and a great aunt.

Daviss: no alt parents were not married... if this is her mother that I think I have, she should be in the household with her grandparents or mother

vkn: So can you get records from Supt of schools for 39 or 41

alt: good thought vkn... school records for that time period.

Daviss: I weill see if I can get them vkn but if they have them listed as a earlier one I have it is no use. Example Joe Taylor has 6 kids enrolled.. no names or nothing

vkn: I see

Daviss: Since its a different time I will see if it is different

alt: was your grandmother listed as being in the same placein 1935?

Daviss: yes alt however I think I have a marriage record of her from Ark

Selma: Afternoon folks

alt: hello Selma, how you doing today? are you now squared away on who BJ Gray is?

Daviss: hello Selma

vkn: In 1940 she would have been about 10th grade so there is prolly a graduatiom about 1942 with a program

Selma: Yes..I forwarded that info to a friend.. Going to check out her website..when I get a chance

alt: okay Selma... good

Daviss: I feel like a balloon that has been let go and someone put a tiny hole in it with a bb gun bb gun pellet sheesh they are called bb's

Selma: Yes, program last night was very good

vkn: It was good Selma

Selma: I have to believe that C Span 3 would film the Emancipation Proclamation activities

Daviss: I forgot about program last night and remembered when it was almost over

alt: I thought the guest was a very good 'talker' Selma, her voice was very easy to listen to, reminded me of your interview with Bernice ... smooth & easy.

Selma: I met her at an AAHGS conference in DC many years ago..her first book was very good looking forward to the 2nd one Thank you alt...glad I came over smooth and easy cause I was a wreck.. LOL

alt: you sure didn't 'show' it :)

vkn: It was an easy listen and she had good organizational suggestions

Daviss: sure didn't

alt: yes she did vkn, I can't imagine the 'detail' of her folders. no wonder my 'stuff' is in such a mess.

Selma: LOL

vkn: Selma and alt do you recall her chatting with us at AfriGeneas when she was gathering data for her first book, And Selma isn't she on book 3 now?

Selma: She came to an evening chat vkn?

alt: I liked he comparisons to researching 10-20 years ago.. that's what I tried to convey when Bernice had me on her show... there is a world of difference from then to now.

vkn: and posted to the main mail list

Selma: I think so vkn..its probably in the archives or was it too far back

alt: I really don't recall her and AfriGeneas vkn.

Selma: Wasn't she a reporter? Have to find the book and see what it says Not sure what number book vkn..I only remember the first one

vkn: In the promo Bernice mentioned book 3 in process

alt: very good advice on being 'prepared' for a visit to NARA, or any archival facility for that matter, if you are aware of what might be availble you're certain to be overwhelmed and not have a very successful visit. are aware= are NOT aware.

Daviss: I can imagine it would be an all day affair too with all the information

Selma: Sometimes I just like to browse...

alt: and that could be looking for just one piece of information Daviss me too Selma.. that' why I need at least 2 days

Selma: Understanding that I am relatively close to some of these places..and not everyone has that opportunity

Seventies: Good afternoon all... here is my late pass... lol

Selma: Afternoon seventies.

alt: hello young'un LOL LOL

vkn: lol with late pass seventies

Seventies: hi alt, Daviss, Selma and vkn

Daviss: Yes Selma the nearest one for me to get any type of information is about 1200 miles away

Selma: Browsing was how I found those Virgin Island records at NARA 11..when they first opened

Daviss: Hi there Seventies

Seventies: Looks like we're talking about national archive records. . .

Selma: We were talking about BB's show last night..the speaker talked about NARA

Seventies: ah okay

alt: proximity is a big factor Selma.. folks really should be appreciative when they are near a great facility, or their records sets of interest.

Selma: Yes they should alt...I am

Seventies: absolutely. I'm half a country away from my record sets.

Daviss: Did you listen to the show How far away from the Archives Seventies

alt: but as the guest pointed out last night many materials at the larger repositories are coming online.. so be attuned to what they have online.

vkn: Alabama Room Resources Seventies

Seventies: I didn't listen to the show, I was busy with the kids last night. Football team got special recognition for being section champions... son got a letter. So proud! thank you vkn!

Daviss: Good for him !!!

Selma: Good for him

Seventies: Closest archives to me are in NYC, but they don't have the southern records Daviss. I have to go to Washington D.C. for that

alt: wonderful Seventies, pass on my congratulations to your son and tell him to keep up the good work.

Daviss: How far is that

Seventies: about 4 hours

Daviss: oh ok I know those states are short

Seventies: This is one of the reasons why I chose D.C. for my winter break vacations. And its really cost effective $68 a night for TLF (Temp Lodging) in D.C.

Daviss: thats a very good price

Seventies: Yes most hotel rooms in D.C and Baltimore start off at $150 per night

alt: is this 'on-base housing' Seventies

Seventies: yes billeting/lodging.

alt: okay Seventies I asked Daviss, but what are y'all gonna do now that we know we didn't win powerball ? LOL LOL

karoshi8: Hello everyone! How have you all been?

alt: Hi karoshi8, how ya doing?

Seventies: I'm doing it now.. lol Sitting at work! lol

Daviss: hello karoshi08

Seventies: hello karoshi08

karoshi8: Can't complain. Finished with the 6000 on my Stewart side, now starting on the Stevens/Calloway side.

Selma: Afternoon karoshi8

Seventies: That's great karoshi8

Selma: karoshi..have I asked you before, where are your Stewart's from?

alt: finished??? don't bet on it karoshi8, finished records have a way of leading us to new folks LOL lOL

vkn: Daviss and alt and Selma based on the chat log of yesterday we will be updating the intro to the surname forum to include words like "Enter your question(s). 1. Please be as specific as possible. 2. Please list any resources that you have already consulted.What say y'all?

karoshi8: My Stewarts come from Lincoln county Kentucky

Selma: Nice try vkn...

karoshi8: Oh don't I know it alt! The more people I transfer over to tribal pages from ancestry the more I find.

alt: sounds good to me vkn... let's just hope that the posters READ the guidlelines for each Forum.... you can lead us to the water, but....... LOL

Selma: When did they get to Lincoln County KY..and where were they before that

karoshi8: At least as far as 1850 they are in Kentucky Selma. I don't know. Something I've been trying to find out. I've found some in Mississippi and Tennessee. But I don't know how or if they connect.

Selma: I research STEWART's in Virginia..they were free blacks, coming out of Campbell County and Amherst

karoshi8: I have a lot out of Virginia, but I haven't run into any Stewarts. what did you find?

vkn: Well Alt we can make 1 & 2 the first response to non specific queries even if it is from the "tell a friend" button

Selma: Free Negro Registers, land records..

vkn: Howdy Karoshi8

karoshi8: Ok. I've looked at the registers, but I don't have anything to connect.

alt: oh, oh Selma... you know I have Stearts from VA/MD/NC from the early 1800's.... need to look at Campbell & Amherst .. Campbell is Lynchburg, right?

Seventies: What part of MS karoshi8?

karoshi8: Don't know Seventies. I just know there are some in MS.

Selma: Lynchburg is geographically in Campbell, but is an independent city

Seventies: There are many Stewarts/Stuarts in Wilkinson Co. and Adams Co. MS

Selma: Besides the census, what other records have you found for them in KY karoshi

karoshi8: I'll have to look into it Seventies thank you. You too Selma. The person I find in 1850 is Harriet she lives in her own house with her 3 kids. No husband present. She gets married to a Withers between 1860-1870. I cannot get any further back with her than the 1850's census.

Selma: Tell me who are you looking for alt..I will check my stuff How old are her children in 1850

karoshi8: Let me look real quick

alt: Most of my Stewart's are FPOC and they come from those lines of Heinegg's writings... white indentured woman 'hooking' up with black enslaved men.

karoshi8: 15, 13, and 12 I can find some FPOC Stewarts in 1830-40 in Kentucky. Though, it is hard to tell if my Harriet is apart of them.

Selma: karoshi8 When those 3 children they provide any info?

karoshi8: I found the marriage certificate for the one that did marry, but no info. Just the date and county.

Selma: Are there are free black families living in the same neighborhood as them in 1850

karoshi8: Not many. I think I total of 4 families. Maybe less.

Selma: Have you taken a look at the County Court Order books (not sure if they are called that there) Were there laws that applied to free blacks in KY during that time registration or something

karoshi8: Yes, I ordered some pages, but that was for Penman's who married a Stewart. I cannot find anything else on Stewart that fits.

Selma: that would have generated a record

karoshi8: I haven't been able to find a registration in Lincoln county or any of the surrounding counties. It's like I've been able to trace everyone else past 1850 except Harriet Stewart.

Selma: and where were the other folks coming from prior to 1850

alt: I had an interesting question come up yesterday..... Can a slave owner free/manumit/emancipate their slaves in a 'free state' .. example slave owner in MS, can they manumit/free their slaves in Ohio? any thoughts?

karoshi8: North Carolina. The Penman's I found the court records on Darby Penman buying his wife and child from Anderson Pigg in 1797. But dice. Winburns I find on the FPOC registry.

Selma: Didn't that come up in one of the TV shows alt

alt: somewhat Selma....

Selma: You mean "take" them to Ohio and free opposed to freeing them in MS and sending them in OHio

alt: right, take them to a free state as slaves and then 'freeing' them.

karoshi8: My Stewarts didn't come to Ohio until 1906 or so. I can trace them from 1850 to 1880, then I loose them, and pick them up again in 1920.

Selma: BRB

vkn: Alt you answered that one for me re Horace King who was emancipated in Alabama and in Ohio. At least it sounds the same.

alt: my answer to the question is .. NO ... they have to be 'freed' in the State where they were enslaved.

vkn: hmmmm

alt: in your case vkn... King was freed in Alabama and registered as an FPOC in Ohio.

karoshi8: Didn't they usually have to pay to register?

vkn: Well he has an emancipation document from AL and from OH Alt

alt: there was a 'loosely' applied bond registration in most free states. okay vkn... I think his emancipation statement is that he was freed in Alabama.... and registered as an FPOC, with that 'freeing document' in Ohio.

vkn: Horace was a student at Oberlin if I recall correctly where he was learning bridge building

alt: it's similar to the Emancipation Proclaimation ..... could Pres. Lincoln "free" the slaves in the slave holding states when they weren't a part of the Union. it's a technical 'mess' vkn..... how can you 'free' someone in a State where slavery is prohibited?

Daviss: hmmm

alt: His document in Ohio 'proved' that he was freed in Alabama and was not in Ohio as a 'fugitive slave', but rather as an FPOC.

vkn: I will check again re Horace and papers. I hear the techie part and of course you are making sense.however my recall may not be on point

Selma: Yes..because if a "fugitive slave"..he would be returned to owner

alt: it is a pretty deep question... I think it borders a lot on what the Dred Scott decision stated. oh well, just thought I would throw that out there... sorry to take up so much of the conversation with it.

Daviss: putting my running shoes on...later folks, good convo

Selma: Wonder where "running to"..the casino.. LOL

alt: Oops, me too .. gotta run .. laters y'all

Seventies: lol I've gotten engrossed in my work.. lol hey y'all have a great weekend!

karoshi8: Lol

Selma: I have to run to... Have a great day

vkn: It is good convo alt. May such dialogue increase

karoshi8: Bye guys thanks for the help!

alt: that's where I'm headed Selma LOL LOL

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