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2012-11-18 • Recruiting Members


Start: 11:17:44
End: 13:03:02
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Selma, Seventies , vkn

Seventies : Good Sunday morning.

vkn: Good Sunday I see seventies is here with a Mobile device

Seventies : The new y group is pretty interesting Seasonal depression. Affects a lot of people

vkn: yuppers because so many give out a "get over it" response so there is no one to talk with about feelings etc

Seventies : Its the lack of sunlight vitamin D that causes a lot of this

vkn: We, as a people can yalk about sex and Pratheus [sp] but with death we gat "she/he is in a better place" or " get over it" Death is forever taboo except for an immediate brief moment Morbidity is to morbid to deal with as a social construct to= too

Seventies : The way we view death is getting further and further away from traditional views. But so is the way we view life and God

vkn: Good morning Alt how you be?

alt: good morning ladies Seventies & vkn

Seventies : Alt

alt: I be's okay vkn..thanks

Seventies : ok how are you doing today

vkn: Tolerably well thanx for the query sir alt

Seventies : I am the lucky two finger typist Today. lol

alt: yw vkn

vkn: A few tech probs with the puter but the internet line is working so I will adapt and slowly adjust lol

Seventies : Everyone is having tech problems this week.

alt: just reading back... Seventies, I'm one of those folks who suffer from SAD ..seasonal affective disorders.. it hit's me as soon as daylight savings time starts.

Seventies : Join the club :)

vkn: Adaptation is the key word and more importantly the key behavior in all things alt and seventies lol

alt: yep vkn, very true

vkn: Also known as "survival of the fittest" lol

alt: and i want to be fit as long as I can LOL

vkn: lol lol lol

Seventies : Alt did your Dr prescribe vitamin or light therapy?

vkn: alt Anita will see to that alt in spit of your self lol YEAH Anita !!!! rah rah rah

alt: listened to bbenn'e program on freedom papers.....very good program

Seventies : Another one I missed. I have not been feeling my best lately.

alt: light stuff Seventies ...... got one of those 'special' lamps

vkn: Yes it was an excellent program amomg the top ten rather I would say rates in the top third of the top ten

alt: the Dr. Scott segment demonstrated some dynamic and scholarly research... far beyond my limited capabilities

Seventies : I will download the last couple of shows today.

vkn: and at the same time it was entertaining. Scholarly and entertaining a hard combo to broker lol

alt: yes vkn

Seventies : lol Can I be seen?

alt: your name...yes

vkn: yup there you are

Seventies : Oh goodness the thing locked on me smh

vkn: with yo mobile 'sides ya

alt: with your 'thingee' icon

Seventies : Lol mobile today alt :)

alt: okay Seventies

vkn: I am still hung on the BRAND research trying to figure a kind and gentle way to say start with yourself and work backwards

Seventies : Well why not say that?

vkn: You gave a big and helpful boost in the outset alt

alt: that can happen vkn..... I'm trying to bite my tongue and stay out of it with the list of Brand females for Perry Co?

vkn: lol A brillant stroke that listing alt

alt: the poster seems to think genealogy is easy work and that you don't need a plan of attack when researching a family or a surname

Seventies : I will have to look at that thread again.

alt: hello Selma

vkn: Thanx Seventies it is potentially a teachable moment

Seventies : well I do wonder if they have already researched most of their tree. 1866 is pretty far back.

Selma: Selma is here..late but here.. Good afternoon folks

Seventies : Hi Selma. I guess I called you up. :)

vkn: Heyyyyyyyy Selma someone was here a few moments ago taking names & calling yours lol

alt: I think the poster has the impression that AfriGeneas readers will do the work for her.

Selma: Who was that vkn?

vkn: Well alt I think so many come with "not to be disturbed" conclusions

alt: for sure vkn

vkn: including some who are thoroughly seasoned

alt: ditto that too LOL

Seventies : There is nothing wrong with pointing people in the right direction in terms of resources available

Daviss: Good day everyone!

alt: hey Partner, what's up?

vkn: True seventies

Seventies : There is Daviss. Hello!

Selma: Sometimes I think we answer too quickly before understanding what the person already knows and what exactly they are asking.

Daviss: Not too much partner lol

Selma: Morning Daviss

alt: that's my 'tact' Seventies... I'll point, but ain't gonna do the heavy lifting

vkn: heyyy Daviss I will tell you as I said to Selma Someone one was in here a bit ago taking names and calling yours lol

Daviss: lol lol wonder who would that be

Selma: Wasn't that seventies vkn?

vkn: my lips are sealed

Selma: LOL Davis and I only want to know if they are willing to share their Lotto winnings

vkn: sides I no know nuthin

Daviss: alt I sent the email to the fella on Ancestry so you should hear something soon

alt: Daviss, may I call you later today on my new found DNA match? oh, okay Daviss .. he has aroused my curiosity

Daviss: yes you may alt

vkn: ahhhhhhhh seventies the green light just rendered on the 3G micro cell Yeah and I did not call ATT

alt: a good time for you is ?

Selma: Think seventies is bumped was bumped

Daviss: anytime alt is ok with me....

alt: okay Daviss thanks Selma & vkn .....Daviss is finding kin folk me LOL LOL

Daviss: oops

Selma: That was a quick in and out daviss...oops

alt: and this one is fairly close... a descendant of one of my grandfather's siblings

vkn: Daviss may do the same for me. I seem more amenable to learning than I was initially alt

Selma: Wow..that is close

alt: good vkn.....

Daviss: well if I can stand this in and out of chat lol i was looking back and see you listened to BBenns last radioblog It sure kept us on the edge of our seats

alt: I think in the long run Ancestry's database may be more useful than some of the other's because these folks are more into genealogy than those who test with the other companies

Daviss: could be alt, when they really get it together I would like to see them allow us to download raw to Gedmatch

alt: at least they are basically genealogists who are testing with DNA rather than 'testers' who are now getting involved with genealogy/DNA

Daviss: right alt

alt: I think that is coming Daviss, when they get out of the beta testing phase.

Daviss: fingers crossed lol hoping to pick up something on the ex's line

alt: hopefully they can find me, cause I ain't looking any longer LOL

Daviss: lol lol lol

vkn: Did either of you test with Ancestry or with Kittles or both?

alt: not Kittles for me vkn

Daviss: Kittles does not want me or alts dna

Selma: Why do you say that Kittles

vkn: Now why is that if I may be so bold?

Daviss: too much euro lol

vkn: Learning I am trying so it helps to know some of the variables

Selma: Some folks, probably most, that is what they want...most of us here are looking for something beyond the T-Shirt and trip..but that is not the case for the majority of folks

vkn: true selma

Selma: I keep telling you all..when we come here we are talking to the choir..and that is not the majority of folks

alt: that's it depends upon the interest of the customer.

Selma: Now that doesn't make it good or better .. just how it is

vkn: just how it be aka it be what it be lol

alt: right Selma... look at the partnership ... a scientist and a business person okay, off my analysis soapbox LOL

vkn: in the midst of a gullible world

Selma: They were the show an interest in black folk

alt: now that is the truth

Selma: The others only got interested when they saw there was a market..

alt: our gen group had them as presenters back in 2003.

Daviss: Yes I see that being the first but does your haplo let you in the door alt?

vkn: your gen group is a trailblazer selma as is the Miami Valley

alt: nope, neither one.... and the funny thing is that his Y-DNA is Euro LOL

vkn: Since July of 2012 more are picking up that mantle

Selma: I had a teacher back in the 1964, who said that we are all part of the same GENE POOL..the other companies at their beginnings were not marketing as inclusivie They too acted that these Gene pools were separate and distinct..

alt: vkn, unfortunately AAGGMV is getting older and not attracting newer and younger folk... we're just hanging on now.

Selma: Like ours alt.

alt: we can't seem to hold the attention of the younger/newer folk more than a 2-3 meeting and then they are gone.

vkn: Arent we all, alt. The thing is however incumbent on the transitioning generationsto leave footprints for the younger ones to follow even with modifications. May our footprints be as solid as those that Jefferson and Madison and Adams left for the wheet fokes to hang on to for dear life

Daviss: are you having a recruitment drive I saw lots of younger folks in Utah

alt: not a drive as such Daviss, but we are constantly trying to recruit

vkn: as Dunbar said "He breathed life into a baby shaped from clay"

Selma: Now what exactly to you mean about younger folks..specifically what age groups.. LOL Younger than us don't count

alt: like under 50 y/o Selma.... from college age students forward

Daviss: lol I sat at the table with several who I would guess they were in their 30's

Selma: OK... But the truth of the matter in my 30's..I was trying to stay sane with the kids running around.. LOL

vkn: alt I would say we need to be in the elementary schools with our BHM programs rather than

alt: that's the age group we want Daviss.. they bring some tech savvy and newer ideas to the table.

Daviss: lol Selma me too they have cut out those programs here vkn...terrible

alt: yes vkn & Selma .. young families w/children would be great for out reach type programming

Daviss: but then we are in a very negative and bigoted state

alt: the newly retired in their 50's.... get them and their grandkids if possible we've tried selling genealogy as a family project.

Selma: Sounds like a good idea alt..

vkn: only if we believe that daviss We are who we say we are

alt: seems as if family would work, with the emphasis on family reunions

vkn: Beautiful notion alt selma daviss Now to promote that to the Teachers Union to give to their members during the initial two years post retirement

Selma: Is that what you are working on vkn?

vkn: The first 6 months the retiree is tranquilized by not having a clock to punch

Daviss: :?

alt: yep vkn.... that's the time period when my passion for genealogy & famiy history research really took hold.

vkn: by the end of the first year they are sweating for some type clock to punch

Daviss: :?

vkn: So some do genealogy and attempt to sanitize the past lol

alt: then I was able to travel the local areas & courthouses, libraries, archives,, etc.

vkn: Then there is alt and daviss and Selma who call it as they document it

Selma: Mine was when I was in between jobs..and my youngest son was the only one home..and I had time

vkn: TIME the magic keyword

alt: and having the time is a MAJOR factor Selma

Daviss: I need Jingwa

alt: time, a book of postage stamps & not to worry about long distance phone calls....

Selma: Folks have to run Have a great day Bye

alt: take care

Daviss: oh alt, I found out that Kellen Davis is in my one S Davis line

alt: me too, great discussion today... now time for some football LOL

Daviss: He plays with the Bears

vkn: Mine was with the realization that one could see families via strengths along with pathology rather than pathology alone.

alt: really Daviss, tell the boy he needs another "s" on his name

Daviss: lol lol

alt: Daviss, I'll try to call you later today, okay?

Seventies : Ok I am back!! whew Mariachi!!

Daviss: ok alt

alt: bye y'all

Seventies : Bye???

vkn: will send yall the edited portions seventies alt Selma Daviss

Seventies : Thanks Guess that is my cue too.

Daviss: lol lol talk to you later

Seventies : Talk to you later Daviss. I will be going to my nephews bday party today

Daviss: ok

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