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2012-11-13 Black/White ~ Does it matter


Start: 21:19:44
End: 22:45:01
Chatters: debinva, sadonya, vkn

vkn: Howdy Debinva

sadonya: good evening

vkn: howdy

sadonya: how is everyone? I was contacted by a lady doing an article on research wanted to include me in the article and i added Afrigeneas

vkn: oh very nice

sadonya: I have been staying up all night have to get back to sleeping at night

vkn: are you feeling ok

sadonya: but so easy for me to sleep during the day yes I am good

vkn: i am glad

debinva: Hi ya'll

vkn: howdy debinva

debinva: Hey Valencia

sadonya: hey debinva

debinva: Hi Sadonya I was on time--for once in the last 8 years, and no one was here

vkn: going back to kitchen see ya in a bit howdy debinva

sadonya: we sorry lol

debinva: Don't be. I've been MIA for yearsssssssss

sadonya: we need to come up with something to get people back in chat you got any ideas what you would like to see us do

debinva: I'm back because I looked up my LaCombe line from Charleston, SC and found that the people I thought had "passed" had in fact, literally passed. My ggrandfather's family died off. As near as I can tell, my ggrandfather was the only sibling to have children--out of 6 kids. As to drawing people back, don't they come in ebbs and flows?

sadonya: awesome so do you know any of these people or do they deny their kin?

vkn: oh really

debinva: I thought my LaCombe line denied their kin, but they died out. My ggrandfather lived the longest and he died at 37. It's sad. But I do think there are lots of people on AfriGeneas who have family that disappeared by passing for white.

vkn: i agree

debinva: Could be a topic worth exploring. How exactly would you go about pinning them down.

vkn: i think it is next to impossible to pin them down but a terrific topic

debinva: I mean, when you find your relatives, how would you about documenting it and get them to affirm it.

sadonya: this DNA testing has caused a stir I have white folks coming out of the woodwork

debinva: Even if you can't get them to agree, it's certainly is a topic that will generate a lot of passion.

sadonya: I agree it use to be a bad thing but a lot of minds have changed some whites do not know they came from black I talked to one that tested DNA and matched my cousin on Y DNA

debinva: And what do they say, how do they explain it to themselves

sadonya: said it explained a lot some are open to it its like anything else you didn't do it they did

debinva: I am still deciding on which DNA test to take. We've got all kinds of issues in my family and I'm a little nervous about going there

sadonya: the Mtdna will test your mother to mother to mother the 23andMe or FamilytreeDNA family finder test will give you matches to your male cousins

debinva: I'm looking at the Ancestry test, and the Family... test

sadonya: yes that one will work but they have the smallest database

debinva: Ancestry?

sadonya: yes

debinva: Thanks for telling me.

sadonya: familytreeDNA has largest but 23andMe is catching up

debinva: 23andme also includes medical information, right?

sadonya: but which ever u use you want to be able to add your results to GedMatch a lot of good with that one

debinva: GedMatch is a new wrinkle. What is it and why should I do it.

sadonya: you can compare results better its not a test where ever you test you can upload results

debinva: sounds like I need to do some more research

sadonya: only 3 places to get test.. Ancestry, familytreedna they have a sale on right now and 23andMe

vkn: ok wb

debinva: Got kicked out Do we use FB to announce Tuesday night topics? Could also use FB to request topics

sadonya: yes

debinva: Any suggestions?

vkn: well deb i would like to see a paper from you on the passing subject and we could splinter topics from there

debinva: I've lived with my fears that turned out not to be true, but I am more than willing to do some research on documented research where it's happened and how they handled it. I do know that in SC, people listed themselves as Native American, then married white people, and "became" white. From there, they never looked back. I'll ask Selma to help me.

vkn: woopie wonderful we might try to webinar it and youtube it could we sadonya

sadonya: yes we can

vkn: first is to do the paper

debinva: I can also tell you that the Catholic Archives in Charleston used to close down the archives when I was coming to research because people were afraid I might be related to them. AND, the SC Historical Society was downright rude to me at the door. Wanted to know what I wanted. Had to show them my card. The director came to make nice with me because they were all so embarrassed. The paper first.

sadonya: wow

vkn: double wow then to have a question of the month/week/day how did the archives behave later debinva

debinva: Valencia, tell me if I'm on the right track. A paper would look at the number of African Americans at the turn of the century--1900. What is the population growth of all of American, accounting for immigrants, through to 1910 and then the growth, accounting for WWI deaths to 1920. How do we account for African American growth or change by region over that 20 year period. Once we pose the question, then we get AfriGeneas members to fill in the blanks with their research/suggestions/recommendations. Input will be based on what we think happened to the people we can't find. If I'm close, good. If not, lead me, guide me along the way.... Valencia, the archives behaved somewhat better after that embarrassing incident. Could not believe it at the time.

vkn: i hear and understand that

debinva: Well, I meant to say the SCHS behaved better. The archives still closed down for me because people were concerned about African Americans doing research and being related to "good' white people.

vkn: lol not funny but lol well that does not change that we are related to some of them

debinva: The archivist, Susan King, wanted to give me all the time I needed, and I knew she needed to protect her job. She worked so hard doing research for me when I could not make it there. She's earned a place in heaven.

vkn: have you read "Invisible Line"

debinva: Archivists in LA burned files to prevent people knowing of their white relations.

vkn: Its a must read

debinva: I have not. Will put it on my reading list. Well, it's pumpkin time for me--about ready to go to sleep. Will email Selma before I go to bed, or tomorrow for sure. Want to make sure I do a good job on the paper good nite. This has been a lot of fun.

vkn: lots

sadonya: night talk to you soon

vkn: we have so much collective pain

sadonya: yes

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