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2012-10-28 Religion, Slaves, Slavery


Start: 11:20:14
End: 12:53:53
Chatters: alt, keli1, Selma, vkn

vkn: Greetings on a stormy Sunday morning. I will/shall return at about a quarter to the hour of Noon

keli1: good morning, vkn and selma

Selma: Good morning keli1 and vkn Lots of rain in Tidewater is itin central VA

keli1: are you bracing for the storm Selma

Selma: Yep..batting down the hatches.. LOL

keli1: I hope all is less than they predict

Selma: Already flooding in some areas in Norfolk which ae prone to flooding

alt: hello ladies, keli1, Selma & vkn

keli1: good morning Art..

Selma: When they announced last night Busch Gardens was gonna be closed today..figured it would be bad Morning alt

keli1: geez sorry to hear that, well if you need to get out, you got a room here

Selma: I am not afraid of flooding...but live in an area with lots of trees...

keli1: thats good we are going to get rain and high winds

alt: I hope folks in the areas to be affected do the 'early voting' thing.

keli1: Art how are you doing? all with well....?

alt: yep, as weel as can be expected keli1, how bout you? coming down from the "high" of SLC?

keli1: I am hanging in there...and loved SLC, the access was really nice

alt: 3-4 ladies from our AAGGMV genealogy group were at the IBGS... had no idea they were even going said the didn't do much research, but really enjoyed the sessions and the networking.

keli1: there was so much to check out, the mormons are interesting

Selma: Interesting how?

keli1: I went to the museum and walked thru a lot of the history, it is also scary, they assume they are Israelites, I never made that connections I have nothing against any religion, but my goodness...

Selma: yes is interesting

keli1: they were very, very, welcoming and helpful to all, there is so much more than what we have access too via the website (

alt: no doubt keli1, I use the Library Catalog to see what is available in my areas of research as much as I do their databases.

keli1: being free also is scary, lol vs.

Selma: early voting..started yesterday in MD..some polling places were overwhelmed.

vkn: hello to all

alt: I hope those wer Obama voters Selma wb vkn

Selma: Their micorfilm collection is immense..I still order film at the FHC

vkn: thanx alt

Selma: Afternoon vkn

keli1: they are working to improve and offer more access, so look for changes

vkn: selma and keli1 howdy

Selma: Waiting for Seventies to come and give us a genealogy conference update that she was going to yesterday

keli1: but storing things in vaults in the mountains, geez....who else does that besides the federal government? lol

alt: right Selma.. there is so much more information on microfilm that is not on any of the website databases.

keli1: I wonder how Chicago went with Angela?

vkn: change is the name everywhere deannie said angela was grea, keli great

keli1: that's cool, I hope they had a great turnout!

alt: if one is up to the work now seems like a great time to venture out in the world of genealogy beyond the "hooby' phase. hooby=hobby

vkn: Alt a Dorothy Tuck posted her Embry great grandmother to PreciousPhotos

keli1: i agree, I have been going crazy on my mother's father's line, the DNA made great strides for me, but now have to take a break and switch to another side

alt: I see Debbie Abbott has 2-3 things scheduled each month thru OGS here in Ohio and now I see where she is venturing into Mich & KY for speaking engagments.

vkn: It is good to take a breather

keli1: Did I tell you all that Vicki Daviss and I have connections according to our I will have to help look for

Selma: Really.. Lol great

keli1: Art, yes I saw her schedule in Michigan, interesting

alt: is this thru ancestrDNA keli1?

keli1: 23andme

alt: okay

keli1: actually we pulled up our gedmatch thingy and she was showing me how to use it and saw similiar names, etc..

vkn: Daviss has that DNA thing down pretty good

keli1: yes she does, I need to spend more time with her.

alt: have to look at Dorothy's photo vkn..... if it's an Embry, might be the same lady Laura (Woods) Embry that would be the same line as my children's Embry's.

vkn: that is the name alt

Selma: Will BRB

alt: okay vkn, thought so

vkn: so your kds connect with dorothy

alt: vkn, you probably don't remember Dorothy's cousin, Joyce Bess, from Springfield whom you met in the Talladega area about 10-12 years ago.

vkn: sort of remember

alt: Joyce was there in Alabama doing research thing and Dorothy has picked up on a lot of what Joyce did and is now expanding on it.

vkn: maybe 20 years ago

alt: that is probably right vkn... didn't want to make it that far back LOL LOL

vkn: I think we were trying to make the BELL connection I have a female double first Cousin who married an EMBRY

alt: I think I have an Embry photo on Precious Photos the Gabriel Lewsi Embry Family.

vkn: I have a female double first BELL Cousin who married an EMBRY

alt: is that right? and remember the Wilson fella who used AfriGeneas.. he was an Embry relative from Anniston.

vkn: Yes you do alt and you were trying at some point to help an EMBRY young lady who lived in Anniston

alt: a collateral Embry relative right, and I think she turned out to be doing some 'house work" for you.

keli1: where are the Embry's from Art?

vkn: Ahhhhhh John Wilson sill lives there A thorough researcher as I recall

alt: Calhoun & Talladega county, AL keli1 that's where they were toward the end of slavery and prior to migrating all over the place in the early 1900's.

vkn: Who was the enslaver alt or should I say how many were there

alt: an Embry.... Gabriel, I think vkn, now that is the area that Dorothy has done a very good job with ... connecting to the slave owning family.

vkn: Keli do you have Alabama research?

alt: she (Dorothy) has the Embry's coming out of NC into GA and then into AL.

vkn: Excellent. I think ske sent me her research at some point. Perhaps I best dust it off and chat with her

keli1: nope, not that I know of. TN, SC/NC, VA, WV, KY and the rest are all up the east coast, CT, PA, NY I met two people at the conference that both were researching Hinds MS so I hope they connect, I shared their emails..both had slaves in the family

alt: the Embry famlies were supposedly Quakers in NC and they split over the issue of slavery .. some going into TN and eventually Ohio as non-slaveholding Quakers and others taking the route of the slave holding Embry families.

vkn: my Benham is CT SC GA

alt: Selma, you still with us?

Selma: yes..still here on the phone

alt: oh, okay

keli1: CT is all white folks then they go to NY, but seem to all come from England, oh I forget the MA folks, the Plymouth folks...can't forget them

vkn: ahhhhh but were not all Quakers slaveholders at some point alt? at what point did the break come

Selma: Do you still remain a Quaker if they put you out

alt: the answer vkn, probably yes, but I think the main thrust for the Quakers was the non-slaveholding tenet causing the split.

keli1: I don't know nothing about Quakers, I am just learning about the Mayflower folks, I believe we were told about them in school, but that was a long time ago my butt forgot about all that stuff, lol...

Selma: Good book written the Mayflower..think that is the name a couple of years

alt: the William Penn Quakers of PA were of the non-slave holding group I think.... and that's why you see the slave holding Quakers leave PA for the South ... I think

keli1: I will have to get it, my mom's dad's line goes right up to the Alden's and Mullins Oh I finished Henry W.'s book, it was good, lots of chatter on it

Selma: I didn't make it Richmond for the book talk last week

alt: keli1, any word on the 'workshop' by the TJ heriatge association's program at UVA yesterday? they were meeting to denounce the TJ-Hemmings theory.

keli1: no, I didn't go, I haven't seen anything yet, I will see Henry in cville

alt: I'm hoping the workshop will be presented on C-Span at some time in the future.

keli1: they might of been there, they keep disputing it, but even more than the Hemming is the stuff in his book, geez, worst than I thought

alt: does the book get into the Jefferson-Randolph-St. Tucker connections which I find to be fabulous reading.

keli1: no not really, he references the Randolphs, but he really gets into the lying that Jefferson did, lol it was unreal there would not of been slavery in LA, if it was not for TJ

alt: okay

Selma: Were you really, really suprised keli.. Cause I ain't...

vkn: Back

keli1: yes, I was, I get the slavery, the treatment, etc, but the lying, and decent, he was just bull sh*t

Selma: As most of those folks were

vkn: Any recent work from ed Ball?

keli1: I get the selling and splitting up families, but they have painted this man basically having a little compassion, he had NONE in my mind, none

alt: let's see LA became a territory in 1803 and during that period and later the trade-off for Statehood was that there had to be two States admitted to the Union after 1803 .. 1 had to be a slave state and 1 had to a free state.. so LA's statehood would fall into that category.

vkn: I liked the guy who was on the Bernice show on Island research

alt: and 1803 was under Jefferson's presidency

keli1: he used the system just for himself, which most did, just sad, he had the collars on his slaves, I had not heard or seen that in anything,

Selma: Remember when I did a posting on those records a number of years ago vkn.. I found them when I visited Archives 11 when it first opened

keli1: aparently there were 500 pages sort of set aside from his farm book, it was the slaves records, he recorded everything this is where the controvery will come from "missing pages"

Selma: Because other historians wanted to maintain the image...keli

vkn: Yes I do Selma

Selma: A professor from CA emailed me and said "where did you find that"..

alt: and most of it survived keli1, excpet the birth of Sally's children LOL LOL

keli1: that's for sure, but let's hope henry sells lots of books to get the word out

Selma: Are you on the VA History List keli?

keli1: so true henry, but someone came from France, visiting, and made a reference to so many youngin's looking like TJ, lol, they were hemmings. lol history list? from the historical society or library?

Selma: from LVA

keli1: I am on the list serv,

alt: was it de toucville (sp)?

Selma: Yes..the list has been silent on the book so far

keli1: yes I have not seen anything except the talk, lol

alt: anyone hearing from Vicky? how is she doing?

keli1: well I wish him more success, he did good on the hariston's and george washington

vkn: How is it trending Keli

keli1: she only posted a couple of things, the girl has had a lot to deal with lately in her family

alt: yes she has....

vkn: She is having her trials Alt

keli1: I dn't know vkn, I would love to see how the sales are going the write ups on the book are good reviews

alt: wish there was more we could do for her, but words of encouragement have to be of some help.

Selma: Folks..I have to run...have the little darlins.. Stay safe

alt: my time is up too ... time for some Football!!!! LOL

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