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2012-10-07 Welcome Back Chatters


Start: 11:32:21
End: 13:24:40
Chatters: alt, Daviss, deannie, didessa, Seventies, Statustray, vkn

didessa: good morning vkn...just stopping to say hello!

vkn: Good Suday Morning Didessa missing you for a spell or two. Hope all is well with you

didessa: :) I will try to make chats this week maybe I can catch up! lol

vkn: lol well the logs are available generally though they do need some catching up What is new in your world genealogically and otherwise

Seventies: hello didessa and vkn

vkn: Good Morning Seventies and how you be?

Seventies: Doing good, and you?

vkn: lol Pull up a chair, prop your feet up and I will tell ya lol lol lol

Seventies: uh oh... lol lol lol

didessa: nothing new I can say. I did not renew Ancestry and now I miss it :( feet up! How ya been?

vkn: Did the ancestry price increase this year?

Seventies: I've been good. Ancestry has gotten totally expensive. Everyone is trying to sell genealogy and other personal information. But its to be expected in the Age of Information.

didessa: I am not sure. I always wait for them to send me a come on back coupon.

vkn: All is going reasonably well. as far as I can tell. Lots of grime and grease under the hood BUT that is to be expected

Seventies: lol didessa, anything new for you in the area of genealgoy? Its been a while since you've been on here.

vkn: How did your event go last week ? Seventies

Seventies: Oh it went great! Lots of students and staff and conference visitors. Marc Morial was the keynote luncheon speaker on Thursday.

vkn: lol I just hit Didessa with that same wet noodle Seventies

Seventies: lol

vkn: Wow sounds great. What is Marc Morial up to these days. Where did the keynote focus ?

didessa: yeah nothing new. looking for a conference close enough and in my budget range to go to that would be of interest to me. Local archives and genealogy group have not done it for me

Seventies: Diversity... but it seems as if black people are mostly left out of the equation.

vkn: Didessa what is your research status these days

Seventies: They are having a Genealogy Conference in NYC on 27 Oct that I plan on attending.

didessa: vkn what do you mean

Seventies: Price is reasonable $15 general admission with free 30 minute lectures all day.

vkn: Well guess I am looking for an update didessa Sounding good re conference in NYC

Seventies: yes, and I get to go shopping.. lol

vkn: More conferences need to be local or close to local

didessa: i just looked it up. it seems nice and price reasonable...i will look into it some more seventies

Seventies: For me that is local. And really they could have a genealogy conference like they do for FGS. they have a Mormon temple/library right at Lincoln Center.

vkn: Didessa I thought you might want to share all of those walls you broke down since being here last lol

didessa: vkn i am pretty much a browser at this point. i glance at blogs and things but nothing too serious. i have not been doing to much tree activity lately hahahahaha vkn! you mean the new ones I found!

Seventies: brb gotta fuss at my son . . .

vkn: lol that is too funny, didessa Oops seventies and WB

didessa: ok

vkn: Seventies just give him a big hug with a topping hug

didessa: seventies where do u live

Seventies: I live in southern NYS... an hour outside of NYC in Orange County, NY

vkn: and are you in Florida Didessa? I am in Atlanta

Seventies: vkn, spoken like a grandmother! lol

vkn: lol lol lol

Seventies: Speaking of a lull in genealogy, last week when I had a spare second.. lol I went through my old family reunion booklets.. dug up some additional nuggets.

vkn: Now did I understand that the price of Ancestry is increasing? Wonderful what review of data can reveal

didessa: I am in philly

vkn: ahhhhhhhh yes of course Didessa. Memory is refreshed

Seventies: Oh that's not too bad of a trip. You can even take the bus to Port Authority...

vkn: BRB gotta catch the mail

Seventies: ok You can take the Mega bus didessa for next to nothing. what a great option!

vkn: Okies finishing up "junk" for the display table in SLC ahhhhhhhh yes of course Didessa. Memory is refreshed. So glad to cee you back.

didessa: Yeah seventies that is what i was thinking the greyhound express, the train or the mega bus. kinda scared of megabus due to accidents lately but otherwise i was thinking that yeah i am the one that disappears for months at time...sometimes i am lazy and log in here as di

Seventies: oh lol

vkn: ahhhhh

didessa: i thought about it today after i logged in that i never log in as didessa always di... :O

vkn: Didessa we take you in whatever packaging you present lol

didessa: i will look at the schedule of events for the conference because my son is in cyber school i may have to bring him with me i know i love that about yall!

Seventies: okay

vkn: Heyyyyyyyyyy Daviss

Seventies: hi Daviss!

didessa: hi Daviss!

Daviss: Hello didessa, Seventies and vkn!

Seventies: Last nigtht I met Lalah Hathaway, Darrin Henson... ;)

Daviss: I saw that ....

Seventies: This guy Darrin Henson was working his own booth. wow

Daviss: who is Henson

Seventies: He played on the TV series Soul Food, he's a choreagrapher (sp?), does lots of movies.

Daviss: Whats going on didessa?

vkn: didessa Hausa Mann is seeking a Dr Chas M Harris who worked at Mercy Hospital died 1994 born about 1923 any suggestions

Daviss: oh ok, I only saw soul food once or twice vkn I think I saw Hausa Mann as one of my dna matches

didessa: Daviss Daviss nothing much on this end. vkn what exactly are they looking for? i live a few blocks from mercy hospital. do u know what capacity he worked there? and i am not that great of a pa researcher. all my family came to pa after 40s and after. we more georgia florida south carolina

vkn: Oh really? Interesting

Daviss: you mean 1894 dont you vkn

vkn: 1994 I think daviss will look again

Daviss: born date vkn

vkn: Dr. Charles M. Harris, Otolaryngologist - Mercy Douglass Hospital Philadelphia, PA

Seventies: what is that?

vkn: 1923-1994 daviss

Seventies: vkn did the Dr. Charles Harris attend Meharry??

Daviss: Seventies did get a copy of pic you took with lelia

Seventies: Posting on FB now... lol Don't laugh at my photo I was caught in the middle of saying 'facebook'...

didessa: i just saw that on the posting. (u know me I google everything to understand) i would have to do some research there is a mercy douglass building here in west philly but it is now a nursing home to my understanding. mercy hospital is actually a whole system of hospitals and care centers. i will talk with my grandma. she volunteers at the hospital and may have some insight.

vkn: Not sure but will double check a program of the 1928 graduating class. Had not thought of that Seventies

didessa: ent ear nose and throat

Seventies: ok

vkn: I have GIBSON kin in Philly

Seventies: Also that Dr registry thing... courtesy of Daviss. I'm sure she can tell you the name of the document.

Daviss: Physicans Registry

didessa: other than althea i never heard that last name other than a classmate from elementary school Reiko

vkn: I think Hausa needs to expand his query to include some basic findings

Daviss: was this a post on the forum vkn?

vkn: on Talking, Daviss

Daviss: Oh ok vkn thanks

didessa: i just joined that is something new since I last checked in!!!!

vkn: Seems a 1994 obit would be the first thing to seek then CITY Directory and on through the night

Daviss: I would think so vkn

didessa: where does Hausa reside?

Seventies: good afternoon alt

Daviss: Hello alt!!

vkn: San Diego Didessa

alt: hello all, just here fro a moment

Daviss: Oh so he is a Cali Man

Seventies: that's fine alt. How's it going?

vkn: Glad to see you alt if only a sec

Daviss: ahhhh alt, am I to assume FOOTBALL lol

alt: fine Seventies \, hope all are doing well

Seventies: yes doing well.

Daviss: Ah Browns and Giants lol

Seventies: I hope your team wins alt.

alt: thanks Seventies

vkn: Enjoy alt

alt: anyone hering from the folks at AAHGS?

vkn: Yes Selma thinks some 200 in attendance and going well

alt: wonderful..that's a respectable number

vkn: Selma sees an upswing organizationally alt

didessa: ok gotta go folks i will try to drop in tomorrow!

Daviss: thats good to hear see ya manana

alt: that's also encouraging to hear vkn.

vkn: okies didessa

alt: bye didessa

Seventies: Oh hey I don't have work tomorrow! lol lol lol OMG I need a vacation!

alt: me neither Lol

vkn: nor me lol

Seventies: You all.. lol lol

Daviss: me either lol so does that mean we will all be in chat tomorrow :o

alt: enjoy your day off Seventies

vkn: whip it up daviss

Seventies: I will try alt

Daviss: lol lol

Seventies: Yes I will be in chat tomorrow.

Daviss: whew!

vkn: YES

alt: I hope to be here

vkn: Is Simon LeGre in da house lol lol lol

Daviss: lol

alt: the debate.. pundits all Romney aggressive.... I called him a rich 1%=er bully

Daviss: I thought he was a bully

alt: gonna fire the moderator, close down PBS, knock off Big Bird and said it right off the bat LOL

Seventies: The debate was wack.

Daviss: and a hogster

vkn: Well the Prez did not do well alt IMHO That was a new and different Obama

alt: he was being Presidential... I hope that was his 'tact'

Daviss: no he did not, thanks to what and who..

vkn: oooooooookkkkkkkayyyyyyy

alt: that's just my thiught vkn

Daviss: some say it was by design by his debate team

vkn: I thought he had been smoking [ to be deleted]

alt: thought

Daviss: If he had been smoking vkn he would have talked more lol

alt: He was thinking about the 'anniversary night' LOL

Daviss: lol alt

Seventies: lol Well since this is a long weekend, I'm going to have the ever so rare nap.. lol

vkn: y'all more xperienced than me daviss

Daviss: what you talkin bout willis/ ?

alt: I knows nothing LOL

vkn: smokin' and all

Daviss: HA! lol

vkn: Get some rest Seventies

Seventies: nitey nite

Daviss: lol

vkn: A bountiful minnit Alt Thanx

alt: was gonna tell her when we were her age we didn't need naps LOL

vkn: lol

Daviss: lol

vkn: Naw mama kept us busy

Daviss: so vkn do you think that the debate will be kicked up a notch starting with Biden

vkn: I think that one will be a knock down drag out

Statustray: Hey alt, Daviss, and vkn ;-)

Daviss: hello statustray!

vkn: both sides cause they both be off balance

Statustray: :)

alt: the Obama commercials here in Ohio are already jumping on romney's case about his performance in the debate... saying what we hoped Obama would have side weds.. night

vkn: Heyyyyy Statustray loooong time it seems to me hope all is well

alt: HelloStatustray

Statustray: Yes, everything's ok... can't complain ;-)

Daviss: and alt I was pleased to hear that Ohio can now vote early

Statustray: I hope everyone has been doing fine as well.

vkn: No point Statustray no one is listening

Statustray: lol

Daviss: lol

alt: I plan to vote this next week Daviss

Daviss: good alt, and I hope the lines are swelled to the max with us'ns

vkn: and I hope you don't be a hanging chad alt

Daviss: lol lol lol

alt: yeah, vkn other than no complaints... what's new Statustray

vkn: Some report says Romney is tied to polling company ?

Daviss: I would not be a bit surprised vkn

Statustray: Just trying to track down some extended family from one of my lines.... other than that, nothing much really to be honest.

Daviss: You know some folks tend to spend all their time trying to dig deeper into our spine

alt: having any success?

Statustray: no, not really but i will keep trying though ;-)

alt: keep tracking

vkn: Y'all be good, ya hear

Daviss: uh oh

Statustray: it is my grandmother's grandmother's line.... trying to track down them...

Daviss: wow Statustray where did you last see them?

Statustray: my grandmother hasn't seen them in 50 or so years i have tracked them to IL

Daviss: oh my!

Statustray: yup i would like to reunite this particular aspect of the family lines and it would be good to do so before anything happens to my grandmother.... and/or do it while her mind is still sharp as a tack

alt: that would be wonderful Statustray

Statustray: i told her i was going to keep trying

Daviss: What name Statustray....

Statustray: last name of 'Jones'

Daviss: try posting on the forum

Statustray: i will certainly try that too

Daviss: you never know and it has been successful for quite a few

alt: yep...names locations & time periods along with what you already have

Statustray: oh ok

Daviss: I wish you all the luck Statustray

Statustray: Thanks so much ya'll ;-)

alt: have you tried looking at AA newspapers?

Daviss: would that be Chicago statustray?

Statustray: Yes Chicago and some other areas Hi there deannie

Daviss: wow speaking of Chicago here is deannie

alt: speaking of Chicago... hello deanie

Daviss: Hi deannie

Statustray: alt: No I hadn't. To be honest, I wasn't aware of any for the MS area... but there could be in Chicago though.

deannie: Morning sister made pancake for breakfast.......uummmm

Daviss: sounds good deannie and yummy!!

deannie: Can you enlighting me

Statustray: I had pancakes, sausage, bacon, ham, and grits for breakfast (from IHOP)

deannie: Good eating

alt: well,it'skickoff time.. later's y;all

Statustray: yup... hehe

deannie: What did you want to know about Chicago or Mississippi

Daviss: deannie Statustray will be posting something on the Forum soon regarding his folk that may be in Chicago. Will you keep an eye out mabe a directory look up as they may be living relatives

deannie: Our conference is Friday and Saturday....I will check it if I need help getting in I will let you know email address is

Statustray: Thanks a bunch!!

Daviss: heck someone may even be in your group, you never know

Statustray: That's a good point :)

Daviss: I better run also so see ya later and Status I will be on the look out

deannie: What are is surname....I can have them put them in the next issue of our newsletter....Statustary give me you email address

Statustray: Surname: Jones And again, I do appreciate it deannie.

deannie: Not Jones.........I hope they have a first name like Lavonte' or Disnecha lol

Statustray: Yes, Jones... wouldn't you know that out of all surnames... lol.... it's as bad as Smith... *yikes*

deannie: You said it not me lol

Statustray: Adline Jones, Gracie Jones They are sisters

deannie: How old would they be

Statustray: They were born in the early 1900s... around 1910 - 1915 (give or take) They are both now deceased at least we know for sure that Adline is

deannie: ok

Statustray: thanks again for everything

deannie: I will get the word out....

Statustray: thank ya! Well you have a great day deannie.... c ya later ;-)

deannie: Ok and you did the same

Statustray: thx c ya

deannie: have a great day

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