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2012-08-13 Reunion Carib Kin


Start: 12:03:17
End: 13:02:02
Chatters: alt, bbenn, Daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: good afternoon, alt.

alt: what's up Seventies?

Seventies: Nothing. Stayed home from work this am.

alt: oh, oh ... there goes my tax dollars for "slick' leave :(

Seventies: oh lord... lol I can't stay at the house. I just gotta work for massa all the time??? No the screen locked up.. lol

alt: okay, thought I upset ya LOL

Seventies: Anything new going on in genealogy?

alt: Well, the Olympics are over so I've got nothing exciting to watch on TV for a few days until Football starts.

Seventies: lol alt!

Daviss: hello alt and Seventies

Seventies: Hello Daviss

alt: Hi Daviss, welcome back

Daviss: thx alt!!

Seventies: welcome back.. :}

Daviss: lol reading back re nothing to watch lol thank you seventies

alt: y'all see my post on the Jimi Hendrix story and link to Urbana, OH? My ancestors home turf.

Seventies: You know, I think that there is something to watch on TV. Don't you all watch those judge shows and all... lol I didn't see that.

Daviss: I don't seventies, I am all day MSNBC no, I did not see it yet alt

alt: naw Seventies, don't watch the Judge shows, at least not on purpose ;)

Seventies: Did anyone catch 'Marley' on TV? Its another biography about Bob Marley. It includes his white folks and a half sister.

alt: I haven't seen it Seventies

Daviss: I did not catch that either seventies :?

Seventies: I truly just happened to catch it weekend before last while channel surfing. It was pretty good. I talked to Jay, this weekend also. She's doing well. Making lots of headway in her research.

Daviss: I think I have just been glued to the Olympics in my spare time

alt: my TV viewing is mostly Sports & C-Span.

Seventies: Cspan is really good isn't it. I got hooked in my 20's

Daviss: Thats good for her Seventies. She is also near the archives isn't she?

Seventies: No she lives in Brooklyn, but her resarch is mostly centered in South Carolina.

Daviss: Ok I forgot she lived in Brooklyn

alt: Jay, is that Jennifer, the young lady I met in Ft. Wayne?

Daviss: yes alt

alt: Give her my best regards and a big hello the next time you speak with her please.

Seventies: Right now she's focused on looking at the men who served in USCT in the area where her family was from. She going over it with a fine tooth comb.

Daviss: her and Seraph aka Sharon

Seventies: Yes that's Jennifer. I will do alt. She calls me about once a month.

alt: right, Ihave a nice photo of them with Tony Burroughs from the Banquet and they are dressed in their African attire.

Seventies: That's on your FB page, right?

alt: not sure Seventies.. it may be

Seventies: hi Selma

Selma: Good afternoon alt, Daviss and Seventies..

alt: hello Selma... the 'package' arrived Saturday... I owe you BIG TIME ...thanks

Daviss: Hi there Selma!!

Selma: glad to see you. So sorry to hear about your brother.

Daviss: thank you Selma, I appreciate that

alt: very nice post on your blog Daviss re: your brother

Seventies: Yes that was very nice.

Selma: I haven't had a chance to home from family reunion in Florida last night

Daviss: thanks alt and Seventies

Seventies: Do share Selma. How was it?

Daviss: How was it Selma??

alt: happy you made it home safely Selma .. hope you had a great time at the Reunion.

Seventies: I was busy looking at BJ's trip to NY on facebook.. lol She was hanging in my old stomping grounds in Brooklyn. lol

Selma: Very very nice..first off Jacksonville Florida was as hot if not hotter than here This was a reunion of my Maternal line..descendants of my family from Grenada and Panama..

Daviss: awww very nice

Seventies: That must've been fun!

alt: I bet the Grenada folks were happy about the young man winning Gold at the OLympics.

Selma: Another cousin who lives in Queens but grew up in Trinidad (and still has family there) ..has been doing a lot of research. She traveled to Panama and did research while she was in Trinidad OH yes alt..I missed..but I am sure the WHOLE island was rocking.. Have to call my cousin who knows see if we are related..

alt: six degrees Selma LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: That's one thing about the caribbean, people traveled a whole lot.

Selma: This group of relatives..although they knew we were related did not know exactly how all the lines were connected So I took the info that my cousin had and did a big paper chart..

Seventies: So the cousin brought out the family history then.

alt: you've got your work cut out for you then Selma

Daviss: very nice Selma!!

alt: You had your 'puter with you????

Selma: The surnames are Wilson, LaBastide, Mootoo, and Otway

Seventies: So did Sylvia Wong's show offer any new ideas for you, Selma?

Selma: No not really seventies.. Well I didn't mean it that way seventies.. All shows that I listen to give me new ideas..

alt: I would imagine Caribbean research can be difficult with the Island belonging previously to so many different nations islands

Selma: But I had gotten some info from the FHC's in the early 1990's cause they went to Grenada and microfilmed the church records

Seventies: well that's okay Selma, I understood what you meant. :)

Selma: can have french, english and spanish records.. The lines that went to Panama in the early 1990's were in the Canal Zone..

Seventies: Now did any of your folks come to Panama from other places to work?

Selma: I didn't realize that they were counted on the 1940 US census

alt: did your folks come into the USA thru Ellis Island Selma?

Selma: Yes Seventies..they went to Panama to work on the Canal in the 1910's teens Only my grandmother and her husband came here in 1920..the rest stayed in Panama..her sister and brother..and other family members.

alt: ah so Selma, so you still have deep "island" connections???

Selma: Most of the folks there about 45, were descendants of my grandmother's sister (she had 17 kids), my cousin found 14... These cousins came here in the 1960's, 70's and 80's..

alt: okay Selma that is fairly recent.. like only 1 generation here in the USA

Selma: My grandmother's sister's youngest son..came here in the 1950's my grandmother sent for him..he lives in Florida.. The ones's who came in the 1960's have children and grandchildren who were born here Yes, my grandmother came thru Ellis Island and Yes, I told them "you didn't get to those islands on a Carnival Cruise

Daviss: lol lol

vkn: Greetings to all

Daviss: hello there vkn!

Selma: Afternoon vkn

alt: I did some work for Vy Higgenson and her family from Barbados who came in thru Ellis Island in the 19-teens.

vkn: How was the reunion Selma

Selma: It was great vkn

vkn: wunnerful

alt: shame on you Selma :)

Selma: When we all left..we were all I figure that was a good thing.. LOL

vkn: lol

alt: yep, that's a good sign LOL LOL

vkn: Measure of success

Selma: They are suppose to meet again in 2 years in more heat

Daviss: yayyyyy Texas lol

Selma: My mother also they were thrilled to meet her

vkn: We are adding photo albums capabilities to forums within the next few days

alt: oh, that's wonderful Selma.. I know she was thrilled to see family

Selma: Yes..

vkn: How many were present Selma

Selma: About 45 to 50 vkn

vkn: grrrrrreattttttt

alt: great vkn on the precious photo progress...

vkn: Greetings bbenn

Selma: Many of them live in Florida..met a young man in his 20's who actually lives in Norfolk, Va..he had been in the Navy Afternoon bbenn

Daviss: I am trying to figure out where I heard the name Otway Selma

bbenn: Hello alt,Daviss, Selma, vkn

alt: bbenn, hello & how ya doing?

bbenn: How is everyone today?

vkn: Good lineup of guests bbenn

alt: Otway sounds familiar to me too Daviss

Daviss: good for me bbenn

bbenn: Thanks

Selma: There were 4 Wilson sisters..they married a LaBastide, a Mootoo, an Otway and a Best..they were all born in the 1865 to 1875 time frame

alt: looking forward to Thursday bbenn .. I hope to have a question or two.. should I send them to you in advance?

Selma: I am a descendant of the sister who married LaBastide, he was originally from Trinidad and came to Grenada

bbenn: Yes, please send me your questions. So far, I have received about 10 very good questions and I am forward all of the questions to Joanna.

alt: okay bbenn will do

bbenn: Thank you

Daviss: I will have to catch up on last week and this week bbenn

bbenn: Daviss - my condolences for your loss.

Daviss: thx bbenn

vkn: Me also, hours in day dwindling from 24

Selma: Ain't that the truth vkn.. I plan to do nothing today except get my self together..takes me at least 2 days to recover nowadays

vkn: I hear that

bbenn: I had a power outage right before the show and tried to log on at another location and it did not work. I was surprised that everyone stayed on-line until I was able to start the show. 114 listeners when I finally logged on.

alt: you should be in good shape Selma.. now that you're healed from your ankle and you can see better than ever LOL LOL WOW, that's great bbenn .. you have some faithful followers

Selma: About that seeing..I gots to get those glasses..this putting on readers and taking them off is driving me crazy

Daviss: oops Selma

bbenn: I think that that particular show brought in a lot of new listners.

Selma: Interestingly..I can read on the computer without the least so far

alt: tell me about it Selma... except for getting rid of the cataracts I sometimes wish I hadn't had it done and was still wearing glasses w/bifocals

bbenn: Selma, can you see without your glasses now?

vkn: Try using a hand held magnifier Selma. Works for me

Selma: Well I could see before bbenn..just that things were blurry..

bbenn: ok

Selma: VKN..I still would be looking for the hand held magnifier.. LOL

alt: hehehehehehe @ Selma

bbenn: lol

vkn: Interesting relate to Hendricks WOW alt too funny selma

Selma: I don't have a problem with wearing glasses vkn...I had gotten kind of use to it

bbenn: Sorry, I have to go. AA Special Interest group is meeting and I have to help someone. Have a wonderful day!

Selma: and read I am always looking for the readers

alt: yeah vkn.... no 'true' family connection, but the inter-realtionship was amazing to discover.... I had the relationship in my records all of the time and didn't realize the connection of Hendrix-Hendricks

vkn: Hendrichs

Selma: Just as a heads up I won't be in the chat tomorrow afternoon

vkn: okies

alt: you'd better have a good excuse Selma :{

Daviss: lol

Selma: Gotta take a friend to the Doctor..then to the look up something

alt: okay, that'll work LOL

Daviss: awww well you are forgiven

Selma: Thank you alt..

vkn: I thought I saw Seventies here?

Daviss: she was earlier vkn

vkn: okies

Selma: So alt..have you managed to read any of the material I sent...still haven't read the 2nd one

vkn: How are you doing this day Daviss

alt: yep, reading it off and on ... including the footnotes and checking them out :) now that the Olympics are over I'll be able to give it a better reading

Daviss: sheesh, welcome home lol

vkn: lol

Daviss: Selma where in Tx will your reunion be

Selma: I am not sure..I forget where this cousin lives..I have her address here somewhere

Daviss: ok just checking :?

Selma: It is not one of the big Dallas or Houston All I know is it will be HOT

alt: speaking of TX Daviss, are you familiar with Longview?

Daviss: yes alt it is 30 miles from marshall

Selma: Well folks I have to run...have a great day..see you all tomorrow nigiht Bye

Daviss: later Selma Longview I believe is still in Harrison county

alt: okay, a good friend of mine here in Springfield is from Longview and she was just there this past week for a family reunion.

Daviss: oh my!!

alt: family surname I believe is Britton, with various spellings.

Daviss: I had a uncle who lived in Longview and ministered there for yrs on my Taylor Line

alt: okay, we can talk about this later, we might have a connection there....

Daviss: his address was 445 s High . ingrained in my head would love that alt

alt: gotcha, I will pass that info on to her.

Daviss: thx have a good day\

alt: what was his surname, your uncle

Daviss: taylor.. His name was L R Taylor

alt: okay, gotcha laters

Daviss: bye

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