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2012-08-08 The Char Bah Rule


Start: 12:12:16
End: 13:05:32
Chatters: alt, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Selma: Afternoon here all by your lonesome

Seventies: Hi Selma. All here by my lonesome! lol

Selma: LOL

Seventies: how are you doing this afternoon? I'm finding out some interesting info about my grandmother's siblings. and their movement around the country... I'm finally getting somewhere.

Selma: Great How many siblings did she have?

Seventies: Today I'm doing a little research on Fort Scott in Bourbon County, Kansas There was 12 of them

Selma: Folks really had big families back then

Seventies: The brother I'm looking at right now, his grandson found our family back in the early 2000's. Yes, especially the rural people. They had to have 'farm hands'. And with my family owning large tracts of land.. it was a necessity.

Selma: How many different places did they migrate to?

Seventies: Well interestingly enough, my uncle Bert moved from AL to Bourbon Co, Kansas. He married a Pauline from Missouri, Bourbon Co, KS borders MO. Then they joined some extended Smith family descendants in Detroit, Michigan.

Selma: So he had migrated there before he met her?

Seventies: Yes it looks like he had migrated to Bourbon Co, KS and was living there in 1935. The boys Bert Charles (the name of his son and grandson) and George (name of his father) were born in KS. As I stated yesterday, my aunt Julia was living with them in 1940. The county seat at that time was Fort Scott, KS... though they are listed as living in Rural, Bourbon county, KS. I'm totally unfamiliar with any records in KS. At this point I'm doing a little research on Fort Scott, KS

Selma: I did a little Kansas research for a friend of mine...can't remember too much though

Seventies: Also this is the first time I'm doing any indepth research on my grandmother's family.

Selma: There was an earlier migration to Kansas in the late 1800's

Seventies: I am aware of that because it is very well documented, I think anyways

Selma: How long did they stay in Kansas before they moved to Michigan

Seventies: Well I don't know.. They were living there in 1935. If you search for Burt Callins in Ancestry... OMG

Selma: Well is about time.. LOL

alt: hello ladies, Seventies & Selma

Seventies: Good afternoon alt. How are you doing?

Selma: What do you mean by "OMG"..about Callins?

alt: doing fine, hope you two are doing fine as well

Seventies: There are several thousand of them...

Selma: LOL.. and I bet you thought it was an unusual name.. LOL

Seventies: Oh doing well alt they are doubling it with Collins, that's why so many hits are coming up.

Selma: I was helping a lady on Ancestry one time at the library..she went on and on about her families unusual name..turns out..they were everywhere..she was shocked I could see that Callins/Collins mix up Afternoon vkn

vkn: howdy all

Selma: and what is that?

alt: hello vkn, how be's ya, today?

Seventies: hi vkn

vkn: Have y'all been to this site

Seventies: wb Selma

alt: wb Selma not me vkn, first time seeing that site

Selma: Oops can't go to link..the "whiz kid computer kid" who lives next door fixed my computer

vkn: I be good and I be tired

Seventies: Selma, also there is one white Bert/Burt Callins married to Pauline, just like mine. Except they moved out to CA

Selma: Interesting..

vkn: Well I will post to mail list

alt: they fix'em, but don't tell ya what they did or how to make'em work, huh Selma?

vkn: Tell whiz to mind own biz Selma

Selma: He tried to explain...but my eyes were rolling up into my head..I am just glad his Mom lives next door and he comes by all the time

alt: I can understand you being tired vkn, you stay just too busy :)

Selma: He is very very good..

vkn: oh ok selma let him at it

Selma: Last thursday after trying to open an screen went white..a different version of the black screen of death

alt: vkn, I really like the 'navagation' tools on Reunion 10....

Selma: Said I had some kind of trojan..anyway he cleaned it all up and I am happy

vkn: Great their videos are super great alt. I have used Reunion for 20 years and they have come a looooooong way

alt: I guess Vicky's brother passed on according to what I'm seeing on FaceBook

Seventies: Yes yesterday from what I'm understanding.

vkn: Yes in the afternoon yesterday brother Robert passed on

alt: it's wonderful that she got to TX and was able to spend some time with him.

Selma: I am glad of that too alt..

vkn: Few people get the advance notice that the Daviss family recd. A gift for them

Seventies: Absolutely vkn.

vkn: Peace be with them

alt: yes it was vkn...I would imagine it makes those last few days & moments extra special, anyone have anything exciting to share?

Selma: Nope not me..does everything have to be exciting.. LOL

vkn: Selma do you run a trojan check periodically ?

alt: besides Seventies, finding much of her extended family in the 1940 census.

Selma: Isn't that what my security check does? Whatever it was I think it was recent..cause it just started going really crazy on Thursday..

Seventies: it should, but sometimes it doesn't catch it.

vkn: Ok I 'spose. I do a manual check at least once weekly selma what about you alt, seventies

Seventies: It automatically runs daily.

alt: I've been reading a lot of articles debunking the 'first slave' theme of the Obama-Punch story.

Seventies: lol talk about it backfiring...

Selma: Where are you reading the articles alt..

vkn: I am just beginning to look at the 1940 in a serious way

alt: from links I'm finding on FaceBook Selma ... HNN for one.

Selma: What is HNN? showing my ignorance

vkn: HNN is a good place to begin

alt: I don't know the webpage just says HNN LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: lol


alt: Bernice posted a link and so did Nadia

Selma: OK..I will check

alt: 1940 is an eye opener for me vkn..... clears up a lot of mysteries from earlier census years, especailly 1930. and then the bonus of Anita, me and a lot of my comtemporaries being enumerated for the first time.

Selma: Now that all is available...and my eyes are better, gonna spend some time looking more closely at 1940

vkn: Howey to Harvey is quite good alt

Selma: I did find my Mom and her parents

alt: yes vkn, those mis-indexed names really show the value of using all of the filters/parameters in searching for 'lost' persons.

vkn: and even though ancestry is error filled I find it easier to navigate

alt: me too vkn

vkn: Congrats on finding mom selma

alt: I found your Mom too Selma LOL LOL LOL

Selma: LOL and I was able to print out the sheet and give to her...

alt: I know she was thrilled!!!

vkn: I am doing a walk through my immediate neighborhood

Selma: Yes she was..

alt: that's fun vkn, it sure brings back a lot of memories.

vkn: Does your mom recall the people selma

Selma: Not too many they only lived there about 1 or 2 years before they moved to the Bronx

alt: the houses on the street around the corner from where I grew up have all been demolished and it is now part of a bicycle path.

vkn: I see. I will also be more keen on following thw "Char rule" with who is in the house

Selma: Found my father in law and mother in law living with his family in Lynchburg, VA

Seventies: I gotta run. Having a busy day today...

alt: it is interesting to locate the 'old' neighborhood on ggogle earth and see all of the changes in the community.

Selma: I promised my husband's cousin I would look for her in Lynchburg.. Haven't had a chance yet though

vkn: okies sounds like a leisure thing to do

Selma: Leisure..who has leisure.. lOL

alt: Selma, I was looking at folks in Bedford, VA which I think is about 15-20 miles from Lynchburgh

vkn: lol lol lol

Selma: Yes..not to far alt I have a friend from Bedford County or I should say her family is from Bedford..think she was born in NNews

alt: the Otey's & the Taylor's in Bedford are collateral family.. another point of Char's in researching families.

Selma: The Otey surname I am familiar with..

alt: that's a BIG name in that area Selma

Selma: Yes..

vkn: OTEY is a calhoun County AL name

alt: is tha right vkn ...

vkn: More specifically Jacksonville AL

alt: I'm also looking at Talladega & Calhoun Counties in AL for Embry family & collaterals that stayed there vkn.

Selma: How much you wanna bet that surname migrates out of VA vkn

vkn: I bet you are right Selma

alt: not much Selma.. all roads lead OUT of Virginia LOL

vkn: lol

Selma: Well folks I gotta get ready to get OUT of VA.. LOL

alt: have fun

Selma: Thanks...

vkn: lol too funny talk later

Selma: Bye

alt: laters y'all

vkn: bye

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