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2012-06-14 None Published


Start: 12:07:32
End: 13:05:43
Chatters: alt, Daviss, HistoryBuff, Seventies, vkn

alt: Hi Daviss, how are ya today?

Daviss: heyyy alt!

alt: things are a little slow around here how bout in AZ?

Daviss: I am fine so far this am yep slower than slow

alt: how's my guy Tyler feeling these days? Hope he is well and back to being an active young man.

Daviss: uh oh brb ok back alt! Tyler is good! He is active this summer lol

alt: good!!!!!

Daviss: slow here in chat

alt: very slow, guess folks figure not much happening with several regulars being at IGHR.

Daviss: lol that could be true

Seventies: hi y'all

Daviss: hi seventies

Seventies: hi alt & Daviss

alt: hi Seventies, it'll pick up (action) now Daviss with Seventies joining us LOL what's new with you Seventies?

Daviss: carry on seventies lol oops brb again

Seventies: I found a really great photo of an Afro-Mexican soldier, added to my fanpage. Did Daviss just answer the phone?? lol

alt: dunno, she's been in and out of chat today. hello HistoryBuff

Seventies: Anyway, things seem to be picking up for me. Hi HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey Alt, seventes and Daviss

alt: where did you find the photo ,, and which war was he involved in Seventies?

Seventies: Found the photo through facebook page. It was originally at the Antacostia Museum. I estimate its date to be from the Mexican Revolution.

alt: okay Seventies

Seventies: Other than that... nothing really new Just trying to prep for the reunion trip.

HistoryBuff: A facebook page for the Anacostia Museum in DC?

Seventies: No I Love Africa is the name of the page

HistoryBuff: Okay.

Seventies: hi vkn

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn.

vkn: howdy doody alt HistoryBuff Daviss Seventies

Seventies: Any Juneteenth events going on soon?

vkn: How goes it all

Daviss: gotta run, sorry!

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