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2012-06-09 AfriAm Presenters


Start: 21:05:50
End: 22:13:38
Chatters: AYWalton, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Hello AYWalton

AYWalton: Hey there Seventies!! I saw your photo! what a find!

Seventies: I know, its just thrilling to me... :} My cousin informed me that there is another Rubbermaid container full of photos... 8)

AYWalton: gracious!! but that is a real treat for sure.

Seventies: LOL I see it as a JOB... lol

AYWalton: and now that Michael is gone that photo just went up in value for sure! you must have gasped!

Seventies: Indeed AYWalton!

AYWalton: I would have loved to have seen you and heard what you said when you saw the photo!

Seventies: You would've laughed. lol I am big big MJ fan.

AYWalton: did you make some noise?

Seventies: These photos were in addition to the obituaries and newspaper clippings I posted on the facebook page... All from my aunt's house.

AYWalton: great!

Seventies: She saved quite a few things over her 60 years in NY

AYWalton: what is your FB name?

Seventies: Family Griot The same as my twitter page.

AYWalton: ahhh ok

Seventies: I had no idea that nearly 160 photos could fit into one of those turkish jewelry boxes.

AYWalton: for some reason I can't find your post now. hmm....

Seventies: On Monday, I plan on scanning my aunt's beauty school graduation photos Let me get the link Its so funny, I was going to stop doing the genealogy for a while and then this stuff came up.. lol

AYWalton: ahhh you are "The" Family Griot

Seventies: Yes I am... :}

AYWalton: no wonder! Plus I did not see the Sankofa bird. lol

Seventies: lol facebook wouldn't post the image the way I wanted it to

AYWalton: Oh I see you have a fan page and not a personal page.

Seventies: Yes, I thought that it would be better to do the genealogy that way and maintain the focus. All of its tied into twitter and the blog.

AYWalton: I see. FB allows so many different things it is almost impossible to keep up. I have the old set up and don't have that dreadful time line. That is the only way I can read things with the old format.

Seventies: yes it does. Most recently I see that you can also use Pinterst too

AYWalton: found a video on Youtube explaining how to get the old format back, so I changed it several weeks ago so I could find things.

Seventies: ah okay...

AYWalton: I have not gotten into Pinterest.

Seventies: I see people are using it.... I don't know too much about it though

AYWalton: I just did not want to create yet ANOTHER account for something, so I have chosen not to even look at it at all. I still have accounts in Dropbox and Evernote I have to learn how to use.

Seventies: Understandable. But all of these things tie into facebook or Twitter

AYWalton: it is just too much, sometimes.

Seventies: Everything now ties into facebook or twitter. sheesh

AYWalton: I am trying to keep my life uncomplicated and sometimes too much is too much.

Seventies: yes really. So much for the dot com bust... which I never thought it was a bust. It just needed more development and time Well I just visited with my aunt and uncle and my aunt is thrilled about the research I have done in Alabama. Yet another family line that we don't know too much about

AYWalton: greetings vkn!!

Seventies: Hello vkn

vkn: Greetings ayw!!! and howdy seventies hope all is well with all

Seventies: Everything is going well. How are you?

vkn: not complaining are you all packed ayw

Seventies: good vkn

AYWalton: not completely!

vkn: uh oh careful not to get plane left

AYWalton: lol

Seventies: lol

vkn: In the olden days people were known to get to the depot at least 2 hours fore departure to not get "train left" lol

AYWalton: on the phone

Seventies: Wow 2 hours?

vkn: at least and a shoe box full of chicken

AYWalton: lol

vkn: and pound cake fully crumbled by the time destination was reached.

Seventies: lol I remember having a box 'o chicken on our road trips down south... lol

vkn: and a bottle of co cola memories seventies

Seventies: I remember one trip, probably about 1978-79 (yes I was wee little lol) not only did we have chicken for the trip, but we also had a bed pan.. I didn't understand why then, but now I understand. Especially when driving in those rural areas at night. Yep memories vkn

vkn: Never knew of the bedpan but not a surprise

Seventies: My folks lived in the rural south... and I mean rural and isolated. We wouldn't see any white people when we visited. Both my maternal and paternal grandparents.

vkn: we would not risk night driving seventies

Seventies: We would start off leaving NY at like 2 or 3 and get to B'ham about 10 at night... lots of street lights on the main drag.

vkn: would make it to some church yard fore dark

Seventies: ah okay I can understand that logic. Timing was always critical

vkn: yes

AYWalton: (On the phone with Selma)

Seventies: Tell Selma hello

vkn: lol where will yall meet up ayw

AYWalton: Selma says hi!!

vkn: hi

AYWalton: Selma said a great photo of MJ.

Seventies: Thanks! :}

AYWalton: we will meet at the airport in B'ham.

vkn: Great find of mj Gem of a gem seventies

Seventies: thanks vkn

vkn: ahhhh ok ay

Seventies: Are you attending as well vkn

vkn: No but I have tentative plans for FGS

AYWalton: ok back. so will you be at FGS vkn? that's great!!

vkn: Planning for such

Seventies: ok

AYWalton: oh vkn, fyi when on Facebook, there is an interesting thread that Lisa Lee started yesterday about the lack of black speakers at the Jamboree.

vkn: Planning with ayw and BJ for suchfor such

AYWalton: she has now over 50 responses. even E Mills responded.

vkn: Ohhh I will look for it 2night

AYWalton: you will have to scroll down past the Jamboree fun pics that she has put up, but the thread is most interesting!

vkn: wow interesting

AYWalton: there is only 1 presenter of color at the jamboree.

Seventies: okay... I love those pics.. lol oh man they look like they had a lot of fun

vkn: Lisa generally gets to the point REALLY??

AYWalton: and it appears that even when they had a black chair of the program selection committee, they out-voted the chair and continued to not bring in presenters of color.

vkn: I guess I passed over the posts I did see the pics

AYWalton: a few folks joined the thread suggesting that perhaps minorities were not submitting proposals to speak.

Seventies: hmmmm... well

AYWalton: I pointed out how I was approached by the Jamboree folks to submit, which I did.

Seventies: Clearly the chair head is just meant to be a figurehead

AYWalton: I submitted 3 and was not selected.

Seventies: brn ladies

vkn: Cynthia has a similar thread started on GenHist

AYWalton: that was for 2010, and then for 2011 I submitted 2 and was not selected. and not to mention the 4 submitted for NGS. And a very well known presenter submitted 5 and was turned down. And NGS had only 1 speaker. yes Cynthia was part of that thread on FB. the thread got really interesting, and EMills asked Lisa if she ever submitted recordings with her proposals, which she should do.

vkn: Will that be part of the round table???

AYWalton: Lisa kind of smacked her down and said that she submitted what was required and if recordings are required then they should be required for ALL, not just folks trying to break into the "inner" circle. oh gracious no.

vkn: you mean voice recordings

AYWalton: the round table will be very general and nothing controversial. yes recordings I suppose of previous sessions given.

vkn: okies

AYWalton: a truly ridiculous idea---if not required of everyone---then it should not be required for some. there was the "of course you are welcome", but Lisa brought it back to "oh no we are not". It was most interesting for sure.

vkn: Good for Lisa

AYWalton: there are 50 messages in the thread, but for sure it is a good thread. Part of the same discussion raised in other circles. she also mentioned that she will probably not attend another Jamboree. and she mentioned that someone said in her circle of friends that asked where the black speakers were---that the event should be called the White Jamboree.

vkn: voice recording to rule in or out is discrimination

AYWalton: that really got the thread going. I would think so----and I found the suggestion offensive.

vkn: lol White jamboree

AYWalton: that is also like asking for a photo---also discriminatory and illegal in many circles. the issue is now "out there" and I do hope that people will take note.

vkn: forbidden

AYWalton: it is a serious problem and one that needs attention. I don't know even if anyone knows that voice recordings are illegal. If I had known I would have added that in my own comments. (I did put in my own two lengthy responses.) lol but I feel that I had to address the issue.

vkn: Never heard of such tom foolery

AYWalton: I thought the idea was outrageous, but it was suggested by one whom so many people admire so strongly. no one said anything.

vkn: and she and hubby earned their bread and butter researching Black fokes

AYWalton: and interestingly, at first Lisa ignored that part of the question, and she was prodded----with "you didn't answer that part of my question,"

vkn: humph

AYWalton: they have a very strange obsession with Black folks. there was a very patronizing attitude, but she eventually backed down.

vkn: whew

AYWalton: and one of our friends then told Lisa she was a Drama Queen. Of course Lisa has thick skin and dismissed it. but I have learned quite a bit from the thread and some of my suspicions were confirmed for sure by the remarks. but you need to read it. This has indeed been a very busy week.

vkn: good and she is full of drama but so what

AYWalton: exactly but she was speaking truthfully. and she had no holy reverence when E began to speak.

vkn: I eill do so before sleeping

AYWalton: and she clearly stood her ground.

vkn: eill= will

AYWalton: so scroll down past the Jamboree fun pics and go to the thread that begins----Okay, I know I'm probably gonna start something, but here, at the SCGS Jamboree, one of the largest genealogical conferences in the country, there are 68 speakers ... and only one of them (me) is black. Look for that thread---and then the responses follow.

vkn: thanx will do the battle gets won but the war continues

AYWalton: Indeed. and some are still trying to steer things away.

Seventies: Ok back

AYWalton: and as we know--some slaves also helped the overseer keep folks under control as well. So in some cases not even our own folks are always that helpful or share the same sentiment.

vkn: well one must build castles and moats

AYWalton: and we must build our own castles as well. No matter how much some of our own folks don't believe in them. but I know that I will see some of the folks who were in the thread--I will see some of them at Samford. which should be interesting.

vkn: well there does not need to be one mind but there must be one destination

AYWalton: Seventies---was that Germaine and MJ or Jackie and MJ? Jermaine I guess it is spelled.

Seventies: Jermaine and Michael

AYWalton: ahhh ok.

Seventies: they were so so young...

AYWalton: well I think I shall sign off, folks. Have a great evening folks.

Seventies: Have good trip AYWalton

vkn: good night ay

AYWalton: thanks so much. I shall sign in next time from Birmingham.

vkn: see ya 2morry seventies

Seventies: The last time I was in B'Ham I wanted to get a bbq pork sandwich on white Sunshine bread... lol Ok see you vkn have a good night.

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