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2012-06-11 Who Picks Up the Mantle?


Start: 12:12:54
End: 13:11:17
Chatters: daviss, fierybug08, HistoryBuff, Seventies

daviss: hello there historybuff

HistoryBuff: Hey Daviss. How are you?

Seventies: hello all daviss, HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey Seventies.

daviss: I am doing fairly well historybuff, what about you? hi seventies!!

HistoryBuff: I'm the same Daviss. How are you? Seventies?

Seventies: doing well.

daviss: fairly and doing huh! I imagine that the ladies selma and Angela are having a great time this morning in Samford

Seventies: I can imagine that.

daviss: I say morning but its afternoon there

HistoryBuff: So could I.

Seventies: Was late this morning, I'm just tired...

HistoryBuff: Burning the candle long this weekend, Seventies?

Seventies: I guess.

daviss: Oh seventies, I have been waking up late for about two weeks now...I just woke up about 15 minutes ago I hate that

HistoryBuff: And maybe the body needs a rest.

Seventies: Must be nice to be retired... :} Watching "Feast of All Saints

daviss: well after about 45 yrs in the work force I would say so lol

Seventies: TRAGIC.

daviss: but still hate to over sleep

HistoryBuff: I finally got a chance to see that 2 yrs ago.

Seventies: I'm glad that I'm alive today vs then... whew!

daviss: I actually went to bed early for a around 1:30 am there are several times in history that I am sooo glad that I did not live in

Seventies: lol goodness daviss Me too.

HistoryBuff: Indeed.

daviss: I was up reading last night but taking my time lol

Seventies: fierybug08

fierybug08: hello everyone. *Virtual waves* to daviss Historybuff Seventies

daviss: hello there fierybug08

HistoryBuff: Many made a great deal of sacrifices then. Hey fierybug08. How are you?

fierybug08: good. What did I miss?

Seventies: not much. Just lamenting about Monday... lol

fierybug08: oh...I can't complain. I was off for vacay on Friday. I got a free cup of coffee this morning so I can't complain

HistoryBuff: We hadn't begun deep discussion yet.

Seventies: You're doing better than I am... lol

fierybug08: I might be late about this book, but has any one read Rachel L. Swarns' American Tapestry? Talks about Michelle Obama's genealogy?

HistoryBuff: No, but I did read Megan

daviss: oh yeah..yesterday a plane load of WW11 vets deboarded off the plane at Sky Harbor and within 10 mins the area surrounding them was crowded and the cheers and clapping was amazing

Seventies: I saw it, but hadn't read it... one word REHASH

fierybug08: She will be speaking at the Pratt Library in Baltimore later this summer (July 18th)

Seventies: hmph

fierybug08: Oh...well Seventies...I'm late. Haven't had a break from school so I have read are just text books.

HistoryBuff: smolenenyak's article. Thanks for the heads up fierybug.

Seventies: I'm sure that the author will be relishing in Michelle's 'white' ancestors.

daviss: I am going to buy the book fierybug08 just to get my own opinion

HistoryBuff: Are you in school, Fierybug, if I may ask?

fierybug08: okay...I'd love to hear it daviss. No worries Seventies.'s taken me forever

Seventies: I'm not supporting that...

HistoryBuff: I can relate. It took me 6 yrs to finish Grad. school. I began part-time.

fierybug08: Library degree. I'm still not sure if I want to do it. But it's pre-requisite for decent salary.

daviss: I read Megans' review and I did not like her approach as to what the woman should have included

fierybug08: hmm...okay

daviss: and I also read the comments underneath and most people said they will not buy the book

fierybug08: well...HistoryBuff it looks like 6 yrs for me too

HistoryBuff: Neither did I , Daviss. The author had a reason for whom she did mention.

fierybug08: are we talking about the same book? The comments are they in Afrigeneas thread?

daviss: yes she did historybuff no they are under the article that megan wrote we are fierybug08

fierybug08: okay duh...I had to scroll up to read

HistoryBuff: Besides, I believe Megan assumed the author was writing the book as a genealogiist. Did the author present herself as such? Remember, Alex Haley wrote his family history as a journalist.

daviss: If I remember correctly she is not a genealogist

HistoryBuff: See, I interpreted Megan criticism to be directed toward a genealogist's appitude which was unwarrented due to the fact that author's intent conflicted with Megan's assumption.

daviss: as did most of the comments from the people who read the review of Megan. Now I am curious as to what the book is about.. its like going to the movie and forming your own opinion as to whether you like it or not

HistoryBuff: Maybe not so much intent but method and delivery. I agree with you, Daviss.

fierybug08: *show me the link*

daviss: There is a movie critic here that bashes durn near every movie that comes out that Tyler Perry puts out

fierybug08: well...Tyler Perry movies are about Entertainment and part of it shows a small snippet of reality.

daviss: His opinion is not what most AA's feel it does not matter to me if its entertaiment or not, he is knocking the mans ability to make money

HistoryBuff: Here's a link, Fierybug08,

fierybug08: I also think that directors do what they do to work out some of their own issues. I am not hating on Perry. It takes a lot of courage to do what he does. The life that he has lived.

HistoryBuff: wb fierybug08.

Seventies: yeah yah yah everybody is a critic... whatever.

fierybug08: whoops...the system kicked me out

daviss: that is my quirk with Megan and her bashing....How can she make the determination of what the lady should put in her book

Seventies: Because she's white and she's right... lol daviss, didn't you get the meme=o?? memo?? lol

HistoryBuff: That's one of the reasons, we need to tell our history not depending on others to tell it for us. wb Fierybug08.

daviss: so as it is, I will get the book and read for myself

HistoryBuff: Some memo, lol

fierybug08: I agree Historybuff.

HistoryBuff: Good for Daviss.

Seventies: Also, honest to goodness, I wish these black genealogists would stop complaining about these white run genealogical events.. woo..

fierybug08: well isn't this a coincidence. I didn't know you guys were talking about the book

HistoryBuff: Here you are, Fierybug08-----------------------------------------------O

daviss: fierybuff08 do you need my hand to hold on to

fierybug08: probably. gosh...finally found the page

HistoryBuff: :)

daviss: how so seventies or are you talking on FB

Seventies: Talking about facebook.

HistoryBuff: Oh. It's just a venue. ----a means to an end or destination.

daviss: a venue to vent you mean

HistoryBuff: LOL LOL

Seventies: I am tired of Lisa complaining about these white genealogy events...

HistoryBuff: Yeah, I've been contemplating unfriending a couple of relatives showing their destain for human respect.

Seventies: And I said so.

daviss: when did you put in your comment seventies

Seventies: On my FB status and in the thread she started on OBA..

daviss: I missed the read

HistoryBuff: I agree with you, Seventies, time to move on to other opportunities.

Seventies: Time to quit complaining

daviss: what would your suggestion be then seventies and HB to the solution

Seventies: I stated my solution... quit begging for entry. Create OUR own organizations. Some folks are just way too old to be complaining about this.

HistoryBuff: Indeed. For my experience, I took personal umbrage to a female relative displaying a photograph of a pistol and bullets also containing a couple of captions proclaiming bodily harm to other living beings.

daviss: Is that not what the IBGS is

Seventies: yes it is.

HistoryBuff: Makes sense to me, Daviss and Seventies. What's your take, fierybug08 ?

daviss: I guess the folks here would be forever out of luck in phx that is

HistoryBuff: How so, Daviss?

fierybug08: Well I too think if you want something to start it. Or to work together toward a common goal. It's not about 'individuality' its about legacy.

daviss: our ratio would not fit the pattern

fierybug08: I am optimistic and have a visionary spirit. But I also find it hard to get folks together to get things done. You can't force something if its not there.

HistoryBuff: You got the more progressive attitude on that score, Fiery!

Seventies: Agree fierybug08\

HistoryBuff: Agreed, Fierybug08.

fierybug08: I think our egos, agendas get the better of everything

HistoryBuff: Yep

Seventies: Anyhoo, bottom line is if we don't like something actions speak louder than words.

HistoryBuff: Hear Hear, Seventies. :}

fierybug08: I wish I could just quit my job and work on the genealogy all day long. But unfortunately I cannot do it right now. It will take you guys to set the continue working. To be the examples. Bump the others who are doing all the talking.

HistoryBuff: That's way I feel, Fierybug08.

fierybug08: agreed Seventies. We must network with organizations that will help us with advertising. It shouldn't be about color. It should be about work ethic.

HistoryBuff: There it is. I hate to leave such a provocative and spirited discussion, but I must. Have a great day everyone!

daviss: later HB

Seventies: later HistoryBuff

fierybug08: I think its a small percentage of colorism, but why aren't there more genealogist of color? Because we haven't made it popular yet. We are starting off small. People are having classes with community members. It starts with small things and then grows.

daviss: Lol We have more than enough genealogist of color and have had for decades

fierybug08: we again need to work together brb

daviss: The complaint is that the door is still closed when we have just as many capable people who can represent just as well one or two genealogist to represent is not enough and sometimes none at all even though they submit

Seventies: Every event takes financial upstarting. Who's willing to put money into these kinds of events?

daviss: not understanding what you are saying seventies..

Seventies: Moved on to talking about getting some upstarts. :}

daviss: still not understanding talk to me

fierybug08: well in the beginning there were probably a handful genealogist who knew what they were doing. Then they got interested in a particular portion of history or aspect of research. as for financial upstarting...there are grants, corporate sponsorships. The only thing that is lacking is people focused on getting monies.

daviss: in order to be a genealogist you have to look at all records fierybug08 just like everyone else the very same records in fact

Seventies: Oh I have to go... i'll see y'all tomorrow night... be good! :}

fierybug08: I know daviss...I agree with what you're saying about there are a lot of genealogist of color, but there is no consensus. There is no unity when it comes to creating a unified front on preserving a legacy.

daviss: interesting thought you have

fierybug08: a good example is when someone dies. Who continues on where they left off. We can dream about a lot of things...but how do we go about implementing them. Well enough of my rambling. Hope I didn't run folks off. I got to head back to work. Talk to you soon daviss.

daviss: There is always someone who picks up the mantle

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