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2012-05-29 Hezekiah Russell FPOC ?


Start: 21:11:21
End: 22:16:57
Chatters: deannie, easyskier, Selma, vkn

vkn: Howdy Selma

Selma: Good evening vkn... Hot enough for you in was a scorcher here today

vkn: Did you get a chance to read the article on freed school children VA?

Selma: Yes...

vkn: We got rain today So how did it grab ya

Selma: Truthfully...

vkn: and naught but truth

Selma: I am never sure if folks write things the way they think they should sound..

vkn: hmmmm

Selma: or what their audience wants to read or hear..

vkn: Prolly sheer ignorance or innocence

Selma: Their thirst and belief in an education is true My Mom left on Sunday..trying to get myself back on a schedule..

vkn: ahhhhhhhhh did roof get fixed

Selma: I have to check with my sister...they will need a new roof..

vkn: Hope the rain holds until roof is done. Thanx goodness that roofers are fast workers

Selma: Good evening easyskier Welcome to the Tuesday night chat

easyskier: Hi how are you...this is my first time

Selma: Well welcome...

vkn: Howdy easyskier welcome and we are glad you are here

Selma: easyskier..what state and county are you researching?

easyskier: I have been researching Canada, GA, SC, MI, MS and now Washington, DC Thanks for the welcome......

vkn: What surname in GA

Selma: I have been indexing alot of DC 1940 census records...

easyskier: I need some guidance....I think I just found my 4th great-grandfather in the 1820 census in DC as a free black. What other documents from that period could I research to find the names of family members and more about him??? My GA surnames are Latham, Moreland and Watts

Selma: How old was he in 1820..and was he still there in 1830?

easyskier: I don't know how old he was.....I was researching my 3rd greatgrfather when I found his last marriage certificate (there were 3) and it listed his father as Hezekiah Russell and I found a Hezekiah in the 1820 census. I didn't see him in 1830.

Selma: Good evening deannie.

vkn: Howdy deannie

deannie: Even was your holiday...

easyskier: hi deannie

vkn: Quiet and wet deannie and yours

deannie: Hi selma, vkn, and easyskier (you are new to me)....nice to chat with you

easyskier: yes I am new

deannie: Chi Town is on fire and I do not mean the kind the burn....Chicago is going crazy...the city have 40 shot in one weekend and 10 deaths

vkn: My goodness their badness

easyskier: careful

vkn: I am in Atlanta easyskier where are you

deannie: I do not know where their heads are...I work in correction and if they know what prison was before they go they would stop...

easyskier: I am in Los Angeles. My fathers family is from the ATL area

deannie: welcome back Selma

Selma: Sorry..clicked my self out..

vkn: Ouchies Selma

deannie: where is research easyskier

easyskier: thought you had left me

vkn: easyskier I raised my children in Santa Barbara

easyskier: Been researching Canada, MS, GA, MI, SC and TX.

deannie: where in Mississippi

Selma: are researching a lot of territory.. LOL

easyskier: was in santa barbara last weekend. coahoma, MS and I have not done much of anything there. Been concentrating on my Canada connection which lead me to DC this week.

deannie: Ok...I have a few family member there (about 1900)

Selma: you found a Hezekiah Russell in DC in 1820? Not sure if DC required free blacks to register

easyskier: my great great maternal grandparents were freed slaves from Coahoma,MS but I don't know where to start on that one

deannie: what the surnnames...mine are WEBSTER, TYLER, BRADLEY

vkn: I am in and out of room deannie

easyskier: yes found Hezekiah Russell in 1820 in DC. His son??, Benjamin, was born in 1807 in DC and left for Canada about 1840 with his wife and first two kids My MS surname is Bell and Grigsby

vkn: Does Daviss know that you have TYLER deannie

deannie: Not that I know of but I let her know

Selma: Where do they go in Canada?

easyskier: why would free blacks register?

vkn: I research BELL all over but mostly GA and AL easyskier

Selma: Because Free blacks in most southern states had to register..VA started registration beginning in 1793.. Mostly because they wanted to keep tabs on them..

vkn: tabs and toes lol

easyskier: Benjamin and family went to Ontario and then moved to the Fort Erie area

Selma: In case you are looking for more Canada info..Lisa Lee of the Canada Forum here at AfriGeneas is a great resource they were also seen as a threat.. I am trying to think who is a DC researcher..

easyskier: He had eight more children in Canada...I know a lot about him and the family, land records, militia etc. Now I want to know if Hezekiah is my 4th great grandfather.......if he is I can document 9 generations!!!

Selma: Thats great

vkn: Wonderful

Selma: So Benjamin leaves DC in 1840..with first wife and 2 kids..when you find Hezekiah in DC, how many other folks are living in his household I meant Benjamin.. Sorry it is late my brain gets slow

vkn: join the club selma

easyskier: Hezekiah had 6 people in his household....himself, his wife???, a mother?? 2 boys and 1 daughter.

Selma: Does Benjamin name his mother?

easyskier: her name was Harriet A. he didn't give a surname other than Russell.

vkn: What is your email easyskier will refer to Lisa Lee who Selma mentioned

easyskier: easyskier@.....My Canadian research on

vkn: Thanx

Selma: I would check the usual records for DC..maybe Hezekiah owned property, wills, deeds, he would have paid taxes.. Maybe marriages for children..they would be identified as free blacks or colored Not sure if they were keeping birth and death records during that time frame. The other question too is Hezekiah "born free" or emancipated..the status of his children would be based on the status of their mother not him

easyskier: Are anyting of those records for free blacks online?? I do know that Benjamin's 1st wife Elizabeth said she was born in PA.

Selma: Do you do all your research on line..or do you have access to FHCenters or archives?

vkn: A large Family History Center is in West Los Angeles easyskier

easyskier: I do both.....though I have had more success at FHC and archives than on line.

Selma: I just looked at Ancestry..I don't see Hezekiah in 1820? where is he in DC

easyskier: Actually he was in MD I think just across the border. I didn't put in a place and he appears to be the only black. Benjamin said he was born in DC

deannie: I have to run....nice to have meet you easyskier...come back again...this are good researcher with a lot of knowledge

Selma: that is different

easyskier: maybe I shoud say Benjamin and family left USA abt 1840.

Selma: You need to research Hezekiah in Maryland..

vkn: Y'all be good. Selma is the best easyskier

Selma: Oh jeez..

easyskier: ok I will start there

Selma: need to study him there.. Have you looked at Paul Heinegg's site free AA's in MD, VA, SC..these are families that are Free beginning in the 1600's..he goes up to about 1810

easyskier: no I didn't know about it

Selma: Go to the Free People of Color forum on afrigeneas... cllick to his site..he has an introduction and then info on early free black families. then links to his work..remember he follows the families who were free beginning in 1600's and works forward..

easyskier: ok...thanks for the info. May I contact you from time to time

Selma: Sure..

easyskier: your email please

Selma: We also meet at the Lunch Bunch Chat at Noon EST Monday thru Friday selinva@

easyskier: I've seen your posts before.

Selma: Hope they were helpful

easyskier: You, Valencia and Melvin are pro's

Selma: Well we try.. I will tell you that Maryland and DC are not areas I research..

easyskier: I think you are and appreciate the help

Selma: Your welcome..well past my bedtime..gotta run..have a good evening

easyskier: well perhaps I will run into to someone via the forum who does research in MD and DC

Selma: Oh yes..there are a number of MD and DC researchers..

easyskier: you too sleep tight

Selma: Good night

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