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2012-05-06 Watchtower & Genealogy


Start: 11:38:05
End: 14:16:06
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Daviss, jhonora, L.T. Lanier, Selma, Seventies

L.T. Lanier: hi jhonora I started to think no one would show up for chat today.

jhonora: me too Any new discoveries?

L.T. Lanier: yes family in Ohio.. Hi Selma Hi AYWalton

AYWalton: Good morning, all. Hey hey hey honora! Wassup Mizz Selma!

Selma: Good Sunday morning AY, jhonora and L.T.

AYWalton: hey SoulChile! hope everyone is well.

jhonora: Good Morning Selma, AYWalton!

Selma: Is someone here incognegro this AM

AYWalton: lol

L.T. Lanier: yes AYWalton... lol

AYWalton: )she is in disguise, yep!) :) jhonora did you get everything squared away with the St. Louis folks?

jhonora: Yep, I can't wait

AYWalton: when do you present? they are really nice folks over there.

jhonora: May 19th

AYWalton: that weekend I will be in Arkansas presenting, so just a state away. they are good folks. You will enjoy it.

jhonora: Oh really, on what topic?

AYWalton: hope they take you to Sweetie Pie's later for dinner. I will be presenting at a cemetery preservation conference.

L.T. Lanier: Does this group have a website AYWalton? Where you are presenting

AYWalton: One of my topics will be studying a black community through cemeteries and the Black Benevolent Societies.

jhonora: I love cemetery research, right now I am working on Lafayette Cem No. 1 here in N.O.

AYWalton: presenting in Little Rock. no---that's wrong------- flying into Little Rock----presenting in Ft. Smith (my own hometown)--how could I mix that up?

Selma: Now you know how busy you are when you don't know where you are presenting.. LOL

L.T. Lanier: lol

AYWalton: (reaching for my high octaine coffee cup!)

Selma: LOL

AYWalton: I got it mixed up for sure! lol

jhonora: I love it when older newspapers mention folks as being "leading fraternalists," one man I research yesterday was in over 20 societies

AYWalton: wow---that is amazing.

Selma: AY..that is why I rushed and made the hotel reservations last week..for Samford..I got my weeks mixed up and thought I missed the deadline..

AYWalton: lol

Selma: Thats alot of groups..

AYWalton: glad you got it Selma, for sure! I wonder how he kept up with them all, jhonora. I would love to see the list of his societies.

Selma: Wonder if he had to pay dues for all those groups;

AYWalton: jhonora have you seen much activity in LA with members of Mosaic Templars? and does his headstone reflect one of the groups?

jhonora: He was a businessman and a 'real race man' so he needed to be able to be Brothers/Moose/Elks/Mason, etc. with all the people

AYWalton: I did see a stone online (now where is it?) of a man who had two emblems on his stone---Mosaic Templars and Royal Circle of Friends

jhonora: Not much on the Mosaic Templars, they probably were more known up near Shreveport

AYWalton: probably so----Mosaic Templars began in Arkansas though it spread to over 30 states. But I think that K of Peter Claver and other groups were prevalent the closer your got to New Orleans. the Roman Catholic influence was stronger near the gulf coast, I suspect.

jhonora: Right, there was a strict division along rel. lines when it came to clubs

AYWalton: quite interesting.

jhonora: The only people who generally crossed into all the clubs were businessmen

AYWalton: I wonder how the small Black Catholic pockets (and they were tiny pockets) in Arkansas involved themselves in local activities. These groups were often major parts of the social fabric of the community. I was surprised to find evidence of an Arkansas based group in Oklahoma--with amazingly rare photos as well. Found some in an old newspaper.

jhonora: The folks-from-back-home clubs were really popular, the Louisiana Club in Chicago put on an even grander Carnival than here. They were so homesick it drove 'em to creativity!

AYWalton: that is fascinating, jhonora. any interesting articles or photos?

jhonora: Did the Ark. folks marry into each other in Ok?

AYWalton: I am also fascinating to see how many social clubs reflecting "home" are formed in distant places. Like the "Arkansas Club" in Los Angeles. There was also an "Oklahoma Club". They were known to have fantastic BBQ's and huge picnics.

Selma: There were similar clubs in NY..for those who came from different Islands in the West Indies..

L.T. Lanier: That was mentioned on Bernice's show with the guest Sylvia Wong..

Selma: My grandmother belonged to the Grenada Mutual

AYWalton: I don't know about that, jhonora. I should look into that.

L.T. Lanier: I know that there was a Mississippi group/groups in NY when I was coming up. They had a big picnic event a couple years in a row at Central Park

AYWalton: and now that you mention it---my husband belongs to two Nigerian clubs that are US based national groups. One is for his family's hometown of Oshobo. They had a national convention last summer in Philadelphia, with several hundred people in attendance. I guess that is a common characteristic. Kind of like the Sons of Italy. People miss home so they form a bond for a generation or two, with an organization. and some last for decades, creating scholarships, and foundations, etc.

L.T. Lanier: It would be curious to know if these groups have begun to form in the south now that people are remigrating. I know there is one for my hometown that meets 4 times a year. And the venues are always full.

AYWalton: It meets in the south?

L.T. Lanier: In ATL

AYWalton: I think the movement back south is a different kind of thing. We are now so scattered. But how interesting, though.

L.T. Lanier: This is specifically for people from Highland Falls/West Point.

AYWalton: West Point NY, or West Point MS?

L.T. Lanier: Really Highland Falls, NY Its a village, but you would be surprised how many black people get together.

AYWalton: ooops back.

L.T. Lanier: mouse problems?

AYWalton: not sure what happened that time. the mouse issue still continues, though.

L.T. Lanier: Well I think I may have found a living relative in my most current research... very excited.

AYWalton: that is cool, SoulChile

L.T. Lanier: Yes, he's pretty old if he's still living 82.

AYWalton: hey jhonora, did I see something on TV recently about your old hs now having a new jazz band? have you spoken to him, SoulChile?

jhonora: I saw that, AY, the band is the best

AYWalton: was it on Find Your Roots or something? I think that is wonderful.

L.T. Lanier: No, haven't contacted. I am hoping to go to MD soon to visit with other relatives from this line. These are all the direct descendants of Scott Washington and his wife Eliza.

AYWalton: Jhonora is there any site online where the history or , or images from old parochial schools and parishes are preserved? I keep wondering where and how to share some of the many images I have been collecting. I have seen some neet images also from the NBCC newsletter, but wondered if there were more someplace.

jhonora: Unfortunately there isn't, although that is a good idea

AYWalton: talk about some quickly vanishing history, jhonora. plus many of the parishes are now long closed, gone forever, and possibly the history is gone as well, unless it is quickly captured.

L.T. Lanier: what about flickr?

AYWalton: I only see flickr as a place just for photos and no data. I don't use it and don't go there for historical information. I have just as strong an interest in schools. just wondering.

L.T. Lanier: Oh no, just photos and short descriptions of the photos.

AYWalton: and thinking.........and I KNOW I have enough to do already!

jhonora: The schools were a major form of evangelization, they are disappearing faster than churches

L.T. Lanier: lol

AYWalton: but I also keep running into old school data---sometimes, records and feel a need to share the information somehow.

L.T. Lanier: We used to have a Catholic college and primary school here, but both are now closed.

AYWalton: you mean around West Point NY? and the black parishes are a dying breed in small towns.

L.T. Lanier: yes in Highland Falls. Ladycliff College and Sacred Heart K-8. Neither were black though, just catholic. Ladycliff College was the West Point cadets dating pool back in the day... lol

AYWalton: lots of schools even here in Baltimore are closing---Catholic schools---the Archdiocese is upsetting many folks, but the population is shifting.

jhonora: After 150 years, a second black Episc. church was opened here recently

L.T. Lanier: As well as the money.

AYWalton: is that right, jhonora? That is interesting.

L.T. Lanier: Are more people becoming protestant/evangelical? Or just leaving the area AYWalton?

Selma: You mean there was only 1 jhonora

jhonora: Yes, only one, Saint Luke's Episcopal

AYWalton: no idea, I think that there might be an interest because of recent issues with priets. Epis. priests can marry. And many who immigrate here from Africa are Anglicans---Epis.--same thing. Although the parish I attend is also full of West Africans and Haitians as well.

Selma: Yes, the church in Grenada was Anglican..most went to Episcopal churches here

AYWalton: there is a large Black Episcopal community also here in MD. but in a big city that is to be expected. I was also surprised to see how many Black and Spanish 7th Day Advents are here.

L.T. Lanier: Let me get going... my sons just came back from a memorial service for their teacher and are anxious to tell me all about it. I will see you all tomorrow.

AYWalton: But then I learned that the World Headquarters Office of the 7th Day Adventist Church is located in MD.

Selma: Is the Watchtower a jehovah witness publication

AYWalton: take care, SoulChile.

L.T. Lanier: Y'all have a good day.

AYWalton: yes, Selma---the folks who knock on the door push the Watchtower.

jhonora: The Spiritual Church is relatively big here. I had a cousin who was a Spiritual bishop

Selma: I have been transcribing a book published by

AYWalton: oh jhonora---how can I find out what happened to the old Holy Ghost priests? Like Fr. Delaney, Fr. Favre, Fr. Kirby. I know they are deceased, but we never knew when they passed or where they were sent. not familiar with the Spritual Church.

Selma: Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society

AYWalton: really Selma? you are transcribing a Jehovah Witness book?

Selma: Called Daily Heavenly Manna of the Household of Faith.. It has scriipture texts for each day of the month..

AYWalton: I see.

jhonora: AY, you should contact Mary Winkler, with the Spiritans, Bethel Park, PA

Selma: It belonged to a relative..she recorded births dates, death dates.. next to the scripture dates..

AYWalton: ahhh ok!!! Thanks, jhonora!

jhonora: That is interesting Selma, how old is the book?

Selma: Copyrighted 1907 by publishers.. It first belonged to my grandmother's first husband I believe..he signed it 1913

AYWalton: you should put up images of the book Selma. I love old books like that.

jhonora: Was the family in Va., Selma?

AYWalton: jhonora, do you know if there are any papers left by the Spiritans? I would love to know if there are old letters or anything? I guess Mary Winkler might know, huh?

Selma: No Grenada BWI, many migrated to Panama to build the Canal..some like my grandmother and other migrated here My grandmother sister and brother..stayed in I have family there..

AYWalton: They are still there, Selma? That's neat---have you gone to visit them?

jhonora: For some reason, she's never sent much in terms of old correspondence, but they have nice pictures and write-ups from the old Spiritan publications, and records of visits of the superior

Selma: It is this side of the family that I will see at the family reunion in Aug

AYWalton: I would love to see the old publications.

jhonora: I've found most of the correspondence on my parish in the diocesan archives, so I guess that would be Little Rock? for you

Selma: I made copies of the pages with the entries for births, deaths and marriages to take to the reunion

AYWalton: have you been in touch with her much? yes, the Diocese of Little Rock.

Selma: Will I see you alla this evening..Sanjay Gupta is one of the guests

AYWalton: that's right, Selma. see you later then.

jhonora: The last time I contacted her was about three months ago, I can inquire about Ft. Smith

AYWalton: yes, please do, jhonora.

Selma: Have a great day folks.

AYWalton: I would appreciate that!

jhonora: I will have to take a pill before the show tonight

AYWalton: take a pill? and why is that?

jhonora: To calm me down, that man is so "white" crazy, it's a sin and a shame as my grandfather would say

AYWalton: oh you mean Gates! how could I forget! lol

jhonora: Yes, I was late viewing the Sam'l Jackson/Ruth Simmons episode, I saw it online

AYWalton: and every episode one has to hear about his ancestor Jane Gates and hear his angst about now knowing who the white man was who fathered her children. I saw it online also. I did not watch it last week when it aired.

jhonora: I was so disgusted with his emphasis on the guests' white connections along with his own

AYWalton: that is an obsession with him.

jhonora: His daughters are half-white

AYWalton: kind of sad. and his children all married back whites as well. I don't think he has "black" grandchildren.

jhonora: Really? It is amazing how many Afro-studies folks are so caught up with whites

AYWalton: oh well. many have white spouses.

jhonora: I will be watching tonight though!

AYWalton: If I remember, I shall watch. Well I had better run. have a good day.

jhonora: Me too! Have a good one!

Seventies: Hi alt! alt are you there?

alt: yeah Seventies .. I'm here... how are ya?

Seventies: Doing well.

alt: I'm late for chat... had company .. great-grandson was here for a short visit.

Seventies: I just wanted to let you know that I've traced an Aunt Julia Washington and her family in Ohio... the records there are great Oh! That must've been nice. Was it the baby John Carter?

alt: oh okay, where in Ohio and what is the time frame?

Seventies: From 1880 - current

alt: yep, that's the one Hello daviss. howdy to ya.

Seventies: Oh he is the most adorable baby! lol He looks to me alot like your son's baby photo that you posted. :)

Daviss: heyyyy

Seventies: Hey Daviss

alt: yeah Seventies, FamilySearch has a 'nice' set of Ohio records.

Daviss: Overslept, lol

alt: you're excused Daviss

Seventies: I was able to get the actual death certificates for my aunt Julia and her husband Welcome. His christianing record along with that of his siblings and his parents marriage records.

Daviss: thanks much alt I appreciate that

Seventies: I also saw that Welcome Jr. may still be living...

alt: wow, that's was a good catch for you Seventies

Daviss: sure is! Good for you

Seventies: yes I was very happy with the results. Now if I could just find the marriage certificate of Julia and Welcome's daughter Wilma and her family, I'd be thrilled!

alt: so you have then ib Census, vitals & other records for Ohio then, huh Seventies?

Seventies: Yes military draft cards, Death, Marriage, census, baptism etc.. The family originally lived in Huron Co, then Oberlin, OH and finally th children moved and settled in Cuya... lol you know the county alt! lol

alt: if they were married in Ohio and you know the county you could write to the Probate Court of that county for the marriage record Seventies

Daviss: Seventies I am kinda proud of you..You have gathered lots of documents for a lot of your folks!! well more than kinda! :}

alt: Cuyahoga, which probably means Cleveland, Bedford or Garfield Heights. Oberlin is in Lorain County.

Seventies: Well I had to go back to that deed that I had for Scott Washington's estate. The document had to be signed by all of the children. Gave their locations in 1924 Signed and notarized thanks Daviss.

alt: wonderful Seventies

Seventies: yes Welcome Bowman was a janitor at Oberlin High school until his death of TB in 1946 Julia Bowman died in 1945 of a stroke she was only about 45 years old herself.

alt: so he should be in the 1940 census for Lorain county & the City of Oberlin.

Daviss: you know, Texas is really backwards....The deeds I have for my Taylor and Dickerson have Joseph Taylor and his heirs, and Charlie Dickerson and his heirs. No durn names listed at all. I was so disgusted.

Seventies: Hmmmm

alt: that's a bummer Daviss

Daviss: Every turn is a trip in my search

Seventies: This document was you know when people convey their land for a $1 to family members. so I guess that's a different type of document.

Daviss: yes but I have seen land deeps with all the heirs listed deeps = deeds

Seventies: Clerk must've been lazy

Daviss: dunno

Seventies: The deeds you looked at were they transcribed?

Daviss: no they are the originals

Seventies: ok

alt: yeah, I have an estate settlement paper where all of the heirs & their sposes are listed ...... 3rd great-grandfather died without a will ... intestate... and it names all of his heirs in the settlement. and this was in 1864.

Seventies: That's how Scott Washington died intestate. Since the sister and her husband were living on the land and they didn't want it, they signed over their shares.

alt: those records (intestate) often have more information than is contained in a Will.

Seventies: I guess it was becuase he was murdered for it.

alt: oh my!!!

Daviss: I do have one oil deep for my Dickerson that lists one daughter and her husband where it is signed by both of them. Thats how I found out who she married

Seventies: And the man that committed the crime was dead by 1923.

Daviss: dang again deep = deed

Seventies: lol Daviss you may be excuse to get a cup of coffee... lol

Daviss: strange cause the p is way on the other side of the keyboard lol

Seventies: remember to use your left finger for d not the right finger.. :}

alt: I was gonna say that Daviss LOL LOL

Daviss: lol lol do you have the records for the murder of your scott

Seventies: Not all that I need. So far just the D.C. I am really unsure how exactly to proceed from that point. I'd always heard that he'd been killed for his land. That is an area that I really need professional assistance with in getting the case file. Other extended family members have confirmed this information

alt: are there newspaper accounts of the 'murder'?

Daviss: just get it from the clerk of court in the area.. Its all public record

Seventies: Before they took the Woodville Democrat offline, I couldn't get any information there about it. I will have to go to the LOC newspapers and see if I can dig up the story.

Daviss: you could go to that courthouse and look thru the minute books

Seventies: The court records in Adams are just... I wouldn't even know where to begin. seriously.

alt: or the local library may have some microfilm of the newpspaers around that timeframe.

Seventies: I'll have to give a call Put on the charm.. lol

alt: you have charm????? LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: They will show you how to begin.. I am sure they are not as backwards as my research county :{

Seventies: oh don't be mad Daviss, just be patient and sweet... lol I don't even need to respond to that ... lol lol

alt: and I'm ducking LOL

Seventies: I'm looking forward to meeting with the Washington/Reynolds descendants in a couple of weeks.

Daviss: I need a beer on that one seventies lol

Seventies: Daviss!!! lol

Daviss: lol lol

Seventies: Wish me the best. I'm hoping to get photos, more info etc about the Washingtons.

alt: did y'all enjoy the Rashida Jones episode of WDYTYA?

Seventies: No

alt: did you watch it?

Seventies: yes

Daviss: you have my wishes Seventies and you bee sweet to them lol

alt: why did you not enjoy it?

Seventies: But I'm tired of it. This happened right along about season 2

Daviss: tired of the shows period you mean

alt: yes bets wishes with the family Seventies

Seventies: Thanks alt & Daviss yes Tired of the show.

Daviss: oh ok

Seventies: I'm also kind of tired of Finding Your Roots as well.

alt: she (Rashida JOnes) is fortunate that both of her parents have had their ggenealogy looked at in depth on that type of show.

Seventies: She is.

Daviss: thats for sure alt

Seventies: It would've been nice if her sister Kidada was on the show with her as well. Yes that's her name.. lol

Daviss: I would love to win that type of a journey

alt: and her story has to be 'compelling' as it encompasses both Slavery & the Holocaust. not too many people have that in their background.

Seventies: You know, no offense to Ancestry, but they do not have the kind of staff who would be proficient at tracing African Americans back to Africa. they did offer that as a prize not too long ago Daviss. I guarantee that the winner was of some European descent.

Daviss: yes I put my name in the box

alt: you really believe that Seventies

Seventies: Numerically the odds are in their favor.

Daviss: seventies I am not so sure of that as far as the staff

Seventies: I've yet to see it. Let me just say that.

Daviss: The Mormons have that as a part of their mission in all areas of this world

Seventies: If they did, it would definitely be through DNA

Daviss: shoot lol all they probably have to do is go in their undergound vault

Seventies: Ooh Daviss! lol

alt: I would think it would be a matter of reources rather than research and Ancestry has the resources.

Daviss: thats true, thats where the records are kept

Seventies: good point alt. But I would imagine that there would be a disconnect between the time those were taken from the continent to the time they arrived in the Caribbean then on to America.

Daviss: I had not heard yet if a winner was picked. I know I entered several times lol

Seventies: Well Daviss, I hope you win!

Daviss: I enter everything at least once lol

Seventies: :)

Daviss: The family Reunion sweepstakes too

alt: could be Seventies, but remember we were 'cargo' and very good records were kept on cargo...... spelled MONEY.

Seventies: True. That's what I really enjoyed about the Ainsley Harriott episode. Man they kept excellent records in the Caribbean

Daviss: brb

alt: that was one of the intersting aspects of the Rashda Jones 'thing'... how the folks were 'eliminated' from the records as of 1941... just recorded as 'wiped out'.

Seventies: Now these were the descendants of the family that remained in Latvia, right.

alt: but the records for her ancestors were excellent up to that point in time

Seventies: they were.

Daviss: ok

alt: right, those who remeained in Latvia.

Daviss: that had to be gut wrenching

alt: they origin of the Benson surname was very, very interesting.... by Russian edict that folks had to have a recorded surname

Seventies: I missed the origin explaination. I did think that it had something to do with perhaps being 'Ben's Son'.

alt: right..

Daviss: right seventies

Seventies: ok

Daviss: all those son names are derived

Seventies: So now if you see someone with the name Benson, you'll know they may be Jewish.

alt: makes our names such as Freeman seem reasonable.

Daviss: yes!! trade names also like Cooper

alt: yes Daviss

Daviss: Baker

alt: Candle Stick Maker... Oh, that was silly LOL LOL

Daviss: lol Black and Smith lol wonder what Davis means? probably started as son of Dave Davisson I could say that seventies started out as seven ties in her closet lol

Seventies: lol

Daviss: one for each day of the week lol lol starting with a bolo

Seventies: maybe one of my forefathers would've lol

alt: when I see Lanier I do think of Bob Lanier the BB player from St. Bonaventure who went on to be an All-Pro with the Detroit Pistons.

Daviss: is that Bob Willie or Willie Bob alt?

Seventies: You know he does really look a lot like the laniers down to the gap Well my Laniers

alt: might check that out Seventies

Seventies: I get asked that all the time by those who know.

alt: it is not that common of of surname.

Seventies: Its more common than you think.. :} I used to think the same thing.

alt: really!!!!

Seventies: Quincy Jones had a Lanier remember?

Daviss: is that all over or is it down south Seventies

alt: no I didn't

Seventies: The Lanier surnames go from NC all the way down to TX

Daviss: Ok cause I have seen some in Tx

Seventies: Lanier Lake, Lanier High school etc. etc. Me too Daviss Though its not as common as Daviss with one s or Thomas.

Daviss: right Seventies It makes you wonder, what area of the states the day after slavery did people look around and say, I am taking that name.. All the ones except for Freeman was it something that they related to besides the owner

Seventies: Some took the last name of the owner of their father... which I thought was interesting. That is something that I found when reading the slave narratives. Great piece of history

Daviss: like a tall oak tree, a plantation name

alt: well, y'all time for watching some 'hoop's check y'all out alter.

Daviss: ak alt have a good day ok

Seventies: Oh yea its that time of year enjoy the game

Daviss: I cant say Go Suns lol

Seventies: I can't say Go Knicks! lol so we're squared up then.. lol

Daviss: Seventies, Seventies Seventies lol at least you know a name lol

Seventies: ha ha ha.. I can't help that.

Daviss: did you fall out lol

Seventies: yes I got jammed up.. lol I meant to say that last week my aunt was diagnosed with advanced alzheimer's disease... it was a total shock.

Daviss: Oh My!! advanced already

Seventies: She had been having fainting spells in December/Jan

Daviss: sorry to hear that Seventies

Seventies: They had to put her in hospice and she can't even go to the bathroom. Just last month she was fine Daviss. She doesn't even know who her grandchildren are.

Daviss: Oh My Seventies!! She may have had mild to moderate and the family may not have known it

Seventies: Walking around and driving. So needless to say we are all just baffled.

Daviss: you can do that for a while at mild

Seventies: Well she knew who I was last summer. And she was having fainting spells then as well.

Daviss: some folks think when they forget sometimes or repeat sometimes its a normal thing for aging thats not unusual Seventies the fainting thing is unusual though

Seventies: Well her sister had Alzheimers as well, but not such a rapid degeneration as this.

Daviss: I don't know if you were in chat once when I told peeps about three of my friends

Seventies: No I don't recall.

Daviss: two were in their mid 40's and one was only 27

Seventies: OH WOW

Daviss: I was so flabbergasted with those ages especially the younger one

Seventies: It had to be something in their food or vaccines.. no way.

Daviss: not sure of that but one of the 40 yrs old is now around 62 the 27 yr old lived about 5 yrs and the other 40 yr old passed away at about 60

Seventies: Wow so she's lived with alzheimers for 20 years

Daviss: yes in fact she is in a nursing home in Dallas

Seventies: smh

Daviss: her daughter lives here. I saw her and she told me that she stopped visiting

Seventies: oh that doesn't sound good.

Daviss: I was heartbroken but she felt that it did no good because she did not know who she was and I guess it was hard on the daughter

Seventies: Yes it sounds like it. But at least she has had the time to prepare for her mother's physical departure.

Daviss: yes that disease runs in families

Seventies: I remember when my aunt Dinah was diagnosed with it. I had visited her just before at her house and there was just something different about her. I couldn't put my finger on it. I see. With those folks its either stroke and now Alzheimers...

Daviss: I can imagine.. asking the same question over and over is a good indication

Seventies: Maybe that's what my Aunt Louvenia had. She is said to have had these spells where she just went out walking for days. That is very scary.

Daviss: yep they are classified as roamers in nursing homes so they have to keep them in that enviornment

Seventies: Of course this was back in the day before there was an official diagnosis. It was just old age senility at that time.

Daviss: there is a difference

Seventies: Yes now there is a difference, but before it was all clumped together.

Daviss: dementia and alheimers are similar

Seventies: right. that's how I've heard it called now.

Daviss: yes

Seventies: Alright Ms. Daviss I've got to get going to check on these boys. they've been out all morning and are just now getting in.

Daviss: ok Seventies, you have a really nice rest of the day

Seventies: Ok have a great afternoon. Make something good to eat. :}

Daviss: later

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