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2012-04-29 Finding Your Roots


Start: 19:53:54
End: 20:58:29
Chatters: bbenn, daviss, evpace, Family Griot, keli`, Nadasue, Selma, Sonia, vkn

Family Griot: Hello vkn

vkn: heyyyyyyyy

Family Griot: Glad to see you in here tonight... hope all is well in the Peach state.

vkn: doing well what time is the show

Family Griot: at 8pm EST

vkn: I have antique road show

Family Griot: at 8?? really?? oh no...

vkn: ooooooookay well my minutes may be slow

Family Griot: :}

vkn: how goes the 1940

Family Griot: Good for MS, found some folks in AL other states not so well. Particularly OK

vkn: very good

Family Griot: Well its getting ready to come on now... brb

vkn: ok LOTS if commercial

Family Griot: Here we go. . .

vkn: yup

Family Griot: Hello Sonia

vkn: howdy evpace

Sonia: Hi Valencia, Family Griot, & evpace

vkn: sonia howdy

evpace: Evening all.

Family Griot: Hello evpace

vkn: good tosee all

evpace: Hi again Family Griot.

daviss: hello all!!

Sonia: Hi daviss & bbenn

vkn: howdy bbenn

bbenn: Howdy to Everyone!

Sonia: 3 in one night - not a lot of time each

Family Griot: Hi daviss, bbenn

daviss: Hi Sonia!

bbenn: Hi Family Griot!

vkn: heyyyyyy davisssssssss

daviss: well hello Mz vkn!

Family Griot: He keeps talking about Piedmont, WV.. oh who cares! lol

vkn: lol

bbenn: Hello vkn!

Sonia: fam griot - agreed!

bbenn: lol lol

vkn: i spose the basic story is the same for the 3

Family Griot: ah NYC... gotta love it!

daviss: :?

evpace: BNICE Family Griot

Sonia: Hi keli

vkn: howdy keli

daviss: hi there keli1

bbenn: Hi keli

Family Griot: Hi keli`

keli`: Good evening all!

daviss: dang keli what happened to your 1 lol

vkn: did not know sam went to the house

Family Griot: really, I had to find the ` mark .. lol

daviss: lol

vkn: nice family photo

evpace: "Mighty M Man" Jackson.

Family Griot: was this his maternal grandfather or paternal grandfather??? I missed that.

Sonia: I think maternal

vkn: maternal

Family Griot: TY Another great photo... :)

keli`: Vicki how ya doing out there in AZ

vkn: nadasue howdy

Family Griot: Hi Nadasue

Sonia: Hi Nadasue

Nadasue: Hello everyone!

daviss: thanks for asking keli lol I am doing great!!

Family Griot: I like Condi more now that she is OUT of the White House. I guess everyone has a story, though.

bbenn: So do i.:}

daviss: She is one smart lady thats for sure

Nadasue: I love her. I read her biography a couple of years ago. I have much respect for her, despite her political choices

evpace: For sure Family Griot

vkn: that is our history

Nadasue: I'd bet my tiny life savings she voted for Barack, though.

keli`: I have always liked her, she did her job...with class

Family Griot: lol we'll never know... lol

vkn: lol nadasue

Family Griot: Oh man, you know I've gone past the 16th st Bapstist church on so many occasions and had no idea about it until I became a grown woman...

vkn: and their gravesite was in ruins some 4 yrs ago

Family Griot: My parents didn't talk much about any of this

evpace: Yes we do; it's in her DNA.;) ;)

daviss: thats what we call live and learn family Griot

Family Griot: But I take a different approach, no need to wait to tell it.

Nadasue: He's got a lot to cover in this one show

Family Griot: This should've been a 2 hour show or at least an hour and a half.

bbenn: yes, he does have a lot of information to cover in a 60 minute show.

Sonia: If PBS is smart they'll have additional scenes online

vkn: good notion sonia

keli`: the dvd is for sale, PBS is not missing anything

Family Griot: Did he say what state this was in? *sigh*

Sonia: TX

Family Griot: Thank you Sonia Houston!

vkn: lol @ Keli1

Family Griot: Hi Selma

bbenn: Hi Selma

Nadasue: Dr. Gates gave a set to my daughter's fiancee. (Don't know if I ever mentioned to ya'll that they know each other.)

Selma: good evening folks

Nadasue: Hey Selma

Family Griot: nope you never mentioned it...

Nadasue: I wonder if her family descended from the slaves on that property... probably so

daviss: hi there Selma!!

Family Griot: daviss, well they are finally talking about your state :}

vkn: howdy selma

daviss: lol @ Family Griot

keli`: Hi Selma!

vkn: what was the set Nadasue

keli`: Ms. Ruth is telling it....

daviss: gee I can't wait to see it Family

Nadasue: A full set of the videos from the show/project

Family Griot: That's great Nadasue. Did you watch already?

Nadasue: No... he gave it to my daughter's fiancee.... they live in Paris (although I doubt if they took it with them) It's probably at his mother's place in NY. His mother and Skip are good friends.

Family Griot: ok

Nadasue: He made a big deal of telling me about it because he knows I do genealogy, and I guess he was trying to impress me. I was like, "That's nice." :)

Family Griot: lol

Nadasue: Just finished reading a book that picture reminded me of...Plantation... not a bad read... quick Also read "Ruth's Redemption" right before that

bbenn: Where are they?

Sonia: TN

bbenn: Thanks

Family Griot: Georgai They are in Georgia

Sonia: Oops - Sorry.

Nadasue: Ha! Matilda "Tildy" was the main character in the book!

Family Griot: uh oh...

daviss: wb vkn!

vkn: thankee

Family Griot: Ok how did they make the jump??

keli`: you know, it is always hard to hear your family was owned by someone else, no matter if you know it or not, just hearing it....

Family Griot: yep.

vkn: agreed keli

keli`: did you all catch Sam 's look when Skip was telling him

evpace: keki it is indeed hard.

Selma: Why would it be an embarassement for him

Family Griot: Right.

Nadasue: wb

Selma: and why would he want that

Family Griot: Exactly...

Sonia: @Selma :}

keli`: I tell ya the SAR folks probably don't like us genealogy folks

vkn: Frazine

Family Griot: Look is that ms Franzine?

vkn: yes

evpace: Yes

vkn: but Frazine

bbenn: 23andme in the house:}

Family Griot: ...

Sonia: Here comes his plug to find his R1b1a or I guy - whatever it is

Nadasue: Who is Frazine? Haven't heard her name before

vkn: lol @ bbenn

bbenn: I have booked the Sr. Director of Research from 23andme to be on my show in July.

daviss: good bbenn thats a nice coup

Sonia: @bernice - Joanna Mountain?

vkn: that is great bbenn

daviss: thats two in July that I need to get up and cook early for lol

bbenn: Yes, Joanna Mountain, Ph.D.

Family Griot: There goes the Rice I like.. Connie Rice!

evpace: kelli what ls the Sr Dir name?

Sonia: @Bernice - Hope she comes bearing RITF kits :)

daviss: lol @ Sonia

bbenn: I am going to put in a big plug for kits:}

keli`: ? Sr. Director of What?

daviss: yes keli

Family Griot: Frazine Taylor.. :}

Selma: Thatis Frazine

bbenn: Heyyy Frazine

evpace: 23 and me.

keli`: $450

daviss: free ones keli hopefully

bbenn: Free kits...they will contact individuals who signed up for kits.


vkn: thanx bbenn

bbenn: keli, go to the RTF and put in your email address.

Family Griot: They said that before, but I never did get a response. I had to go out and get the info myself

keli`: Okay, I musst of missed the question or what you are talking about... let me scroll back up, lol

bbenn: I did ask the question and was told that they are sending out kits in smalled batches to ensure that individuals respond. A lot of folks indicated an interest in the kits and never responded.

vkn: great condi

evpace: Sorry keli the query was for bbenn.

keli`: okay

daviss: I wonder if they will honor the ones that signed up months ago that did not get a kit or will they start all over from a certian date bbenn

bbenn: Tell the truthlol lol lol

Sonia: So few people have been able to find how the DNA matches really connect

Selma: What do folks think this was some Harlequin Romance

bbenn: daviss, I will ask them that question.

Family Griot: That's what I want to know. They need to stop romanticizing this cr@p

keli`: I have not found ay connections yet with my dna info, but it might be my lack of understanding

daviss: I think Sonia that is because they have not done research like it should be done many just want to see results

Sonia: @Vicki - I have so many missing maiden names

keli`: this is probalby my best part of his show, educating the kids

daviss: me too Sonia

vkn: how do you move on from who you are ????? Profound question

bbenn: Why is he going to kids?

Sonia: @Keli' - yep

bbenn: Hey Rick

Selma: Kittles..

Family Griot: He done that in a couple episodes.

keli`: educating the kids on favorite part

Nadasue: Still don't get why everyone gets to swab for 23andMe on this show, instead of that awful spitting in the tube

vkn: oh guess it is Ricks approach to involve children

bbenn: Yes, I know. I would love to see the parents with the kids.

Sonia: @Nadasue - I think they do multiple tests - African Ancestry, FTDNA, & 23&Me

daviss: whats wrong with a little spit between ancestors nadasue lol

Nadasue: daviss lol

keli`: depends who is taking the tests, I have done several, only spit for 23andme

daviss: lol

keli`: lol @ daviss

Nadasue: Sonia keli` Right... But I thought for Gates' show it was just 23andMe, since they are sponsors, and they are the only co ever mentioned

Selma: and where is AY this evening

daviss: no idea Selma

keli`: I don't know, she hit me up on email about 2 hours Thats my people Tikar/Cameroon

vkn: she has a full plate selma

bbenn: My people Yoruba and Fulani in Nigeria.

keli`: Selma I am in your neighborhood

bbenn: I thought that he was going to do the admixture test with the kids.

keli`: oh wow! Ms. Brown

Family Griot: Me too. Dr. Rice her results are very, very appropriate! :}

keli`: oh shoot, my great great grandmother is Rosa Rice, hmmmm, she is my Tikar link

Nadasue: wow 100% on the father's side

Family Griot: I thought that was usually the case with Y DNA.

bbenn: Interesting show!

Nadasue: i guess you're

Family Griot: it was?

vkn: excellent mostly

Nadasue: keli` Is that an accent after your name?

Family Griot: I thought it was ok.

keli`: no it is a typo, lol

evpace: ??Family Griot

Family Griot: Just too much to cover in an hour


Sonia: Howard & I never had any resolution from Dr. Kittles. We're exact mtDNA matches (full sequence). Howard was told Bamileke & I was told Yoruba - so somewhere between the two

vkn: interesting sonia

Nadasue: About to go to OWN - She has a good segment on India coming up

vkn: heavy funders

Selma: I thought it was a good show

keli`: good show, interesting

vkn: Great meeting with y'alltonite

bbenn: Good night everyone! Nice chatting.:}

vkn: 39.00 not too bad

daviss: was it as you expected with the show..Any surprises

Family Griot: yes good meeting with you all as well. Have a good nigh

Sonia: Take care all.

evpace: Did the tribes mix via movement, trade war Sonia?

Selma: Good night folks..

Sonia: @evpace - my personal thought is that there was movement

keli`: good evening all...ttyl

daviss: nite keli

vkn: cya daviss evpace keli sonia

Sonia: African Ancestry only uses 16024 - 16390

daviss: nite

evpace: Okies and niters all.

daviss: nite vkn lol

vkn: will sample mail 2morry nite

daviss: nite

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