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2012-04-10 Searching 1940 • TuesNite


Start: 21:24:39
End: 22:01:50
Chatters: AYWalton, Daviss, Sadonya, vkn

vkn: Hpwdy Howdy Where we be Guess I am here alone or ??? Howdy doody

Sadonya: hey there a little empty tonight how are you?

vkn: Looks as though peeps came and left Not doing too bably thoigh a tad slowed down today bably=badly

Sadonya: oh everything

vkn: Arthritis is no joke

AYWalton: good evening all.

vkn: How goes your census search Sadonya

AYWalton: howdy Sadonya, and greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vkn: Howdy AYWalton and how is the world treating you

AYWalton: hope you are both well. busy, vkn and you? hey there, Daviss! hope all is well out west.

vkn: Daviss I thought I saw that you were here earlier

Daviss: Hello there everyone!!

AYWalton: I am still combing through 1940 looking for my grandparents and my dad. they have not surfaced yet.

Daviss: Lol I was but I was trying to walk through a process for someone new to chat.. I had actually forgot about Tues chat lol

AYWalton: I deleted 580 pages off my hard drive though, since I am now using Ancestry. those photos piled up fast! lol, that was over 2 GB of space.

vkn: I bet they did AYW

Daviss: lol AYWalton I need to do that also..I also need to get one of those hard drives

AYWalton: the portable ones? They are handy.

Daviss: yes, and use it instead of the sticks

AYWalton: I have to move some video files over. Once I have edited them and uploaded them, I can move them off my hard drive.

vkn: or find a free cloud AYW and Daviss

AYWalton: true they are like a glorified thumb drive. Just 100 times more space. and yes, the clouds vkn, that's right.

vkn: AYWalton are you using drop box

Daviss: Hi Sadonya!!

AYWalton: I will get it together one of these days well, I have an account, vkn.

vkn: lol

AYWalton: :) that's a start.

Daviss: lol I have a couple things in dropbox

AYWalton: I now just have to get my head around trusting the cloud and hope the sunshine won't burn off the fog and the cloud evaporates. lol I need to really use it.

vkn: and what gig space does drop box allow ayw

Sadonya: hey there Vicky

Daviss: How's it going Sadonya.. I am always happy to see you

Sadonya: going great how about you

AYWalton: I am not sure, vkn.

Daviss: doing good for a change lol

vkn: Sadoyna are you finding your kin in 1940

Sadonya: vkn I have found almost everyone I need too in 1940

vkn: grrrrreat

Sadonya: my dad was living with his grandma so do not have parents yet

Daviss: wow Sadonya that is great!!

AYWalton: you are lucky Sadonya! I am still looking for my daddy. I need to put you on it!

vkn: Sadonya I have not been to Choccolocco searching the 1940 as yet

Sadonya: I got Dad and mom and most to the people I have done books for my problem in Oklahoma City

AYWalton: maybe your luck will locate Sam, Sallie, Sarah Ellen, Sam Jr., Freddie and R.D. (Grandparents, Gr. Grandmother, Dad and Uncles.)

Sadonya: I know nothing about it to know where to look

AYWalton: that is so neat. lol

Daviss: I am looking also in Creek Co Okla no luck so far

AYWalton: it is a painful line by line process. I give myself breaks so I won't hurt my wrist or anything.

Daviss: I am too late for that. My wrists already hurt I feel like my new name is enter lol

AYWalton: you should take some ibruprofen and stay off for a day or so. (Like that's possible! HA!) lol

Daviss: lol

Sadonya: my great great grand dad was still alive living in White, OK

AYWalton: Yes, I hear that----my new name is click! where was that Sadonya!!

Daviss: What county is White in?

Sadonya: McCurtian a poart of Idabel sorry part of

Daviss: I know of some Hutchinsons from Idabelle that live here in Phx

AYWalton: Oh ok. that is down in Choctaw country. is that your Choctaw Freedman family, Sadonya? Daviss, is that the family that had the photo?

Daviss: no those were Stevensons

Sadonya: he was still on the land he got because his wife was a choctaw freedman

AYWalton: ahh ok.

Daviss: Oh also AYWalton do you remember me sending you the pic of your McDonald

Sadonya: yes we had several of our folks move to Phx and others to Riversied, CA

AYWalton: my McDonald?

Daviss: yes

AYWalton: remind me, Daviss......

Daviss: I sent you the Obit

AYWalton: oh the folks who married my Bass clan. yes! yes I do recall that.

Daviss: well she had a grandaughter to pass away but there was nothing in the paper. I tried to find and send it to you Her funeral was last saturday

Sadonya: Vicky do you know any Browns or Colberts

AYWalton: oh wow. what was the name of the person who died?

Daviss: yes I know some of both Her name was Dominque McDonald Colberts from Okla

Sadonya: yes them be my folks

Daviss: Barbara Colbert is one

AYWalton: hmm.....I will see if any of my Bass folks on Facebook knew her. what was her age?

Daviss: they should know her. In fact Kyle and her were both on my drill team she should be kyles age give or take a few

AYWalton: oh!! I shall post a message right away.

Daviss: Ok

AYWalton: What was the cause of death?

vkn: on phone

AYWalton: she might be a cousin for sure. who did we just lose? Sadonya? she must have gotten bumped.

Daviss: I am not really sure.. I wanted to go to the funeral but we had the picnic for another family that lost someone three weeks in a row One of the ladies sung at Dominiques funeral

AYWalton: oh my goodness.

Daviss: I emailed her and asked if she had a program but was told they did not have any out

AYWalton: if you get more information let me know. I will try to pass the information on. she must have been a cousin. Her name has a young-ish sound. well I better run. Gotta finish a syllabus document and email to Samford.

Daviss: I will.. Geraldine McDonald was her mother..

AYWalton: Geraldine---ok. will pass that on. thanks. have a good evening folks.

Daviss: vkn everyone gone

vkn: okies nephew on phone

Daviss: ok night

vkn: night

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