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2012-03-25 FYRTS [many tech issues]

** Chats Lobby

Start: 21:06:19
End: 22:01:53
Chatters: Daviss, evpace, Family Griot, keli1, lottie, Selma

Daviss: Hi

Family Griot: evpace you can join us in SatNite chat. We are improvising tonight. Daviss! we are in Sat Nite chat

Daviss: hi lottie and evpace head over to Sat night c hat room

lottie: hmmmmm

Family Griot: Hi lottie evapce Daviss

Daviss: where arfe you all Family are

Selma: Jeez I didn't know it was 2 hours long

Family Griot: In the Chat Lobby

Daviss: two sessions

Family Griot: Me either.

lottie: howdy i was in fyf room

Selma: Lets just stay here...

Daviss: I will see where the others are

Family Griot: I think that's a good idea

lottie: it was a good show came on at 8 here

Family Griot: well its on again here. Newark is a mess.... and here he comes with the save a knee-grow. Anyways. Anyone other than Selma watching part II

Daviss: dang sorry folks for going in and out. I was trying to catch Rod Samuels

Family Griot: problems Daviss? oh okay

Daviss: He was trying to come in

Family Griot: lol at John Lewis...

evpace: Griot, don't get me started; Immhad an encounter with him a couple of months ago. MY MY!

Daviss: since I am not watching, explain comment

evpace: The double m is for maaaaaad!

Daviss: ahhhhh

Family Griot: Oh he was talking about how he wanted to be a preacher, and his first congregation were the chickens on the farm.. lol

lottie: i saw him in the 2nd room

Family Griot: ok Daviss, can I make a suggestion? We should have the room open for about 3 hours each sunday

Daviss: well truth be told I know that story well Family lol suggestion taken lol I dont think that peeps were aware there were two parts to show

Selma: Just spoke to Angela..they don't have the second episode in Baltimore

Family Griot: At least until the series ends. Oh here we go... MGMs... so sad. Don't think this will end well. . .

Selma: notice the (c)

Family Griot: yep. noted Wonder if there were any ties to Jerome Bettis' story.

Daviss: Lottie where are your roots?

lottie: lol same as vkn

Daviss: oh ok lol lol

Family Griot: ok hey vkn lol

Daviss: Thats strange the broke it up in Maryland (the show)

lottie: john robert lewis

evpace: Angela maybe able to get WETA26 on line, the PBS here.

Family Griot: We have channel 13 WNET NYC... I think that they did this with AA lives here as well.

lottie: harrington park nj

Daviss: peeps complaining on twitter lol

Family Griot: LOL oh well

evpace: Here in DC 6pm was fundraising for WETA. 8 pm that is.

lottie: corey booker

Daviss: wb family griot

lottie: mayor by a lanslide in 2006

Family Griot: Don't know why I was kicked out. :? This is a good piece about Alabama. Now I wonder if he fought in the CW?

lottie: John has 9 sibs

Family Griot: ok wow My dad had 13 siblings. I have MANY first cousins lol My goodness, you all have to watch this next week. Those who can't see it.

Daviss: :{

Family Griot: Don't be cross with me.. lol lol wb Daviss

Daviss: ty so both sessions are pretty good Family?

Family Griot: yes.

Selma: You aren't watching the first one now Daviss Thats an interesting first name

Family Griot: ah huh

Daviss: no I still have another 30 mins

lottie: Fireman on railroad

Family Griot: lol Cory Booker has a big mama! Love it!

Selma: That waht I was just thing..Big Mama

Family Griot: I don't like to hear stories like what is coming up on the Booker's mother's line Sickens me.

Selma: Did they do DNA

Family Griot: You know there is nothing more sickening to me than these types of situations. We'll see. Oh I guess so Selma

evpace: What did they say about his mother?

Selma: and he gave his DNA?

Daviss: didn't they get dna in the first session

Family Griot: Now how can that be possible if this man is not a direct male to male descendant of this Dr. Brown guy? sigh Yes. I think 23 and Me is sponsoring part of this show.

Daviss: will they give autosomal results

Family Griot: Steven Brown was probably nothing more than a child rapist... sorry big mama had him when she was a teenager. A young teenager.

Daviss: how old was he Family Griot

Family Griot: the father Dr. Brown was about 46 and the great grandmother was a teenaer according to what they said in the show. Corey's grandfather was born in 1916.

Daviss: wow!

Family Griot: See what I'm saying?

Selma: Tobias..paid $400 dollars for the land didn't he, he wasn't given it

Family Griot: What did they say about the lion and the hunter? lol He gave them the land... AFTER they paid for it.

Daviss: lol lol hi keli!

keli1: this one is interesting. lol

Selma: Hey keli...where have you been?

lottie: Keli1

Family Griot: hi keli1 I guess you are watching as well.

keli1: watching the show

Family Griot: ok

Selma: Thats what I meant Family..they didn't GIVE it to them

keli1: I had it booked to tape

Selma: The second episode is not showing in all areas keli

Family Griot: Edmund Pettis Bridge... been over there. Bloody Sunday

lottie: Gates is a good story teller

Selma: It seared into mine

keli1: I remember this being on tv, daddy made us watch it

Family Griot: Interesting piece on Cory Booker. I didn't know that his mother was from Louisiana.

Daviss: I will get it back to back when it comes on here

Selma: and LIttle Rock High School..which I visited at an AAHGS conference

Daviss: I also watched on tv keli1

lottie: There is no one story of slavery

Daviss: true lottie

Family Griot: No there isn't lottie, but the underlying thread is the systemic cruelty and domination of the African descended people. IMO

keli1: this is too much, so true

lottie: It is at least an octogon inside an octogon

Family Griot: OK y'all I have work tomorrow

Daviss: nite Family

Family Griot: I will see you next Sunday evening. Hopefully we will all be on the same page. :}

lottie: ok griot raising money locally

Daviss: post on forum about how many generations from slavery are we

keli1: good show,

evpace: DC has another episode.

Daviss: is that your consensus on both shows keli1?

keli1: another episode, in DC different people evpace

lottie: an excellent and emotionally moving show

evpace: Bradford M and Harry C were in the first episode.

keli1: Vicki I think the second one was better, but both were good, I was a little taken on harry's a bit, skips comments i really didn't like

Daviss: oh ok keli1 thanks for your input

keli1: evpace, there are two espiodes, are you sayingthere are three?

lottie: snazzy looking lady

keli1: vicki, what did you think?

Daviss: I will see it in about 3 minutes back to back I was just here in chat to take people to theie seats lol

evpace: DC time: 9 to 11

Daviss: 7 pm here

keli1: okay, i will be online fb, if you want to chat

Daviss: talk at ya'll later

keli1: ttyl

evpace: Now comes Cory B and John L. NiteAll.

lottie: DNA

*SatNiteChat ~ weekly

Start: 21:04:28
End: 21:11:26
Chatters: Family Griot, Selma

Selma: Am I in the room

Family Griot: Hey the next episode is on now Selma Are you watching?

Selma: I know..I had no idea What room am I in

Family Griot: SatNitechat

Selma: I am seeing Cory Booker and John Lewis Davis..where are you

Family Griot: Daviss went out.

Selma: I don't see the Finding YOur roots room

Family Griot: I think it was only for 8 - 9 everyone is in the chat lobby Selma Daviss???

~ Finding Your Roots~Gates

Start: 19:59:24
End: 20:54:32
Chatters: AYWalton, bbenn, Daviss, Family Griot, keli1, Nadasue, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, yportermoore

AYWalton: Hello there bbenn!!!

bbenn: Hi aywalton! I just saw your email message...

AYWalton: the one to the group?

bbenn: Nawlins! - my hometown yes, the one to the group.

AYWalton: ahh here we go. You should enjoy the show tonight since you have New Oreleans roots. well, I decided to address it since we had a larger audience.

bbenn: Yes, I am looking forward to this show.

AYWalton: And so the program begins. greetings Daviss.

bbenn: hi Daviss!

AYWalton: Pull up a chair.

Daviss: hello folks!!

AYWalton: the program begins.

Nadasue: Evening!

bbenn: Hi Nadasue!

AYWalton: Ah Nadasue I did not see you there!

Nadasue: HEyyyy!

AYWalton: Ahh this is Branford. I was thinking that this was Wynton. Of course they are brothers, so its all good! Kunhardt---same production company I see.

bbenn: Zulu! That's my hometown!

Daviss: hi Nadasue

AYWalton: lol great!!!

bbenn: Hi keli1

AYWalton: Greetings, keli1

keli1: Good evening all!

AYWalton: Preservation Hall!

Daviss: Hi Keli1

AYWalton: they are in a cool place! Ok, Bbenn---time to plan a heritage tour of New Orleans.

keli1: love NOLA

AYWalton: greegings, SoulChile! He is now looking like his brother Wynton. greetings Yvette!

bbenn: They are in the French Quarters --looks like Preservation Hall.

yportermoore: Hello Angela

Daviss: hi yportermoore!

AYWalton: yes it is Preservation Hall.

yportermoore: Hello

bbenn: Hi ypotermoore, 70's:}

AYWalton: What is Delfio doing? Is he recording? great photo!!

Seventies Soulchild: Glad to see some facebook folks here.

AYWalton: Wow---their dad taught Harry!! Interesting! great legacy!

keli1: NOLA is a small tight knit community

yportermoore: Is everyone watching finding roots? Mine comes on in 3 hrs.

AYWalton: that is why we are here.

Nadasue: I read something earlier that HC Jr was disappointed to learn that he didn't have any AA ancestry

AYWalton: Where are you located yportermore?

Family Griot: OK now I may look familiar to everyone! lol

yportermoore: I am in San diego, CA

bbenn: Hi Family Griot!

AYWalton: is that SoulChile in disguise?

Family Griot: who??? lol

yportermoore: I know the Family Griot.

Nadasue: Nah, that's Yvette :)

AYWalton: No, I mean FamilyGriot.


AYWalton: She looks like SoulChile to me.

yportermoore: Right its Yvette.:)

Family Griot: oh Daviss. . . problems again

AYWalton: he might be....(referring to HC Jr.)

yportermoore: Well, I am going to go. Hope you enjoy the show. Will watch later tonight. Bye for now.

Family Griot: lol no

AYWalton: ok enough of the small talk---on to genealogy.

Daviss: sheesh Family!

AYWalton: hmm............that was not that funny.

keli1: we might not get a bunch of it...

bbenn: Still in the French Quarters!

AYWalton: his joke about New Orleans being full of black people wanting to be black. Hmm...... oh yes, most of it will probably be filmed in the Quarter, it is a great backdrop.

Family Griot: Breaux Bridge.. wow!

bbenn: German ancestors!

Daviss: hi keli1!

bbenn: Breaux Bridge- about 100 miles from New Orleans..

Family Griot: I guess quite a few NO'ers came from Breaux Bridge. I was just talking about this with the lady who's family I researched last week. Her mom was born in Breaux Bridge, but grew up in NO

AYWalton: ahh yes the Quarter! what is the first name of the Breax ancestor? I did not hear it clearly. hmm..........he is making some strange things.

Family Griot: lol you know I think that Dr. Gates has been reading our chat logs! lol

AYWalton: lol

Family Griot: or listening to bbenn's show! lol

AYWalton: Learson, or Glearson

Daviss: lol

bbenn: maybe solol

AYWalton: or both! ahh that is Learson, I can see. Rheinhart. sounds German.

Family Griot: German.. hhmmm

bbenn: Watch- German connection

Family Griot: German's also went to PR during this time..

bbenn: I told

Family Griot: PR - Puerto Rico

keli1: I can

AYWalton: PR--as in Puerto Rico, SoulChile? lol

Family Griot: yes..

keli1: darn DNA tells it all

AYWalton: there he goes again.

Family Griot: here we go with that Taino garbage... lol

AYWalton: getting tired of this issue that he has.

Daviss: Hi Selma!!

Family Griot: Hi Selma

Selma: Good evening folks

AYWalton: greetings, Mizz Selma!

bbenn: Hi Selma

keli1: hi Selma

Family Griot: Oh nice free DNA tests! Daviss, are you watching this in your location?

bbenn: 23andme - swab..what about the spitlol

AYWalton: His issue with NA Ancestry is obcessive!!!

Nadasue: Ah, the Natchez... such fun!

keli1: 23 does the spit, familytree is swab

Daviss: Ha Family I am just here seating everyone!

bbenn: They don't want to identify that one drop..

Family Griot: Yes Natchez is GREAT!

Nadasue: I've been toying with the idea of going down next week while on SB, but I prbably own't

bbenn: That's right..ftdna- swap but, he said the testing company is 23andme.

keli1: give the man some black roots

Nadasue: lol probably won't

AYWalton: down to New Orleans Nadasue?

bbenn: All European..

Daviss: thats really wanting to be in the know isn't it Family Griot!

Nadasue: Yeah, I've been trying to find a good package like I had the last two times, but rate are tjust so high now But last time I actually booked it the DAY BEFORE and got a phenomenal deal!

bbenn: I am heading there on a roadtrip and high school reunion...

Nadasue: cool...when,bbenn ?

bbenn: May

Nadasue: Great time to go. :)

AYWalton: that man's accent makes me nervous. Sounds like some of the voices of terror in the south.

bbenn: Since Hurricane Katrina, we have felt a strong need to stay connected to one another...

AYWalton: or maybe it is that confederate flag behind him.

Family Griot: Yes, I undersand that bbenn

AYWalton: uh oh.....southerners will now be mad at HC Jr.

Family Griot: Scared of what? Nervous about what? Anyone an own a gun these days.

Nadasue: And use it Family Griot

Family Griot: exactly Nadasue

AYWalton: no the sound of his voice I don't like. I am not afraid of him personally. I was referring to the old man.

Family Griot: But I betcha cotton and other goods were still getting to the overseas market. sigh...

AYWalton: Hmm........kind of chatty a bit.

Family Griot: :}

keli1: wonder if these guys are related

Daviss: is the show good so far:?

AYWalton: do we really know that he fathered a child with a black woman?

Family Griot: Good question, AYWalton.

AYWalton: I am kind of mixed about it. Greg Isborned. Do you know him bbenn?

bbenn: Hi Greg..

Family Griot: Well Daviss, I would say watch it for yourself.

AYWalton: I know you know N Orleans. Orborn I meant to type.

Family Griot: who is to say that the mother is unknown either.

bbenn: I need to call him..he works at the NEW Orleans Library---

Family Griot: did he say hours and hours? How about weeks and months and years?! lol

AYWalton: wb Daviss

Family Griot: What about his death certificate? or death record?

AYWalton: probably was not required in LA at the time. aha........natural son--meant that they were not married. oh gracious---one of the few---puleeze!

keli1: less than 10%, hmmm

Family Griot: hold on someone is texting me

bbenn: This is not usual for New Orleans with over 10,000 free people of color ...

AYWalton: exactly!!! why is he so amazed.

bbenn: Read Black New Orleans 1860-1880 by John W. BLASSINGAME

Family Griot: ok now I'm trying to figure out becasue so many 'creoles' talk about how their ancestors married, why he didn't marry this woman? Especially since she was free.

keli1: the law probably didn't allow it

AYWalton: but could they marry legally?

bbenn: They had their legal marraiges and the other woman! Very common...

AYWalton: And i was wondering---was there another woman?

Family Griot: Someone told me something like that in the forums... lol

AYWalton: perhaps a wife? Cane River addressed that.

Family Griot: That book was so disturbing.

Nadasue: Ah, Cane River... I LOVED that book!

bbenn: I remembered the signs...

AYWalton: I saw some as well.

Nadasue: It was a good read though Family Griot

bbenn: Bringing back memories!

Family Griot: It was I read it in two days.

AYWalton: play it Branford!

bbenn: My family lived in the Upper Ninth Ward...

Family Griot: Oh here we go, Mississippi :}

AYWalton: glad he knew some of that history.

Selma: Be prepared for what you of my mantras

Family Griot: lol This is interesting. Now just because they had a marriage bond, doesn't mean they got married.

keli1: good lord this is interesting

AYWalton: Good for him. he is not lured into an emotional issue with what Gates is presented. good for him.

Family Griot: Now a new family for him to look into... amazing!

AYWalton: issue. glad the Rattlesnake was not a slave ship! uh oh----here comes the DNA reveal. what company did they use?

Family Griot: 23andme

AYWalton: significant...interesting.

bbenn: one drop...

AYWalton: interesting.

Selma: So we are not doing Connicks DNA?

bbenn: Back to the quarters!

AYWalton: glad there was no chance to make fun of the Native issue.

Family Griot: This is every Sunday night?

bbenn: Harry may have one drop

AYWalton: I suppose not.

bbenn: bye

Nadasue: Goodnight all.

AYWalton: yes.

Family Griot: Ok Corey Booker is an American hero? uh no.

AYWalton: well good night all.

Selma: Night folks

Family Griot: Goodnight

AYWalton: that was an interesting show. take care. turning out the lights!

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