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2012-03-23 WDYTYA

~WDYTYA ~ Ancestry

Start: 19:59:41
End: 21:03:46
Chatters: AYWalton, bbenn, keli1, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, vkn

AYWalton: Good evening all. Howdy mailing, keli1 Hope you are both doing well.

keli1: Hello there!

bbenn: Hello Everyone! She looks different! Hello Anybody on the chat?

AYWalton: Right here, bbenn made it home in time!

bbenn: Hi aywalton!

AYWalton: that's a great photo! three generation photo.

keli1: beautiful photo

bbenn: Beautiful!

keli1: Hi Bernice

AYWalton: hmm....where did the money come from?

bbenn: Hi Keli1

AYWalton: payingt attention to the folks t hey meet with as well.

bbenn: Where is she now? I missed it.

AYWalton: she lived in a hotel. not sure exactly where. in 1900 living in a hotel!

bbenn: Ancestry---got to do that search...

AYWalton: oh yes. ahhh she was a servant. or they had sevants.

bbenn: They had servants - rich folks.

keli1: 4 servants

AYWalton: all over California. Northern and southern California. what census spells out the adress like that? I usually find the street on the side margin.

keli1: that is true

bbenn: She remarried.

AYWalton: wow, I wonder what moved the Jewish population and increased to such a large group. changed her identity. And did not want to associate with the new arrivals of poorer Jewish immigrants. hmm..... Passenger list. Fascinating.

keli1: interesting, everyone in this country is an immigrant, they still trying to make the select few come in

AYWalton: Howdy Mizz Selma!

bbenn: Hi Selma

keli1: Hi Selma!

Selma: Good evening everyone

AYWalton: clothing in the Bowery! he made a killing in the Gold Rush?

Selma: The Gold Rush

keli1: I think he did! $$$$$

bbenn: yep, that's what he digger$$$$

AYWalton: interesting!

Selma: Is this William Florence's father

AYWalton: I think so. Wm Scholle.

keli1: William Scholle

Selma: Not too many folks here in the room tonight

AYWalton: I see. I am surprised, but perhaps not having a person of color? Just guessing of course.

Selma: Hello mailing is this your first time here?

AYWalton: Selma are you ready for Bernice's show next week?

bbenn: Hi Selma, your promo will hit the airwaves on Sunday morning. Get ready to see your name blasted for the next 5 days:}

Selma: What do you want me to say..she is in ther oom Oh jeez..I am having second thoughts.. LOL

AYWalton: which room is she in?

bbenn: lol

AYWalton: oh no you don't Selma!! You will be great!!!

bbenn: I will be nice and you will be fantastic!

AYWalton: lol he was a wealthy man.

bbenn: Wow!

AYWalton: interesting!

bbenn: Family owned business...

AYWalton: I bet they are founders of a big time department store that we all know.

keli1: they have servants they are doing okay

AYWalton: how did he find a photo????? and where????

bbenn: Wow! a photo...

AYWalton: Wait a minute---could he have been Dr. Scholl???

keli1: I am thinking the same thing, hmmmm

bbenn: Could he?

AYWalton: amazing! Levi Straus!!! as in Levis!!!!!

keli1: william Mathias Scholl is dr. scholl

AYWalton: I just read that.

keli1: dr. school was in chicago

AYWalton: or big time Bankers.

keli1: oh darn they have pics

AYWalton: I guess being important men---there are photos all over the place!

keli1: Nevada Bank...$$$$$

vkn: Howdy

bbenn: Hello vkn!

Selma: Evening vkn

AYWalton: Greetings, vkn!!!!!

keli1: Hi Valencia!

vkn: Oops I had the hour in error GULP !!!!!!!!!!

AYWalton: Scholle Brothers were running buddies with Levi Strauss. Wasn't he the Levis jeans man? lol, no problem, vkn!

vkn: yassum AYWalton bbenn keli1 Selma

AYWalton: somehow Helen Hunt does not come across as being enthusiasm---or at least she is very calm as she gets the data and the photos. lol someone on Twitters says it could be her facelift. She can't smile that much! lol

Selma: Cruel, cruel

vkn: Ancestry has all of the budget stops out with these productions

AYWalton: thank you so much, very calm and collected. I would be making some kinda noise!

keli1: never could smile much...mustache as well, she can't hide what mother nature give you

vkn: ouchies

AYWalton: Ooops got bumped out. and now we are on to another line.

keli1: yes Hunt!

AYWalton: They stopped with Wm Scholle the millionaire.

bbenn: money married money:}

AYWalton: wow wealthy on both sides!

keli1: $300k in 1863, darn I was proud of mine selling his 11 acres in 1858 for $1,000

bbenn: did she say anti-rum?

keli1: yes

Selma: Yes..temperence societies

AYWalton: amazing!!!

vkn: Sugar and Slavery

AYWalton: makes bootleggers look like innocent children!

Selma: Yes vkn..think there is a book by that name

vkn: hmmmm

AYWalton: amazing how wealth attracts wealth and wealth breeds wealth. and of course she did not seem that impressed with learning about them. Kind of "oh that's nice" response. No real emotion.

Selma: Maybe that is her natural demonor

keli1: like the royals, and a lot of family, they intermarried to keep the blood clean

AYWalton: quite true.

Selma: You mean to keep the money in house

AYWalton: they are all cousins to each other. and the blood blue. lol no reaction, no smile, no statement. How odd. How strange. No real joy showing on her face.

bbenn: Maybe that is the way she is...strange reaction. I would be doing the happy dancelol

AYWalton: So would I. Kind of smug reaction.

bbenn: maybe it's the botoxlol

keli1: well she is more happy about the info than helen

AYWalton: quite true. Her words are good, but no emotion even in her voice. interesting. I have heard of the that convention.

bbenn: I love the photos!

AYWalton: ahh a very slight smile for a half second.

bbenn: I would be crying and jumping up and down with that information!

keli1: I would be jumpin

Selma: Thats why we ain't on TV.. LOL

bbenn: lol

vkn: Y'all be so emotional lol lol lol

Selma: LOL

keli1: oh that might be why we not doing a lot of things, lol

bbenn: lol lol lol

AYWalton: LOL I guess we would be making some noise.

keli1: I was excited to find a newspaper article on my great grandfather arriving in Michigan in 1837, I posted it on facebook

AYWalton: they would have to shut the place down.

Selma: That is exciting keli

keli1: do I have to be quiet in Ohio, I will be talking about my family...or can I be myself and start jumping

AYWalton: I mean---there was so much on her family with photos---and NO emotion! sheesh!!!

bbenn: that's right! I am ready to blow the folks away with my ggranpa's homestead records..I want my land back:}

vkn: Congrats keli1

AYWalton: remember familytreegirl, there will not be an Amen corner in the room, so don't ask "can I get a witness?"

Seventies Soulchild: Hey all

vkn: Seventies

bbenn: yeppee!!! she voted!

AYWalton: a half smile! and that's all.

keli1: lol, I will have to remember that, I need to send you my presentation AY, lol, I decided to insert the timeline chart as a tool

bbenn: hey 70"s

AYWalton: ahhh she reacted!!!

Seventies Soulchild: hey

bbenn: tears, tears!

AYWalton: that was nice.

keli1: finally...

AYWalton: she cast the first ballot.

bbenn: wow!

keli1: love it

AYWalton: a slight tear. wow now THAT is what I call a headstone!!!!!

vkn: a dry tear

Selma: I agree AY

AYWalton: it did not smear her mascara even a tad. but th at is a serious headstone!!!

keli1: movie star

Selma: I mean about the headstone

AYWalton: true. interesting.

Seventies Soulchild: lol she's an actress..

Selma: Oh its over..

bbenn: Is the show over?

AYWalton: hmm.......I guess it's over. How odd!!!!! hmm.........not sure what to think. she came she saw, and she went.

bbenn: Is geneabloggers on tonight?

Selma: Yes that ending kinda differently than the others

AYWalton: oh well.........I shall listen to geneabloggers and sign off. that was weird.

vkn: okies ayw

AYWalton: oh ended just the way she was. Just kind of a shrug and that's it. hmm.........

bbenn: bye!:o

AYWalton: well have a good one folks.

Selma: Good night folks..

vkn: bye keli Will be sending you something of a gist in a day or three Take all care

keli1: good night

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