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2012-01-22 Precious Photos • Hackenhull


Start: 11:43:26
End: 13:55:00
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Daviss, jhonora, keli1, Nadasue, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, vkn

jhonora: Hello keli!

keli1: Good morning What is your first name, lol.

jhonora: Jari

keli1: Okay, I thought so, with everyone's web names I often forget real names, lol

jhonora: Me too! Any new discoveries lately?

keli1: not just working on a presentation and struggling a bit with power point, so need to find a tutorial online to review. I can't get it to do what I want it to do.

jhonora: What is the subject of your presentation?

keli1: Good morning Art

jhonora: Good Morning alt

alt: hello jhonora & keli1, hope y'all are doing well today.

keli1: tracking two families during 1858 to 1867

jhonora: Interesting, is the selection of a suraname a factor?

keli1: Art, I need to ask you a favor, I am making some final edits on my presentation, can I email to you later and you critique for me? Jari, no, both families are free

alt: sure, be happy to keli1

jhonora: Where did they live?

keli1: Thanks, since I am coming to your State...

Selma: Good Sunday mornin alt, jhonora and keli1

keli1: one family left out of PA and stopped in Ohio the other one left West VA and stopped in Ohio, then both migrated to Mich

jhonora: Good Morning Selma

alt: keli1 try

keli1: Good Morning Selma, how are you doing? Thanks, I am struggling with some of my photos, etc..and needed to review some powerpoint info

alt: Hi Selma... how you doing "chopped liver" LOL

Selma: LOL

keli1: chopped liver, oh my, what did you so Selma? art that link did not work, hmmm

alt: keli1, do you know which hotel you're staying in at the NGS? ... I see they have 3 listed as Convention hotels.... might drop the http://

keli1: no they made the hotel reservation which ever is considered the main hotel

alt: okay, I think I'll only make 1-2 days... after OGS in April I can't afford the whole Convention in May.

keli1: I've been looking for flights, wanted to take the train, but cant get the dates to work out I will check on the hotel and let you know

alt: okay, you can send it with your powerpoint, please. so jhonora & Selma what's with y'all today?

Selma: BrB..gotta find my other glasses

jhonora: Nothing much, alt, working on a presentation for panel on Reconst.

keli1: sounds good, where I am fighting with powerpoints is making things popup, such as with census, I am trying to get one line to popup oh the women not seeing us..

Selma: Ok I am back

keli1: Selma are you doing good from your surgery?

alt: is this just Reconstruction as it applys to LA or in general jhonora? applies

Selma: Yes, doing very well...lots of physical therapy made a big difference

keli1: sounds interesting Jhonora

jhonora: Well, I think we will focus on La., but our main goal is to "debunk" myths on the leaders of reconst.

keli1: That is wonderful Selma. We canceled our AAHGS meeting yesterday, due to weather concerns

alt: Indiana (IAAGG) had to cancel their's too keli1

Selma: We usually don't meet in January either keli...usually the weather is awful, although this year the weather was good

alt: jhonora, debunk the "myths' , you gonna be like a ghost-buster, huh jhonora?

keli1: Good point, I am making a note of that for next year. I was ready to talk about the 1940 census..

jhonora: Yeah, alt! I will focus on my g-g-g-grandfather

Selma: Keli, next month..Dr. Lauranett Lee from VHS will speak at Hampton History Museum about the slave database..

alt: keli1, I see Debbie Abbot is doing a presentation to the Medina Co., OH genealogy society 12 Feb 2012..... "From the voice of a Slave" the Underground Railroad".

keli1: I designed this presentation more on what questions I had about the families migrating and what I did to answer then, the resources used & where I got them form

Selma: Told everyone we need to go to that presentation and cancelled our meeting which is the same week

keli1: Yes I saw that, I wish i could go

alt: which Slave Database is she speaking on Selma?

Selma: The database that is being develped at the VA Historical Society..with info taken from their collection...If you go to their website you can see

alt: Okay Selma, will do thanks

Selma: their collection is mainly private papers of families.. I suggest that everyone take a look..because the info is probably not limited to VA..

alt: where the good stuff is Slema .. private papers

Selma: White folks in Ohio will write to their family left in VA...

keli1: good point, I received a copy of a presentationon Franklin Co. PA and the underground railroad...very interesting

alt: All Roads (from VA) Lead to Ohio LOL LOL LOL

Selma: the name of the Database is Unknown No Longer

jhonora: Selma, is the database up now?

keli1: you right Art, as Ms. Selma always say

Selma: Yes... It is a slow go process..probably will take years..but yes there is stuff there already

alt: I can imagine Selma b/c Slavery in VA was from the begiining of the Colonies.

Selma: know when she speaks in Hampton..she will be focusing on stuff she has found from it is geared toward that.

keli1: when who speaks in Hampton, Debbie?

Selma: However when I spoke with her she was looking for other venues..maybe she could come to your area..and speak about stuff she has found from your geographic area

keli1: I did not see she was speaking there, I might be able to make that

Daviss: oops

alt: good point about geographic area Selma .... All of this stuff, slavery, FPOC, UGRR, family history is gonna vary by geographical area.. it's all the same, but is also different.

Selma: I think we are having 2 different conversations keli.. Dr. Lee is not speaking at OGS or NGS..she is speaking in Hampton, Va

keli1: yes I got that, but you said my area, wasn't sure if you were meaning where I now lived or where I research

alt: Yep, I'm sorry for interjecting Debra into the conversation. come in and sit down, boy LOL LOL

Daviss: lol

keli1: got it Selma maybe a few of us can ride down

alt: anyone seen "Red Tails" yet?

Selma: It is at night keli...Monday Feb 6th 7 PM

Daviss: You and Arlene may have a link huh alt!

alt: well Daviss, I think we may have cousins who married cousins, but not a direct link.

keli1: I have not seen it yet Art, but my fam in Atlanta is raving about it

Daviss: oh ok

alt: our people wer in the same areas at the same time daviss, but we haven't made a connection yet.

Daviss: I have not seen it yet alt..We may go later tonight

alt: okay, I'm not a movie person, but just might go to see this one.

keli1: I think it will be worth seeing, I think a good job was done on the first one and I like the potential george lucas flare for this one

Daviss: Oh I pick and choose for myself alt but the lil ones pic for me. I see more cartoons lol

Selma: Me too Daviss.... LOL

Daviss: lol lol

alt: Selma & keli1, ya'' got 'grandparentitis' .... I smack mine upside the head and send'em home...

Seventies Soulchild: Hello good people!

Daviss: Hi there Seventies!

jhonora: Hello Seventies

alt: Hello Seventies Soulchild .... good person

Seventies Soulchild: alt, Daviss, jhonora, keli1, Selma :}

Daviss: yeah alt that is now that they are in the marrying stage lol

keli1: I don't have grandchildren, just granddogs and so far I haven't did any smack down on them, lol HI 70s

alt: okay keli1 anyone ever hear anything from 3rdthawkins? I often wonder how he is doing.

keli1: oh no, what is up with him, has he been sick or something?

alt: guess he 'kicked us to the curb' lol

Seventies Soulchild: I just got off the phone with Jay... she says 'hello'

Daviss: I think you would be the only one to make that claim alt. He had an affection for you

alt: hello Jay

Daviss: Tell Jay hello from us Seventies

Seventies Soulchild: lol alt

alt: hi vkn....

Daviss: afternoon vkn!

vkn: hey alt and all

Daviss: as well as William alt. I see him on Facebook

Seventies Soulchild: William seems like a busy man.

Selma: Afternoon seventies

alt: Yeah... Hollywood is a Facebook "regular" Daviss

Selma: LOL

Daviss: Will I Am of Hollywood lol

alt: dat's him Daviss LOL

Selma: I have been trying to tell Arlene to come to the chat..

Daviss: what's up vkn?

Selma: Oh..morning vkn

Daviss: Arlene?

alt: please keep pushing her Selma

vkn: Mawnin alt daviss jhonora Selma Seventies how y'all be

alt: you do mean Arlene from the forums, right?

Selma: The one who might be related to alt. Yes..

Daviss: oh ok

Seventies Soulchild: Jay was telling me that she found some CW information on her gg grandfather.

Selma: Well she should come and share

alt: good for Jay Seventies Soulchild

Daviss: thats great Seventies, tell her my congrats

Seventies Soulchild: He served in the 128th USCT out of the lowcountry south carolina. I recommended RG105 to her.

alt: Yes, she has a lot to share.. Arlene

Selma: Oh really seventies.. LOL RG 105 I wonder why..

keli1: Good morning vkn

Selma: Have I not been screaming about RG 105 for 5 or more years

vkn: Just spoke with a nephew about a slave cemetery he photographed in Check out Clennon L King on facebook

Seventies Soulchild: Lol Selma, its a treasure trove!

vkn: Heyyyyy Keli so glad to C ya

Selma: It is the mother lode

Daviss: oh alt, thanks for the answer to my question

Seventies Soulchild: Absolutely. Selma

alt: Isn't the 128th the SC unit that Bennie & Cheryl Trowbrdige wrote about?

vkn: longer than five years is the screaming selma

Selma: Actually since 1994 when Walker talked to us about it, but I was trying not to date myself.

Seventies Soulchild: I'm not sure. Right now she said she's reading an extract written about this unit.

keli1: what is it you are screaming about regarding the record group, lol. Let's hear it should I call 911 regarding RG...I don't want you stressing out

alt: Oops, Bennie wrote about the 1st SC volunteers.

Seventies Soulchild: You know I'm going back to D.C. to look some more in the next month. lol jay said that the 128th USCT was formed exclusively for lowcountry black men. Though that was very interesting.

keli1: 70s you are going in FEB? I am planning a spring trip, looking to do a couple of days

vkn: good screams from selma keli

keli1: @vkn, for sure

Seventies Soulchild: Well we need to coordinate a trip then Keli1 so we can all meet up. Let me try this again. lol

vkn: Conference in Selma AL is cancelled in Feb

alt: Selma made us aware & Pearl Alice help to get them perserved & online... Way to Go AfriGeneas!!!!!

Selma: Yes, I always mention Jimmy Walker and Pearl Alice when I talk about them

jhonora: alt, they are online?

keli1: yes that would be good,

vkn: way to go

Selma: VA RG 105 is online..apparently NC is soon to be Low Country Africana has about 6 rolls at their site They did a very nice job

alt: I'm looking forward to anything from NC & KY.

keli1: she does, that is good, Toni has done a great job with her website I need to check to see if TN is up yet

alt: vkn... the Selma, AL Conf. low registration?

vkn: mostly alt

alt: that's a shame

Selma: What conference was that vkn?

vkn: Black Belt selma

Selma: Oh that is a shame

vkn: also alt one person doing most of the Go Phering

alt: I can understand that vkn someone recently mentioned Berea College... new book by AAGGMV member, Larry Hamilton, Between Two Suns, The Berean EXperience.... about his family coming out of Camp Nelson, KY and becoming part of the 1st AA students ar Berea Collge.

keli1: I just listened to the presentation on Union School in Caroline VA, they also have a new book out

vkn: wow how about that alt we need to promote his book

keli1: She was on geneabloggers on blogtalk radio

Selma: Oh I forgot about that was it

keli1: it was really good, I am getting the name now

AYWalton: good afternoon, all. howdy alt, Daviss, keli1, Ms. Selma, Soulchile.

alt: it is the 2nd book of triology (sp) he is writing vkn.. the 1st was Lucy's Story about this family and slavery in KY, contraband camp at Camp Nelson & the CW.

vkn: ok i see

alt: Hello AYWalton

AYWalton: greetings, all.

keli1: it was about using local resources, it was a good show (hey Angela)

AYWalton: Daviss, I got images of the book this morning

Daviss: Great AYWalton!

AYWalton: ProfDru thinks we should republish them.

Daviss: oh, interesting thought AYWalton! I wonder what that would take

vkn: What books are those AYW and Daviss

Daviss: permission from living

AYWalton: Well it is actually an AfriGeneas success story. No Daviss-they were done in 1917--anything before 1923 is public domain.

Daviss: oh awesome!! another Happy Dance vkn!

AYWalton: How can I tell it----ok while in Arkansas, I walked around the exhibits in the main hallway, and stopped at Archie Moore's table. He is a collector of Arkansas Black memorabilia. I saw three pamphlets on display and opened them up. they were all written in 1917 by a black woman called Martha Hockenhull. And she lived in Pine Bluff Arkansas. They were pamphlets about health and beauty. I asked Archie (the collector) who she was. Well----he said he had no idea, and that he had asked people in Pine Bluff who she was. Well I was most intrigued and made note of her name. After all she was an author, a business woman and somewhat of an entrpreneur. But no one knew who she was. I found her in the 1920 census in Arkansas with her husband.

keli1: Selma her name is Marion Woodfork, her book is Memories of Union High, Caroline co. VA

AYWalton: Robert and Martha Hockenhull. But I found nothing else for a long tmie. time then I found a marriage record on Family search. Ok---but that's all. Well yesterday I went hunting for Martha again---hoping to find out at least when she died. I put her name on Google.

keli1: familysearch been acting up I had trouble accessing it the other day

AYWalton: I saw a photo that kind of looked like the photo I saw from her pamphlets. I clicked on the photo---and up came a page from AfriGeneas! Martha Hockenhull----her photo was among the AfriGeneas Precious Photos!

Selma: Wow

AYWalton: And the submitter was Melvin J. Collier. Yes OUR Melvin.

Selma: Double Wow

AYWalton: MY Melvin!!

vkn: WHAT!!!!!

AYWalton: So I shot himi a message on Facebook as I saw him online!!!


AYWalton: "Hey Melvin---do you have a Martha Hockenhull in your line?", I asked. he said yes, she was his gr. grandmother's sister. Hmm...........well he asked me why?

keli1: oh a beautiful picture

AYWalton: I said I was not sure. I did not know much about Martha and the only thing I knew was that her husband's name was Robert. And that's all. Well, I then asked him "do you know the name of her husband? he said oh sure---his name was Robert Hockenhull. Well I almost fell off my chair!!!!!!!!!!

jhonora: That is a great find!

AYWalton: (then I got up and did the Happy Dance!)

keli1: I am sorry to say I did not know there was a precious photo section on Afrigeneas...

Seventies Soulchild: congratulations AYWalton.

AYWalton: So I said, give me your phone number---we need to talk.

Selma: Clap, clap, clap

vkn: Tremendous find tremendous details

alt: another hidden treasure on AfirGeneas!!!!!!

AYWalton: And we did--------------but here is so much more----too much to share here, but it is all good! Very good!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selma: Tell me did you purchase the pamphlets?

vkn: and Daviss We don need no music

Daviss: lol @ vkn

AYWalton: No Archie Moore, the collector has them!

keli1: wonderful!

AYWalton: Well Archie and I talked this morning, and he has been sharing images from the pamphlets with me. And note---this lady---her son Isaac (Ike) married Mahalia Jackson! and Melvin and I spoke yesterday.

vkn: wow wow wow

AYWalton: They have no knowledge of her business ventures and successes in ARknasas.

Selma: Wow...

AYWalton: They thought she ran a dress shop or something.

alt: 6 degrees of separation in action..

keli1: I love it

AYWalton: She was known as Madame Mattie Hockenhull.

Selma: So she born in long was she in Arkansas?

AYWalton: And Melvin reminded me of the time I got a Civil War file from him. Turns out that Civil War widow was "Aunt Mattie's" mother!! Not sure how long she was in Arkansas. And today Arhchie has been sending me images from the pamplets--- it is amazing.

alt: truly!!!!!

AYWalton: She wrote at least three of them!! and I will be putting some of these images on my blog in a day or soon.

Selma: What is amazing is the connection that is made from bits and pieces..

keli1: I can't wait to see them...

alt: yes Selma

AYWalton: and the photo in the booklet is the same photo that Melvin had put on Precious Photos!!!

Selma: the truth is that it takes time..and patience..and more patience

AYWalton: and sometimes, things just happen. it is amazing. and last night I spoke to a memer of the Hockenhull Arkansas line---they never knew who she was. So I cleared that up, as well.

Selma: Triple wow You did good AY... LOL

AYWalton: In addition, this lady had a line of products that she made and sold. thanks, Selma!!

keli1: they never knew!

vkn: Char Bah and Snowden School for Boys

alt: this is an example of us telling folk to 'research' AfriGeneas and not to just look at an visit it as a website, but to incorporate the vast holdings of Afrigeneas into their research like any other 'repository".

AYWalton: Neither side knew of the other, and neither side was aware of this business woman.

keli1: bringing it all together, telling the story, love it

AYWalton: that's enough to maks me upload my stash of photos. I had never done it.

Daviss: right alt

alt: AfriGeneas with Precious Photos has in a sense it's own FlickR LOL

jhonora: I never have uploaded any either

AYWalton: and this was before women could vote and you know black folks had so few assets.

alt: vicky & I have from 'jump street' to precious Photos.

Seventies Soulchild: I have to go see y'all later

AYWalton: but what a lesson.

alt: vicky & I

AYWalton: Had Melvin never posted that photo I would have never known. Is the upload part a functioning link?

vkn: yes as far as i know will need to double check

Daviss: I have many pics on Precious

AYWalton: but what a find!!!

keli1: looks like it goes to an email address so it is not a upload

Daviss: and from time to time I look again because they are some wonderful images

alt: and Melvin was the manager of Precious Photos

vkn: and i have a few

AYWalton: And actually, her pamphlets give advice on hygiene, health, weight loss and of cours hair as well.

Selma: publishing those pamphlets was an expense during that time

Daviss: another Madam Walker I see

AYWalton: It might be one of the first books on fitness in the day!

keli1: is where to submit

AYWalton: And written by a woman. in 1917.

vkn: Yes Keli it is a manual operation BUT we will go uploadable in the next several weeks

AYWalton: Her son went to Fisk and later Tuskegee where he earned a degree in Chemistry.

Daviss: Boy you talk about History AYWalton

Selma: So many stories to tell

AYWalton: so true, Daviss!

alt: probably under G.W. Carver ??????

AYWalton: I suspect so, alt.

alt: at Tuskegee

keli1: I am wondering in the unknown photos, if the one of the military band is the 803

Selma: I have to run folks...thanks for a wonderful story AY.. Have a great day.

AYWalton: you are welcome, Selma

alt: take care Ms Selma

AYWalton: take care.

keli1: these photos are fabulous

AYWalton: Archie has been sending me images from the book---it is quite fascinating. they are wonderful.

alt: yes there are some great photos there keli1

AYWalton: He also found a page that mentions the address of her business. Well I found an abandoned in Pine Bluff that might have been where she worked out of.

keli1: I will have to tweet this out...its amazing, I have never checked this out,

AYWalton: I found it using Googel Street View.

alt: Precious Photos keli1 ???

keli1: looks like a Lee Cook is a regular submitter

Daviss: we've been sayin Keli1 lol

vkn: lol

alt: yes Lee Cook has some wonderful photos of folks from Wilberforce.

keli1: Yes Art, I only read in the forums,

alt: welcome to AfriGeneas keli1 LO LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: lol lol

AYWalton: We can hopefully make these sections more visible to the visitor in the future. So needless to say I was excited.

keli1: LOL, I will tell you that when I go to the front page, I typically look for new info, and if I don't see anything, I just go to the forums, last news brief is 4/2011 and What's New is 2/ I move on to forums

alt: how much more visible can you make things? that's just a question... than the 'button's on the navaigation header

AYWalton: it is always good to change the look from time to time so the vistor might see something they missed before. and many have never seen or used the top nav bar, alt.

alt: I see Nadasue, my HS graduation class had 5 AA's in a class of about 250.

vkn: He is rather handsome

Nadasue: So, I've never really thought about putting any of my pics up there. For some reason, when I've visited Precious Photos in the past, I've only concentrated on looking at the unknowns

keli1: football player, Okay thank you Nadasue.. I am not the only one. There is an unknown section there

vkn: also "Player"

alt: looking forward to seeing yoru photos too Nadasue

Nadasue: alt So interesting to me, being from the almost-south. I was in 6th grade before I went to school with whites. keli1 lol... yep

keli1: I always went to school with whites

Nadasue: keli1 In VA?

keli1: oh no, I was born and raised in Michigan

alt: Nadasue, when I was in the 6th grade I was the one and only AA in that school building.

Nadasue: keli1 Ohhhhhh So different.

keli1: I be a Northern with Southern roots

alt: different yes, but we knew we were "colored" LOL LOL

Nadasue: They forced busing when I was in 5th (sorry, not 6th) grade and made us change schools Lol... @alt

Daviss: stories within themselves

alt: well, let me get ready to 'play' some football LOL .. great conversation .... GO AFRIGENEAS!!!!!!!!

keli1: just sent my first tweet, I was colored and negro...then someone told me I was Afro-A, Black-A, now AA...I am still colored and Negro, don't like the rest

Daviss: Go, Go!!!! I will follow soon keli1

Nadasue: LOL... I will ttyl... Have a great day!

keli1: I hope we can push it for a week and then have the person check the stats, but really need to know today's to compare I am getting off as well, need to do some work

Daviss: ok keli

vkn: keli when is a good time talk

keli1: good conversation. ttyl

Daviss: bye yall

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