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2011-12-03 Catching up with vicjorob


Start: 21:16:06
End: 22:22:38
Chatters: AYWalton, Daviss, Selma, vicjorob, vkn

Selma: Good evening vkn

vkn: Heyyyyyyy lady Selma How you be doing

Selma: Doing Ok..and you?

vkn: Not too too badly Trying to finish up on family stuff

AYWalton: I hope you are both doing well! vkn, your voice mail just hit my phone today. Not sure when you left it. I get messages often days after they were left--so strange. Yes, I have a Blackberry! Wow----vicjorob!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selma: Good evening vicjorob

AYWalton: Greetings old friend!!!!! I have missed you but heard that you were around!!!!

vkn: howdy vicjorob

AYWalton: sooooo good to see you!!!!!

vicjorob: Hey all! Hi Angela!

AYWalton: howdy Daviss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selma: Evening Daviss

vkn: Heyyyyyyyyyy Daviss

AYWalton: how have you been, vicjorob?

vicjorob: Yes I has heard you were on but U kept missing you. Living the interface for iPhone

Daviss: Hello AYWalton, Selma vicjorob and vkn!!! How is everyone?

vicjorob: Hi Daviss

AYWalton: are you still in the MD/DC/VA area?

vicjorob: Angela- I've been busy but still doing genealogy

AYWalton: well that's great! How are the children?

vicjorob: Yes still in NoVa and working downtown at FedTriangle. You still inMd?

vkn: Doing any presentations vicjorob

AYWalton: Yes, still in Baltimore County, but try to get to DC to do research.

vicjorob: My girls are 18 and 16. Oldest in college. Just the one at home. Both are doing fine.

Daviss: Oh you do presentations also vicjorob

AYWalton: wow---they are that old? gessh time flies!!!!!

Selma: That should tell you how long we have been doing this AY..its scary

AYWalton: where is the oldest going to school? yes that is scary Selma! that was back in the old AOL Forum days.

vicjorob: VJR- a month ago I was one of the lecturers for the Annandale fhc genealogy workshop. OMG AOL days. How about comply serve?

AYWalton: lol or Prodigy?

vkn: lol

vicjorob: That should be compuserv

vkn: *prodigy we called it lol

AYWalton: and vkn and I (and I think Selma, too) go back to the old dial up BBS days. amazing!

Daviss: Are you living in your area of research vicjorob?

vkn: Indeed

Selma: I started on Prodigy

vkn: Selma be a baby lol

AYWalton: lol

vicjorob: Oldest is going to Richard Bland College in Petersburg. Continuing the tradition of college. When she graduates she will be 7th continuous generation of college grads in our family.

vkn: Remember Alex Turner AYW

AYWalton: Are you stilll crocheting (or was it knitting?) Alex Turner---that name is familiar vkn.

vkn: From *Prodigy

vicjorob: Yes still crocheting but a little knitting. Yes living near where my 3rd greats were slaves in Loudoun County

AYWalton: ahhhh yes!! Ok! Alex Turner--gee that is going waaaaay back, vkn! lol

vkn: lol wayyyyyyyy

Daviss: oh ok, thx vicjorob

AYWalton: did you grow up in VA, vicjorob? so where is Alex these days?

Daviss: thats Denise's area isn't it?

vicjorob: No I grew up in Utah

vkn: Have no idea but he was a VA researcher ayw

AYWalton: and remember BigGFW? He was a VA researcher as well. I forgot that, vicjorob!!!

Daviss: utah, Do you know the Bankheads vicjorob?

AYWalton: I know we asked years ago---so how did you find your way back east?

vicjorob: But went to school in DC, left for several years, and came back to DC about 20 years ago Bankhead. Sound familiar but it has been a long time.

Daviss: understood vicjorob

AYWalton: so DC is now home I take it. do you miss Utah?

vkn: Yes do you still have contact with Big George ayw? He lived in Franklin County VA and Rocky Mount in particular. That is where my Keelings and Nelsons are

AYWalton: I hear from him once or twice a year.

vicjorob: Yes I do miss Utah at times but jobs aren't plentiful.

vkn: Big George was a school principal as I remember

AYWalton: His daughter is getting married this year. She has earned a master's degree, and teaching and getting married, (if not already married by now.) yes down in southern part of VA.

vkn: Wonderful

AYWalton: He is now the head of technology for the entire school system of Franklin County.

vkn: wow wow wow

AYWalton: occasionally he sends out an email to a group of his friends and family as well. Do you still have family in Utah, vicjorob?

vkn: Yes he assisted Audrey Dudley to publish obits in book form about 6 volumes from Franklin county churches

AYWalton: oh that's wonderful, I did not realize that.

Daviss: vicjorob, the Bankheads went to Utah with Young

vicjorob: My father, twin sister, brother, another sister, two former step mothers, and two former step brothers live there still.

AYWalton: oh wow! How did your family find their way west?

vkn: The most interesting was a man who papered his walls in his home with obits

AYWalton: are they native Utah-ites? (what do you call folks from Utah?)

Daviss: they are Mormons to this day

AYWalton: can you imagine? how did you know the Bankheads, Daviss? I assum they are African American?

Daviss: yes they are

AYWalton: went out with Brigham Young, huh?

vicjorob: My father was stationed at Hill AFB back in the day and we stayed there after he retired.

Daviss: I met several of them here in Phx AYWalton

vicjorob: We call ourselves Utahns (pronounced u-tawns)

AYWalton: ahh ok. :)

vicjorob: Phoenix has a large number of LDS folks.

Daviss: In fact Ralph Bankhead a very good friend passed away about 3 months ago

vicjorob: So, anyone have any recent successes?

AYWalton: black ones as well, vicjorob?

Daviss: his ggrands came with Brigham Young

vicjorob: AYWalton Yes, there are a few. But we Robinsons are not among them

AYWalton: I have been having fun entering marriage records into FTM since there are so many cropping up on FamilySearch. I hear ya, vicjorob.

Daviss: you are a airforce brat then vicjorob

AYWalton: doing more presenting these days, and working on community research projects. hope to do more writing this year. Oh vkn, I am working on the Guide.

vkn: Thanx AYW how is it coming

vicjorob: Daviss Yes, there were several blacks who emigrated with the LDS, some as former slaves. When Joseph Smith led the Mormons, blacks held full membership within the church. It was not until after Smith was killed, and Brigham Young became President, that the Southern contingent rose to the top and blacks were granted a lesser status.

Daviss: yes I think that Ralph's grand was a slave

vicjorob: AYWalton -- yes, I'm loving it. Found several key records in the last few weeks. Daviss - What folks don't know is that the original Council of 12 had a black man among them.

Daviss: thats wonderful vicjorob re key records

vkn: Gladys Knight is now a Morman and gave a great concert here about two weeks ago. I was a guest of honor.

AYWalton: just getting into it at long last. is that right, vkn?????? that's wonderful!!!!!

vicjorob: vkn --Ooooh, wow! You are so lucky!

Daviss: oh, what was his name.. was it that Flake person?

AYWalton: that is so cool!!! did you know Gladys?

vkn: yes was most interesting

vicjorob: Guest of Honor! did you get to come up on stage with her?

vkn: I do not but know the female who did the PR for the 3 rvrnts

AYWalton: wow---did you get to meet Gladys? shucks, vkn if we knew you and Gladys were tight, we could have been getting the hook-up when she goes on tour!!!!

vkn: sat on front row, recognized by the Stake president and mentioned role with AfriGeneas

Daviss: Vkn that is wonderful!!

AYWalton: lol

Daviss: lol

vkn: lol lol lol

AYWalton: the secret is to go backstage and just say to the stage hand---tell Gladys we are friends of vkn!!

vicjorob: Angela- I found the marriage records for one set of 2 greats, which gave me my 2g grandmother's her maiden name. I think she may have been the white daughter of a Confederate general!

AYWalton: so let us in!!

vkn: lol lol lol

vicjorob: AYWalton lol

AYWalton: was this find on FamilySearch, vicjorob?

vicjorob: Yes, indeed. THe record was for Sherman TX. She married 3 times -- all "colored" men.

Daviss: what a great find!

vicjorob: Yes. Unfortunately, its all about proving the white fathers

AYWalton: quite true, but that is an interesting find, vicjorob. where was this record from--which state?

Daviss: sherman is that east tx

Selma: Has anyone done any prior work on this Confederate General's family history

AYWalton: I am finding some amazing records on FamilySearch. and with the County records of Arkansas marriages, I am dowloading tons of the records and putting in data into a community FTM file.

Selma: Ay..what do you know about Drew County a query from someone

vkn: yes famsearch is tremendous

AYWalton: that is on the eastern part of the state. Near the Delta.

vicjorob: Texas marriage records. Ed Cook married Ollie Rucker. As to the potential parents (Edmund Terrell Rucker and Melinda Rucker), yes much has been done. He served under General Forrest can't remember last name

AYWalton: what were they seeking Selma. served under Nathan B. Forrest huh? My Bass soldiers escaped from NB Forrest.

vicjorob: Ange-which Arkansas counties. I do Columbia, Nevada, and the other southwestern Ark counties.

Selma: seeking a James Harris...found him and family in 1880..but not in 1870..

AYWalton: I am wroking mostly in Sevier and Little River counties in SW Arkansas.

vicjorob: Ange- I think that was him. I googled Rucker and saw the associations with Forrest.

AYWalton: and Sebastian in NW Arkansas and Pulaski (Little Rock) in central Arkansas. what towns are in Columbia nad Nevada?

Selma: vicjorob..and she is identified as White when she marries these 3 Colored Men

vicjorob: AYWalton -- oooh:o Selma-

AYWalton: and they allowed the marriages to take place? That is amazing.

vicjorob: Selma-no race identified but found a white Ollie Rucker with her parents in the next county over. I am trying to find out what happened to her so that I can rule her out. She may also have been a bright mulatto child of the Rucker plantation.

vkn: can you sort her out via heritage quest vicjorob

vicjorob: Ang-Magnolia is the county seat of Columbia. Waldo is just a few miles north. As to Nevada, I think Prescott is ther.

AYWalton: vicjorob, what towns in Columbia and Nevada counties are your folks from?

Selma: Gotta run folks...Good night

AYWalton: nite selma

vicjorob: My father's people were among the first residents of Friendship Community, a large black community that remains unincorporated to this day, while a three family community of Experiment was incorporated as a town decades ago. Friendship lies on County Road 1 just outside Magnolia.

AYWalton: ahhh Magnolia!

vicjorob: In the early days, folks moved freeely between Nevada county and Columbia county.

AYWalton: I never knew Magnolia was that far down!!!!

vicjorob: Yep, Magnolia is less than 20 miles from the Louisiana border.

AYWalton: have you ever been down there, vicjorob?

vkn: We have a product with HQ to identify all with "color"

AYWalton: I would love to know about the three family Experiment.

vicjorob: Yes, many times. My father's home church holds homecoming the 3rd Sunday in August every year. I used to go down and hang with my thrid cousins when I was younger (like my 20s)

AYWalton: wow.

vicjorob: I will ask my father about Experiment. He grew up near there

AYWalton: so the town is called Experiment.

vkn: Will send an email Victoria with a link Victoria

AYWalton: vicjorob, we have to meet for lunch soon. I come to DC often!

vicjorob: My father was raised by his grandparents. They lived next door to first and second cousins, some of them children of double first cousins. They were very close. When I moved to St. Louis, I lived for a while with my grandmother's baby sister.

AYWalton: Perhaps we can meet for lunch!

vicjorob: vkn- I will keep a look out for it.

AYWalton: you have lived all over the place!!! so fascinating!

vicjorob: Ang=I would love to meet for lunch.

AYWalton: what is your email, vicjorob?

vicjorob: Yes, I have lived a lot of places. Went to 12 schools by the time I graduated from HS. Lived in 18 homes by the time I was 18. By product of being an Air Force brat

AYWalton: Wow.


AYWalton: so---what place feels like home?

vicjorob: Utah will always feel like home, in spite of the many changes. I am accustomed to the NoVa area after so many years, but could call the Chicago area home, since I have many relatives there.

vkn: that is some history vicjorob

AYWalton: thanks vicjorob!

vicjorob: So many of us have that. So, what's this guide that Selma was referring to?

vkn: Indeed

Daviss: nite folks

vicjorob: Nite Daviss. Can't wait to meet you later this month

AYWalton: I was referring to it. I am working on a Guide to the AfriGeneas community online.

vicjorob: Ooooh. Nice. and sorry for the missed reference.

AYWalton: wil tell you more about it when we meet for lunch. I am turning in as well.

vicjorob: Okay.

AYWalton: you have a great evening. night to both of you.

vicjorob: You too.

vkn: Much needed

AYWalton: take care.

vicjorob: Yes indeed. vkn-

vkn: Will talk with you later in week victoria

vicjorob: meant to ask you about how to access my old postings. I had to regisgter under a new account which means I can't edit previous posts. I will send the question via e-mail Take care and have a good weekend.

vkn: okies and we will get you in 2 2

vicjorob: night.

vkn: Take all care

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