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2011-11-24 Thanxgiving • Jean Cooper


Start: 12:43:05
End: 13:56:09
Chatters: alt, Daviss, deannie, Jean Cooper

alt: Happy Thanksgiving Y'all hello deannie, I was just about to leave.... Happy T-day to you.

deannie: Happy thankgiving Hi alt

alt: how is the vacation going?

deannie: Its over and done...but I only had to work 3 days this weekened...but I did go to the Newberry ....

alt: wonderful. hope you had much success.

deannie: I located a death cert at city hall of one of my cousin who also my godmother

alt: wonderful!!!!!!

deannie: It gives me her father and and her birth date..but i have to take the information with a grain of salt...her mother's name is incorrect..and I know her mother's name she was my grandmother's sister

alt: well, we know the informant's often got things mixed up.

deannie: yes they think the information came from her last husband and they only married about 2 years

alt: but at least you have a paper trail on date of death, burial location and some other goodies.

deannie: yes that true...hold on alt I have to help my sister bring some food in i will be right back

alt: okay

deannie: I'm back....

Daviss: heyyyy

deannie: Hi Daviss

alt: Hey Daviss... how ya doing?

Daviss: How are you doing deannie and alt?

alt: deannie just brought in enough food for all of us LOL

deannie: Fine and you

Daviss: I just woke up from going to sleep about two hours ago lol

deannie: yes we do.....any time...come on

Daviss: lol I could use at least some coffee deannie lol deannie you must have heard me asking about you yesterday

deannie: If u every one to come to Chicago and are welcome...both of you no

Daviss: lol I asked are here you are lol and alt told me you were prolly scouring the Newberry

deannie: I had work three days....I off today and tomorrow

Daviss: how are you doing today alt? deannie did you get my msg I sent you

deannie: on facebook I saw them...was I suppose to send you marlene email address

Daviss: yes, it is so weird, I went on her page and saw a picture in a collage that I wanted to know who it was since i am not a friend on there I could not ask

deannie: her address is or is it globel

Daviss: ok

deannie: How did you see a picture of marlene

Daviss: I saw she was a friend to you and I am a friend to you

deannie: She will accept you...she know who you are

Daviss: did you have any luck at the Newberry deannie? or did you get to go?

deannie: I did not find much...but looked in the Pullman records...they are big...I have to learn how to go thought their records.....

Daviss: oh my I bet they are huge

deannie: I told alt I went to city hall and find a death cert

Daviss: whose dc was it?

deannie: she my mother's cousin first cousin but she was also my godmother

Daviss: ahhh congrat for being able to get it

deannie: they have a book to check the jobs...then you have to find there city...and then the region

Daviss: by the way did you and your friends get together to go over the family Tree or was it family search/

alt: whew... I got some 'talkin' cousins LOL

deannie: yes...we had a great time.....Marlene, Reggie , and Kim they were here for about 4 hours....but we talked more then we work

Daviss: lol hahahaha alt now which one was it deanniw

deannie: I wish I have some talking cousin

Daviss: deannie do you have any pointers that alt and I could use by the way, that was a great idea to do that alt, I finally got my daughter to download her results to Dr McDonald

alt: she have the results back?

Daviss: no not yet lol she will probably get them after thanksgiving

deannie: I signed myself out

Daviss: that was like pulling teeth anyway alt lol lol lol

Jean Cooper: hello

deannie: hi Jean

Daviss: hello there jean cooper

Jean Cooper: I didn't know if there'd be anyone here on thanksgiving

alt: Hello Jean Cooper Happy Thanksgiving to ya.

Jean Cooper: :}

Daviss: lol jean cooper we have this in our blood

Jean Cooper: Happy thanksgiving to all of you too

Daviss: same to you jean cooper Is this your first time in chat?

Jean Cooper: I'm just waiting for my turkey to finish

Daviss: yummy

Jean Cooper: yes, my first time here, though I've chatted on other websites

Daviss: welcome!!

Jean Cooper: thanks

Daviss: I hope this wont be your last

Jean Cooper: is there normally a specific topic or just general

Daviss: nawww we just usually wing it

Jean Cooper: what have you been talking about today?

Daviss: what are your surnames and from where jean cooper?

Jean Cooper: lately I've been working on the Burnley family of Albemarle Virginia

alt: thank you Daviss

Jean Cooper: they're not my own family, but I'm working on a group project with some folks

alt: Daviss, Jean responded to Derek & his "Guardian' dilemma on AfriGeneas Slave Forum.

Daviss: Oh that is very nice, how far have you all gone with it? Oh ok

Jean Cooper: well, we have got a website -- let me see if I can find it

Daviss: I read that response and it was right on point jean cooper

Jean Cooper: here it is: Thanks, alt and Daviss -- Derek and I have been working together for a couple of years.

alt: okay Jean Cooper, you're with Shelley Murphy then ?

Jean Cooper: yes

Daviss: my turn alt lol

alt: we were with her (Shelley) in Ft. Wayne both in '09 & this past Oct.

Daviss: oh Shelley! is that our Shelley alt

Jean Cooper: Shelley was very enthusiastic about her trip this Oct. Someday I'll get up there

Daviss: is that kelli alt?

Jean Cooper: yes, keli

alt: got to run y'all tkae care... nice meeting you Jean

Jean Cooper: nice meeting you too, alt

Daviss: happy day alt Jean we will hopefully be in Salt lake this next Oct

Jean Cooper: that sounds like fun!

Daviss: I am so excited about that Is Cooper one of your search surnames

Jean Cooper: I'm finding a lot of useful information in the Chancery records at the library of virginia yes, my Coopers are from South Carolina they are hard to find because of the burned county problem

Daviss: great!! we have a Va researcher that comes to chat daily

Jean Cooper: great

Daviss: I have Coopers in my line also In fact he was sold in SC and sent to Tx

Jean Cooper: I also have a line that goes from NC to Ohio to Illinois to Missouri do you know if he was in the Orangeburg SC area?

Daviss: no idea, I wish I knew. He was bought to Tx by a man named Joe White

Jean Cooper: sorry, I had to go check the temp on the turkey what name did he choose after emancipation?

Daviss: He stayed a Cooper. His name was Louis cooper

Jean Cooper: hmm... there were at least three cooper families in SC in the mid-nineteenth century the orangeburg Coopers, the barnwell coopers, and the kershaw coopers

Daviss: wow

Jean Cooper: I think they were related in the colonial period, but I'm not sure the whole cooper line is very confusing because of the lack of records

Daviss: I wish I could narrow it down to a county

Jean Cooper: its kind of like searching for a needle in a haystack, isn't it?

Daviss: My great grandmother carried the name White but she was aquired in Ala

deannie: I'm sorry my daugther was on facebook

Daviss: I will keep Orangeburg in my notes Jean Cooper

Jean Cooper: good luck ... try barnwell district too

Daviss: no problem deannie oh ok

Jean Cooper: I wish we had the wills and inventories indexed for these counties

Daviss: Oh my, that would be wonderful

deannie: i have to buy her a new one for school...but due to her only be here for 4 days she left her's at school

Jean Cooper: check the online database on that page I gave you - it is an example of what we're trying to do -- collect all the raw data we can and see if we can get links when the computer compares the info

Daviss: they have a lot of good sales now deannie I sure will Jean Cooper

Jean Cooper: I've heard that historically, the best sales are not on Black Friday, but between that Sat. and Dec. 13th

deannie: i know I'm checking the paper as we spoke

Jean Cooper: anyway, it's been nice meeting you all have a great holiday

Daviss: probably the products that are left over same her Jean Cooper

Jean Cooper: bye

Daviss: please come back soon deannie what grade is daughter

deannie: she's a soph at Western Illionois University in Macomb,Il going into Nursing

Daviss: awesome!! good for her Is that your only child

deannie: My pride and joy....but she not interested in genealogy yet yes...not to be many children did you have

Daviss: I know that feeling deannie neither is mine I have two, one natural two grands

deannie: what about you alt

Daviss: alt is gone

deannie: go things Daviss...are they interested in genealogy go=good

Daviss: nope lol I wish

deannie: ditto

Daviss: I told them I was going to give them my information anyway lol

deannie: but they are going to want to know later

Daviss: and if they throw it away I will come back and haunt them shake leaves all over lol lol

deannie: I donating all of mines to the patricia Liddell socity in chicago

Daviss: thats a good idea

deannie: because somebody what's my inform

Daviss: yep thats for sure deannie as my mom used to say its all a wheel within a wheel

deannie: i told my daughter that's my one wish ditto

Daviss: well I guess I will head out for now. Deannie you have a wonderful day

deannie: have a great day...

Daviss: u2

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