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2011-10-14 NBGS&FtWayne ~ DNA


Start: 12:09:55
End: 13:35:41
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, bearnut2, Daviss, HistoryBuff, vkn

Daviss: hello alt!

alt: HI Daviss... what's going on? oh, oh, chat is acting 'funny'

Daviss: not to much today lol what about you? oh my! I just downloaded Google Chrome hoping I can stay in

alt: not much happening here.... getting ready to get ready for Ft. Wayne LOL

HistoryBuff: Hey Alt and Daviss

Daviss: hello HistoryBuff

alt: Hi HistoryBuff ... are you on the 'puter or phone?

HistoryBuff: Computer

alt: okay, just checking on ya LOL

Daviss: lol me too.. I did just find out the shuttle does not start until 7 30 am on Sunday and my plane leaves out at 7:40 am Grrrrrr

alt: shuttle from the hotel?

Daviss: HistoryBuff, you haven't given up on the phone have you yes alt :(

HistoryBuff: Thanks, I'm at home until the end of the chat session. Then I'm going to one of the Smithsonian museums for an all day Archives Day Festival.

alt: maybe we can work sumpin out and get you to the airport on time.

HistoryBuff: For now if I use the phone, I can only view the sessions.

alt: ah so, HistoryBuff

Daviss: oh wow alt! thanks much.. thats on Sunday you know That should be a fun filled day HistoryBuff

alt: right, checkout day... we don't ususally check out until 11:00 or so... maybe I can get up early and take you to the airport.

HistoryBuff: Indeed,

Daviss: That would be awesome alt!! easing my mind twice this week lol

alt: we'll figure sumpin out Daviss .. don't sweat the 'small stuff' LOL LOL

Daviss: lol ok HistoryBuff I sure do envy you....

HistoryBuff: How's that Daviss?

Daviss: You all have such great stuff out that way

alt: Yeah, she has a job she seems to enjoy and it fits into her interests.

Daviss: I imagine though if my area of interest were here in AZ I could find things like that but as it is its a no go

HistoryBuff: Well Washington, DC is the museum capital of the nation. I see your point. Haven't been to all of them though.

Daviss: Are you going to the MLK Grand Opening?

HistoryBuff: Alt, my job as a university library technician is not interesting, but my volunteer involvements are.

alt: ah so, Oops HistoryBuff, I thought they were pretty much "one and the same" sorry bout that.

Daviss: why not interesting HB

alt: she's thinking about it LOL LOL

HistoryBuff: I understand Alt. Daviss, my vocational duties are to interface with the public, baby sit a wide open student computer lab, babysit the patrons and goofer wiithin the library.

Daviss: I bet that keeps you busy though lol

alt: I'll bet everyday is 'different' HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: I also reserve AV equipment and facilities at the university. My duties have doubled since the start of the fall semester. I don't get to participate with any of the activities.

Daviss: the library that just opened near my house is housed on a Community College

alt: you can use the Library as a 'resident' of the area Daviss?

Daviss: all we need is a city library card which is great

HistoryBuff: Oh you just reminded me, I'm also outsource to provide library service at the community college which is part of this urban land-grant university system.

alt: ah so, that's great Daviss, you do have a city library card? LOL

Daviss: lol I do alt as do taylor, tyler and daughter tish

alt: that's right HistoryBuff you're with, is it UDC?

HistoryBuff: Yes, you remembered, Alt :)

Daviss: no lost books anywhere so we are good to go lol lol

HistoryBuff: Good for you Daviss.

Daviss: re-up every two yrs since the early 90's lol

alt: there's a community college less than a mile from where I live, used to be an adjunct prof. there, I haven't used there service in neary 15 years ... wow, dumb me LOL

Daviss: nawwww alt not so

HistoryBuff: better late than never, Alt. :)

alt: I guess HistoryBuff, but I've become so lazy anymore, hard to even get out of the house 'cept for special occasions.

HistoryBuff: Hmmm.

Daviss: I am hoping that they will have almost as much info as ASU has as far as AA material. ASU lacks parking and feeding the meter every 20 mins several blocks away is hard on a old girl like me

alt: yeah, that's bad HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: I'm sorry to hear that Alt.

alt: me too HistoryBuff, but I'm mostly just sorry LOL LOL

Daviss: alt I got an email from a non-AA today from 23. wants to share 3-4 cousin

alt: they want to know Daviss LOL ... checking their roots LOL

Daviss: none of their surnames fit mine according to the census, my 4th grand is from maryland and that hits one of their states

alt: that's usually the case Daviss.. I have something like 300 3-5 cousins with 23andme with no 'familiar' suranmes.

Daviss: and of course I have no knowledge of anything else dang alt.. 300 wow

alt: I'm kind of backing off of the cousin thing and trying to learn the 'tools' on 23andme.

HistoryBuff: That's unfortunate. Hopefully, they will pursue to learn their family history. Hey Vkn.

Daviss: I am hoping that they have not closed the program. I want my x hubby to get a kit. I talked to him last night and he is open

alt: yeah HistoryBuff, I'm learning that 'most' of the DNA/genetic genealogy folk don't do a lot of 'traditional genealogy'... Hi vkn, how are are ya today?

vkn: Howdy and just a quick howdy to each

HistoryBuff: Interesting vaccum.

Daviss: hello vkn, how are you quick howdy back vkn

alt: sorry I missed your call yesterday vkn.... when we don't connect, what is a drop dead time for returning your call?

vkn: cup spilleth over will be a tad freerer 2morry Midnite is good alt lol

HistoryBuff: I feature what you're saying, vkn. lol

Daviss: :?

alt: okay, if I can make it past 10:00 PM LOL LOL

Daviss: uh oh vkn Is the wedding over now vkn?

vkn: Got house fulla peeps all having individual conversations concurrently

alt: oh my, but you can handle it vkn

Daviss: uh, lol any Texans in the bunch?

vkn: wedding is 2nite at 7 There was a time alt

alt: congrats and best wishes to the bride/groom

Daviss: ditto

HistoryBuff: ditto

vkn: lol no all of these strangers are from Haiti and Boston

alt: can they tell what they're talking about? LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: hehehehe

vkn: they sho cannot

alt: Hello AYWalton, how are ya?

AYWalton: Good afternoon,all.

Daviss: Hello There AYWalton!! are you all Blackberried up now AYWalton?

HistoryBuff: Hey AYWalton !

AYWalton: reading back on earlier dialog! Gracious you have company all over the place, vkn? who got married?

vkn: yassum again AYW Nephew is getting with 3 times baby mama

AYWalton: Ahhh. Well enjoy all of the fellowshipping with friends and family!

vkn: White gown, and all

HistoryBuff: ditto, Vkn

AYWalton: well throw the rice and keep on smiling.

vkn: yall be good

AYWalton: were the children flower girls or page boys? oops she's gone. how are you folks today? Good I hope.

Daviss: uh oh lol I am good AYWalton

alt: I'm hanging in there AYWalton

AYWalton: alt, Daviss and I have been talking about you. I told her you were the life of the party and if ya wanna hang, just find alt. (in reference to Ft. Wayne). howdy bearnut2. hope you are having a good day, today.

alt: oh my, what have I done to earn that reputation... I thought I was a quiet subdued kind of guy.

AYWalton: At least it's Friday!

bearnut2: Hey everybody AYWalton HistoryBuff alt Daviss

Daviss: and I said you were my kinda guy alt lol

alt: hello cuz bearnut2

Daviss: Hello bearnut2

AYWalton: everybody will be rushing from one session to another and alt will be out there being cool calm and collected and enjoying himself. are you arrving on Wednesday, alt?

bearnut2: great day AYWalton! Just posted part 1 of 2 part post about my newspaper find.

alt: how ya 'triangulating' cuz? LOL

AYWalton: oh really

Daviss: where did you post bearnut2?

bearnut2: lol alt! on my blog

alt: Yes AYWalton, plan on getting there around 4-5 Weds. evening

Daviss: oh ok thanks

bearnut2: I posted the link on the board too

AYWalton: ah that looks like a good read, bearnut!

HistoryBuff: Thanks for the link, bearnut2 .

alt: wonderful bearnut2, glad to hear you're finding follow=up information

bearnut2: thanks AYWalton

AYWalton: looking at the first article now.

bearnut2: yw HistoryBuff

Daviss: thanks bearnut2

bearnut2: yep cuz, thanks to your suggestion I found several articles from other papers about the incident

Daviss: I forgot Woodrow with his Joe Lewis looking self lol

alt: Great bearnut2 !!!!!!!

bearnut2: Oh I know! I'll have to check for a connection between them! ;)

alt: Hey Daviss, you're hanging with us today... no 'bumps' so far .... wonderful

bearnut2: don't jinx her cuz!

Daviss: thats right alt!! On google Chrome YOU HEAR THAT MARIAH !!! lol

AYWalton: bearnut some good genealogy work you have done. lol @ Daviss!

bearnut2: so who from afrigeneas is going to indiana? me, alt, AYW, who else? Thanks AYWalton

Daviss: me

AYWalton: you gonna be there, bearnut?

bearnut2: yay! really Daviss???

AYWalton: we have tp take a Lunch Bunch photo!!! keli1 will be there. she sometimes pops in!

alt: deannie will be there too

bearnut2: yep my genealogy group is taking a bus

AYWalton: Yes she will!! are you in Chicago Bearnut2? Or St. Louis? our Baltimore group is taking a bus as well.

bearnut2: thats right! I'm supposed to meet you and someone--deannie I think--for doughnuts alt

alt: AYWalton, bearnut2 is with charles's group from St. Louis, right cuz?

bearnut2: I'm in St. Louis

AYWalton: bearnut2 did I meet you when I spoke there in April? how many from St. Louis will be coming?

bearnut2: no--i had to work that day so I missed it! :( I'm not sure---around 40ish maybe

AYWalton: so three bus loads coming---Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis---that's good! and we MUST take an AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Photo!

bearnut2: lol

alt: when will y'all get there? hope I beat ya cause it was a 'jam-up' last time with 2-3 groups arriving at the same time.

AYWalton: I will be blogging.

HistoryBuff: That does sound good AYW.

bearnut2: we get in early Thurs morn

AYWalton: Perhaps I shall also make a small video about our group. I will be arriving camera in hand, you know!!! and if I am missing--just hunt for me in the library.

bearnut2: cool! AYWalton

alt: good bearnut2 .. I'll be there weds... how bout you AYWalton?

AYWalton: Wednesday evening as well.

bearnut2: I plan on spending some library time as well!

alt: oh my, it was that Baltimore busload that held me up the last time LOL LOL

AYWalton: is that right alt?

bearnut2: lol cuz

AYWalton: what happened? you mean checking in?

alt: yeah, the check-in counter was full

bearnut2: are all of you staying at the recommended hotel?

AYWalton: ahhh I see. probably so, bearnut2

alt: yep , the Marriott

bearnut2: I'm at the Hilton next door to the Convention center

AYWalton: that is where we were the last time, I recall.

alt: okay, that' where we stayed the last time .. the Hilton

bearnut2: ah--I was able to get a pretty good deal with my Hilton Honors membership

Daviss: Is the Marriott far

AYWalton: well take the deal, for sure.

alt: we're across the street from the Conv. center, but there is a wlk-way.

bearnut2: No I think the Marriott is just across the street

Daviss: oops I meant to add far from the Library

alt: it's all within 1 block Daviss

bearnut2: I think everything is within 2 blocks from what i've heard

HistoryBuff: Is this in Fort Wayne?

bearnut2: ooh 1 block is even better!

Daviss: yes HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: K

AYWalton: I am looking at the hotel site, now.

Daviss: are you walking it aywalton street view

alt: AYWalton, remember the Hilton is 'hooked' into the Conv center.

AYWalton: yes looking around. the other hotel is too, it appears. well I better run. Podcast time. have a good one, folks.

Daviss: ok bye

bearnut2: have a good oneAYWalton heard from 1% yet cuz ?

alt: yes Marriott has a walkway.. Hilton is thru their Lobby to the conv center.

Daviss: bearnut2 did you get to read my KSC email?

bearnut2: cool!

alt: no, I haven't bearnut2 .. that's Stanley?

bearnut2: oh yeah Daviss alt no Dennis

Daviss: good alt

bearnut2: very interesting Daviss I'll see if I can find anything for ya

Daviss: what is a 1% cousin

alt: okay bearnut2 , guess I'll have to make sure I'm gene-sharing.. thought I was LOL

Daviss: thx bearnut

bearnut2: Funny thing is I met a lady at our AA Genealogy group who was adopted so I told her I would help her...

Daviss: whoa bearnut2

bearnut2: Then 2 cousins popped up in RF who are also adopted...

Daviss: very interesting

alt: WOW!!!! 2 cousins of hers?

Daviss: no adoption here bearnut2

bearnut2: And a guy came into my work last week who does research for folks looking for family, etc....

Daviss: strange story

bearnut2: I told him about my interest in research and he gave me his card saying thats where they need help the most... Maybe "somebody" is trying to tell me something! lol

Daviss: lol I guess so what is a 1% cousin?

bearnut2: Daviss our "1% cousin" is a guy who is 99% European and 1% African and we match him on the 1%! lol

Daviss: oh lol

bearnut2: alt no, two of my cousins

alt: and he's looking into the 'wood pile" LOL

bearnut2: lol

Daviss: hehehehe something wrong with his picture lol :?

bearnut2: Hope he didn't get scared away or have his family/friends talk him out of pursuing it... I haven't heard from him in a while...

HistoryBuff: Strange.

alt: it's prorbaly that g-g-g-g grandmother who looked like an Indian

bearnut2: lol cuz

Daviss: is he a youngster? Usually they are more open

bearnut2: no, he looks like hes probably in his 40's

alt: bearnut2, do you correspond with LitheLady?

bearnut2: alt not really, I have once or twice, why?

alt: she's on my case with the Lost Colony & the Melungeon thing.

bearnut2: omg! I joined the yahoo group and had to turn off the daily messages! do you match her on there or something?

alt: no, no matches. with her, but I think we've 'triangulated' LOL LOL

bearnut2: I'm not really sure how I feel about the whole Melungeon thing. I wonder if its just an "invention" to explain swarthy ancestors lol

Daviss: ok answer this for me..why do they ask if you want to to send a msg vs introduction?? trhis = this

alt: My wife's folks from SE Ohio are 'ate up" with the tri-racial & Melungeon thing... Male/Mayle, Croston, Adams, Goins, Tabler, etc.

bearnut2: people who are public (meaning you can see their "real" name) you can send a msg to or go to their profile page and send an invite from there... people who are anonymous you can send an introduction are limited to 5 of those a day per profile

Daviss: oh I see... thanks

bearnut2: for "public" folks whose page you can invite from, there is no limit!

alt: oh bearnut2 , I'm now up to 301 cousins on RF.

bearnut2: woo! thats a lot, cuz

Daviss: sure is, I have 176 it went up 4 the other day HistoryBuff did you apply yet?

HistoryBuff: Nope I haven't.

alt: bearnut2 & Daviss will y'all have your laptops at Ft. Wayne?

bearnut2: Ive got 277--mom's got the most with 350 and dad's got the least with 208

HistoryBuff: You are asking about DNA testing right, Daviss?

Daviss: I was wondering about that alt

bearnut2: I'm not sure alt--maybe

Daviss: yes HistoryBuff its a free program if selected

alt: I just put GEDmatch, 23andme & FTDNA on my netbook favorites and I'll have it with me in Ft. Wayne

bearnut2: why cuz?

HistoryBuff: I've been dragging my feet with my many distractions.

bearnut2: the why was about the laptop lol

Daviss: only takes a second to input your email addy in

alt: wanted to make sure we had our stuff there cuz, in case there was a DNA discusiion.

bearnut2: lol Daviss you're starting to sound like me!

Daviss: lol I just wish I knew as much as you bear

bearnut2: ahhh--I may bring it but if there is wi-fi i may just bring my nook

alt: bearnut2 & Daviss, we can all get to our 'stuff' via my computer, right?

bearnut2: you will Daviss--I just learned since joining in Jan

Daviss: right alt

bearnut2: yeah alt so we don't need to bring ours! lol

alt: and I'll have my netbook there. maybe just a flash drive in case we find something you might want to load when you get back home.

bearnut2: be sure to bring a jump drive for the library

alt: exactly bearnut2

bearnut2: lol great minds! well, i'd better get to finishing the 2nd part of my blog post...

alt: okay cuz, take care

bearnut2: y'all take care!

Daviss: ok bearnut2 thanks and take care

HistoryBuff: ditto

alt: who's got the lights?

Daviss: I do lol

HistoryBuff: Have a great weekend folks. Bye

Daviss: I can't believe that I did not get bumped... hip hip hooray!!

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