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2011-08-30 Webinar • DNA• 3rd Connects


Start: 11:58:45
End: 13:53:39
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, bearnut2, daviss, fierybug08, Selma

3rdthawkins: hey alt, how's it going?

alt: Hi 3rdthawkins, guess we get the 'worm' LOL

3rdthawkins: oops, I already ate it alt lol

alt: Oops...

3rdthawkins: looks like Afrigeneas helped make a connection for me, was waiting for vkn to come in

alt: wonderful... AfriGeneas is good at making connections your connection.. who, what, when where ???

3rdthawkins: well, in 2004 and in 2006 a lady had posted here on AfriGeneas looking for her long lost sister who was given to another lady to raise by their mother. I came across the post when googling the name of my great grandmother's brother's daughter. She apparently had a child in her teens and left her to be raised by another woman, she eventually moved to California and started another family about ten years later........

alt: sounds like the beginning of a great story.... and outcome.

3rdthawkins: She apparently told her kids about her other child she had, so they were searching for her. I couldn't respond to either posts since they were archived, so I just copied and pasted both posts in my own post I had posted on the Gen and His forum in 2009. Well, the lady who wrote the original two posts (the daughter of my great grandmother's niece) apparently just recently saw my post and she called my grandmother and asked if my grandmother had any grandchildren with the last name Hawkins. My grandmother called me and asked who this lady was that called her, and I remembered so I told my grandmother......

alt: great!!!!!

3rdthawkins: The way she got in contact with my grandmother was that her aunt (her mom's sister) and my grandmother kept in contact, so the lady asked her aunt about my great grandmother, since her aunt is my great grandmother's niece. So she told her about my great grandmother and my grandmother, and got my grandmother's number..........this family is on my mother's mother's side.......the Hughes line

alt: the AfriGeneas Archives and the 'search' feature are truly untapped gems.

3rdthawkins: yep, I wouldn't discourage anyone from posting, you just never know. It was how I got in contact with my half siblings from my dad's side. That was on Ancestry though, but you never know who could be searching......anything can spark a person to search for family, doesn't have to be family research/genealogy, it can be anything

alt: I know your mother & grnadmaother are pleased with the results of your work 3rdthawkins

3rdthawkins: it could take a while before someone respond, but it will come.........hello fierybug08

fierybug08: hi alt & 3rd. just reading to catch up. don't mind me lol

alt: Hello fierybug08.. how are ya today?

fierybug08: just fine.

3rdthawkins: I am currently helping her find her sister, that is still in progress, it is difficult, she has been looking for a long time, I hope to help get her in contact

alt: wonderful 3rdthawkins

fierybug08: wow 3rd sounds like you've been busy. I'm glad you are finding connections.

3rdthawkins: thx fiery, and this came out of nowhere yesterday, it was 2009 since i posted, I had forgotten about it, glad she saw my post

fierybug08: Everyone has been helpful to me too. VKN just sent me a list of Grundys to research. I have found several. I think I would like to do a historical scan of the county. Some of the Grundy's found were considered mulattos in the early 1900s i even found a record for 3 adopted siblings who were from Kansas and were settled in Cass County.

3rdthawkins: yeah, it is a possibility of a Caucasian connection fierybug, most Earnest/Ernest Grundy's are white, very few are black also scan the texas death records fiery on familysearch, for grundy's in Cass

alt: hello Selma

Selma: Afternoon everyone..

3rdthawkins: I was doing that in SC for my Sanders and happened to find a brother of my grgr gf I never knew about..........hey Selma

fierybug08: hi Selma

3rdthawkins: hello daviss, howdy-doo!

alt: hello daviss

daviss: hello 3rd fierybug and Selma!! hi there alt

Selma: Hi daviss

fierybug08: hi daviss

daviss: Good to see you Selma!!!

Selma: Yep..finally got power

daviss: Did you have perishables on ice Selma?

Selma: Yes..

fierybug08: good to hear Selma

3rdthawkins: yes, good to see you Selma, glad you are doing ok

daviss: great, what about your mom and others did they fair well? and Victoria Angela? lol

Selma: Yes..everyone up the East Coast came thru OK Lots of down trees around here..took out the transformers

daviss: Vermont and New jersey are still going strong with those floods

Selma: Even Busch Gardens in Williamsburg was closed up to yesterday because of no power

3rdthawkins: yeah, I see daviss, seem like all in my family are doing ok, didn't realize a cousin was in NJ until I spoke with his mom yesterday, he's doing ok, all others on Long Island and in Mass. are doing ok

daviss: thats good 3rd!! slt, thanks for the response on yesterday sit = alt

3rdthawkins: my dad called this morning after I tried contacting him yesterday, his cable internet service is off that is why I couldn't get through to him, but he's doing ok

alt: yw daviss

daviss: Selma, have you talked to Dru?

Selma: Yes, spoke with her last night she is Ok...

daviss: good!! We are like family and when one hurts we all hurt

fierybug08: 3rd, glad your dad is doing okay

3rdthawkins: thx fiery

daviss: I tried the text'ing route..Thats what Fema requested on CNN

Selma: It appears that another storm is brewing in the we are watching

daviss: there must be another one because they mentioned a womans name must be two fierybug08 did you call that number

fierybug08: no not yet daviss.

alt: guess researching has taken a 'backseat' to Irene, huh?

daviss: not sure what time zone they are in

3rdthawkins: yep alt

daviss: I would imagine alt. lots of researchers out that way. wonder if any courthouses are under water hello bearnut2!

3rdthawkins: hello and wb bearnut2

fierybug08: hi bearnut2

Selma: None that I know of here so far davis..but I am sure there might be some Hi bearnut

bearnut2: hi daviss 3rdthawkins fierybug08 Selma akt

alt: Hello bearnut2 ,, hang on LOL

bearnut2: alt lol

daviss: do you need a rope!!

3rdthawkins: that first step in can always get you

bearnut2: lol I don't know what happened but i'm good now lol

alt: starting to get a lot of information from the group in Ft. Wayne on the NBGS.

bearnut2: ooh really? that reminds me, I need to send in my registration! I will do that today! dont want to miss the discount

alt: at least your room reservation bearnut2 .... I don't usually send my Conference registration in until about a month before the conference... can't tie up what little money I have for too long LOL

bearnut2: yeah! my group is supposed to be meeting about rooms and such but I think I'll go ahead and reserve something now

daviss: and build up that little money lol oops

bearnut2: I couldn't type...

alt: right daviss .. and Anita is doing her usual hem/haw thing about going, so I sure don't want to register her and then she backs out of going.

3rdthawkins: oh, she's one of those alt, lol I have a few in my family

bearnut2: lol 3rd I've got some too fortunately, for genealogy stuff i usually don't have to worry about anyone but me lol

alt: but I love her just the same 'cause Caldonia is her name" LOL

bearnut2: lol so alt, is the info online or did they send it to you?

alt: they sent it to my group bearnut2

bearnut2: ahhh--can you share?

alt: Could you please share this with your society members? The National Black Genealogy Summit is October 20-22, 2011 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Summit will be held at the Allen County Public Library and the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne. It's theme is, “African Diaspora: Awakening Our Legacy.” Speakers include Tony Burroughs, Damani Davis of the National Archives; DNA expert, Roberta Estes; Jim Isom; Shamele Jordan; Lisa Lee; Timothy Pinnick; and Angela Walton-Raji. Summit attendees may take advantage of special extended hours at The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library on Oct. 20-23. The two-day Summit on Friday and Saturday, October 21st & 22nd, offers the best in African American genealogical lectures and presentations. A multi-track pre-summit program on Oct. 20 is free and open to all, and focuses on family health history, foundations of genealogical research, a librarians track, and information sharing. A booksigning and gospel concert are planned on the evening of the pre-

bearnut2: ask and you shall receive! lol

alt: I can forward to your email address if you like bearnut2

Selma: Our group received around 10 registration forms in the mail..gonna put in the library

bearnut2: thanks alt! I'm excited to meet Lisa Lee, Timothy Pinnick, and Angela and especially my cousin, Roberta Estes! thanks alt!

alt: Roberta is your cousin!!!!! I 've seen her speak a couple of times on DNA, she is really good!!! In spite of what you-know-who thinks LOL

bearnut2: lol! yep we're genetic cousins! I found out after I tested.

daviss: thats great bearnut2

bearnut2: yeah, i was pretty excited daviss after i found out who she was

alt: I'm excited to meet Lisa Lee in person... we have Canadian connections and have corresponded over the last 10-15 years, but never met in person yet.

bearnut2: thats cool alt! I'm excited to meet her because I am often mistaken for her in the forums lol I think its my Lisa L.

alt: I know lol

daviss: What alt, you have never met Lisa!! She is a sweetie

alt: that's what ET keeps telling me daviss

daviss: I enjoyed her presentation

alt: 3rdthawkins, with your recent findings and what you've been doing since you came on AfriGeneas you must have a fairly nice sized database now.

daviss: what is your haplo bearnut2?

3rdthawkins: I wish alt, no one know's anything, I have to pass out family group sheets to everyone so they can write down children's names, some I think won't wanna do it, other's say they will, but you end up waiting forever for them to give you any information

bearnut2: L3d1-5

alt: I know 3rdthawkins that's a pain in the old 'patootie' LOL

3rdthawkins: lol

daviss: :o now would that be the same at all companies that test

3rdthawkins: the best thing is knowing who to give it too, you don't have to give a FGS to everyone, just the ones that's willing to share information and knows information, that's cool

daviss: how many in your database 3rd?

3rdthawkins: ok, let me see daviss how do I find that how in rootsmagic alt?

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

Selma: Afternoon AY

3rdthawkins: how-Out

AYWalton: hi 3rd

alt: hello AYwalton.. how are ya?

fierybug08: hi AYWalton

daviss: heyyy Ms AY!!!

3rdthawkins: hey AY

bearnut2: daviss it should be but if the company tests STRs (like Ancestry) they may not go as deep into your haplogroup so I might only get L3 from them...

AYWalton: hello there alt, bearnut2, daviss, fierybug, Ms. Selma!

alt: go to FILE and scrolll down to Properties 3rdthawkins

3rdthawkins: ok, thx

AYWalton: Hope you are all well, and good to see Ms. Selma is back!

daviss: ahhhh I see bearnut2

AYWalton: doing fine, alt, and you?

Selma: Good to be back AY

AYWalton: sorry to be late. been busy tweaking power points and had to get an outline to Tenpenny in Arkansas for the AAHGS conference.

alt: don't let it happen on a regular basis AYWalton !!!!!!!

AYWalton: lol

3rdthawkins: daviss, 1,014 people, 278 Families......this may include those listed as unknowns

daviss: at Ancestry I tested as I and at FTDNA I am L0A1

AYWalton: just reading to catch up on the chat I missed.

bearnut2: you were I (eye) at Ancestry?

AYWalton: Bearnut2 are you going to the Summit in Ft. Wayne?

bearnut2: yes ma'am! AYWalton

daviss: lol bearnut2 yes

AYWalton: oh wonderful!!!

alt: that's odd, huh bearnut2? RE: ancestry

AYWalton: we should have an AfriGeneas meet up or something.

bearnut2: yeah that is odd I'm game for a meet-up!

alt: was that you or your brother with the "I" on ancestry daviss?

daviss: so after looking in mirror I went to FTDNA lol

AYWalton: I will bring AfriGeneas buttons with me.

daviss: my brother is E1B1A

bearnut2: daviss--you should contact ancestry and have them look into it. There shouldn't be a discrepancy like that

alt: fo sho bearnut2, that's a BIG discrepancy

3rdthawkins: what's the discrepancy, or why is it? let me know

daviss: mabe I should

bearnut2: you definitely should!

alt: I is Euro & L is African, right bearnut2

bearnut2: 3rd--dna haplogroups form a "tree" and when testing your mitochondrial or y dna you are assigned to a branch...

3rdthawkins: so did it not match what daviss' had for her's

bearnut2: alt I is a y chromosome haplogroup not mt but yes I is european and L is african

daviss: so they are saying I am a boy

alt: I know bearnut2 .. that;s why I asked if that was her brother.. cause I'm an I Y-DNA

bearnut2: lol daviss--yeah, they made a mistake somewhere!

daviss: I thought I was just a tom boy when I was growing up

bearnut2: lol daviss lol

daviss: uh oh lol

3rdthawkins: wow, crazy, I was wondering if it was something like that daviss

daviss: yeah right 3rd! lol

3rdthawkins: no, I was wondering if that was the mistake they were making, but I thought it was vice versa for him your bro

bearnut2: so 3rd you "shouldn't" get a different letter from different companies. You might get a more detailed assignment--for instance L3 from Ancestry and L3d1-5 from 23andme--but you shouldn't get an L from one company and a D from another.

daviss: we did not test at the same time so they would not have known

AYWalton: Whew! back!

3rdthawkins: ahh, I see bearnut2, wow.........I see daviss

bearnut2: welcome back AY... looks like you're having the problem I had lol

daviss: my other brother by the same mother is E1B1b

AYWalton: yes, that was strange. I had to completely reboot!

bearnut2: so he and your other brother have different fathers, right?

AYWalton: I hope that some of you can watch the webinar tomorrow that I am presenting.

daviss: yes

AYWalton: It is free and you can still register for it at

bearnut2: if you all have the same mother then their mt haplogroup will be the same as yours...whatever that is! lol

alt: it's @ 10:00 PM EST right AYWalton

AYWalton: no 2pm EST tomorrow afternoon, alt.

daviss: I am hoping so AY.. I signed up. I have granddaughters computer and hope she does not need it before then

bearnut2: cool AY! I'll try to be there!

daviss: lol lol @ bearnut2

bearnut2: going to register right now

alt: oh, tomorrow @ 2:00 PM okay... I'll be awake for that LOL

AYWalton: well you can always watch it later online at 10 pm if you wish---it just won't be live.

daviss: you're going to register @##@ I need to go call ancestry

AYWalton: they will keep it up for a couple of weeks.

alt: not me AYWalton 10:00 PM is a 'problem' for this old timer LOL

AYWalton: lol

bearnut2: registered!

AYWalton: that is also late for Selma she is an early sleeper.

3rdthawkins: she may be sleeping right now, lol

alt: hey Selma, you still with us?

AYWalton: she is quiet.

Selma: Yep

daviss: brb

Selma: I will take my Nap before the webinar

alt: Selma, what did you do with no power for 5-6 hours?

AYWalton: oops phone. have a good day, folks.

alt: I go 'nuts' when we lose power for 1/2 hour LOL LOL

bearnut2: so alt, you been checking out the 23 forum?

alt: not lately bearnut2... they're too deep for me

bearnut2: is fierybug08 still here? ol alt lol

daviss: lol @ alt

fierybug08: yep. i am here. my allergies are bothering me

3rdthawkins: take of yurself with that fiery,

bearnut2: ugh--i hate that! hope you get some relief soon

daviss: I need simple bearnut2 to understand..

fierybug08: me too. i stayed home yesterday-- but now i'm back at work. can't afford to miss work

Selma: Didn't have power for 2 1/2 days

bearnut2: I posted a "newbie" intro to sharing

3rdthawkins: I don't play with seems there isn't a lot of dust where I am now opposed to where I was in Joplin, too much dust there in the house

bearnut2: yikes Selma!

alt: on 23andme?

daviss: Was there a cool breeze afterwards Selma

bearnut2: A couple of years ago my neighborhood lost power for 8 days--i was miserable

Selma: It was somewhat cooler

daviss: I would hate to be without power here. after a storm it is always miserable here

bearnut2: alt yep on 23andme--"Sharing isn't as scary as it sounds"

Selma: Jeez daviss..where you are it must be really miserable without power

bearnut2: Its actually in the Health forum in the RITF section

alt: I heard that bearnut2, when we lost power for a week a few years back it was miserable.... candlelight dinners are not my cup of tea.

daviss: yep!! but I have never been without for more than a day

bearnut2: I don't know how our ancestors did it!

daviss: you got that right bearnut2

bearnut2: But I guess when you don't know about it, its not a big deal...

alt: well, y'all hope you'll excuse me.. time to skedaddle LOL

3rdthawkins: yeah, thank God for Thomas Edison

bearnut2: lol 3rd true dat!

daviss: bye alt have a good one

3rdthawkins: c ya alt

bearnut2: have a good one alt

daviss: lol what about the kite

Selma: I have to run too folks...see you tonight...have a good day

daviss: later selma

bearnut2: you too Selma

daviss: and the key lol

3rdthawkins: yeah, that too daviss, Benjamin Franklin, Electricity

bearnut2: wish i could join you tonite--have to work lol daviss

daviss: lol lol

bearnut2: now the schoolhouse rock song is in my head lol

daviss: lol lol lol

bearnut2: are you taking something for your allergies fierybug08

fierybug08: i will when i get home. zyertx

bearnut2: ooh you should have taken it before--it doesn't make you sleepy--at least its not supposed to

daviss: bearnut2 I will let you know what they tell me at ancestry. I wonder if they will want me to restest

fierybug08: no, well at first i thought i had a cold.

daviss: retest

fierybug08: oh well. i'll get better.

bearnut2: daviss--if they do, they will need to absorb the cost

daviss: you will fierybug

bearnut2: I have so many allergy problems, I always think allergy first! never cold lol

daviss: I would hope so bearnut2

bearnut2: you mentioned joplin, where are you now? fierybug08

fierybug08: huh? Joplin?

daviss: I think that was 3rd

fierybug08: i'm in md/dc

3rdthawkins: daviss, was telling alt earlier made a family connection....

bearnut2: When you talk to them daviss, just tell them that you received a different result from FTDNA --don't tell them what. And that from your understanding there is no I mt haplogroup.

daviss: oh really 3rd

bearnut2: oops sorry

daviss: ok bearnut 2 should I tell them I am AA or just leave it at that

bearnut2: nah--just tell them youre female and you don't think your haplogroup assignment is correct 3rd what connection did you make?

daviss: ok

3rdthawkins: yes. A maternal 2nd cousin of my mom wrote two posts on Afrigeneas, one in 2004 and another 2006 looking for her oldest sister. Her mom is the niece of my mother's maternal grandmother....

bearnut2: wow thats cool 3rdthawkins

3rdthawkins: I wrote a post in 2009, I copied and pasted her posts into mine letting her know of the connection and to contact me

daviss: so AfriGeneas was the key again 3rd!! Thats great

3rdthawkins: her aunt (her mother's sister) and my grandmother keeps in contact (they are first cousins), so she got my grm's number from her aunt, my grandmother called me asking me who this lady was, and it brought back to my memory the post so I am helping her find her sister.......yes, Afrigeneas is the source for the connection

daviss: how nice3

bearnut2: thats great 3rd!

fierybug08: i'm going to go everybody.

bearnut2: does she and her sister share a father?

3rdthawkins: no bearnut2, my great grandmother's niece had a child in her teens and left her with someone else to raise, then moved to California and started another family about ten years later, so the children from her second family are looking for the child from their mom's first relationship

bearnut2: ahhh wow...I hope they find her

3rdthawkins: yes, trying to help, it is not easy, the sister grew up in Fort Worth, TX, I see this cousin has been busy trying to find her sister on the net

daviss: I hope so also

bearnut2: I'm trying to help a lady now find out more info on her birth family--her mother gave up all of her 10? kids to foster care and or adoption

3rdthawkins: she may have changed names, then got married, and that makes it even more difficult

daviss: what is the name 3rd

3rdthawkins: Wanda Jo Hughes was her birth name, she was raised by a woman named Lela/Lila B Powell born in 1947

daviss: I see we all have a challenge.. I am trying to find my x's parents or possibly his siblings if still living

bearnut2: what area 3rd?

3rdthawkins: fort worth

bearnut2: yeah, its a lot harder to look for living folks than dead ones! lol

daviss: I had a lead. someone had a sis in law whos hubby had a father with that same name I was looking for

3rdthawkins: lila, I think, married a Smith

daviss: she told me she would ask and get back with me to this very day she has not answered my email I believe she knows the story but not woman enough to tell me

bearnut2: yeah--you're probably right about that

3rdthawkins: yeah, I get that myself daviss, I hate that......Im still "waiting" for a person on my dad's side to call me back with more info on the family, they never did.....but this lady married into the family, she knew none of the people I mentioned that are in the family, so I got in contact with someone who actually is in the family, and whose a much better help

daviss: I know I am right

bearnut2: I'm lucky to have found my sisters...actually my mom found one of them by accident and she told me the name of another

3rdthawkins: someone who knows my grandparents, and their siblings......not someone who is the wife of a son of a half-sibling of my great grandfather

daviss: This man just needs to know where he comes from and so do his kids

bearnut2: yeah--we all deserve to know from whence we came

daviss: You cant change the past but you can be a forgiving person

3rdthawkins: yes daviss

bearnut2: definitely daviss

daviss: That is the only way you will be whole

3rdthawkins: right

bearnut2: well, I'm going to have to get off here. Good convo and I'll try to look around for you 3rd, in my spare time

3rdthawkins: thx bear, c ya

daviss: You never really know the circumstances because there is always two sides to every story

3rdthawkins: yep daviss, hard to judge

bearnut2: have a good day you two--that is so true daviss !

daviss: ok bearnut2 will chat later I don't judge 3rd not for me to do life is too short ok chat later have a nice day

3rdthawkins: ok, later daviss

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