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2011-08-16 More on RG105


Start: 21:11:17
End: 22:24:31
Chatters: Aadancer, alt, AYWalton, deannie, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, stevewill, vkn

alt: hello stevewill, how ya doing this evening?

stevewill: Evening alt...

alt: guess we're early, huh?

stevewill: yes...any early bird specials?

alt: not that I know of... is this your 1st visit to AfriGeneas Chat? well, here's the Boss... hello vkn

stevewill: This is my second visit...the first was brief, but interesting.

vkn: Howdy alt and Stevewill

stevewill: hey vkn

vkn: hope the world is obeying your commands lol Good to see the two of you

alt: I'm not even listened to in my house .. let alone the world vkn LOL

stevewill: I only have an hour...unfortunately.

vkn: Who are you researching steve, in what states and what success are you having ? lol @ alt It bees that way sometime alt lol

stevewill: Currently, my grandmother's side..The Stampleys of Mississippi.

alt: yeah stevewill, give us the 411

vkn: Well steve we are good at squeezing a whole hour into ten minutes lol and we can do the reverse also lol BRB in a sec

stevewill: I've confirmed her grandparents...Henry & Betty Stampley.

alt: so you're back quite a way in time then stevewill .... where in MS is/was your family located?

stevewill: Her father was also a Stampley, but I'm told he changed his name from Chaney. No record of that though.

AYWalton: Good evening all. Greetings, VKN!!!!!!!!!! howdy alt, howdy stevewill. Hey there, Ms. Selma!

stevewill: Fayette..Jefferson County'

alt: hello AYWalton.. good evening to you & hello Selma stevewill is telling us his research in MS.

stevewill: Hey Selma...remember you from my first visit.

Selma: Good evening alt, ay, stevewill and vkn..

stevewill: hey AY

Selma: Hi stevewill..hope I was helpful

stevewill: Walton Yes, you were. Unfortunately, it was very brief.

AYWalton: where in MS, stevewill?

Selma: Oh good...put a plus on my chart vkn...LOL

stevewill: Fayette...Jefferson County

AYWalton: ahhhh ok.

alt: you're already at the 'head of the class' Selma, what else do you want LOL

vkn: heyyy ayw was on a brb

stevewill: My great grandparrents are Clyde & Rebecca Stampley

AYWalton: no problem, vkn! lol

vkn: howdy selma

stevewill: *parents

AYWalton: Selma did I tell you that I found a mention of my cousin in Jet? I was blogging about TheHelp on my blog one of the stories I told was of my cousin in Phoenix who went to the White House wedding when LBJs daughter married Charles Robb. Her name got mentioned in Jet!

Selma: No you didn't mention...What ever your cousin did it is official if appeared in Jet

alt: are you currently in MS stevewill?

AYWalton: I included that in the blog piece.

stevewill: Rebecca's parents were Henry & Betty...Clyde's were Nancy Fleming and his father was also a Stampley

vkn: lol

AYWalton: it was was not in Jet, it was not news. lol

stevewill: No@alt

Selma: Stevewill can can we have some time frames sorry..on my lap top, keep hitting the wrong keys

alt: that was a 'nice' blog AYWalton w/jet information

AYWalton: thanks, alt. brb

stevewill: Clyde was born in 1887? Rebecca 1891? Clyde's mother is Nancy Fleming..father was believed to be Allen Stampley but later revealed it was Allen's brother Clave or Claibourne.

Selma: Later revealed by who?

stevewill: It was info passed down...nothing official as of yet.

Selma: OK

stevewill: family records was reunions have indicated that

alt: is your family also into genealogy stevewill, or are you the 'record keeper"?

stevewill: Clyde had siblings, some of which were Allen's... I have a distant cousin who has done extensive work, but a mere novice.

alt: okay, it is usually a big help if there is at least one other member of the family interested to help in the research.

stevewill: There are several of us working together..sometimes in different directions.

vkn: selma i think the franklin county records are pa and not one time i tried to get that corrected but failed in the attempt.

Selma: Not sure what you are talking about vkn

alt: that happens, not always 'bad'... makes you think about your your sources and also to cite te sources ... cuts down on 'discussions" LOL

stevewill: true...

vkn: on the listing of freedmen children and their dads

Selma: You mean what I posted?

vkn: yes howdy deannie

Selma: No it was a letter written by the FB Agent in Franklin County VA

alt: hello deannie.. how's it going in the windy city?

stevewill: hi deannie

vkn: aha

deannie: Good evening group

alt: I think deannie is a MS reseracher too stevewill

deannie: Great Alt and you

stevewill: deannie, are you from Chicago? really? @alt

alt: yep deannie and MS @stevewill

deannie: hI stevewill what are your counties yes i'm in chicago

stevewill: Fayette/Jefferson County...The Stampleys

deannie: My counties..

vkn: i will double check selma

deannie: my family is from fayette also....

Selma: What made you think the letter was from PA vkn

stevewill: @deannie

vkn: I clicked on a link Selma that brought me to a listing of the children

deannie: Tyler/Bradley we have to address Bradleyclan2004@yahoo./com...have you been there

AYWalton: ok back.

Selma: Oh, where was the link

AYWalton: howdy deannie!

deannie: Hi Angela how are you

stevewill: We must. It's been many years.

alt: oh, oh ... looks like we have a MS connection going on here... that's great!!!!

deannie: stevewill what are your family names

vkn: I need to go back to the source. Not remembering at the moment but it took me to the Valley of the Shawdow site

AYWalton: doing fine, deannie. Hope you are also well.

deannie: yews we do yes i am

stevewill: Alt scores Selma..:}

alt: helle Aadancer

deannie: Hi Aadancer

vkn: Howdy Aadancer

Selma: Ok..great vkn.

Aadancer: Good evening everyone

AYWalton: howdy Aadancer!

Selma: I thought the question that was asked in the letter about whether children of one white parent shoud be included in the list

alt: vkn & Selma.. doesn't Valley of the Shadow 'share' Franklin PA and Staunton (?) VA data sets and information?

Selma: Evenng aadancer

vkn: Selma what is the geographical proximity of Franklin Cnty VA to Augusta County

Selma: Let me get my map book..

alt: yeah, that was an interesting question Selma

Selma: Franklin is down near NC..I think

Aadancer: Wow.. I seem to have come in on some interesting questions...

vkn: Right I think so too

Aadancer: Please Selma... what letter and list are you talking about?

Selma: Franklin is right above Patrick and Henry Co..both those counties border NC allows shares a border with PIttsylvania.. and floyd Aadancer the letter was written by a Freedmen's Bureau officer

alt: And Franklin PA is on the northern border of VA, right?

vkn: right and somehow the data sets get mixed

Selma: Franlkin County PA borders MD

vkn: But I will email about that

alt: and VA.. isn't that where the Valley of the Shadows comes into play.

Selma: Yes..alt was a Register of children ( enslaved)ho who have been recognized by their fathers..but they are no longer with the mothers..

vkn: I research the Franklin VA

Selma: and no white fathers are not part of this list

alt: was this a way to 'indenture' black children Selma ?.... thru the single parent issue.

Aadancer: Where had they gone....sold /separated away from mothers?

alt: Oops bet Selma hit the wrong key.

Aadancer: probably so....hittiing the wrong key

vkn: wb selma

Selma: I have my ankle elevated and iced..and sitting funny.. LOL

stevewill: and for my next trick...@Selma.

Selma: This is for the father's to take responsibility.. Remember the FB at this point is having to support these folks Yes...many of these children had been sold,their mothers and fathers had been sold... Not sure how to word this.. There becomes the issue of inheritance... Legitimate children inherit..

AYWalton: gotta run, folks.

alt: which is why they want to 'eleminate" the white fathers???

vkn: and bstrds do not

Selma: White daddies don't come into play at all alt...

Seventies Soulchild: hello all. sorry I'm late! lol

vkn: howdy Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: Are we discussing the UK WDYTYA?

alt: I thought they were determing fatherhood to the exclusion of the 'white' fathers???

Selma: Remember it is the father who says whether or not this child is his...and they are not asking white men

Seventies Soulchild: hi Aadancer, alt, deannie, Selma, stevewill and vkn

Selma: Hi seventies.

alt: okay Selma

Seventies Soulchild: are we discussing RG105

vkn: Great videos on WDYTYA Seventies

Seventies Soulchild: Thanks... it was truly fascinating.

alt: now that is interesting....... in this case the man "knows" he is the father, okay

Seventies Soulchild: A very different narrative from African history.

Selma: The agent was troubled a black man came in and said the child was of a white woman...

deannie: I still here just looking and learning

Selma: The register was to record children of colored men and women Well he assumes he knows

vkn: I can see that being troubling Selma

deannie: I have been chatting with a new MS genealogy from my are you this evening

Seventies Soulchild: So what was the man's status Selma? was he enslaved?

Selma: I will post on the Reconstruction forum..for you all to read the letter

alt: good move Selma

Selma: Yes, seventies..these are children who were born during slavery..where the father acknowledges them to be his

Seventies Soulchild: really deannie. that's great. Have you found anything new? I know that our counties are right next to each other.

Selma: I am not doing too good tonite staying it the room

deannie: No...but i talked to a older cousin and he check a county in LA...a parish but I forget the name at this moment....I have it work.....

Seventies Soulchild: Tensas Parish could that be it?

deannie: No

Seventies Soulchild: oh

alt: Selma I'm gonna have to check the census records for Ft. Wayne and see if the Ridgely's were living anywhere near my Adams folks during that period from 1880 forward.

Seventies Soulchild: How about concordia parish

deannie: Nio,,,I will let you know on Saturday when i come in

vkn: Sleepy time y'all See ya on the Reconstruction forum

Seventies Soulchild: I'm thinking of all the Parishes just on the other side of the river in that area of Adams&Jefferson ... oh wait was it jackson parish?

alt: later vkn

stevewill: Unfortunately, my brief stay has come to an end...

Selma: Folks I have to run...will post later on this evening..

Seventies Soulchild: ok I give up.

alt: take care stevewill and come back soon

stevewill: Most definately

Seventies Soulchild: yes come back soon stevewill I spent about 2.5 hrs doing my hair tonight. I'm getting much faster at styling... this is why I was late.

alt: question on the Brit WDYTYA..... did they get back into their African lineage?

Seventies Soulchild: yes they did.. They went back to the Dutch man and his African wife.

deannie: good to see you back stevewill...what are your surnames

alt: and were these 1st generation Africans in the UK?

Seventies Soulchild: Yes, the man's father was a Ghanian diplomat

Aadancer: Sorry folks... had to attend to an important phone call.... Hi there Soulchild...

stevewill: Goodnight all

Seventies Soulchild: Came to the U.K. in the 1950's when Ghana first organizied their own post colonial gov't

alt: and how may generations did they get into in Africa?

Seventies Soulchild: The subject was born in Ghana.

Aadancer: I'm now looking back at the conversation about the Freedmen's Bureau

Seventies Soulchild: I think four Including the subject

alt: oh, so this was 'recent' genealogy, so to speak 1950's

Seventies Soulchild: no... the family went back into the early mid 19th century

alt: mid 19th century.. was that pre-colonial Africa?

Seventies Soulchild: No

alt: after the African slave trade in the UK?

Seventies Soulchild: After the African slave trade was 'banned' by the UK, but it was still going on with the Spanish, Portugese and Americans The Dutch apparently still maintained ElAmin as a trading post. That's where the family patriarch came into Ghana Are you going to tell me you're leaving Aadancer?

Aadancer: There is a documentary series called A SLAVE IN THE FAMILY I saw two episodes in St Croix during the genealogy conference.

alt: okay... my time is up too ... later y'all... thanks Seventies Soulchild, I'll have to check out the link you posted.

Seventies Soulchild: ok do watch its very good alt. Which two Aadancer? Did they show Ainsley Harriet's episode?

Aadancer: Where is the Reconstruction Forum? ...I'd like to read the letter they were talking about

deannie: good nite......I hope to see stevewill in again

Seventies Soulchild: oh gosh let me see if I can get a link to it for you

Aadancer: Both dealt with people in St Croix and Denmark... because the VI had been owned by the Danish. And one of the subjects came back to St Croix and is currently living there.

Seventies Soulchild: If you ever get lost, you can click on "Forums" and select "...more forums" and that will take you to a webpage with all of the forums on Afrigeneas. ok

Aadancer: ok.......This genealogy conference will be yearly and the committee is working to bring a subject from the other film to St. Croix for next year... from Denmark.

Seventies Soulchild: Sounds good. Well I'm still working on my Mississippi research. I still have lots of records to get together.

Aadancer: I guess this work will never be done... and it's amazing what "comes" to you.

Seventies Soulchild: Hey let me get going... I'm sleepy already... lol Have a good evening Aadancer. You're so right about that. Goodnite

Aadancer: Okay... let me know when you're in town..... goodnite

Seventies Soulchild: Ok will do

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