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* LunchBunch

Start: 12:00:54
End: 13:13:31
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, deshawn, Khathu, Professordru, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, vicky, vkn

3rdthawkins: hello vicky

vicky: hello 3rdthawkins looking at this BP mess.. something better give soon

3rdthawkins: what BP?

vicky: Gulf Oil disaster

3rdthawkins: oh, yeah, that is bad well, I do have to some good news to share, I shared it last nite with AYwalton

alt: Hi 3rdthawkins & vicky

vicky: I am hoping storms don't roll in before something is done hello alt!

3rdthawkins: right vicky

vicky: ok share

3rdthawkins: well, you two remember when I was looking for the parents of Hannah Williamson, my grgrgr grandmother Well, some researching I had done a few months ago I didn't look into it, so I decided to look deeper into this woman named Sally Fontaine who was living with a Cilla Cash in 1920 census....................Cilla Cash was also living in 1930 with some Jones relatives and a 5 year old kid named Lawrence Master, my mother's uncle (grandmother's brother) it through me for a loop when I saw Sally living in 1910 with a Jones family,. and the head was Susie Jones, and couldn't understand how she was related to Cilla AND Susie So I did a little thinking and some searching in marriage records for AR for Susie and a man with the last name Jones............wouldn't you know, Susie's name was Isley, but transcribed as Islil and in some places on the marriage certificate was written as Islie, and her name matched my grgrgr grandmother Hannah Williamson's daughter Sousan

alt: okay,,, now you're doing it!!!! going beyond the surface realtionships w/names & dates ... congratualtions 3rdthawkins

vicky: very good detective work 3rd! Congrats

3rdthawkins: I came to the conclusion that the Cilla Cash was my grgr grandmother Katie Isley's sister, and that Susie also was the sister, Sally was listed as both grandmother of Susie and Cilla.............they are sisters, and Sally is Hannah's mother Susie and Cilla are sisters

alt: Hello Selma

Selma: Afternoon folks

vicky: hello Selma!

3rdthawkins: Sally even shows up on the same census about 4 dooors down from Hannah and Alex in 1880

alt: that's what we're talking about in 'cluster research' 3rdthawkins ... ggod job

3rdthawkins: hello Selma

vicky: was this in Hempstead 3rd?

3rdthawkins: I was so excited when I saw that...............and for my mother's uncle Lawrence, he was living in two different places in 1930, one with Cilla Cash Susie Isly's son and daughter in law and listed as Master (his real surname)...........and also with his mother and stepfather listed under Johnson

alt: researching those siblings and their spouses can clear up many mysteries.

3rdthawkins: yes vicky hello vkn

Selma: Afternoon vkn...

alt: hello vkn

vkn: 3rd, selma, alt, vicky, howdy beautiful peeps

vicky: good for you 3rd! I found my Monday Cryor in Hempstead along with my daughters Mitchell folks Hello there vkn!

vkn:;id=13#SatNiteChat Feedback please

alt: great vicky & 3rd... y'all can do some 'collabortive' research on a common area.. that helps a lot.

vicky: got a couple marriage records from there

3rdthawkins: still can't find Hannah OR Sallly in 1870, but I will still work finding more info on the people I do have

alt: think I just finished reading it this morning vkn... what kind of feedback?

vicky: at least you got further along 3rd..thats good

3rdthawkins: yes vicky :)

vkn: well how did it strike you alt? we have a new version up now where those para in sequence come as one

alt: and perhaps with more records coming online you'll find even more inforamtion and clues for further reseach 3rdthawkins it did read better than the previous logs vkn... much easier to follow the conversation with clearer views of who said what.

vicky: The format look wonderful vkn!

3rdthawkins: yeah, I hope so alt.......sad to see on familysearch AR death index skips 1930-1944, but the marr rec. helps a lot

vkn: lol feedback I was seeking alt. Thanx a whole bunch!!!

alt: yw ... my lady

vkn: BTW I thrive on feedback lol lol lol

alt: hello Khathu

Khathu: Hello everyone

vkn: Howdy Khathu

vicky: hello khathu!

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

3rdthawkins: hello Khathu

alt: family search has added early death & burial for Ohio and they are a big help for early deaths prior to 19oo.

vicky: Wishing you loads of luck with finding them in 70 3rd you get copies of originals don't you alt?

3rdthawkins: ty vicky, I most to the boards, maybe someone can give me some help even if can't find them...........

alt: not on the new records vicky.. wish they did have them, but the DC's fro 1908-1953 have the actual images

3rdthawkins: I'm still kind of suspecting a Williamson slaveowner, I just have to find out who, Thomas Williamson is the only suspect, since he was born in S.C. and was a slave owner in Ala and moved to AR............and wouldn't you know, Sally's birthplace in 1880 is listed as S.C., and others it's listed as ALA as well as her parents..........

alt: and they are great for early deaths again... finding births in the 1820's & 30' naming birth locations and parents is great.

3rdthawkins: guess I will have to try and connect Fontaine surname with Williamson? somehow

vkn: 3rd you may want to try posting to the main mail list

3rdthawkins: ok vkn, thx

alt: Selma.. finding a tremendous number of VA birth locations on these early DC's

Selma: Ummm

alt: all over da place.

Selma: No need for me to say anything...LOL

alt: and many in what is now WV

vicky: lol I saw a few Sel

Selma: Now WVA..but then VA

alt: right.. Jefferson, Hardy, Barbour, etc. Anita Wills post on the Military Forum had some good information & history.

Selma: Yes I read it ...interesting

vkn: Click once on my name and scroll down to move user and select where you want me to go and Voila. The concierge idea is to be able to do that seamlessly

alt: I like the way she introduced her article, rahter than just a link to it.

vkn: oops! I dis also alt. Gives one the option to read or not dis=did

alt: that's what I was referring to in yesterday's chat.... and intro/seque rahter than just a link.

vkn: gotcha

Selma: can be one or 2 sentences...I rarely go to just links

3rdthawkins: hello deshawn

vicky: hello desshawn

deshawn: Hello every one

alt: hello deshawn.. another Buckeye in Da Room LOL

vicky: lol

vkn: greetings and welcome deshawn

deshawn: :)

3rdthawkins: hello AY

AYWalton: good afternoon, all.

vkn: Howdy AYW

alt: hello AYWalton

vicky: hello AYWalton

AYWalton: Hello 3rd, alt, deshawn, khathu, Ms. Selma, Ms. Vicky, and greetings VKN!!!!!!!!!!!!

deshawn: I am really excited this will be my first research the 1rst week of July...

vkn: Deshawn how is the research findings going?

vicky: where are you headed deshawn?

deshawn: There not goin...That why I think I need the trip....I will be visiting NC

AYWalton: I hope everyone is having a good day.

vkn: so far so good ayw

deshawn: I think that I have tapped out all internet resources

Selma: Afternoon deshawn and AY

deshawn: hello selma

vicky: Good for you deshawn. Do you have everything written down as to what you will need

alt: if you have.. that's a lot of tapping deshawn LOL LOL

deshawn: No since this my first trip I am a little scattered

AYWalton: Will this be your first research trip, deshawn?

Selma: Are you going to specific counties..or to the State ARchives in Raliegh?

deshawn: I need so much that it's hard to narrow down...this is my first trip...I will be concentrating on Rutherford, if time allows I will look in Cleveland

Selma: Is there a genealogical or historical organization in Rutherford or Cleveland?

alt: just remember .. you can't get it all in 1 trip.... might try to isolate some 'high points' to look for.

deshawn: Yes, I will be joining Rutherfords while I am there

AYWalton: and do try to find a cemetery while you are in the town.

vicky: digital camera

Selma: Do you have specific items you are planning to look for?

Seventies Soulchild: Good afternoon all!

vicky: hi seventies

AYWalton: Hello there, SoulChile!

alt: hello Seventies Soulchild

Selma: Afternoon 70's

deshawn: Ok...I guess the hard thing about my search is finding where did the records for my ancestors ended up.. they turned it into a resort town...I dn't know what to look for I have all docs for my direct ancestor upto 1868...

3rdthawkins: hello Seventies

Seventies Soulchild: 3rd, alt, AYWalton, deshawn, Khathu, Selma, and vicky

AYWalton: Deshawn, if your town is not the county seat---then you want to go there to the county courthouse and make a list of what you can look for.

Khathu: hello Seventies

deshawn: But, I cant find a burial site or a death cert....the county seat is rutherfordton...

AYWalton: For guidance, go to USGenweb, select your state and your county. And look at what might be listed as holdings in the courthouse.

Seventies Soulchild: what state are you looking in deshawn?

AYWalton: then----get every death certificate, marriage record, land record, anything else that you can on that line. And ask if they have co-habitation records for that county as well.

deshawn: I am going to get a bit more orgnized before i go.... North carolina

AYWalton: and try to find the cemetery.

Selma: Do you still have family or connections there deshawn?

alt: did your ancestors leve/ migrate away from Rutherford?

deshawn: I cant find a death certificate for him..No the only family connections that i have there is the strouds

Selma: What year death certificate are you looking for?

deshawn: I have a copy of his will in his will it state it was signed in Jan 1899 and Exocuted in Sept 1899 so all I know is that he died sometime between those date

alt: I think a 'timeline' might help deshawn.. When did you ancestor's first show up in rutherford and when did they leave... then concectrate on the available records for that time period.

deshawn: I dnt know I can place him there in 1868 -1899

alt: was property and Heirs listed in the will?

Seventies Soulchild: I think this might be something Free could assist with. . .

vicky: sorry deshawn, what was the name again

alt: with names and relationships

Khathu: question when transcribing a document and you can not figure out a word do you use [ ]

Selma: Not sure that NC was keeping Death Records in 1899..

AYWalton: Have to run, folks. I might return in a bit.

deshawn: Yes there was some real-estate willed to his children but I cant track who he purchased from all I found is that on his will it did state that there were co-farmers..I even tried looking into there names and found nothing

alt: probalby not at the State level Selma, but perhaps at the county level.

deshawn: And now the land is a resort town..Chimney Rock Twnship..

vicky: not sure khathu, I have seen several ways for the unknown inc question marks

alt: tax office or Auditor should have Grantee/Grantor records on who bought and sol the property

3rdthawkins: don't know Khathu, I only transcribed census/marriage/death recs, not sure of any other recs. where you transcribe words....

Khathu: thanks vick i will use [?] for the time being

Seventies Soulchild: Khathu I put either [?] or illegible

vicky: would it be of the word khathu oops all of the word or certian letters

Selma: Is this for an article Khathu

Seventies Soulchild: But first, have you had another set of eyes look at the document you're trying to transcribe?

Khathu: i am transcribing a document not yet Seventies but I need to put this application in the mail today

Selma: seen folks put [illegible]

Seventies Soulchild: Ah ok

3rdthawkins: hello Pro Dru

Professordru: hey lunch gang

Selma: Afternoon Dru

Seventies Soulchild: hi Professordru

Khathu: and since i have transcribed the majority of the documents, i decided to do all of them

alt: hello Professordru

Khathu: two statements and a will

vkn: Howdy Dru

vicky: Is this for your other article khathu that you are presenting to a gen soc hello Dru!

Khathu: yes

alt: Khathu.. can you furnish an image of the documents in addition to the transcription?

vkn: Yall be good... if not good take all care

Khathu: i am doing both

alt: that usually works in an article, if space allows for it.

Seventies Soulchild: when did vkn come into the room? lol

Selma: She was here when you got here seventies.. LOL

vicky: she was here before you came in seventies lol

Professordru: gotta run

Seventies Soulchild: Oh lawd, I'm having a 'moment'! LOL

vicky: not a 'senior" one I hope lol lol

alt: example of Doc & transcript

Seventies Soulchild: :?

vicky: selma any word from your Texas lady

Selma: Just got an email from her..she is out of town...probably won't get together till July..she is a busy lady'

vicky: ok thanks Selma. I was just curious of the county she was looking into

Seventies Soulchild: Ok I've got to ease back into work... lol Y'all have a good day. . .

vicky: well guess I will head out also see ya tomorrow

3rdthawkins: ok vicky

Selma: Khathu..looking at VGS Journal..that includes many transcriptions... Folks use [?], [illegible], [too faint]...etc...

Khathu: okay...thats Selma

alt: almost anything within [ ], huh?

Selma: pretty much..lets folks know there is something there, you are unable to decipher

Khathu: thats what i need

alt: right.. an where it is located within the actual document

Selma: Yes... I have to run too folks..have a great day

3rdthawkins: I'll Turn Out the Lights You Guys!!!

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