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Friday 24 April 2009

AfriGeneas Meeting Center










Seventies Soulchild







Vicky : hello Selma! hello yatah06

Yatah06: hi

Selma : Good Friday Afternoon/Morning yatah and Vicky

Yatah06: hi all who here

Vicky : Good Friday to you also hey Sel, are you Gaines

Selma : Gaines who?

Vicky : surname

Selma : No thats not one of mine.. LOL

Vicky : ok lol lol

Selma : Is that someone in VA?

Vicky : dunno, I got a E twitter lol

Selma : See thats why I don't twitter or twatter..getting twits from folks I don't know

Vicky : I joined but cant figure out how to use it lol .. I will stick to facebook

Selma : I have a hard enougth time keeping up with my email...I don't do face book either


Vicky : twitter or twatter lol lol lol

Selma : Just too much communication for me.. LOL

Vicky : Yatah06 I am still trying to find your folks in the census

Yatah06: Vicky, mine too

Vicky : have you researched all the other lines in the last family we had found

Yatah06: any no lucky


Vicky : so you searched them as far as you can go

Yatah06: i need look back where Josephine born

Vicky : I know, but we need to get first then go back

Yatah06: need find Mary Darby as list oh yea

Vicky : It might do well for you to research Josephine’s children. The ones in

like Roosevelt.. Did you see him in the social security index?

Selma : Afternoon 3rdT

Vicky : hello 3rdTHawkins

Yatah06: he died 71 , Vicky

Vicky : yes, I saw that

3rdTHawkins : hey Vicky Selma and Yatah06

Yatah06: yea can be him Luther bec close yrs weird

Vicky : do you mean they died close to each other

Yatah06: no yrs

Vicky : oh you mean the age

Yatah06: yea

Vicky : I see


Yatah06: if Luther born or


Selma : Age being one year off is not unusual Yatah


Yatah06: ok Luther as list dig up more

Selma : Anymore luck with your Autauga county Vicky

Vicky : that would be great yatah06.. If he has children maybe you can get information from them or Roosevelt’s children. no, Selma. .I am reading up on the county I figure I would do that first and then see where it fits


ALT : Hello 3rd, Selma, STG, Vicky & yatah06


Selma : Great posting on the National Teacher award for the research project

Vicky : The Patella’s figure in Autauga as well as in my area of Texas research.

Yatah06: Josephine will 5 or in where she been maybe she change name

ALT : thanks Selma....Paul and his class have done great work for several years now and they are 99% "white".

Vicky : Yatah06 she was not born a Quiller so that makes sense

Selma : Hey for my money. good research is good research

ALT : very true Selma


Yatah06: yes she born Darby


Vicky : agreed Selma


Selma : If you can get kids interested and excited about history then more power to you


Vicky : right! yatah06


3rdTHawkins : hey STG and ALT


Yatah06: Mary Darby born 68


Vicky : is Mary Derby’s father named James

Yatah06: i not sure she on list ?

Vicky : ok

Yatah06: send me one you find

Vicky : I don’t want to do that yet Yatah06because I don’t want to send the wrong information. I would rather start and work backwards


Selma : How was the NA segment on Monday night ALT...I forgot and went to bed


ALT : I get a chance to try a "test run' for an IBGS presentation tomorrow


Vicky : There are several Mary’s


ALT : me too Selma I just saw pt I & pt II ....they were both good


Yatah06: ohhh ok I see if you see Mary Darby with Josephine close as yrs something Josephine as child I keep try

3rdTHawkins : Oh, man, I forgot all about it this week, might miss it this Monday

Vicky : I will also yatah06

3rdTHawkins : will try to catch it the next Monday

Selma : I think this one will be on the Trail of Tears...

ALT : right ...Selma

3rdTHawkins : I will miss that, I wish I could see it

ALT : Pt II..... on Tecumseh, that is in my 'neck of the woods'

Vicky : I will more than likely have to start at the beginning when the reruns start

Selma : I know I thought that is why you would be sure to watch.. LOL


Yatah06: I have watch yrs 90 and 95 too watch which rite date

because Josephine on list said 95 another said 90

Selma : I bet 90 is right..women tend to lie about their age when they get older.. LOL

Vicky : just keep both dates in mind yatah06.. There is a tendency to have several dates when you do your research


Vicky : lol lol @ Selma.. Not if you are a Cougar lol


ALT : yatah06..... that's why if you aren't sure of the exact date you should use the "ca" which means about and covers the span of few years.


Yatah06: if she had first son early 8 month/ mean she preg yrs old ?

I will try fous on 90 if it true date


[Action] STG : is too tired to be a cougar


Vicky : lol @ STG


ALT : what's a "cougar"?


Yatah06: I look up rite now I look age of her brother and sister


Vicky : a cougar is an older woman who is on the prowl for a younger man


ALT : hehehehehe,,, a female version of a "dirty old man"


Vicky : lol lol


Selma : thanks Vicky. I didn't know STG I am too tired

Yatah06: you can find died cer on Josephine Quiller or Edward Quiller

Edward older than her he born 86

Vicky : Do you have those DC's


Selma : Edward is Josephine's brother, Mary Darby’s Quiller's son?


STG : Vicky I bet you're too tired too LOL


Yatah06: no Josephine ;s hubby is Edward Quiller , Mary durby's son in law


Ingrid_Doweary : Hi Lunch Bunchers

Yatah06: my grandpa Clarence Quiller died 92

Alt : not gonna ask why y'all be so tired LOL LOL

Yatah06: that Josephine and edward's son clarence

STG : no ALT don't ask that

Selma : We need our Geritol.. LOL Do people still take that?


Vicky : two spoons


Yatah06: Josephine and Edward 's sons lutrher and clarence, another I not sure

3rdTHawkins : lol


STG : need more than that when cougars are hunting somethings

Yatah06: Vicky, if Josephine died that day my aunt born

Vicky : oh really yatah06! sorry to hear that circle of life

Yatah06: I mean Josephine died when my aunt born

if I can find her

ALT : anyone tried the "new search" on Ancestry?

Selma : is it


ALT : I don't like it Selma,,,, ,probably haven't given it a fair shake tho'

Selma : What is different about it?

Vicky : find who, Yatah06? your aunt

Yatah06: my aunt


Vicky : yatah06, you need to check with family on that one if you are looking for census only now

Selma : Afternoon Mizz Vee

AfriVee : howdy yall


Yatah06: I will do that

Selma : Where was she living yatah..would she be in a city directory?

3rdTHawkins : hey AfriVee


Vicky : get as much information you can from them yatah06. See if they will send you copies of anything they may have


AfriVee : Howdy 3rd


Selma : ALT...Tiger not playing


Yatah06: yeah


ALT : don't think so Selma


Ingrid_Doweary : City directories can be awesome. I found 9 of the 7 names in local history research project!


AfriVee : White House is on lockdown mode


Selma : Why..did the Bo get out? Just put CNN on


AfriVee : Sounds like big security thing


Ingrid_Doweary : Air space violation. You multitask well


Yatah06: Vicky, I see I see edwin 85, effs 90 his father joseph and his mom elis spelling it close


Ingrid_Doweary : Breaking news on MSNBC


Vicky : airspace violation


Ingrid_Doweary : How'd that happen?


3rdTHawkins : yeah Ingrid_Doweary I hope to go back to the library and collect all the city directories of my grgr. gf Thomas Sanders and his wife in the 90s, and his mother-in-law Ella Gibbs, just for my own keeping and documentation....I would like ot find my 3rd


Vicky : is that Edwin Quiller


3rdTHawkins : 3rd great grandfather James Payson in the city directory of Charleston in 70s


Yatah06: yea Edwin Quiller like Edward


ALT : CD' can be excellent tools for filling in the years between Census years.


Selma : Did Charlestown have city directories in the 70's 3rdt


Ingrid_Doweary : Yeah personal archiving on CDs


Vicky : false alarm


ALT : I mean CD's as City Directories Ingrid_Doweary


3rdTHawkins : I think so, I went to the library I saw city directories, I think it was 70s, it may have been just 80s

Ingrid_Doweary : MSNBC reports private plane flew into restricted airspace. ALT thanks for schooling this novice.


AfriVee : Yatah06 I am so proud of you and the progress you are making in your family search with the help of Vicky, Selma and STG. Follow their leads and success will be yours.


ALT : time periods for CD's can be 'vast' Springfield, as small as we are has them going back to .


Ingrid_Doweary : 3rd I 70 CD in Frederick County, MD for my husband's relative


Yatah06: ty


ALT : yw Ingrid_Doweary .....I gotta watch the abbrv when they can refer to multiple things


Ingrid_Doweary : Yeah:)


3rdTHawkins : I wish I could get to DC and look at CD for City Directories, someone at ancestry helped me and found my paternal grandparents in


Vicky : so you think this Joseph and Elsie are Edward Quiller’s parents yatah06?


STG : ALT: I am going to check out some new ones I see and cross check them with to be sure they aren't there or ancestry


ALT : they are on the Ancestry version at the Library 3rdTHawkins


3rdTHawkins : I got to go, someone needs to use the computer

where? ALT?


Ingrid_Doweary : No problem, I think I'm a quick learner. I've been listening to AYWalton’s podcasts.


Yatah06: I guess since close 86


ALT : wonderful Ingrid_Doweary, use all of the tools in the "box".


Yatah06: if he born 85


ALT : Vicky, can ya take a hint? LOL LOL LOL LOL


Vicky : you slay me ALT!

Selma : Gotta run folks...have a wonderful day.


Ingrid_Doweary : I saw AYWalton, Wed afternoon at the archives during the Genealogy Fair


Vicky : you read my email lol lol


ALT : great, did you introduce yourself Ingrid_Doweary

Vicky : was that your first time meeting her Ingrid_Doweary


Yatah06: if Edward as Edwin same can be his parent

Ingrid_Doweary : Didn't get the chance to introduce myself.

ALT : oh, okay

AfriVee : I was editing the log of yesterday and laughing. Yall had a good time up in here lol

STG : what did we do yesterday?

Vicky : lol AfriVee

AfriVee : Remembering old music


STG : Ohh lol see I can remember stuff

Ingrid_Doweary : Another lady was conversing with her Vicky. Which old music folks

ALT : AfriVee, if it was bad STG did it LOL LOL LOL

STG : make that can't remember and can't type either

AfriVee : okies I hear ya ALT

Vicky : The Dells, Nancy Wilson and many others

STG : no more goodies for you ALT

ALT : Oops. there I go again ..wid my big mouf LOL

AfriVee : lol

Ingrid_Doweary : That's only about - years.

Vicky : there is one video that I would like for you'al to look at when you have time

I had it in my favs lol I am glad you made it for some of the sessions yesterday Ingrid

ALT : y'all too much. I gotta start a folder in favorites for just URL's referenced here in Chat..... Chat Favorites LOL LOL

Vicky : did you see any interesting books? ingrid must be looking at video lol


Ingrid_Doweary : Hadn't seen it yet. WB 3rd

Vicky : wb 3rdTHawkins

3rdTHawkins : ALT, what was it you were saying about Ancestry's version of City Directories at the Library for DC?

Vicky : did you get any handouts or good books Ingrid_Doweary


Yatah06: hey Vicky, I look up us federal census I see Mary darby born about 68 her spose is simmion if you can open one on ancestry.con I cant open one


ALT : Ancestry has put up a new database of CD's from across the nation....check your State for the City's included.

Yatah06: I mean simmons


Vicky : what county was that yatah06

3rdTHawkins : ok thanks

Yatah06: richland, south carolina , Vicky

ALT : and also the years that the CD's are available for your City/State

Ingrid_Doweary : Definitely Vicky, I was reviewing the materials this morning.

3rdTHawkins : ok

Vicky : great Ingrid_Doweary


Yatah06: bec I want know if children with Mary darby

Seventies Soulchild : Hello all!

AfriVee : Yall be good

ALT : where's your tardy slip Seventies Soulchild? LOL

Ingrid_Doweary : Thinking about personal consulting Reginald Washington-NARA for career development Hey Seventies! :)


Seventies Soulchild : lol I have a valid excuse, I was attending a retirement luncheon

ALT : okay then

Seventies Soulchild : lol ALT


Yatah06: Vicky, let me know you see

Ingrid_Doweary : My oldest daughter created a family reunion facebook group.

Vicky : trying to find it now Yatah06I had to bring it up


ALT : well y'all.. gotta run, see ya Sunday good Lord willing & the creek don't rise.

Seventies Soulchild : Oh wow that's great Ingrid

STG : bye ALT

Ingrid_Doweary : It took that to get me to join facebook


Seventies Soulchild : lol the wife is callin' huh ALT.. lol

Yatah06: ok I hold the page if you not find


Vicky : who is the head of household yatah06


Seventies Soulchild : Yea Melvin Collier has a page there, and there is a cool little feature that allows you to link up with relatives.... @ facebook

Yatah06: not said nothing Mary or simmoin that why I can hopen


Vicky : atress is daughter


Ingrid_Doweary : Okay. We linked up a few kinfolk that evening.


Yatah06: who ?


Vicky : someone named Atress


Seventies Soulchild : That's great ingrid.


Yatah06: ohh ok more children of Mary ?

Vicky : oops sorry its a son

Yatah06: her children last three ? ok

Vicky : was her husband named Simmons


Yatah06: yea

Vicky : ok


Yatah06: that why make sure bec Mary born yrs 68


Vicky : I see yatah06! Good looking out


Yatah06: thanks I hope there her children live with her it chance that her

think last two children live with her I hope any find more list on Mary and simmion ?


Khathu : hello everyone

I survived my baby sitting adventure yesterday

Had some difficulties putting on the diaper at first

STG : uh oh


Vicky : wonder what you would have done if you had the real old fashioned ones that you had to fold just right lol

Ingrid_Doweary : But you came through it didn't you-Khathu?


Vicky : now, you are a verified Uncle sitter lol

Ingrid_Doweary : Are you all going to listen to Pres. Obama's press conference on Education?

Yatah06: you can send one Mary darby that can open I can look up , Vicky ?


Seventies Soulchild : Ingrid is that going to be online... ???

Ingrid_Doweary : Most likely it's gonna be on CNN, MSNBC, maybe C-SPAN in a few mintues.

Seventies Soulchild : oh great. I'll watch on


Vicky : dang, having trouble saving and sending yatah06

Seventies Soulchild : Great! I love to see my president on tv... lol

Vicky : STG can you send image to yatah

3rdTHawkins : hey Khathu, interesting, Diaper change, so, how did it go?

Vicky : wonder why I am getting the old image


STG : what image Vicky I wasn't paying attention?

Yatah06: my e mail is

Khathu : it went well

3rdTHawkins : never had the displeasure of changing any of my nieces or nephews' diapers

Vicky : the census for Simmons Darby


STG : let me look


Yatah06: ok

Khathu : I discovered I am not ready for children yet

3rdTHawkins : I'm still trying to master the art of not fainting or vomiting while a woman gives birth

Seventies Soulchild : Why do men take so long to decide that they want children?? Don't they realize that their genetic material gets old too...??? lol

3rdTHawkins : lol

Khathu : I think I will be better off adopting one that is already walking and potty trained

Vicky : Simmons Darby [Simmons Darley] Home in Upper Richland, Richland, South Carolina Age: years Estimated Birth Year: abt 66 Birthplace: South Carolina Relation to Head of House: Head Spouse's Name: Mary Father's Birth Place: South Carolina Mother's Birth Place: South Carolina Marital Status: Married Race: Black [Colored (Black)] Sex: Male Home owned: Rent Able to read: No Able to Write: No Image: 9 Neighbors: View others on page Household Members: Name Age Simmons Darby Mary Darby Atress Darby 9


Yatah06: let me know you send me thanks

Ingrid_Doweary : lol lol lol

Seventies Soulchild : LOL Do you really think so??


Khathu : I think so


Vicky : that’s for STG


Khathu : I couldn't not doing anything


3rdTHawkins : Seventies Soulchild I want children of my own, I don't want to adopt, I want my own natural children, I never had a father, so I would like to know how it is being a dad


Ingrid_Doweary : WOW! You are do post the findings so well!


3rdTHawkins : Khathu, I wouldn't want to miss the joy of watching a child growing from infantry into a man/woman, I would like to know how that is

STG : SC right?

Yatah06: yes


STG : ok dokey


Seventies Soulchild : That's great 3rdTHawkins...


Vicky : see above STG


STG : got Vicky oops got it

3rdTHawkins : but I think it's natural for men to want to wait til the child is past infantry and potty training, that's the woman's thing to do, the man waits until the child is of a certain age to teach them about life

STG : oooo ate too many cookie

Seventies Soulchild : 3rdTHawkins, don't be one of those old overbearing parents... lol


[Action] STG : looks at 3rd


3rdTHawkins : lol.....I might

Seventies Soulchild : lol STG

Yatah06: oh one son last one sound alike

Khathu : I realized I don't have the patience


3rdTHawkins : I think there are roles in the family, but I see nothing wrong with nuturing a child as a man from infantry and I don't right now Khathu, but I believe I will learn to

STG : that's good 3rd. I personally would like for man to have them


Vicky : lol lol lol


3rdTHawkins : well, obviously that won't happen, so get use to the role

Khathu : I refused to hold infant until they are at least 3-4 months old

3rdTHawkins : you may change that once you have a child Khathu


Khathu : I don't have a problem problem adopting

[Action] STG : doesn't have to get use to the role LOL

Seventies Soulchild : LOL Khathu


Ingrid_Doweary : I started preparing before my daughters were born.


Seventies Soulchild : You dudes are a trip lol


Vicky : khathu my brother raised his son by himself. He was picked as the Father of the year in Corona Calif

3rdTHawkins : that's Khathu SS, I don't mean to take it so seriously or personal, but I don't understand how a man don't want to care for his own children.....but you are willing to take care of someone else's?


Seventies Soulchild : I applaud your bro Vicky!


Vicky : yep, me too Seventies


Khathu : I have raised my oldest nephew and my adopted son


Ingrid_Doweary : Kudos to your bro, Vicky. :)

Seventies Soulchild : I don't either 3rdTHawkins. But some men just don't know how to deal with the responsibility

Khathu : as a single parent

Vicky : awesome Khathu

3rdTHawkins : yeah, that's it

Seventies Soulchild : wow khathu

Ingrid_Doweary : Congrats to all of you parents-guardians

3rdTHawkins : that's cool Khathu at least you were a male role model for someone who DIDN'T have it....very good for you

Khathu : I did what I had to do at the time

Vicky : male role models were hard to find in lots of towns


3rdTHawkins : that's cool, at least you did it, my dad wouldn't waste his time thinking about taking care of anyone but himself


Vicky : sometimes not from their own doings


STG : ok Yatah I sent it to you


Khathu : so true you all have a fantastic weekend


Yatah06: thanks I print it get dig up more


Vicky : a know of a young lady that never knew her dad had been sending letters and gifts for years and the mother never let her know


Seventies Soulchild : That is cold Vicky... wow!


3rdTHawkins : I wish I could let you "real" women loose on my dad, he needs somebody to set him straight, you guys would not like the way he is


Seventies Soulchild : lol I've got 2 conversations going on here....


Yatah06: it clear thanks stg


Vicky : too many people hold grudges and never think of the turmoil it plays on the kids


STG : good yatah


Seventies Soulchild : exactly Vicky


STG : he is who he is 3rd. I doubt there's any "setting him straight"


Seventies Soulchild : Its because of the animosity, in that particular incidence, of the mom


Vicky : have you talked to your dad


STG : Don't waste precious energy


3rdTHawkins : Exactly! STG, thank you, that's what I told my sister

But I didn't mean literally, I'm just trying to make a point, I'm not worrying about him getting his life together, don't get me wrong, I was just say....:)


Vicky : your sister does not feel the way you do 3rd?


STG : I know women whose children's father can easily do for someone else's kids but not their own. Looking from the outside it seems like I will if "we're" together but not if we aren't


Vicky : true STG


STG : but then want to get mad if she moves on with her life


3rdTHawkins : she met him Vicky, she and my brother are the ones telling me how dad is, they are disgusted at him, but we were talking and I was trying to explain how I saw it, I had to make her see it, but she does feel about him like I do, don't get me wrong


Vicky : then when they get old and wrinkled as chitlins they want to be in their lives


STG : yea that's what I told them Vicky. ok maybe not the chitlins part LOL LOL LOL


Yatah06: thanks much mi better go now I pick kids


STG : later yatah


Seventies Soulchild : Yea Vicky when they can't take of themselves and need their offspring to take care of them.... just triflin'


3rdTHawkins : my dad rather a woman take care of him instead of him taking care of her, the children, and the house and himself


STG : he's not alone 3rd


Seventies Soulchild : 3rdTHawkins, ooohh black men like that get on my last nerve! I cannot stand that type of man


Vicky : blame that woman who lets him do that


3rdTHawkins : his current wife divorced him


Seventies Soulchild : I have no respect for a male like that at all


STG : heck I can't take care of me let alone somebody else LOL LOL LOL


3rdTHawkins : that's what's concerning to me Seventies Soulchild, because he was raised to see himself as a white man, but he wants to live his life as a black man, and this is how he chooses to live AS A BLACK MAN


Seventies Soulchild : the young girl in my office has a boyfriend who does the exact same thing. & I don't feel sorry for her at all. :) yes I'm rolling my eyes on that 3rd. . .


STG : 8S do that one SS lol


3rdTHawkins : But I believe he would still live his life like that, even if he saw himself and lived his life as a white man


Seventies Soulchild : I'm doing the eyeroll, and tooth suck, STG lol


STG : lol hand on hip


Seventies Soulchild : Oh yea that too... lol That's one of the first things a sista learns... lol lol lol


STG : again he is who he is


3rdTHawkins : his current [ex] wife had breast cancer, and her daughter believes it's due to him repeatedly hitting her in the chest she had to have her breast removed


Vicky : pray she stays in remission


Seventies Soulchild : It sounds like your biological dad has really made you mad 3rdTHawkins


3rdTHawkins : as I do my research, five years after the divorce, he's still hanging around teh house, there's a court document of him being taking to court for domestic violence by his step daughter


Seventies Soulchild : Again :) 8S :{


3rdTHawkins : it's frustrating Seventies Soulchild, just upsetting I feel bad for her mother because dad just messed up her life, basically, I feel bad for her

Seventies Soulchild : Well that's on her, the ex wife, she's a grown woman and can completely decide what she will and won't deal with. Apparently she's going to deal with this... and seems to be fine with it.


3rdTHawkins : yeah, I disagree SS, but I know about my dad, he's manipulative, my sister described him as a "Professional" Womanizer to me, he's too charming, too good looking, light skinned, and too believable and too irresistable to some females


Vicky : I think what seventies is trying to say is that you are only weak for what you want to be weak for. light skinned has nothing to do with it

3rdTHawkins : for them to not believe him and just leave him, but after being around you, I think you get tired of him enough, I know my mother and my brother and sister's mother did


Vicky : mabe charming and a little belief in herself

Seventies Soulchild : For some women it does. . .

3rdTHawkins : Vicky I believe it is, especially in D.C., my sister knows it well

Ingrid_Doweary : Try that, bottom line if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. True that, I meant.

Vicky : people have to have confidence in themselves 3rd thats the sighn of a real woman or man

Seventies Soulchild : I plead the 5th... lol because if we start going into all of that. . . boy will it be some fireworks going


3rdTHawkins : and my step mother was described to me as "sweet", so I'm I can understand how she would take him back or allow him to stay dad only messes with/talks to certain women


Vicky : exactly what I am saying 3rd..certian women


3rdTHawkins : women he could manipulate and cheat on and won't expect a thing......

Ingrid_Doweary : Personal attributes in particular?

Vicky : low self esteem!!

Seventies Soulchild : Some women are just too sweet, I gave that up a long time ago for cool. lol


3rdTHawkins : that has to be it Vicky, especially for a man raised up to be white and trying to live in a black world. He's light skinned, he has to battle trying to "fit in" the black world

Vicky : bull! He is not the only one that looks like that

STG : pshaw


Ingrid_Doweary : Someone in this group mentioned Kenyatta Berry's article this week. I started reading it in the Family Tree Magazine


STG : I did Ingrid

Seventies Soulchild : 3rd how did that happen? Your dad being raised to be white?? Sounds like some double consciousness going on with him. Which is madness.


STG : I read "at it"


Vicky : what article was that..Is it online Ingrid_Doweary


Seventies Soulchild : In situtations like that, I squarely blame the schizophrenic culture called American. Sad to say, but true.


3rdTHawkins : well, that's my personal assesment, for the most part, I don't think how he was raised or was attempted to be raised has anything to do with how he is, he didn't care about what his parents were saying


Ingrid_Doweary : African American roots obscured by slavery, STG? Vicky, I got my printed magazine the day that chat.


3rdTHawkins : so, yeah, you guys are right, that's Bull :)

Vicky : do you have a link

Seventies Soulchild : Please post, Ingrid, I would like to read that story.article...

STG : somebody needs to clean off my desk!

Vicky : never mind, I will do a google

Seventies Soulchild : lol

Vicky : If my arms were longer

Seventies Soulchild : Sounds like someone has a lot of unfinished work! lol


3rdTHawkins : but I try not to think about all of that, so I can like my dad, otherwise, it's hard to do research thinking about the negative, but no one ever has any positive to say of him

Vicky : you are the positive 3rd, you and your sister

STG : I just have it piled up with stuff!


3rdTHawkins : well, I have to go, I'll catch you guys next week or tomorrow...............Vicky my sister and my two brothers Vicky there's four of us


Seventies Soulchild : If your workspace is messy, its hard to focus imo

STG : I don't think the article is online yet.

Vicky : how ever many 3rd you have to be the positive you are living

STG : nah I focus well amongst clutter

Vicky : and make it better for those around you

3rdTHawkins : yeah, ok then I'm gonna go, bye you guys

STG : too clean and folks will think I don't have anything to do LOL LOL LOL

Seventies Soulchild : True. . . lol lol lol

Vicky : guess I will go also.. time for Wii fit

STG : don't overdo it Vicky

Seventies Soulchild : I have to go to a potty break, I hadn't had one all afternoon.... lol

Vicky : dont worry lol


Seventies Soulchild : Alright, love, peace & hair grease! lol

Talk to y'all next week!

Ingrid_Doweary : I'll try to get for the next chat., bye yall

STG : byee