The AfriGeneas SlaveData Collection

Wayne County, Indiana, Deeds, Vol. V, pp. 491-93. (Microfilm at
the Family History Library, SLC, Utah.) 

To all to whom these presents may come know ye that we Joseph
Parker and Aaron Elliott two of the Trustees of the yearly
meeting of the Society of Friends of North Carolina have placed
under the care and direction of Henry E. Pulle and Thomas Elliott
Jr. forty-one Negroes or persons of Colour belonging to the said
yearly meeting of Friends, to be conveyed to the state of Ohio
ande Indiana in order to make them free people, whose names and
ages are as follows 

(viz) woman Sarah commonly called Sarah Davis
aged about forty-six years,who was transported to the Trustees of
the said Society of Friends with several others by Mary and
Thomas Saint and her seven children, Nancy, aged twenty-four
years, Abigail, eighteen, Aburtson, sixteen years, Nathan,
thirteen, Penelope, eleven, Jethro, nine, and Henderson, seven
years old and Nancy['s] two children Martha about four years old
and Levi about one; 

Millicent White aged about thirty-six years
transported to said society by Joseph M. White
,and her seven children, John, about eighteen years old;
Ashberry, sixteen; Henry, fourteen; James[?], twelve; Elias, ten;
Sarah Ann, seven; Harriett Louiza, two years old; 

Anthony White, aged about forty-three years and his wife 
Lydia aged about forty
transported to said Society by Aaron White and their three
children, Meads, twelve years old, Elizabeth, eleven, and Aaron,
nine years old; 

Maris, fifteen years old, daughter of Rachel,
transported by Edward White, 

Ann Mitchell (wife of John Mitchell)
aged about (left blank) years transported to said society by
Joseph Elliott and others, and her four children, Julia, ten
years old, Mary, eight, Miles, four, Martha, one, 

Noah commonly
called Noah Pool aged about twenty-two years transported to said
society by Abner Williams, 

Elizabeth about ten years and Rachel
about eight, children of Esther who was transported to said
society by Aaron Morris--- 

Louiza aged about eleven years
daughter of Clari[in page crease] who was transported
to said society by Abraham Symmons, 

Leah Haskett aged
seventeen years daughter of Cherry transported to said society by
George White and the said Cherry's two grandchildren daughters of
Jane, Annette aged six years and Emeline four and a half years.
Lydia White aged eleven years and John seven years children of
Betty transported to said society by Sarah Robinson and Joseph

James White aged twenty-two years son of Dinah transported
to said society by Joseph Newby. 

Stephen about sixteen years,
Janett about twelve, children of Nancy transported to said
society by William Jordon with said Joseph Parker and Aaron
Elliott trustees as aforesaid do hereby authorize the said Henry
E. Pulle and Thomas Elliott, Jr. to convey to the state of Ohio
and Indiana all of the above named people of colour and they or
either of them are hereby authorised and impowered to prepare
sign and deliver to each and all of the above named Negroes or
people of Colour Deeds of emancipation in families 
or otherwise and set them free from slavery and acknowledge
said deeds or have them proven and registered in the counties
where they may be set free, and also have the power of attorney
registered in at least one county in each of said states, and
each deed of Emancipation to express where this Power of Attorney
may be found and Record-and we hereby ratify and confirm whatever
our said Attornies or either of them may lawfully do in the
premises. In witness whereof we the said Joseph Parker and Aaron
Elliott have to these presents set our hand and seals this 2nd
day of the fourth month 1838. [Signed by] Joseph Parker and Aaron
Elliott. [Witnessed by] Jeptha White. 

Personally appeared before me Thomas Little one of the judges of
the superior court of Law and Equity in and for the state of
North Carolina Joseph Parker & Aaron Elliott who duly
acknowledged their execution of the within and foregoing deed,
Set it to be registered April 24th, 1838. Signed by Thomas
Little, J.L.C.L &E 

State of North Carolina
Pasquotank County

Superior Court of Law and Equity Spring term 1838 I, Jas. H.
Pool, clerk of Superior Court of Law and Equity for the county
aforesaid do hereby certify that Thomas Little, Esquire whose
name is to the above acknowledgement presided as the judge of our
said court at the above term and that all due faith and credit is
due all his official acts as such. Given under my hand and seal
of office at Elizabeth City the 24th day of April, A.D. 1838
[signed by] [illegible word] Jas H. Pool, Clk.

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