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James Barlow, Emancipation LAWRENCE, (Mulatto) State of
Louisiana, parish of Ouachita. Whereas James Barlow, an
inhabitant of the parish aforesaid, having made application
to me, Oliver J. Morgan, Parish Judge in and for the parish
aforesaid, to cause his slave Lawrence aged about
thirty-nine years, to be emancipated, and after having
advertised said application according to law, and no
opposition having been made to the same, he is hereby
authorized and empowered to emancipate his said slave
Lawrence in pursuance of law. April 25th 1826. Before me
Oliver Morgan, Parish Judge in and for the parish of
Ouachita in the state of Louisiana, and the undersigned
witnesses,came James Barlow an inhabitant of said parish,
who acknowledged and declared, that in consideration of the
fidelity amd good behavior of his negro man Lawrence,
servant, aged about thirty-nine years, and also for the good
feeligns which he has and bears for his said slave Lawrence,
and after having been authorized ! !
by me, the siad Parish Judge, in pursuance of the Rules of
Law in this State, doth by these presents emancipate and set
free his said negro slave Lawrence, to all intents and
purposes with all his proper future legal heirs. In
testimony whereof, the said James Barlow has hereto
subscribed his name with me the said Parish Judge and
subscribing witnesses, this 26th day of April, A.D. 1826.
Signed James Barlow, Witnesses, R.C. Scott, James Fort Muse.
Oliver Morgan Parish Judge

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