The AfriGeneas SlaveData Collection

Type of Transaction: Contract/Mortgage/Power of Attorney 
Name of Grantor/Seller: William R. Smith of Mobile, AL 
Name of Grantee/Buyer: William T. Austin of Galveston, TX 
Description of Slaves: 
Three negro men from twenty to twenty-six years of age, 
one boy seventeen years old and 
six negro 	girls from sixteen to twenty-three years old and 
three 	children from three to four years old which are children of 	
three of the above mentioned girls. 
(Land purchased from 	Warren D.C. Hall).

Slaves shipped from New Orleans to Galveston on steamboat Comanche (Captain McJown?) Capt. Turner: Boarding Officer of the Port of Galveston

Source Document: 
Brazoria County Record Book A, Page 155 State: Republic of Texas
County: Brazoria County
Year of Source Document: December 20, 1837 
How to Access Source Document: Brazoria County Courthouse

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