SMITH-GA-1817 & AL-1831

Slaves of Bolin Smith/Martin SC-GA-AL-MS



Will of a Bolin Smith (possibly this is Bolin Smith's
father) which reads:

"Georgia, Jasper County -- June 1, 1817
  This is to certify that after my death, that I wish COLAND
and CLAYTON to be at liberty and freed from slavery as it
has been my opinion, they in right, ought to be, and if they
can't be at ease and liberty in this state for them to be
sent to some other state where they can be at liberty for
them, and to have a reasonable sum out of my estate for a
begining to have till they can do well for themselves.  The
balance of my estate to be distributed between my sister
Johns, sister Gray, and my brothers Rolin, and Moses.
          Given under my hand the day above written --
    Bolin Smith
    B. Smith
To John Martin, Esq. of the County and State of Georgia"


"Alabama, Autauga County -- October, 1831
  I do hereby revoke that part of the within will or
testament for Jeremiah, and I do not leave or give or
bequeath him the ..... not one cent of my estate and have
erased his name.
    Bolin Smith

As John Martin is dead I now direct this to my brother Rolin
Smith, Jasper Co., Georgia.
  I endorse the executorship of this will to brother
Jeremiah Smith, January........?.

    Rolin Smith

Contributed by: "Gerald Gieger"