Will of John SCOTT
Carroll County, Kentucky
Will Book 1, 1838-1849 (Film 0414685)

p. 70
"Know all men by these presents that I John T Scott of the
County of Carroll and State of Ky being of at this time of
sound mind and dispaing memory do make ordain and declare
this to be my last will and Testament hereby revoking all
former wills or devises heretofore made by me Either written
or oral - 
... And first I direct all my just debts to be paid, 
... Second I lend to my beloved wife Elizabeth Scott my
negro girl named AMERICA and my farm and all of my personal
estate after my debts are paid said Elizabeth is to have and
to hold said Estate during her life or widowhood 
... and I further direct that my three children Richard T
Scott, Mary Jane Scott and Eliza Blanton Scott is to have a
good English education and where Richard T Scott becomes
eighteen years of age I direct that he is put in some good
Clerk's office or with some good scholar in a store to stay
twelve months free of charge.  
... I further direct that said Elizabeth give to each of the
children a good horse, bridle and saddle when they stand in
need of it ! or in other words when they become of age.  
... And if in cases Elizabeth should marry She is to have
only one third of the estate 
... And if my Father shall leave me any more of his estate I
direct that it be placed in good hands for my three children
and divided equally amongst them and also I direct at the
death of my wife Elizabeth that all the estate be divided
equally between the three children without selling the said
negro girl or her increase if there should be any.  
... Lastly I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint George
Granville Bond Sold Executor of this my last will and
Testament.  In Testimony whereof I have set my name and seal
this 25th day of December 1838.
John T Scott

August term 1839 this will was proven in court.

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