Reade, Laurence-NY-Will
Bibliography: Tami, Chris-New York City Wills
Vol. 8   Page 318

   In the name of God, Amen. I, LAURENCE READE, of New York,
merchant, "but at present in London." My remains to be
decently interred at the discretion of my executors.
   All debts and funeral and Testamentary expenses to be

   "Whereas there is a free mulatto woman on the Island of
Jamaica, whose name is Mary Barrow, who has three children
called after me, by the Sir name of Reade, one SARAH READE
born in 1748, LAURENCE, born 1750, and now a writer to the
African Company, at Cape Coast Castle, in Africa, and the
other ANNE READE, born 1759, I being desirous to assist
them, leave to SARAH £300, and to LAURENCE and ANNE each
£300, all Stirling money."

   Whereas I am very sensible that my mother, Anne Reade,
has no occasion for my assistance, yet as a testimony of my
duty and great respect, my executors are to place £800 at
interest for her during her life. I leave to such of my
brothers, Joseph and John Reade, as shall first happen to
marry, £500, to be paid out of my portion of my late
father's estate, and to be paid after the death of my
mother. I leave to my sister Mary, wife of Francis Stephens,
all my clothing. I leave to Joanna Van Horne, daughter of my
sister Anne, wife of Gerritt Van Horne, £50. I leave to
Reade Colgan and Thomas Braine each a silver watch, to be
purchased by my executors. My executors are to put at
interest £100, and pay the interest to Miriam Braine, widow
of Thomas Braine. 

   "I leave to a Society who call themselves the Governors
of the Hospitall for sick Persons, lately founded, £100." I
leave to Elizabeth, wife of Giles Cooper, £50. All my slaves
are to be manumitted, and to my slave "PRIAM” I give 6
guineas. I leave to the Poor of the several churches in New
York £100. I leave to my worthy friend, Thomas Boone,
formerly Governor of South Carolina, but now resident in
London, £100, and to his son Thomas £50. I leave to my
worthy friends, John Sargent and Christopher Chambers, of
London, merchants, £100, and to Christopher Chambers £100
for his trouble as executor. I leave to Sophia and Frances,
sisters of said Christopher Chambers, £50 each. 

   To my worthy friend, Samuel Gardiner, of London, £25. I
leave all the rest of my personal estate to my brothers,
Joseph and John Reade, and my sister Sarah, wife of James De
Peyster, and to my sister, Mary Stephens, and to my niece,
Joanna Van Horne, and to all the other children of my
sister, Anne Van Horne, and to Richard Yates, who is now in
partnership with me. I leave all my real estate to my
brothers, John and Joseph, and to Richard Yates and to
Christopher Chambers, in Trust, to sell and pay all debts,
and pay the rest to such persons as I have left my personal
estate to, and I make them executors. 

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